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RPM of Group Unspecified

0ad-data-0.0.26-2.fc38 The Data Files for 0 AD linux/noarchNew
0xFFFF-0.10-2.fc38 The Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher linux/s390xNew
2048-cli-0.9.1-15.fc38 The game 2048 for your Linux terminal linux/s390xNew
2048-cli-nocurses-0.9.1-15.fc38 The game 2048 for your Linux terminal (non-ncurses) linux/s390xNew
2048-cli-sdl-0.9.1-15.fc38 The game 2048 for your Linux terminal (SDL) linux/s390xNew
2ping-4.5.1-5.fc38 Bi-directional ping utility linux/noarchNew
389-ds-base-2.3.2-1.fc38 389 Directory Server (base) linux/s390xNew
389-ds-base-devel-2.3.2-1.fc38 Development libraries for 389 Directory Server linux/s390xNew
389-ds-base-libs-2.3.2-1.fc38 Core libraries for 389 Directory Server linux/s390xNew
389-ds-base-snmp-2.3.2-1.fc38 SNMP Agent for 389 Directory Server linux/s390xNew
3Depict-0.0.22-16.fc38 Valued 3D point cloud visualization and analysis linux/s390xNew
3dprinter-udev-rules-0.3-2.fc38 Rules for udev to give regular users access to operate 3D printers linux/noarchNew
3mux-1.1.0-8.fc38 Terminal multiplexer inspired by i3 linux/s390xNew
3proxy-0.8.13-9.fc38 Tiny but very powerful proxy linux/s390xNew
4Pane-8.0-3.fc38 Multi-pane, detailed-list file manager linux/s390xNew
4diac-forte-2.0.1-3.fc38 IEC 61499 runtime environment linux/s390xNew
4th-3.62.5-11.fc38 A Forth compiler linux/s390xNew
4th-devel-3.62.5-11.fc38 Development files for 4th linux/s390xNew
4ti2-1.6.9-15.fc38 Algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems on linear spaces linux/s390xNew
4ti2-devel-1.6.9-15.fc38 Headers needed to develop software that uses 4ti2 linux/s390xNew
4ti2-libs-1.6.9-15.fc38 Library for problems on linear spaces linux/s390xNew
64tass-1.58.2974-2.fc38 6502 assembler linux/s390xNew
6tunnel-0.13-2.fc38 Tunnelling for application that don't speak IPv6 linux/s390xNew
7kaa-2.15.4p1-8.fc38 Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries linux/s390xNew
7kaa-data-2.15.4p1-8.fc38 In-Game data Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries linux/noarchNew
8088_bios-0.9.8-4.fc38 BIOS for Intel 8088 based computers linux/noarchNew
9pfs-1.0.9-29.fc38 Plan9 filesystem server linux/noarchNew
9wm-1.4.1-12.fc38 Emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8 1/2 linux/s390xNew
AGReader-1.2-31.fc38 Console reader for viewing AmigaGuide files linux/s390xNew
AMF-devel-1.4.26-2.fc38 Development files for AMF linux/noarchNew
AMF-samples-1.4.26-2.fc38 Sample files for AMF linux/noarchNew
Add64-3.9.3-9.fc38 An additive synthesizer using JACK linux/s390xNew
Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant linux/s390x
Agda-common- Agda common files linux/noarch
Agda-stdlib-1.7.1-4.fc38 Agda standard libraries linux/noarchNew
Agda-stdlib-docs-1.7.1-4.fc38 Agda standard libraries documentation linux/noarchNew
AllegroOGG-1.0.3-30.fc38 Ogg library for use with the Allegro game library linux/s390xNew
AllegroOGG-devel-1.0.3-30.fc38 Developmental libraries and include files for AllegroOgg linux/s390xNew
ArpON-3.0-18.fc35 ARP handler inspection linux/s390x
AtomicParsley-0.9.5-21.fc38 Command-line program to read and set MPEG-4 tags compatible with iPod/iTunes linux/s390xNew
AusweisApp2-1.26.2-2.fc38 Online identification with German ID card (Personalausweis) linux/s390xNew
AusweisApp2-data-1.26.2-2.fc38 Architecture-independent files used by AusweisApp2 linux/noarchNew
AusweisApp2-doc-1.26.2-2.fc38 User and API documentation for AusweisApp2 linux/noarchNew
BackupPC-4.4.0-9.fc38 High-performance backup system linux/s390xNew
BackupPC-XS-0.62-11.fc38 Implementation of various BackupPC functions in a perl-callable module linux/s390xNew
BareBonesBrowserLaunch-3.1-28.fc38 Simple library to launch a browser window from Java linux/noarchNew
BareBonesBrowserLaunch-javadoc-3.1-28.fc38 Javadoc for BareBonesBrowserLaunch linux/noarchNew
BibTool-2.68-9.fc38 A Tool for manipulating BibTeX data bases linux/s390xNew
BitchX-1.2.1-31.fc38 IrcII chat client linux/s390xNew
BlockOutII-2.5-23.fc38 A free adaptation of the original BlockOut DOS game linux/s390xNew
Box2D-2.4.1-9.fc38 A 2D Physics Engine for Games linux/s390xNew
Box2D-devel-2.4.1-9.fc38 Development files for Box2D linux/s390xNew
CCfits-2.6-6.fc38 A C++ interface for cfitsio linux/s390xNew
CCfits-devel-2.6-6.fc38 Headers for developing programs that will use CCfits linux/s390xNew
CCfits-doc-2.6-6.fc38 Documentation for CCfits, includes full API docs linux/noarchNew
CGAL-demos-source-5.5.1-2.fc38 Examples and demos of CGAL algorithms linux/s390xNew
CGAL-devel-5.5.1-2.fc38 Development files and tools for CGAL applications linux/s390xNew
CGAL-qt5-devel-5.5.1-2.fc38 Development files and tools for CGAL applications using CGAL_Qt5 linux/s390xNew
CGSI-gSOAP-1.3.11-18.fc38 GSI plugin for gSOAP linux/s390xNew
CGSI-gSOAP-devel-1.3.11-18.fc38 GSI plugin for gSOAP - development files linux/s390xNew
CImg-devel-3.1.6-2.fc38 Development files for CImg linux/s390xNew
COPASI-4.38.268-3.fc38 Biochemical network simulator linux/s390xNew
COPASI-data-4.38.268-3.fc38 COPASI data files linux/noarchNew
COPASI-doc-4.38.268-3.fc38 COPASI HTML documentation and examples linux/noarchNew
COPASI-gui-4.38.268-3.fc38 The COPASI graphical user interface linux/s390xNew
CQRlib-1.1.2-26.fc38 ANSI C API for quaternion arithmetic and rotation linux/s390xNew
CQRlib-devel-1.1.2-26.fc38 Development tools for compiling programs using CQRlib linux/s390xNew
CSFML-2.5.1-7.fc38 C Interface for the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library linux/s390xNew
CSFML-devel-2.5.1-7.fc38 Development files for CSFML linux/s390xNew
CSFML-doc-2.5.1-7.fc38 Developer documentation for CSFML linux/noarchNew
CTL-1.5.2-20.fc38 The Color Transformation Language linux/s390xNew
CTL-devel-1.5.2-20.fc38 Development files for CTL linux/s390xNew
CTL-docs-1.5.2-20.fc38 Documentation for CTL linux/s390xNew
CTML-devel-2.0.0-4.fc38 C++ HTML document constructor only depending on the standard library linux/s390xNew
CUnit-2.1.3-27.fc38 Unit testing framework for C linux/s390xNew
CUnit-devel-2.1.3-27.fc38 Header files and libraries for CUnit development linux/s390xNew
CVector- ANSI C API for Dynamic Arrays linux/s390xNew
CVector-devel- Development tools for compiling programs using CVector linux/s390xNew
Cadence-1.0.0-0.20.20210316gitc146ff9.fc38 A set of tools useful for audio production linux/s390xNew
CalcMySky-0.2.1-2.fc38 Simulator of light scattering by planetary atmospheres linux/s390xNew
CalcMySky-devel-0.2.1-2.fc38 Development files for CalcMySky linux/s390xNew
CardManager-3-24.fc38 Java application to allows you to play any, especially collectible, card game linux/noarchNew
CardManager-javadoc-3-24.fc38 Javadocs for CardManager linux/noarchNew
Carla-2.5.3-2.fc38 Audio plugin host linux/s390xNew
Carla-devel-2.5.3-2.fc38 Header files to access Carla's API linux/s390xNew
Carla-vst-2.5.3-2.fc38 CarlaRack and CarlaPatchbay VST plugins linux/s390xNew
CharLS-2.0.0-10.fc38 An optimized implementation of the JPEG-LS standard linux/s390xNew
CharLS-devel-2.0.0-10.fc38 Libraries and headers for CharLS linux/s390xNew
CheMPS2-1.8.9-18.fc38 A spin-adapted implementation of DMRG for ab initio quantum chemistry linux/s390xNew
CheMPS2-devel-1.8.9-18.fc38 Development files for CheMPS2 linux/s390xNew
ClanLib-2.3.7-28.fc38 Cross platform C++ game library linux/s390xNew
ClanLib-devel-2.3.7-28.fc38 Development files for ClanLib linux/s390xNew
ClanLib06-0.6.5-58.fc38 Version 0.6 of this Cross platform C++ game library linux/s390xNew
ClanLib06-devel-0.6.5-58.fc38 Development files for ClanLib 0.6 linux/s390xNew
ClanLib1-1.0.0-39.fc38 Cross platform C++ game library linux/s390xNew
ClanLib1-devel-1.0.0-39.fc38 Development Libraries and Headers for ClanLib linux/s390xNew
Coin2-2.5.0-44.fc38 High-level 3D visualization library linux/s390xNew
Coin2-devel-2.5.0-44.fc38 Development files for Coin linux/s390xNew
Coin3-3.1.3-33.fc38 High-level 3D visualization library linux/s390xNew
Coin3-devel-3.1.3-33.fc38 Development files for Coin linux/s390xNew
Coin4-4.0.0-12.fc38 High-level 3D visualization library linux/s390xNew
Coin4-devel-4.0.0-12.fc38 Development files for Coin linux/s390xNew
Coin4-doc-4.0.0-12.fc38 HTML developer documentation for Coin linux/s390xNew
ColPack-1.0.10-18.fc38 Algorithms for specialized vertex coloring problems linux/s390xNew
ColPack-cli-1.0.10-18.fc38 CLI-tool for ColPack linux/s390xNew
ColPack-devel-1.0.10-18.fc38 Development files for ColPack linux/s390xNew
ColPack-doc-1.0.10-18.fc38 Documentation files for ColPack linux/noarchNew
CriticalMass-1.5-32.fc38 SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game also known as critter linux/s390xNew
CubicSDR-0.2.7-9.fc38 Cross-Platform Software-Defined Radio Panadapter linux/s390xNew
