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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/MATE

atril-1.26.1-1.1.mga9 MATE Document viewer linux/i586New
atril-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE Document viewer linux/i586
atril-dvi-1.26.1-1.1.mga9 TeX DVI document support for atril linux/i586New
atril-dvi-1.26.1-1.mga9 TeX DVI document support for atril linux/i586
brisk-menu-0.6.2-2.mga9 Modern, efficient menu for the MATE Desktop Environment linux/i586
caja-actions-1.26.0-2.mga9 Caja extension for customizing the context menus linux/i586
caja-beesu-1.26.1-2.mga9 Caja extension for opening files or folders as root linux/i586
caja-dropbox-1.26.0-2.mga9.nonfree Dropbox extension for Caja linux/i586
caja-extensions-common-1.26.1-2.mga9 Common files for caja-extensions linux/noarch
caja-image-converter-1.26.1-2.mga9 Caja extension to mass resize images linux/i586
caja-open-terminal-1.26.1-2.mga9 Caja extension for an open terminal shortcut linux/i586
caja-sendto-1.26.1-2.mga9 Send files from caja using with mail or IM linux/i586
caja-sendto-pidgin-1.26.1-2.mga9 Send files from caja to pidgin linux/i586
caja-sendto-upnp-1.26.1-2.mga9 Send files from nautilus via UPNP linux/i586
caja-wallpaper-1.26.1-2.mga9 Caja extension to set wallpapers linux/i586
caja-xattr-tags-1.26.1-2.mga9 MATE file manager xattr-tags linux/i586
eom-1.26.1-1.mga9 Eye of MATE image viewer linux/i586
gtkhash-caja-1.5-1.mga9 GtkHash extension for Caja linux/i586
marco-1.26.2-1.mga9 MATE window manager linux/i586
mate-applet-streamer-0.4.1-2.mga9 Online radio streamer applet linux/i586
mate-applets-1.26.1-1.1.mga9 MATE Desktop panel applets linux/i586
mate-applets-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE Desktop panel applets linux/i586
mate-backgrounds-1.26.0-2.mga9 MATE Desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
mate-calc-1.26.0-2.mga9 MATE Desktop calculator linux/i586
mate-control-center-1.26.1-2.mga9 MATE control center linux/i586
mate-desktop-1.26.1-1.mga9 Library with common APIs for various MATE modules linux/i586
mate-desktop-schemas-1.26.1-1.mga9 Gsettings schemas for mate-desktop linux/noarch
mate-dictionary-1.26.1-1.mga9 A dictionary for MATE Desktop linux/i586
mate-disk-image-mounter-1.26.1-1.mga9 A disk image mounter for MATE Desktop linux/i586
mate-disk-usage-analyzer-1.26.1-1.mga9 A disk usage analyzing tool for MATE Desktop linux/i586
mate-dock-applet-20.04.0-2.mga9 An application dock applet for the MATE panel linux/noarch
mate-faenza-icon-theme-1.20.0-4.mga9 MATE Desktop faenza icon theme linux/noarch
mate-faenza-icon-theme-dark-1.20.0-4.mga9 MATE Desktop faenza icon theme, dark variant linux/noarch
mate-faenza-icon-theme-gray-1.20.0-4.mga9 MATE Desktop faenza icon theme, gray variant linux/noarch
mate-icon-theme-1.26.0-3.mga9 MATE desktop default icons linux/noarch
mate-indicator-applet-1.26.0-2.mga9 MATE Panel applet indicator linux/i586
mate-media-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE media programs linux/i586
mate-menu-22.04.2-1.mga9 Advanced Menu for the MATE Desktop linux/noarch
mate-netbook-1.26.0-2.mga9 MATE Desktop window management tool linux/i586
mate-panel-1.26.3-1.mga9 The core programs for the MATE GUI desktop environment linux/i586
mate-power-manager-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE Power Manager linux/i586
mate-screensaver-1.26.2-2.mga9 MATE Screensaver linux/i586
mate-screenshot-1.26.1-1.mga9 A utility to take a screen-shot of the desktop linux/i586
mate-search-tool-1.26.1-1.mga9 A file searching tool for MATE Desktop linux/i586
mate-sensors-applet-1.26.0-2.mga9 Detailed hardware monitoring applet for MATE linux/i586
mate-session-manager-1.26.1-1.mga9 The mate desktop programs for the MATE GUI desktop environment linux/i586
mate-settings-daemon-1.26.1-2.mga9 MATE Desktop settings daemon linux/i586
mate-settings-daemon-schemas-1.26.1-2.mga9 Gsettings schemas for mate-settings-daemon linux/i586
mate-system-log-1.26.1-1.mga9 A log file viewer for the MATE desktop linux/i586
mate-system-monitor-1.26.0-3.mga9 Simple process monitor for MATE linux/i586
mate-terminal-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE terminal emulator linux/i586
mate-themes-3.22.23-1.mga9 MATE Desktop themes linux/noarch
mate-tweak-21.04.3-5.mga9 Mate desktop configuration tool linux/noarch
mate-user-guide-1.26.1-1.mga9 Mate Desktop user guide and docs linux/noarch
mate-utils-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE utility programs such as file search and calculator linux/i586
mate-utils-common-1.26.1-1.mga9 Common files for mate-utils linux/noarch
matemenu-mageia-layout-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE Desktop Mageia branded menu layout linux/i586
matemenu-vanilla-layout-1.26.1-1.mga9 MATE Desktop vanilla menu layout linux/i586
nitroshare-caja-0.3.4-17.mga9 Caja extension for Nitroshare linux/noarch
task-mate-1.26.0-2.mga9 Meta package for MATE desktop environment linux/noarch
task-mate-minimal-1.26.0-2.mga9 Minimal dependencies needed for MATE desktop linux/noarch

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