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falkon-3.1.0-6.mga8 RPM for i586

From Mageia 8 for i586 / media / core / release

Name: falkon Distribution: Mageia
Version: 3.1.0 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 6.mga8 Build date: Wed Dec 16 21:49:06 2020
Group: Networking/WWW Build host: localhost
Size: 0 Source RPM: falkon-3.1.0-6.mga8.src.rpm
Packager: umeabot <umeabot>
Summary: Cross-platform Qt Web Browser based on QtWebEngine
Falkon is a new KDE web browser, previously known as QupZilla.
Following this release, there will only be one last final QupZilla

Falkon is a new and very fast QtWebEngine browser. It aims to be a lightweight
web browser available through all major platforms. This project has been
originally started only for educational purposes. But from its start, Falkon
has grown into a feature-rich browser.

Falkon has all standard functions you expect from a web browser. It includes
bookmarks, history (both also in sidebar) and tabs. Above that, you can manage
RSS feeds with an included RSS reader, block ads with a builtin AdBlock plugin,
block Flash content with Click2Flash and edit the local CA Certificates
database with an SSL Manager.

Falkon's main aim is to be a very fast and very stable QtWebEngine browser
available to everyone. There are already a lot of QtWebEngine browsers available,
but they are either bound to the KDE environment (rekonq), are not actively
developed or very unstable and miss important features. But there is missing
a multiplatform, modern and actively developed browser. Falkon is trying
to fill this gap by providing a very stable browsing experience.

If you were previously using QupZilla, you can manually migrate
your profiles to Falkon by moving the config directory (usually
in ~/.config/qupzilla/).
There is no automatic migration.




GPLv3+ and BSD and LGPLv2+ and GPLv2+ and MPL


* Wed Dec 16 2020 umeabot <umeabot> 3.1.0-6.mga8
  + Revision: 1658387
  - Rebuild for new Qt5
* Tue Jul 14 2020 daviddavid <daviddavid> 3.1.0-5.mga8
  + Revision: 1605856
  - add upstream patch to fix build with Qt 5.15
* Thu May 28 2020 daviddavid <daviddavid> 3.1.0-4.mga8
  + Revision: 1588464
  - switch appdata file to kf5_metainfo dir
* Sat Feb 15 2020 daviddavid <daviddavid> 3.1.0-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1525867
  - add upstream patch to fix build with Qt 5.14
  + umeabot <umeabot>
  - Mageia 8 Mass Rebuild
  + wally <wally>
  - build with new cmake macros
* Sat Mar 30 2019 umeabot <umeabot> 3.1.0-2.mga7
  + Revision: 1381645
  - Qt5 Rebuild
* Sat Mar 23 2019 daviddavid <daviddavid> 3.1.0-1.mga7
  + Revision: 1379669
  - new version 3.1.0
  - drop system-qtsingleapplication patch, Falkon's copy now uses D-Bus (#1551678)
  - rebase native-scrollbars patch
  - rename falkon-kwallet subpackage to falkon-kde
* Fri Feb 22 2019 daviddavid <daviddavid> 3.0.1-4.mga7
  + Revision: 1369350
  - fix dangling link (mga#23576)
* Wed Jan 02 2019 daviddavid <daviddavid> 3.0.1-3.mga7
  + Revision: 1348636
  - rebuild against new Qt5 5.12.0 stack


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