CuraEngine-4.13.1-5.fc38 Engine for processing 3D models into G-code instructions for 3D printers linux/s390xNew
DSDP-5.8-32.fc38 Software for semidefinite programming linux/s390xNew
DSDP-devel-5.8-32.fc38 Headers and libraries for developing with DSDP linux/s390xNew
DSDP-examples-5.8-32.fc38 Example programs that use DSDP linux/s390xNew
DecodeIR-2.45-19.fc36 Infrared remote controls decoding library linux/s390x
DecodeIR-devel-2.45-19.fc36 Development files for DecodeIR linux/s390x
DecodeIR-javadoc-2.45-19.fc36 Javadoc for DecodeIR linux/noarch
DevIL-1.7.8-41.fc38 A cross-platform image library linux/s390xNew
DevIL-ILUT-1.7.8-41.fc38 The libILUT component of DevIL linux/s390xNew
DevIL-ILUT-devel-1.7.8-41.fc38 Development files for the libILUT component of DevIL linux/s390xNew
DevIL-devel-1.7.8-41.fc38 Development files for DevIL linux/s390xNew
E-2.6-5.fc38 Equational Theorem Prover linux/s390xNew
EMBOSS-6.6.0-24.fc38 The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite linux/s390xNew
EMBOSS-devel-6.6.0-24.fc38 Development tools for programs which will use the EMBOSS library linux/s390xNew
EMBOSS-libs-6.6.0-24.fc38 Shared libraries for EMBOSS linux/s390xNew
ETL-devel-1.5.1-3.fc38 Development files for ETL linux/s390xNew
EekBoek-2.051-5.fc38 Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses linux/noarchNew
EekBoek-db-postgresql-2.051-5.fc38 PostgreSQL database driver for EekBoek linux/noarchNew
EekBoek-gui-2.051-5.fc38 EekBoek graphical user interface linux/noarchNew
ElectricFence-2.2.2-59.fc38 A debugger which detects memory allocation violations linux/s390xNew
FastInfoset-2.1.0-2.fc38 FastInfoset linux/noarchNew
FastInfosetRoundTripTests-2.1.0-2.fc38 FastInfoset Roundtrip Tests linux/noarchNew
FastInfosetSamples-2.1.0-2.fc38 FastInfoset Samples linux/noarchNew
FastInfosetUtilities-2.1.0-2.fc38 FastInfoset Utilities linux/noarchNew
Field3D-1.7.3-20.fc38 Library for storing voxel data linux/s390xNew
Field3D-devel-1.7.3-20.fc38 Development files for Field3D linux/s390xNew
FlightCrew-cli-0.9.1-30.fc38 FlightCrew cli epub validator linux/s390xNew
FlightCrew-sigil-plugin-0.9.1-30.fc38 Sigil FlightCrew epub validator plugin linux/s390xNew
FlightGear-2020.3.17-1.fc38 The FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/s390x
FlightGear-Atlas-0.5.0-0.81.cvs20141002.fc38 Flightgear map tools linux/s390xNew
FlightGear-data-2020.3.17-1.fc38 FlightGear base scenery and data files linux/noarch
FoXlibf-4.1.2-18.fc38 A Fortran XML Library linux/s390xNew
FoXlibf-devel-4.1.2-18.fc38 Development files for FoX linux/s390xNew
FoXlibf-static-4.1.2-18.fc38 Static libraries for FoX linux/s390xNew
FreeSOLID-2.1.1-43.fc38 3D collision detection C++ library linux/s390xNew
FreeSOLID-devel-2.1.1-43.fc38 Development files for FreeSOLID linux/s390xNew
GAPDoc-1.6.6-5.fc38 GAP documentation tool linux/noarchNew
GAPDoc-doc-1.6.6-5.fc38 GAPDoc documentation linux/noarchNew
GAPDoc-latex-1.6.6-5.fc38 All LaTeX dependencies for GAPDoc linux/noarchNew
GConf2-3.2.6-37.fc38 A process-transparent configuration system linux/s390xNew
GConf2-devel-3.2.6-37.fc38 Headers and libraries for GConf development linux/s390xNew
GLC_lib-2.5.0-13.fc38 C++ class library for OpenGL application based on Qt 4 linux/s390xNew
GLC_lib-devel-2.5.0-13.fc38 Development files for GLC_lib linux/s390xNew
GLee-5.4.0-24.fc38 GL Easy Extension library linux/s390xNew
GLee-devel-5.4.0-24.fc38 Development headers for GLee linux/s390xNew
GMT-6.4.0-5.fc38 Generic Mapping Tools linux/s390xNew
GMT-common-6.4.0-5.fc38 Common files for GMT linux/noarchNew
GMT-devel-6.4.0-5.fc38 Development files for GMT linux/s390xNew
GMT-doc-6.4.0-5.fc38 Documentation for GMT linux/noarchNew
GarminPlugin-0.3.27-18.fc38 Garmin Communicator Plugin port for Linux linux/s390xNew
GeoIP-1.6.12-13.fc38 Library for country/city/organization to IP address or hostname mapping linux/s390xNew
GeoIP-GeoLite-data-2018.06-11.fc38 Free GeoLite IP geolocation country database linux/noarchNew
GeoIP-GeoLite-data-extra-2018.06-11.fc38 Free GeoLite IP geolocation databases linux/noarchNew
GeoIP-devel-1.6.12-13.fc38 Development headers and libraries for GeoIP linux/s390xNew
GeographicLib-2.1.2-3.fc38 Library for geographic coordinate transformations linux/s390xNew
GeographicLib-devel-2.1.2-3.fc38 Development files and libraries for GeographicLib linux/s390xNew
GeographicLib-doc-2.1.2-3.fc38 Development documentation for GeographicLib linux/noarchNew
GraphicsMagick-1.3.38-5.fc38 An ImageMagick fork, offering faster image generation and better quality linux/s390xNew
GraphicsMagick-c++-1.3.38-5.fc38 GraphicsMagick Magick++ library (C++ bindings) linux/s390xNew
GraphicsMagick-c++-devel-1.3.38-5.fc38 C++ bindings for the GraphicsMagick library linux/s390xNew
GraphicsMagick-devel-1.3.38-5.fc38 Libraries and header files for GraphicsMagick app development linux/s390xNew
GraphicsMagick-doc-1.3.38-5.fc38 GraphicsMagick documentation linux/noarchNew
GraphicsMagick-perl-1.3.38-5.fc38 GraphicsMagick perl bindings linux/s390xNew
GtkAda-2.24.2-42.fc38 GTKada 2, an Ada binding to GTK+ 2 linux/s390xNew
GtkAda-devel-2.24.2-42.fc38 Development files for GTKada 2 linux/s390xNew
GtkAda-doc-2.24.2-42.fc38 Documentation for GTKada 2 linux/noarchNew
GtkAda-gl-2.24.2-42.fc38 GTKada 2 binding to OpenGL linux/s390xNew
GtkAda-gnome-2.24.2-42.fc38 GTKada 2 binding to Gnome's GUI libraries linux/s390xNew
GtkAda3-2020-9.fc38 GTKada 3, an Ada binding to GTK+ 3 linux/s390xNew
GtkAda3-devel-2020-9.fc38 Development files for GTKada 3 linux/s390xNew
GtkAda3-doc-2020-9.fc38 Documentation for GTKada 3 linux/noarchNew
GtkAda3-gl-2020-9.fc38 GTKada 3 binding to OpenGL linux/s390xNew
HaXml-1.25.8-2.fc37 Utilities for using XML documents with Haskell linux/s390x
HdrHistogram_c-0.11.0-8.fc38 C port of the HdrHistogram linux/s390xNew
HdrHistogram_c-devel-0.11.0-8.fc38 Development files for HdrHistogram_c linux/s390xNew
HepMC-2.06.11-8.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators linux/s390xNew
HepMC-devel-2.06.11-8.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - development files linux/s390xNew
HepMC-doc-2.06.11-8.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - documentation linux/noarchNew
HepMC3-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators linux/s390xNew
HepMC3-devel-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - development files linux/s390xNew
HepMC3-doc-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - documentation linux/noarchNew
HepMC3-interfaces-devel-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - generator interfaces linux/noarchNew
HepMC3-rootIO-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - ROOT IO linux/s390xNew
HepMC3-rootIO-devel-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - HepMC3-rootIO development files linux/s390xNew
HepMC3-search-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - search engine library linux/s390xNew
HepMC3-search-devel-3.2.5-6.fc38 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - HepMC3-search development files linux/s390xNew
Hermes-1.3.3-41.fc38 Pixel format conversion library linux/s390xNew
Hermes-devel-1.3.3-41.fc38 Development libraries and header files for Hermes linux/s390xNew
IP2Location-8.4.1-4.fc38 Tools for mapping IP address to geolocation information linux/s390xNew
IP2Location-data-sample-8.4.1-4.fc38 Sample data files for the IP2Location library linux/s390xNew
IP2Location-devel-8.4.1-4.fc38 Development files for the IP2Location library linux/s390xNew
IP2Location-libs-8.4.1-4.fc38 C library for mapping IP address to geolocation information linux/s390xNew
IPAddress-5.2.1-12.fc38 Library for handling IP addresses and subnets, both IPv4 and IPv6 linux/noarchNew
IQmol-2.15.0-5.fc35 A free open-source molecular editor and visualization package linux/s390x
IQmol-samples-2.15.0-5.fc35 Sample structures for IQmol linux/noarch
ImageMagick- An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/s390xNew
ImageMagick-c++- ImageMagick Magick++ library (C++ bindings) linux/s390xNew
ImageMagick-c++-devel- C++ bindings for the ImageMagick library linux/s390xNew
ImageMagick-devel- Library links and header files for ImageMagick app development linux/s390xNew
ImageMagick-djvu- DjVu plugin for ImageMagick linux/s390xNew
ImageMagick-doc- ImageMagick html documentation linux/s390xNew
ImageMagick-libs- ImageMagick libraries to link with linux/s390xNew
ImageMagick-perl- ImageMagick perl bindings linux/s390xNew
InsightToolkit-4.13.3-13.fc38 Insight Toolkit library for medical image processing linux/s390xNew
InsightToolkit-devel-4.13.3-13.fc38 Insight Toolkit linux/s390xNew
InsightToolkit-doc-4.13.3-13.fc38 Documentation for ITK linux/noarchNew
InsightToolkit-examples-4.13.3-13.fc38 C++, Tcl and Python example programs/scripts for ITK linux/s390xNew
