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Packages beginning with letter 3

389-admin-1.1.42-11.mga9 389 Administration Server (admin) linux/aarch64
389-admin-debuginfo-1.1.42-11.mga9 Debug information for package 389-admin linux/aarch64
389-admin-debugsource-1.1.42-11.mga9 Debug sources for package 389-admin linux/aarch64
389-adminutil-1.1.22-19.mga9 Utility library for 389 administration linux/aarch64
389-adminutil-debuginfo-1.1.22-19.mga9 Debug information for package 389-adminutil linux/aarch64
389-adminutil-debugsource-1.1.22-19.mga9 Debug sources for package 389-adminutil linux/aarch64
389-adminutil-devel-1.1.22-19.mga9 Development and header files for 389-adminutil linux/aarch64
389-ds-base- 389 Directory Server (base) linux/aarch64
389-ds-base-debuginfo- Debug information for package 389-ds-base linux/aarch64
389-ds-base-debugsource- Debug sources for package 389-ds-base linux/aarch64
389-ds-base-snmp- SNMP Agent for 389 Directory Server linux/aarch64
389-ds-base-snmp-debuginfo- Debug information for package 389-ds-base-snmp linux/aarch64
389-dsgw-1.1.11-27.mga9 389 Directory Server Gateway (dsgw) linux/aarch64
389-dsgw-debuginfo-1.1.11-27.mga9 Debug information for package 389-dsgw linux/aarch64
389-dsgw-debugsource-1.1.11-27.mga9 Debug sources for package 389-dsgw linux/aarch64

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