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qt4-qtconfig-4.8.7-26.1.mga7 RPM for i586

From Mageia 7 for i586 / media / core / updates

Name: qt4-qtconfig Distribution: Mageia
Version: 4.8.7 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 26.1.mga7 Build date: Wed Apr 22 09:05:49 2020
Group: Development/KDE and Qt Build host: localhost
Size: 464667 Source RPM: qt4-4.8.7-26.1.mga7.src.rpm
Packager: daviddavid <daviddavid>
Summary: Qt4 Configuration Utility
Main Qt4 Configuration Utility.

The qtconfig tool allows users to customize the default settings for Qt
applications on a per-user basis, enabling features such as the widget
style to be changed without requiring applications to be recompiled.




LGPLv2 with exceptions or GPLv3 with exceptions and GFDL


* Wed Apr 22 2020 daviddavid <daviddavid> 4:4.8.7-26.1.mga7
  + Revision: 1570630
  - add debian patches to fix CVE-2018-15518, CVE-2018-19869 and CVE-2018-1987[013] (mga#26505)
* Mon Apr 01 2019 daviddavid <daviddavid> 4:4.8.7-26.mga7
  + Revision: 1384497
  - add patch to fix CVE-2018-19872 (mga#24600)
* Tue Mar 12 2019 daviddavid <daviddavid> 4:4.8.7-25.mga7
  + Revision: 1374614
  - add upstream patch to fix build with gcc 8.3
* Sat Dec 29 2018 luigiwalser <luigiwalser> 4:4.8.7-24.mga7
  + Revision: 1346111
  - rebuild for icu
* Sun Sep 23 2018 umeabot <umeabot> 4:4.8.7-23.mga7
  + Revision: 1300684
  - Mageia 7 Mass Rebuild
* Tue Aug 21 2018 tv <tv> 4:4.8.7-22.mga7
  + Revision: 1253252
  - rebuild with latest icu
* Sun May 27 2018 wally <wally> 4:4.8.7-21.mga7
  + Revision: 1232460
  - sync 'fix MOC issues with Boost headers' patch with Fedora
  - remove comment that Qt4 is the main Qt in the system from /etc/profile.d/



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