InsightToolkit-vtk-4.13.3-13.fc38 Provides an interface between ITK and VTK linux/s390xNew
InsightToolkit-vtk-devel-4.13.3-13.fc38 Libraries and header files for development of ITK-VTK bridge linux/s390xNew
Io-language-20170906-10.fc38 Io is a small, prototype-based programming language linux/s390xNew
Io-language-devel-20170906-10.fc38 Development files for Io-language linux/s390xNew
Io-language-extras-20170906-10.fc38 Io extra addons linux/s390xNew
Io-language-graphics-and-sound-20170906-10.fc38 Io graphics and sound support linux/s390xNew
Io-language-mysql-20170906-10.fc38 Io mysql bindings linux/s390xNew
Io-language-postgresql-20170906-10.fc38 Io postgresql bindings linux/s390xNew
Judy-1.0.5-31.fc38 General purpose dynamic array linux/s390xNew
Judy-devel-1.0.5-31.fc38 Development libraries and headers for Judy linux/s390xNew
KoboDeluxe-0.5.1-37.fc38 Third person scrolling 2D shooter linux/s390xNew
L-function-2.0.5-4.fc38 C++ L-function class library and command line interface linux/s390xNew
L-function-devel-2.0.5-4.fc38 Development libraries/headers for L-function linux/s390xNew
LaTeXML-0.8.7-1.fc38 Converts TeX and LaTeX to XML/HTML/ePub/MathML linux/noarchNew
LibRaw-0.21.1-2.fc38 Library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras linux/s390xNew
LibRaw-devel-0.21.1-2.fc38 LibRaw development libraries linux/s390xNew
LibRaw-samples-0.21.1-2.fc38 LibRaw sample programs linux/s390xNew
LibRaw-static-0.21.1-2.fc38 LibRaw static development libraries linux/s390xNew
LinLog-0.5-17.fc38 A ham radio logbook for Linux linux/s390xNew
Lmod-8.7.18-1.fc38 Environmental Modules System in Lua linux/s390x
MUMPS-5.5.1-1.fc38 A MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver linux/s390x
MUMPS-common-5.5.1-1.fc38 Documentation files for MUMPS linux/noarch
MUMPS-devel-5.5.1-1.fc38 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/s390x
MUMPS-examples-5.5.1-1.fc38 The MUMPS common illustrative test programs linux/s390x
MUMPS-mpich-5.5.1-1.fc38 MUMPS libraries compiled against MPICH linux/s390x
MUMPS-mpich-devel-5.5.1-1.fc38 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/s390x
MUMPS-mpich-examples-5.5.1-1.fc38 The MUMPS MPICH common illustrative test programs linux/s390x
MUMPS-openmpi-5.5.1-1.fc38 MUMPS libraries compiled against openmpi linux/s390x
MUMPS-openmpi-devel-5.5.1-1.fc38 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/s390x
MUMPS-openmpi-examples-5.5.1-1.fc38 The MUMPS OpenMPI common illustrative test programs linux/s390x
MUMPS-srpm-macros-5.5.1-1.fc38 Additional RPM macros for MUMPS linux/noarch
MUSIC-common-1.1.16-10.20201002git8c6b77a.fc38 Architecture independent test and example files for MUSIC linux/noarchNew
MUSIC-mpich-1.1.16-10.20201002git8c6b77a.fc38 MUSIC built with mpich linux/s390xNew
MUSIC-mpich-devel-1.1.16-10.20201002git8c6b77a.fc38 MUSIC built with mpich linux/s390xNew
MUSIC-openmpi-1.1.16-10.20201002git8c6b77a.fc38 MUSIC built with openmpi linux/s390xNew
MUSIC-openmpi-devel-1.1.16-10.20201002git8c6b77a.fc38 MUSIC built with openmpi linux/s390xNew
Macaulay2-1.21-2.fc38 System for algebraic geometry and commutative algebra linux/s390x
Maelstrom-3.0.6-45.fc38 A space combat game linux/s390xNew
MagicPoint-1.13a-33.fc38 X based presentation software linux/s390xNew
Mars-4.5-21.fc38 An interactive development environment for programming in MIPS assembly language linux/noarchNew
Mayavi-4.8.1-1.fc38 Scientific data 3-dimensional visualizer linux/s390x
Mayavi-doc-4.8.1-1.fc38 Documentation for Mayavi linux/s390x
ModemManager-1.20.2-4.fc38 Mobile broadband modem management service linux/s390xNew
ModemManager-devel-1.20.2-4.fc38 Libraries and headers for adding ModemManager support to applications linux/s390xNew
ModemManager-glib-1.20.2-4.fc38 Libraries for adding ModemManager support to applications that use glib. linux/s390xNew
ModemManager-glib-devel-1.20.2-4.fc38 Libraries and headers for adding ModemManager support to applications that use glib. linux/s390xNew
ModemManager-vala-1.20.2-4.fc38 Vala bindings for ModemManager linux/s390xNew
MyPasswordSafe-0.6.7-46.20061216.fc38 A graphical password management tool linux/s390xNew
MySQL-zrm-3.0-35.fc38 MySQL backup manager linux/noarchNew
NFStest-2.1.5-15.fc38 NFS Testing Tool linux/noarchNew
NLopt-2.7.1-12.fc38 Open-Source library for nonlinear optimization linux/s390xNew
NLopt-devel-2.7.1-12.fc38 Development files for NLopt linux/s390xNew
NLopt-doc-2.7.1-12.fc38 Documentation files for NLopt linux/noarchNew
NaturalDocs-1.52-27.fc38 Documentation generator for multiple programming languages linux/noarchNew
NearTree-5.1.1-11.fc38 An API for finding nearest neighbors linux/s390xNew
NearTree-devel-5.1.1-11.fc38 Development tools for compiling programs using NearTree linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-fortisslvpn-1.4.0-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for Fortinet compatible SSLVPN linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-fortisslvpn-gnome-1.4.0-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for SSLVPN - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-17.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for iodine linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-iodine-gnome-1.2.0-17.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for iodine - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-l2tp-1.20.8-2.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for L2TP and L2TP/IPsec linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome-1.20.8-2.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for L2TP and L2TP/IPsec - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-libreswan-1.2.16-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plug-in for IPsec VPN linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-libreswan-gnome-1.2.16-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for libreswan - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-openconnect-1.2.8-4.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for openconnect linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome-1.2.8-4.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for OpenConnect - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-openvpn-1.10.2-2.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for OpenVPN linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome-1.10.2-2.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for OpenVPN - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-pptp-1.2.10-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for PPTP linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-pptp-gnome-1.2.10-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for PPTP - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-ssh-1.2.12-5.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for SSH linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-ssh-gnome-1.2.12-5.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for SSH - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-sstp-1.3.1-2.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for SSTP linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-sstp-gnome-1.3.1-2.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for SSTP - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-strongswan-1.6.0-3.fc38 NetworkManager strongSwan IPSec VPN plug-in linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-strongswan-gnome-1.6.0-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for strongswan - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-vpnc-1.2.8-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for vpnc linux/s390xNew
NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome-1.2.8-3.fc38 NetworkManager VPN plugin for vpnc - GNOME files linux/s390xNew
NiaAML-GUI-0.1.13-2.fc38 GUI for NiaAML Python package linux/noarchNew
NsCDE-2.1-2.fc37 Modern and functional CDE desktop based on FVWM linux/s390x
NsCDE-data-2.1-2.fc37 Data files for NsCDE linux/noarch
NsCDE-doc-2.1-2.fc37 Documentation files for NsCDE linux/noarch
ORBit2-2.14.19-30.fc38 A high-performance CORBA Object Request Broker linux/s390xNew
ORBit2-devel-2.14.19-30.fc38 Development libraries, header files and utilities for ORBit linux/s390xNew
OliveTin-2022.11.14-4.fc38 Give safe and simple access to predefined shell commands from a web interface linux/s390xNew
OpenColorIO-2.2.1-2.fc38 Enables color transforms and image display across graphics apps linux/s390xNew
OpenColorIO-devel-2.2.1-2.fc38 Development libraries and headers for OpenColorIO linux/s390xNew
OpenColorIO-doc-2.2.1-2.fc38 API Documentation for OpenColorIO linux/noarchNew
OpenColorIO-tools-2.2.1-2.fc38 Command line tools for OpenColorIO linux/s390xNew
OpenEXR_CTL-1.5.2-20.fc38 A simplified OpenEXR interface to CTL linux/s390xNew
OpenEXR_Viewers-2.3.0-11.fc38 Viewers programs for OpenEXR linux/s390xNew
OpenEXR_Viewers-docs-2.3.0-11.fc38 Documentation for OpenEXR_Viewers linux/s390xNew
OpenIPMI-2.0.32-6.fc38 IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) library and tools linux/s390xNew
OpenIPMI-devel-2.0.32-6.fc38 The development environment for the OpenIPMI project linux/s390xNew
OpenIPMI-lanserv-2.0.32-6.fc38 Emulates an IPMI network listener linux/s390xNew
OpenIPMI-libs-2.0.32-6.fc38 The OpenIPMI runtime libraries linux/s390xNew
OpenIPMI-perl-2.0.32-6.fc38 IPMI Perl language bindings linux/s390xNew
OpenImageIO- Library for reading and writing images linux/s390xNew
OpenImageIO-devel- Documentation for OpenImageIO linux/s390xNew
OpenImageIO-iv- OpenImageIO based image viewer linux/s390xNew
OpenImageIO-plugin-osl- OpenImageIO input plugin linux/s390x
OpenImageIO-utils- Command line utilities for OpenImageIO linux/s390xNew
OpenLP-3.0.1-2.fc38 Open source Church presentation and lyrics projection application linux/noarchNew
OpenMesh-6.3-16.fc38 A generic and efficient polygon mesh data structure linux/s390xNew
OpenMesh-devel-6.3-16.fc38 Development headers and libraries for OpenMesh linux/s390xNew
OpenMesh-doc-6.3-16.fc38 Doxygen documentation for OpenMesh linux/noarchNew
OpenMesh-tools-6.3-16.fc38 OpenMesh tools linux/s390xNew
OpenMolcas-22.10-3.fc38 A multiconfigurational quantum chemistry software package linux/s390xNew
OpenNL-3.2.1-31.fc38 A library for solving sparse linear systems linux/s390xNew
OpenNL-devel-3.2.1-31.fc38 Development files for OpenNL linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-3.6.5-13.fc38 High performance real-time graphics toolkit linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-Collada-3.6.5-13.fc38 OSG Collada plugin linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-OpenEXR-3.6.5-13.fc38 OSG OpenEXR plugin linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-devel-3.6.5-13.fc38 Development files for OpenSceneGraph linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-examples-3.6.5-13.fc38 Sample applications for OpenSceneGraph linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-examples-SDL-3.6.5-13.fc38 OSG sample applications using SDL linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-examples-fltk-3.6.5-13.fc38 OSG sample applications using FLTK linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-examples-gtk-3.6.5-13.fc38 OSG sample applications using gtk linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-gdal-3.6.5-13.fc38 OSG Gdal plugin linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-gstreamer-3.6.5-13.fc38 OSG gstreamer plugin linux/s390xNew
OpenSceneGraph-libs-3.6.5-13.fc38 Runtime libraries for OpenSceneGraph linux/s390xNew
OpenStego-0.7.4-8.fc38 Free Steganography solution linux/noarchNew
OpenStego-javadoc-0.7.4-8.fc38 Javadoc generated documentation for Openstego linux/noarchNew
OpenThreads-3.6.5-13.fc38 OpenThreads linux/s390xNew
OpenThreads-devel-3.6.5-13.fc38 Devel files for OpenThreads linux/s390xNew
PDAL-2.5.0-2.fc38 Point Data Abstraction Library linux/s390xNew
PDAL-devel-2.5.0-2.fc38 PDAL development header files and libraries linux/s390xNew
PDAL-doc-2.5.0-2.fc38 Documentation for PDAL linux/noarchNew
PDAL-libs-2.5.0-2.fc38 The shared libraries required for PDAL linux/s390xNew
PEGTL-devel-2.8.3-6.fc38 Development files for PEGTL linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-1.2.6-6.fc38 Package management service linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-Qt5-1.0.2-6.fc38 Qt5 support library for PackageKit linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-Qt5-devel-1.0.2-6.fc38 Development files for PackageKit-Qt5 linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-command-not-found-1.2.6-6.fc38 Ask the user to install command line programs automatically linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-cron-1.2.6-6.fc38 Cron job and related utilities for PackageKit linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-glib-1.2.6-6.fc38 GLib libraries for accessing PackageKit linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-glib-devel-1.2.6-6.fc38 GLib Libraries and headers for PackageKit linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin-1.2.6-6.fc38 Install GStreamer codecs using PackageKit linux/s390xNew
PackageKit-gtk3-module-1.2.6-6.fc38 Install fonts automatically using PackageKit linux/s390xNew
Panini-0.73.0-13.fc38 A tool for creating perspective views from panoramic and wide angle images linux/s390xNew
Pencil2D-0.6.6-6.fc38 Animation/drawing software linux/s390xNew
PerceptualDiff-2.1-6.fc38 An image comparison utility linux/s390xNew
Perlbal-1.80-51.fc38 Reverse-proxy load balance and web-server linux/noarchNew
PersonalCopy-Lite-soundfont-4.1-27.fc38 Lite version of the PersonalCopy General Midi soundfont linux/noarchNew
PragmARC-20130728-29.fc38 PragmAda Reusable Components, a component library for Ada linux/s390xNew
PragmARC-devel-20130728-29.fc38 Development files for PragmARC linux/s390xNew
PyMca-5.7.5-3.fc38 X-ray Fluorescence Toolkit linux/s390xNew
PyMca-data-5.7.5-3.fc38 Data files for PyMca linux/noarchNew
PyQt-builder-1.13.0-3.fc38 The PEP 517 compliant PyQt build system linux/noarchNew
PyQt4-doc-4.12.3-24.fc38 PyQt4 developer documentation and examples linux/noarchNew
PyQt4-qsci-api-4.12.3-24.fc38 Qscintilla API file support linux/s390xNew
PySolFC-2.18.0-2.fc38 A collection of solitaire card games linux/noarchNew
PySolFC-cardsets-2.0-26.fc38 Various cardsets for PySolFC linux/noarchNew
PySolFC-music-4.50-9.fc38 Music for PySolFC linux/noarchNew
PyX-0.15-10.fc37 Python graphics package linux/s390x
PyX-doc-0.15-10.fc37 Documentation for PyX linux/noarch
QMsgBox-0-23.20130830git94677dc.fc38 Solves a problem that prevents qt message icons from being displayed linux/s390xNew
QMsgBox-devel-0-23.20130830git94677dc.fc38 Development libraries for QMsgBox linux/s390xNew
QMsgBox-headers-0-23.20130830git94677dc.fc38 Development headers for QMsgBox linux/noarchNew
QMsgBox-qt5-0-23.20130830git94677dc.fc38 Qt5 version of QMsgBox linux/s390xNew
QMsgBox-qt5-devel-0-23.20130830git94677dc.fc38 Development files for QMsgBox using Qt5 linux/s390xNew
QXlsx-1.4.5-2.fc38 Excel/XLSX file reader/writer library for Qt linux/s390xNew
QXlsx-devel-1.4.5-2.fc38 Development files for QtXslx linux/s390xNew
QsLog-0-24.2959cecgit.fc38 An easy to use logger that is based on Qt's QDebug class linux/s390xNew
QsLog-devel-0-24.2959cecgit.fc38 Development headers and library for QsLog linux/s390xNew
QtDMM-0.8.12-26.fc38 A digital multimeter readout software linux/s390xNew
QuantLib-1.29-1.fc38 A software framework for quantitative finance linux/s390xNew
QuantLib-devel-1.29-1.fc38 QuantLib development files linux/s390xNew
QuantLib-doc-1.29-1.fc38 The documentation for QuantLib linux/s390xNew
QuantLib-test-1.29-1.fc38 The test-suite to check the setup of QuantLib linux/s390xNew
R-4.2.2-7.fc38 A language for data analysis and graphics linux/s390xNew
R-AUC-0.3.2-3.fc38 Threshold independent performance measures for probabilistic classifiers linux/noarchNew
R-AnnotationDbi-1.58.0-2.fc38 Manipulation of SQLite-based annotations in Bioconductor linux/noarchNew
R-AsioHeaders-devel- Asio C++ Header Files linux/noarchNew
R-BH-devel- Boost C++ Header Files for R linux/noarchNew
R-BSgenome-1.64.0-2.fc38 Infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages linux/noarchNew
R-Bessel-0.6.0-13.fc38 Computations and Approximations for Bessel Functions linux/s390xNew
R-Biobase-2.56.0-2.fc38 Base functions for Bioconductor linux/s390xNew
R-BiocFileCache-2.4.0-2.fc38 Manage Files Across Sessions linux/noarchNew
R-BiocGenerics-0.42.0-2.fc38 Generic functions for Bioconductor linux/noarchNew
R-BiocIO-1.6.0-2.fc38 Standard Input and Output for Bioconductor Packages linux/noarchNew
R-BiocParallel-1.30.3-2.fc38 Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation linux/s390xNew
R-Biostrings-2.64.1-2.fc38 String objects representing biological sequences linux/s390xNew
R-Biostrings-devel-2.64.1-2.fc38 Development files for R-Biostrings linux/s390xNew
R-BufferedMatrix-1.60.0-2.fc38 A matrix data storage object method from bioconductor linux/s390x
R-BufferedMatrix-devel-1.60.0-2.fc38 Development files for R-BufferedMatrix linux/s390x
R-Cairo-1.6.0-3.fc38 Use Cairo for high-quality bitmap, vector, and display output linux/s390xNew
R-DBI-1.1.3-2.fc38 Database interface module for R linux/noarchNew
R-DBItest-1.7.0-9.fc38 Testing DBI Backends linux/noarchNew
R-DT-0.25-2.fc38 R Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables' linux/noarchNew
R-DelayedArray-0.22.0-5.fc38 Delayed operations on array-like objects linux/s390xNew
R-DynDoc-1.74.0-2.fc38 Functions for dynamic documents linux/noarchNew
R-FMStable-0.1.4-2.fc38 Finite Moment Stable Distributions linux/s390xNew
R-GenomeInfoDb-1.32.3-2.fc38 Utilities for manipulating chromosome and other 'seqname' identifiers linux/noarchNew
R-GenomeInfoDbData-1.2.8-2.fc38 Species and taxonomy ID look up tables used by GenomeInfoDb linux/noarchNew
R-GenomicAlignments-1.32.1-2.fc38 Representation and manipulation of short genomic alignments linux/s390xNew
R-GenomicRanges-1.48.0-2.fc38 Representation and manipulation of genomic intervals linux/s390xNew
R-IRanges-2.30.1-2.fc38 Low-level containers for storing sets of integer ranges linux/s390xNew
R-IRanges-devel-2.30.1-2.fc38 Development files for R-IRanges linux/s390xNew
R-IRdisplay-1.1-2.fc38 'Jupyter' Display Machinery linux/noarchNew
R-IRkernel-1.3.2-1.fc38 Native R Kernel for the 'Jupyter Notebook' linux/noarchNew
R-KEGGREST-1.36.3-2.fc38 Client-side REST access to the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes linux/noarchNew
R-MatrixGenerics-1.8.1-2.fc38 S4 Generic Summary Statistic Functions that Operate on Matrix-Like Objects linux/noarchNew
R-NISTunits-1.0.1-13.fc38 Fundamental Physical Constants and Unit Conversions from NIST linux/noarchNew
R-R.cache-0.16.0-2.fc38 Fast and Light-Weight Caching (Memoization) of Objects and Results linux/noarchNew
R-R.devices-2.17.1-2.fc38 Unified Handling of Graphics Devices linux/noarchNew
R-R.methodsS3-1.8.2-2.fc38 S3 Methods Simplified linux/noarchNew
R-R.oo-1.25.0-2.fc38 R Object-Oriented Programming with or without References linux/noarchNew
R-R.rsp-0.45.0-2.fc38 Dynamic Generation of Scientific Reports linux/noarchNew
R-R.utils-2.12.0-2.fc38 Various Programming Utilities linux/noarchNew
R-R6-2.5.1-5.fc38 Classes with Reference Semantics linux/noarchNew
R-RColorBrewer-1.1.3-2.fc38 ColorBrewer Palettes linux/noarchNew
R-RCurl- General network (HTTP/FTP) client interface for R linux/s390xNew
R-RInside-0.2.17-4.fc38 C++ Classes to Embed R in C++ (and C) Applications linux/s390xNew
R-RInside-devel-0.2.17-4.fc38 RInside Development Files linux/s390xNew
R-RInside-examples-0.2.17-4.fc38 RInside Examples linux/s390xNew
R-RM2-0.0-33.fc38 Revenue Management and Pricing for R linux/noarchNew
R-RMariaDB-1.2.2-2.fc38 Database Interface and 'MariaDB' Driver linux/s390xNew
R-RODBC-1.3.19-2.fc38 An ODBC database interface for R linux/s390xNew
R-RPostgres-1.3.2-7.fc38 Rcpp Interface to PostgreSQL linux/s390xNew
R-RSQLite-2.2.16-2.fc38 SQLite database interface for R linux/s390xNew
R-RUnit-0.4.32-11.fc38 R Unit test framework linux/noarchNew
R-Rcpp-1.0.10-1.fc38 Seamless R and C++ Integration linux/s390xNew
R-Rcpp-devel-1.0.10-1.fc38 Rcpp Development Files linux/s390xNew
R-Rcpp-examples-1.0.10-1.fc38 Rcpp Examples linux/s390xNew
R-RcppCCTZ-0.2.11-2.fc38 'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'CCTZ' Library linux/s390xNew
R-RcppCCTZ-devel-0.2.11-2.fc38 Development files for R-RcppCCTZ linux/s390xNew
R-RcppDate-0.0.3-7.fc38 'date' C++ Header Library for Date and Time Functionality linux/noarchNew
R-RcppDate-devel-0.0.3-7.fc38 Development files for R-RcppDate linux/noarchNew
R-RhpcBLASctl- Control the Number of Threads on BLAS linux/s390xNew
R-Rhtslib-1.28.0-2.fc38 HTSlib high-throughput sequencing library as an R package linux/s390xNew
R-Rhtslib-devel-1.28.0-2.fc38 Development files for R-Rhtslib linux/s390xNew
R-Rmpfr-0.8.9-2.fc38 R MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable linux/s390xNew
R-Rsamtools-2.12.0-2.fc38 R interface to samtools linux/s390xNew
R-Rsolid-0.9.31-41.fc38 Quantile normalization and base calling for second generation sequencing data linux/s390xNew
R-Rsolid-devel-0.9.31-41.fc38 Development files for R-Rsolid linux/s390xNew
R-S4Vectors-0.34.0-2.fc38 S4 implementation of vectors and lists linux/s390xNew
R-S4Vectors-devel-0.34.0-2.fc38 Development files for R-S4Vectors linux/s390xNew
R-SummarizedExperiment-1.26.1-2.fc38 SummarizedExperiment container linux/noarchNew
R-TH-data-1.1.1-2.fc38 Data for other R packages linux/noarchNew
R-V8-4.2.2-2.fc38 Embedded JavaScript and WebAssembly Engine for R linux/s390x
R-XML- Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus linux/s390xNew
R-XVector-0.36.0-2.fc38 Representation and manipulation of external sequences linux/s390xNew
R-XVector-devel-0.36.0-2.fc38 Development files for R-XVector linux/s390xNew
R-abind-1.4.5-15.fc38 Combine multi-dimensional arrays linux/noarchNew
R-acepack-1.4.1-21.fc38 ACE and AVAS methods for choosing regression transformations linux/s390xNew
R-affyio-1.66.0-2.fc38 Tools for parsing Affymetrix data files linux/s390xNew
R-ape-5.6.2-3.fc38 Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution linux/s390xNew
R-argon2-0.4.0-2.fc38 Secure Password Hashing linux/s390xNew
R-arules-1.7.4-2.fc38 Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets linux/s390xNew
R-ascii-2.4-8.fc38 Export R Objects to Several Markup Languages linux/noarchNew
R-askpass-1.1-13.fc38 Safe Password Entry for R, Git, and SSH linux/s390xNew
R-assertthat-0.2.1-13.fc38 Easy Pre and Post Assertions linux/noarchNew
R-backports-1.4.1-2.fc38 Reimplementations of Functions Introduced Since R-3.0.0 linux/s390xNew
R-base64enc-0.1.3-16.fc38 Tools for base64 encoding linux/s390xNew
R-bench-1.1.2-2.fc38 High Precision Timing of R Expressions linux/s390xNew
R-biglm- Bounded memory linear and generalized linear models linux/s390xNew
R-bindr-0.1.1-15.fc38 Parametrized Active Bindings linux/noarchNew
R-bindrcpp-0.2.2-16.fc38 An 'Rcpp' Interface to Active Bindings linux/s390xNew
R-bindrcpp-devel-0.2.2-16.fc38 Development files for R-bindrcpp linux/s390xNew
R-biomaRt-2.52.0-2.fc38 R Interface to BioMart databases linux/noarchNew
R-bit-4.0.4-8.fc38 Classes and Methods for Fast Memory-Efficient Boolean Selections linux/s390xNew
R-bit64-4.0.5-8.fc38 A S3 Class for Vectors of 64bit Integers linux/s390xNew
R-bitops-1.0.7-7.fc38 Functions for Bitwise operations linux/s390xNew
R-blob-1.2.3-3.fc38 A Simple S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS') linux/noarchNew
R-bookdown-0.29-2.fc38 Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown linux/noarchNew
R-brew-1.0.7-2.fc38 Templating Framework for Report Generation linux/noarchNew
R-brio-1.1.3-2.fc38 Basic R Input Output linux/s390xNew
R-broom-0.7.7-6.fc38 Convert Statistical Objects into Tidy Tibbles linux/noarchNew
R-bslib-0.4.0-2.fc38 Custom Bootstrap Sass Themes for shiny and rmarkdown linux/noarchNew
R-caTools-1.18.2-7.fc38 Tools: Moving Window Statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc linux/s390xNew
R-cachem-1.0.6-2.fc38 Cache R Objects with Automatic Pruning linux/s390xNew
R-callr-3.7.1-2.fc38 Call R from R linux/noarchNew
R-car-2.0.22-16.fc38 Companion to Applied Regression package for R linux/noarchNew
R-cellranger-1.1.0-14.fc38 Translate Spreadsheet Cell Ranges to Rows and Columns linux/noarchNew
R-chron-2.3.57-2.fc38 Chronological Objects which can Handle Dates and Times linux/s390xNew
R-cli-3.6.0-1.fc38 Helpers for Developing Command Line Interfaces linux/s390xNew
R-cliapp-0.1.1-8.fc38 Create Rich Command Line Applications linux/noarchNew
R-clipr-0.8.0-2.fc38 Read and Write from the System Clipboard linux/noarchNew
R-clisymbols-1.2.0-13.fc38 Unicode Symbols at the R Prompt linux/noarchNew
R-coda-0.19.4-8.fc38 Output Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC linux/noarchNew
R-colorspace-2.0.3-2.fc38 A Toolbox for Manipulating and Assessing Colors and Palettes linux/s390xNew
R-combinat-0.0.8-29.fc38 R routines for combinatorics linux/noarchNew
R-commonmark-1.8.0-2.fc38 High Performance CommonMark and Github Markdown Rendering in R linux/s390xNew
R-conflicted-1.1.0-2.fc38 An Alternative Conflict Resolution Strategy linux/noarchNew
R-core-4.2.2-7.fc38 The minimal R components necessary for a functional runtime linux/s390xNew
R-core-devel-4.2.2-7.fc38 Core files for development of R packages (no Java) linux/s390xNew
R-corpus-0.10.2-6.fc38 Text Corpus Analysis linux/s390xNew
R-covr-3.6.1-2.fc38 Test Coverage for Packages linux/s390xNew
R-cpp11-0.4.2-6.fc38 A C++11 Interface for R's C Interface linux/noarchNew
R-cpp11-devel-0.4.2-6.fc38 Development files for R-cpp11 linux/noarchNew
R-crayon-1.5.1-2.fc38 Colored Terminal Output linux/noarchNew
R-credentials-1.3.2-2.fc38 Tools for Managing SSH and Git Credentials linux/noarchNew
R-crosstalk-1.2.0-2.fc38 Inter-Widget Interactivity for HTML Widgets linux/noarchNew
R-curl-4.3.2-7.fc38 A Modern and Flexible Web Client for R linux/s390xNew
R-cyclocomp-1.1.0-11.fc38 Cyclomatic Complexity of R Code linux/noarchNew
R-data.table-1.14.2-2.fc38 Extension of `data.frame` linux/s390xNew
R-data.table-devel-1.14.2-2.fc38 Development files for R-data.table linux/s390xNew
R-date-1.2.39-10.fc38 Functions for Handling Dates linux/s390xNew
R-dbplyr-2.3.0-1.fc38 A 'dplyr' Back End for Databases linux/noarchNew
R-debugme-1.1.0-15.fc38 Debug R Packages linux/noarchNew
R-deldir-1.0.6-2.fc38 Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation linux/s390xNew
R-desc-1.4.2-2.fc38 Manipulate DESCRIPTION Files linux/noarchNew
R-devel-4.2.2-7.fc38 Full R development environment metapackage linux/s390xNew
R-devtools-2.4.2-6.fc38 Tools to Make Developing R Packages Easier linux/noarchNew
R-dichromat- Color Schemes for Dichromats linux/noarchNew
R-diffobj-0.3.5-2.fc38 Diffs for R Objects linux/s390xNew
R-digest-0.6.29-2.fc38 Create Cryptographic Hash Digest of R Objects linux/s390xNew
R-digest-devel-0.6.29-2.fc38 Header files for compiling against digest linux/s390xNew
R-disposables-1.0.3-15.fc38 Create Disposable R Packages for Testing linux/noarchNew
R-doMC-1.3.8-2.fc38 Foreach Parallel Adaptor for 'parallel' linux/noarchNew
R-doParallel-1.0.17-2.fc38 Foreach Parallel Adaptor for the 'parallel' Package linux/noarchNew
R-downlit-0.4.2-2.fc38 Syntax Highlighting and Automatic Linking linux/noarchNew
R-dplyr-1.0.10-2.fc38 A Grammar of Data Manipulation linux/s390xNew
R-dtplyr-1.2.2-2.fc38 Data Table Back-End for 'dplyr' linux/noarchNew
R-ellipsis-0.3.2-6.fc38 Tools for Working with ... linux/s390xNew
R-errors-0.4.0-2.fc38 Uncertainty Propagation for R Vectors linux/noarchNew
R-evaluate-0.15-2.fc38 Parsing and Evaluation Tools that Provide More Details than the Default linux/noarchNew
R-expm-0.999.6-8.fc38 Computation of the matrix exponential and related quantities linux/s390xNew
R-fansi-1.0.3-2.fc38 ANSI Control Sequence Aware String Functions linux/s390xNew
R-farver-2.1.1-2.fc38 High Performance Colour Space Manipulation linux/s390xNew
R-fastmap-1.1.0-7.fc38 Fast Data Structures linux/s390xNew
R-fastmatch-1.1.3-2.fc38 Fast match() function linux/s390xNew
R-filehash-2.4.3-2.fc38 Simple Key-Value Database linux/s390xNew
R-filelock-1.0.2-9.fc38 Portable File Locking linux/s390xNew
R-flexiblas-3.3.0-2.fc38 FlexiBLAS API Interface for R linux/s390xNew
R-foghorn-1.4.2-2.fc38 Summarize CRAN Check Results in the Terminal linux/noarchNew
R-fontBitstreamVera-0.1.1-16.fc38 Fonts with 'Bitstream Vera Fonts' License linux/noarchNew
R-fontLiberation-0.1.0-15.fc38 Liberation Fonts linux/noarchNew
R-fontawesome-0.3.0-2.fc38 Easily work with 'Font Awesome' Icons linux/noarchNew
R-forcats-0.5.2-2.fc38 Tools for Working with Categorical Variables (Factors) linux/noarchNew
R-foreach-1.5.2-2.fc38 Provides Foreach Looping Construct linux/noarchNew
R-formatR-1.13-2.fc38 Format R Code Automatically linux/noarchNew
R-formattable-0.2.1-8.fc38 Create 'Formattable' Data Structures linux/noarchNew
R-fortunes-1.5.4-15.fc38 R Fortunes linux/noarchNew
R-fs-1.5.2-2.fc38 Cross-Platform File System Operations Based on 'libuv' linux/s390xNew
R-fts- R Interface to 'tslib' (a Time Series Library in C++) linux/s390xNew
R-futile.logger-1.4.3-18.fc38 A logging utility for R linux/noarchNew
R-futile.options-1.0.1-11.fc38 Futile options management linux/noarchNew
R-future-1.28.0-3.fc38 Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone linux/noarchNew
R-gamlss.dist-6.0.5-1.fc38 Distributions for Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape linux/s390xNew
R-gapminder-0.3.0-13.fc38 Data from Gapminder linux/noarchNew
R-gargle-1.2.1-2.fc38 Utilities for Working with Google APIs linux/noarchNew
R-gdata- Various R Programming Tools for Data Manipulation linux/noarchNew
R-gdtools-0.2.4-2.fc38 Utilities for Graphical Rendering linux/s390xNew
R-gdtools-devel-0.2.4-2.fc38 Development files for R-gdtools linux/s390xNew
R-gee-4.13.23-2.fc38 Generalized Estimation Equation Solver linux/s390xNew
R-geepack-1.3.9-2.fc38 Generalized Estimating Equation Package linux/s390xNew
R-geepack-devel-1.3.9-2.fc38 Development files for R-geepack linux/s390xNew
R-generics-0.1.3-2.fc38 Common S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related to Model Fitting linux/noarchNew
R-gert-1.9.0-4.fc38 Simple Git Client for R linux/s390xNew
R-getPass-0.2.2-16.fc38 Masked User Input linux/s390xNew
R-ggplot2-3.3.6-2.fc38 Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics linux/noarchNew
R-ggplot2movies-0.0.1-13.fc38 Movies Data linux/noarchNew
R-gh-1.3.1-2.fc38 GitHub API linux/noarchNew
R-git2r-0.30.1-4.fc38 Provides Access to Git Repositories linux/s390xNew
R-gitcreds-0.1.2-2.fc38 Query 'git' Credentials from 'R' linux/noarchNew
R-globals-0.16.0-2.fc38 Identify Global Objects in R Expressions linux/noarchNew
R-glue-1.6.2-2.fc38 Interpreted String Literals linux/s390xNew
R-gmailr-1.0.1-2.fc38 Access the Gmail RESTful API linux/noarchNew
R-gmp-0.6.6-2.fc38 Multiple Precision Arithmetic linux/s390xNew
R-gplots-3.1.3-2.fc38 Various R Programming Tools for Plotting Data linux/noarchNew
R-gsl- Wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library linux/s390xNew
R-gss-2.2.3-2.fc38 General Smoothing Splines linux/s390xNew
R-gtable-0.3.0-14.fc38 Arrange 'Grobs' in Tables linux/noarchNew
R-gtools-3.9.3-2.fc38 Various R Programming Tools linux/s390xNew
R-haven-2.5.1-2.fc38 Import and Export 'SPSS', 'Stata' and 'SAS' Files linux/s390xNew
R-here-1.0.1-8.fc38 A Simpler Way to Find Your Files linux/noarchNew
R-hexbin-1.28.2-8.fc38 Hexagonal Binning Routines linux/s390xNew
R-highlight-0.5.0-11.fc38 R Syntax Highlighter linux/s390xNew
R-highr-0.10-2.fc38 Syntax Highlighting for R Source Code linux/noarchNew
R-hms-1.1.2-2.fc38 Pretty Time of Day linux/noarchNew
R-htmltools-0.5.4-1.fc38 Tools for HTML linux/s390xNew
R-htmlwidgets-1.5.4-2.fc38 HTML Widgets for R linux/noarchNew
R-httpuv-1.6.6-2.fc38 HTTP and WebSocket Server Library linux/s390xNew
R-httr-1.4.4-2.fc38 Tools for Working with URLs and HTTP linux/noarchNew
R-hunspell-3.0.2-2.fc38 High-Performance Stemmer, Tokenizer, and Spell Checker linux/s390xNew
R-igraph-1.3.5-3.fc38 Network Analysis and Visualization linux/s390xNew
R-import-1.3.0-7.fc38 An Import Mechanism for R linux/noarchNew
R-ini-0.3.1-13.fc38 Read and Write '.ini' Files linux/noarchNew
R-inline-0.3.19-6.fc38 Functions to Inline C, C++, Fortran Function Calls from R linux/noarchNew
R-isoband-0.2.7-2.fc38 Generate Isolines and Isobands from Regularly Spaced Elevation Grids linux/s390xNew
R-iterators-1.0.14-2.fc38 Provides Iterator Construct linux/noarchNew
R-itertools-0.1.3-15.fc38 Iterator Tools linux/noarchNew
R-java-4.2.2-7.fc38 R with Fedora provided Java Runtime Environment linux/s390xNew
R-java-devel-4.2.2-7.fc38 Development package for use with Java enabled R components linux/s390xNew
R-jose-1.2.0-2.fc38 JavaScript Object Signing and Encryption linux/noarchNew
R-jpeg-0.1.9-2.fc38 Read and write JPEG images linux/s390xNew
R-jqr-1.2.3-2.fc38 Client for 'jq', a 'JSON' Processor linux/s390xNew
R-jquerylib-0.1.4-7.fc38 Obtain jQuery as an HTML Dependency Object linux/noarchNew
R-jsonlite-1.8.0-2.fc38 A Simple and Robust JSON Parser and Generator for R linux/s390xNew
R-keyring-1.3.1-2.fc38 Access the System Credential Store from R linux/s390xNew
R-knitr-1.39-2.fc38 A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R linux/noarchNew
R-labeling-0.4.2-8.fc38 Axis Labeling linux/noarchNew
R-lambda.r-1.2.4-11.fc38 Modeling data with functional programming linux/noarchNew
R-later-1.3.0-2.fc38 Utilities for Scheduling Functions to Execute Later with Event Loops linux/s390xNew
R-later-devel-1.3.0-2.fc38 Development files for R-later linux/s390xNew
R-lazyeval-0.2.2-11.fc38 Lazy (Non-Standard) Evaluation linux/s390xNew
R-libSBML-5.19.0-24.fc38 R bindings for libSBML linux/s390xNew
R-lifecycle-1.0.3-2.fc38 Manage the Life Cycle of your Package Functions linux/noarchNew
R-lintr-3.0.1-2.fc38 A 'Linter' for R Code linux/noarchNew
R-listenv-0.8.0-11.fc38 Environments Behaving (Almost) as Lists linux/noarchNew
R-littler-0.3.17-2.fc38 littler: R at the Command-Line via 'r' linux/s390xNew
R-littler-examples-0.3.17-2.fc38 R-littler Examples linux/s390xNew
R-lmodel2-1.7.3-15.fc38 Model II Regression linux/noarchNew
R-lmtest-0.9.40-2.fc38 Testing Linear Regression Models for R linux/s390xNew
R-lobstr-1.1.2-2.fc38 Visualize R Data Structures with Trees linux/s390xNew
R-lokern-1.1.9-7.fc38 Kernel Regression Smoothing with Local or Global Plug-in Bandwidth linux/s390xNew
R-lpSolve-5.6.16-2.fc38 Interface to Lp_solve to Solve Linear/Integer Programs linux/s390xNew
R-lubridate-1.8.0-2.fc38 Make dealing with dates a little easier linux/s390xNew
R-mAr-1.2.0-2.fc38 R module to evaluate functions for multivariate AutoRegressive analysis linux/noarchNew
R-magick-2.7.3-7.fc38 Advanced Graphics and Image-Processing in R linux/s390xNew
R-magrittr-2.0.3-2.fc38 Provides a mechanism for chaining commands with a new forward-pipe operator linux/s390xNew
R-mapproj-1.2.8-2.fc38 Map Projections linux/s390xNew
R-maps-3.4.0-2.fc38 Draw Geographical Maps linux/s390xNew
R-markdown-1.1-12.fc38 Render Markdown with the C Library 'Sundown' linux/s390xNew
R-markdown-devel-1.1-12.fc38 Development files for R-markdown linux/s390xNew
R-matrixStats-0.62.0-2.fc38 Functions that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices (and to Vectors) linux/s390xNew
R-measurements-1.4.0-13.fc38 Tools for Units of Measurement linux/noarchNew
R-memoise-2.0.1-2.fc38 Memoisation of functions linux/noarchNew
R-microbats-0.1.1-7.fc38 An implementation of Bat Algorithm in R linux/noarchNew
R-microbenchmark-1.4.9-2.fc38 Accurate Timing Functions linux/s390xNew
R-mime-0.12-2.fc38 Map Filenames to MIME Types linux/s390xNew
R-miniUI- Shiny UI Widgets for Small Screens linux/noarchNew
R-mlbench-2.1.3-7.fc38 Machine Learning Benchmark Problems linux/s390xNew
R-mnormt-2.1.0-2.fc38 The Multivariate Normal and t Distributions linux/s390xNew
R-mockery-0.4.3-2.fc38 Mocking Library for R linux/noarchNew
R-mockr-0.2.0-2.fc38 Mocking in R linux/noarchNew
R-modelr-0.1.9-2.fc38 Modelling Functions that Work with the Pipe linux/noarchNew
R-msm-1.6.9-2.fc38 Multi-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous time linux/s390xNew
R-multcomp-1.4.20-2.fc38 Simultaneous inference for general linear hypotheses R Package linux/noarchNew
R-munsell-0.5.0-15.fc38 Utilities for Using Munsell Colours linux/noarchNew
R-mvtnorm-1.1.3-2.fc38 Multivariate normal and T distribution R Package linux/s390xNew
R-mvtnorm-devel-1.1.3-2.fc38 Development files for R-mvtnorm linux/s390xNew
R-nanotime-0.3.6-2.fc38 Nanosecond-Resolution Time Support for R linux/s390xNew
R-nanotime-devel-0.3.6-2.fc38 Development files for R-nanotime linux/s390xNew
R-ncdf4-1.19-2.fc38 Interface to Unidata netCDF (Version 4 or Earlier) Format Data Files linux/s390xNew
R-nws- R functions for NetWorkSpaces and Sleigh linux/noarchNew
R-nycflights13-1.0.2-7.fc38 Flights that Departed NYC in 2013 linux/noarchNew
R-odbc-1.3.3-2.fc38 Connect to ODBC Compatible Databases (using the DBI Interface) linux/s390xNew
R-openssl-2.0.3-2.fc38 Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates Based on OpenSSL linux/s390xNew
R-orcutt-2.3-14.fc38 Estimate Procedure in Case of First Order Autocorrelation linux/noarchNew
R-oskeyring-0.1.5-2.fc38 Raw System Credential Store Access from R linux/s390xNew
R-packrat-0.8.1-2.fc38 Dependency Management System for R Projects linux/noarchNew
R-pak- Another Approach to Package Installation linux/noarchNew
R-parallelly-1.32.1-2.fc38 Enhancing the 'parallel' Package linux/noarchNew
R-parsedate-1.3.1-2.fc38 Recognize and Parse Dates in Various Formats linux/s390xNew
R-pbapply-1.5.0-2.fc38 Adding Progress Bar to '*apply' Functions linux/noarchNew
R-pbdRPC-0.2.1-16.fc38 Programming with Big Data -- Remote Procedure Call linux/noarchNew
R-pbdZMQ-0.3.7-2.fc38 Programming with Big Data -- Interface to ZeroMQ linux/s390xNew
R-pdftools-3.3.0-3.fc38 Text Extraction, Rendering and Converting of PDF Documents linux/s390xNew
R-pillar-1.8.0-4.fc38 Coloured Formatting for Columns linux/noarchNew
R-pingr-2.0.1-10.fc38 Check if a Remote Computer is Up linux/s390xNew
R-pkgbuild-1.3.1-2.fc38 Find Tools Needed to Build R Packages linux/noarchNew
R-pkgcache-2.0.2-2.fc38 Cache 'CRAN'-Like Metadata and R Packages linux/s390xNew
R-pkgconfig-2.0.3-12.fc38 Private Configuration for 'R' Packages linux/noarchNew
R-pkgdown-2.0.6-2.fc38 Make Static HTML Documentation for a Package linux/noarchNew
R-pkgload-1.3.0-2.fc38 Simulate Package Installation and Attach linux/noarchNew
R-plogr-0.2.0-15.fc38 C++ Logging Library for R linux/noarchNew
R-plogr-devel-0.2.0-15.fc38 Devel files for R-plogr linux/noarchNew
R-plyr-1.8.7-2.fc38 Tools for Splitting, Applying and Combining Data linux/s390xNew
R-png-0.1.7-20.fc38 Read and write PNG images linux/s390xNew
R-poLCA- Polytomous variable Latent Class Analysis linux/s390xNew
R-polyclip-1.10.0-13.fc38 Polygon Clipping linux/s390xNew
R-polynom-1.4.1-2.fc38 A Class for Univariate Polynomial Manipulations linux/noarchNew
R-praise-1.0.0-21.fc38 Praise Users linux/noarchNew
R-preprocessCore-1.58.0-2.fc38 A collection of pre-processing functions linux/s390xNew
R-preprocessCore-devel-1.58.0-2.fc38 Development files for R-preprocessCore linux/s390xNew
R-presser-1.1.0-8.fc38 Lightweight Web Server for Testing linux/s390xNew
R-prettycode-1.1.0-11.fc38 Pretty Print R Code in the Terminal linux/noarchNew
R-prettydoc-0.4.1-8.fc38 Creating Pretty Documents from R Markdown linux/noarchNew
R-prettyunits-1.1.1-9.fc38 Pretty, Human Readable Formatting of Quantities linux/noarchNew
R-processx-3.7.0-2.fc38 Execute and Control System Processes linux/s390xNew
R-procmaps-0.0.4-2.fc38 Portable Address Space Mapping linux/s390xNew
R-profmem-0.6.0-8.fc38 Simple Memory Profiling for R linux/noarchNew
R-profvis-0.3.7-7.fc38 Interactive Visualizations for Profiling R Code linux/s390xNew
R-progress-1.2.2-11.fc38 Terminal Progress Bars linux/noarchNew
R-progress-devel-1.2.2-11.fc38 Development files for R-progress linux/noarchNew
R-promises- Abstractions for Promise-Based Asynchronous Programming linux/s390xNew
R-ps-1.7.1-2.fc38 List, Query, Manipulate System Processes linux/s390xNew
R-purrr-1.0.1-1.fc38 Functional Programming Tools linux/s390xNew
R-qcc-2.7-10.fc38 SQC package for R linux/noarchNew
R-qpdf-1.3.0-2.fc38 Split, Combine and Compress PDF Files linux/s390xNew
R-qtl-1.58-1.fc38 Tools for analyzing QTL experiments linux/s390xNew
R-quadprog-1.5.8-13.fc38 Functions to Solve Quadratic Programming Problems linux/s390xNew
R-quantities-0.2.0-2.fc38 Quantity Calculus for R Vectors linux/s390xNew
R-qvalue-2.24.0-6.fc38 Q-value estimation for false discovery rate control linux/noarchNew
R-rJava-1.0.6-2.fc38 Low-Level R to Java Interface linux/s390xNew
R-rJava-javadoc-1.0.6-2.fc38 Javadoc for R-rJava linux/noarchNew
R-ragg-1.2.4-2.fc38 Graphic Devices Based on AGG linux/s390xNew
R-randomForest- Breiman and Cutler's Random Forests for Classification and Regression linux/s390xNew
R-rappdirs-0.3.3-7.fc38 Application Directories: Determine Where to Save Data, Caches, and Logs linux/s390xNew
R-rcmdcheck-1.4.0-2.fc38 Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and Capture Results linux/noarchNew
R-readr-1.4.0-8.fc38 Read Rectangular Text Data linux/s390xNew
R-readxl-1.4.1-2.fc38 Read Excel Files linux/s390xNew
R-rematch-1.0.1-15.fc38 Match Regular Expressions with a Nicer 'API' linux/noarchNew
R-rematch2-2.1.2-11.fc38 Tidy Output from Regular Expression Matching linux/noarchNew
R-remotes-2.4.2-2.fc38 R Package Installation from Remote Repositories linux/noarchNew
R-repr-1.1.4-2.fc38 Serializable Representations linux/noarchNew
R-reprex-2.0.2-1.fc38 Prepare Reproducible Example Code via the Clipboard linux/noarch
R-repurrrsive-1.0.0-11.fc38 Examples of Recursive Lists and Nested or Split Data Frames linux/noarchNew
R-reshape-0.8.9-2.fc38 Flexibly Reshape Data linux/noarchNew
R-reshape2-1.4.4-11.fc38 Flexibly Reshape Data: A Reboot of the Reshape Package linux/s390xNew
R-restfulr-0.0.15-2.fc38 R Interface to RESTful Web Services linux/s390xNew
R-reticulate-1.20-6.fc38 R Interface to 'Python' linux/s390xNew
R-rex-1.2.1-2.fc38 Friendly Regular Expressions linux/noarchNew
R-rgdal-1.5.32-12.fc38 Bindings for the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library linux/s390xNew
R-rgeos-0.5.9-2.fc38 Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source ('GEOS') linux/s390xNew
R-rhub-1.1.2-2.fc38 Connect to 'R-hub' linux/noarchNew
R-rjson-0.2.21-2.fc38 JSON for R linux/s390xNew
R-rlang-1.0.6-2.fc38 Functions for Base Types and Core R and 'Tidyverse' Features linux/s390xNew
R-rle-0.9.2-8.fc38 Common Functions for Run-Length Encoded Vectors linux/s390xNew
R-rlecuyer-0.3.5-13.fc38 R interface to RNG with multiple streams linux/s390xNew
R-rmarkdown-2.16-4.fc38 Dynamic Documents for R linux/noarchNew
R-roxygen2-7.2.1-1.fc38 In-Line Documentation for R linux/s390x
R-rpm-macros-1.2.1-6.fc38 Macros to help produce R packages linux/noarchNew
R-rprintf-0.2.1-17.fc38 Adaptive Builder for Formatted Strings linux/noarchNew
R-rprojroot-2.0.3-2.fc38 Finding Files in Project Subdirectories linux/noarchNew
R-rsconnect-0.8.28-2.fc38 Deployment Interface for R Markdown Documents and Shiny Applications linux/noarchNew
R-rstudioapi-0.13-9.fc38 Safely Access the RStudio API linux/noarchNew
R-rsvg-2.3.1-2.fc38 Render SVG Images into PDF, PNG, PostScript, or Bitmap Arrays linux/s390xNew
R-rtracklayer-1.56.1-2.fc38 R interface to genome browsers and their annotation tracks linux/s390xNew
R-rversions-2.1.2-2.fc38 Query 'R' Versions, Including 'r-release' and 'r-oldrel' linux/noarchNew
R-rvest-1.0.3-2.fc38 Easily Harvest (Scrape) Web Pages linux/noarchNew
R-sandwich-3.0.2-2.fc38 Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators linux/noarchNew
R-sass-0.4.2-5.fc38 Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass) linux/s390xNew
R-scales-1.2.1-2.fc38 Scale Functions for Visualization linux/noarchNew
R-scatterplot3d-0.3.41-17.fc38 3D Scatter Plot linux/noarchNew
R-sciplot-1.2.0-10.fc38 Scientific Graphing Functions for Factorial Designs linux/noarchNew
R-selectr-0.4.2-11.fc38 Translate CSS Selectors to XPath Expressions linux/noarchNew
R-servr-0.24-2.fc38 Simple HTTP Server to Serve Static Files or Dynamic Documents linux/noarchNew
R-sessioninfo-1.2.2-2.fc38 R Session Information linux/noarchNew
R-sfsmisc-1.1.13-2.fc38 Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich linux/noarchNew
R-shiny-1.7.2-2.fc38 Web Application Framework for R linux/noarchNew
R-showtext-0.9.5-2.fc38 Using Fonts More Easily in R Graphs linux/s390xNew
R-showtextdb-3.0-9.fc38 Font Files for the 'showtext' Package linux/noarchNew
R-simmer-4.4.5-4.fc38 Discrete-Event Simulation for R linux/s390xNew
R-simmer-devel-4.4.5-4.fc38 Development Files for R-simmer linux/s390xNew
R-snow-0.4.4-11.fc38 Simple Network of Workstations linux/noarchNew
R-sodium-1.2.1-2.fc38 A Modern and Easy-to-Use Crypto Library linux/s390xNew
R-sourcetools-0.1.7-17.fc38 Tools for Reading, Tokenizing and Parsing R Code linux/s390xNew
R-sourcetools-devel-0.1.7-17.fc38 Development files for R-sourcetools linux/s390xNew
R-sp-1.5.0-2.fc38 Classes and Methods for Spatial Data linux/s390xNew
R-sp-devel-1.5.0-2.fc38 Development files for R-sp linux/s390xNew
R-spelling-2.2-8.fc38 Tools for Spell Checking in R linux/noarchNew
R-statnet.common-4.7.0-2.fc38 Common R Scripts and Utilities Used by the Statnet Project Software linux/s390xNew
R-stringdist-0.9.8-2.fc38 Approximate String Matching, Fuzzy Text Search, and String Distance Functions linux/s390xNew
R-stringdist-devel-0.9.8-2.fc38 Development files for R-stringdist linux/s390xNew
R-stringi-1.7.8-3.fc38 Character String Processing Facilities linux/s390xNew
R-stringi-devel-1.7.8-3.fc38 Development files for R-stringi linux/s390xNew
R-stringr-1.5.0-1.fc38 Simple, Consistent Wrappers for Common String Operations linux/noarchNew
R-styler-1.7.0-2.fc38 Non-Invasive Pretty Printing of R Code linux/noarchNew
R-svglite-2.1.1-1.fc38 An 'SVG' Graphics Device linux/s390xNew
R-sys-3.4-6.fc38 Powerful and Reliable Tools for Running System Commands in R linux/s390xNew
R-sysfonts-0.8.8-2.fc38 Loading Fonts into R linux/s390xNew
R-systemfit-1.1.26-2.fc38 Simultaneous Equation Estimation R Package linux/noarchNew
R-systemfonts-1.0.4-2.fc38 System Native Font Finding linux/s390xNew
R-systemfonts-devel-1.0.4-2.fc38 Development files for R-systemfonts linux/s390xNew
R-tesseract-5.1.0-4.fc38 Open Source OCR Engine linux/s390xNew
R-testit-0.13-7.fc38 A Simple Package for Testing R Packages linux/noarchNew
R-testthat-3.1.4-2.fc38 Unit Testing for R linux/s390xNew
R-textshaping-0.3.6-2.fc38 Bindings to the HarfBuzz and Fribidi Libraries for Text Shaping linux/s390xNew
R-textshaping-devel-0.3.6-2.fc38 Development files for R-textshaping linux/s390xNew
R-tibble-3.1.8-4.fc38 Simple Data Frames linux/s390xNew
R-tidyr-1.2.1-1.fc38 Tidy Messy Data linux/s390x
R-tidyselect-1.2.0-1.fc38 Select from a Set of Strings linux/noarchNew
R-tikzDevice- R Graphics Output in LaTeX Format linux/s390xNew
R-timeDate-4021.104-2.fc38 Rmetrics - chronological and calendar objects linux/noarchNew
R-timeSeries-4021.104-2.fc38 Financial Time Series Objects (Rmetrics) linux/noarchNew
R-tinytest-1.3.1-2.fc38 Lightweight and Feature Complete Unit Testing Framework linux/noarchNew
R-tinytex-0.42-2.fc38 Helper Functions to Install and Maintain TeX Live, and Compile LaTeX Documents linux/noarchNew
R-tkWidgets-1.74.0-2.fc38 Widgets to provide user interfaces from bioconductor linux/noarchNew
R-tkrplot-0.0.26-2.fc38 TK Rplot linux/s390xNew
R-tmvnsim-1.0.2-9.fc38 Truncated Multivariate Normal Simulation linux/s390xNew
R-tufte-0.12-2.fc38 Tufte's Styles for R Markdown Documents linux/noarchNew
R-tweenr-2.0.2-2.fc38 Interpolate Data for Smooth Animations linux/s390xNew
R-udunits2- Udunits-2 Bindings for R linux/s390xNew
R-unitizer-1.4.18-2.fc38 Interactive R Unit Tests linux/noarchNew
R-units-0.8.1-2.fc38 Measurement Units for R Vectors linux/s390xNew
R-unix-1.5.4-2.fc38 POSIX System Utilities linux/s390xNew
R-usethis-2.1.6-2.fc38 Automate Package and Project Setup linux/noarchNew
R-utf8-1.2.2-2.fc38 Unicode Text Processing linux/s390xNew
R-uuid-1.1.0-2.fc38 Tools for generating and handling of UUIDs linux/s390xNew
R-vcd-1.4.10-6.fc38 Visualizing categorical data linux/noarchNew
R-vctrs-0.5.1-2.fc38 Vector Helpers linux/s390xNew
R-vctrs-devel-0.5.1-2.fc38 Development files for R-vctrs linux/s390xNew
R-viridisLite-0.4.1-2.fc38 Colorblind-Friendly Color Maps (Lite Version) linux/noarchNew
R-waldo-0.4.0-2.fc38 Find Differences Between R Objects linux/noarchNew
R-waveslim-1.8.4-2.fc38 R module, Basic wavelet routines for 1,2 and 3-dimensional signal processing linux/s390xNew
R-wavethresh-4.7.0-2.fc38 R module, Software to perform wavelet statistics and transforms linux/s390xNew
R-webfakes-1.1.4-2.fc38 Fake Web Apps for HTTP Testing linux/s390xNew
R-webp-1.1.0-2.fc38 A New Format for Lossless and Lossy Image Compression linux/s390xNew
R-websocket-1.4.1-2.fc38 'WebSocket' Client Library linux/s390xNew
R-webutils-1.1-11.fc38 Utility Functions for Developing Web Applications linux/s390xNew
R-wesanderson-0.3.6-11.fc38 Wes Anderson Palette Generator linux/noarchNew
R-whisker-0.4-11.fc38 {{mustache}} for R, Logicless Templating linux/noarchNew
R-whoami-1.3.0-13.fc38 Username, Full Name, Email Address, 'GitHub' Username of the Current User linux/noarchNew
R-widgetTools-1.74.0-2.fc38 Bioconductor tools to support tcltk widgets linux/noarchNew
R-winch-0.0.9-2.fc38 Portable Native and Joint Stack Traces linux/s390xNew
R-withr-2.5.0-2.fc38 Run Code 'With' Temporarily Modified Global State linux/noarchNew
R-xfun-0.36-2.fc38 Miscellaneous Functions to Support Packages Maintained by 'Yihui Xie' linux/s390xNew
R-xml2-1.3.3-2.fc38 Parse XML linux/s390xNew
R-xml2-devel-1.3.3-2.fc38 Development files for R-xml2 linux/s390xNew
R-xmlparsedata-1.0.5-6.fc38 Parse Data of 'R' Code as an 'XML' Tree linux/noarchNew
R-xopen-1.0.0-13.fc38 Open System Files, 'URLs', Anything linux/noarchNew
R-xtable-1.8.4-13.fc38 Export Tables to LaTeX or HTML linux/noarchNew
R-yaml-2.3.5-2.fc38 Methods to Convert R Data to YAML and Back linux/s390xNew
R-zeallot-0.1.0-13.fc38 Multiple, Unpacking, and Destructuring Assignment linux/noarchNew
R-zip-2.2.1-2.fc38 Cross-Platform 'zip' Compression linux/s390xNew
R-zoo-1.8.10-2.fc38 Z's ordered observations for irregular time series linux/s390xNew
R-zoo-devel-1.8.10-2.fc38 Development files for R-zoo linux/s390xNew
R2spec-5.0.0-11.fc38 Python script to generate R spec file linux/noarchNew
RBTools-4.0-4.fc38 Tools for use with ReviewBoard linux/noarchNew
Random123-devel-1.14.0-5.fc38 Development files for Random123 linux/s390xNew
Random123-doc-1.14.0-5.fc38 Documentation for Random123 linux/s390xNew
RemoteBox-3.1-2.fc38 Open Source VirtualBox Client with Remote Management linux/noarchNew
Rex-1.13.4-6.fc38 The friendly automation framework on basis of Perl linux/noarchNew
Ri-li-2.0.1-36.fc38 Arcade game where you drive a toy wood engine linux/s390xNew
SAASound-3.2-32.fc38 Phillips SAA 1099 sound chip emulator library linux/s390xNew
SAASound-devel-3.2-32.fc38 Development files for SAASound linux/s390xNew
SDL2-2.26.2-1.fc38 Cross-platform multimedia library linux/s390xNew
SDL2-devel-2.26.2-1.fc38 Files needed to develop Simple DirectMedia Layer applications linux/s390xNew
SDL2-static-2.26.2-1.fc38 Static libraries for SDL2 linux/s390xNew
SDL2_Pango-2.1.4-3.fc38 Rendering of internationalized text for SDL2 (Simple DirectMedia Layer) linux/s390xNew
SDL2_Pango-devel-2.1.4-3.fc38 Development files for SDL2_pango linux/s390xNew
SDL2_gfx-1.0.4-9.fc38 SDL2 graphics drawing primitives and other support functions linux/s390xNew
SDL2_gfx-devel-1.0.4-9.fc38 Development files for SDL2_gfx linux/s390xNew
SDL2_gfx-docs-1.0.4-9.fc38 API Documentation for SDL2_gfx linux/noarchNew
SDL2_image-2.6.2-2.fc38 Image loading library for SDL linux/s390xNew
SDL2_image-devel-2.6.2-2.fc38 Development files for SDL2_image linux/s390xNew
SDL2_mixer-2.6.2-2.fc38 Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library linux/s390xNew
SDL2_mixer-devel-2.6.2-2.fc38 Development files for SDL2_mixer linux/s390xNew
SDL2_net-2.2.0-2.fc38 SDL portable network library linux/s390xNew
SDL2_net-devel-2.2.0-2.fc38 Libraries and includes to develop SDL networked applications linux/s390xNew
SDL2_sound-2.0.1-4.fc38 An abstract soundfile decoder library linux/s390xNew
SDL2_sound-devel-2.0.1-4.fc38 An abstract soundfile decoder library linux/s390xNew
SDL2_ttf-2.20.1-2.fc38 TrueType font rendering library for SDL2 linux/s390xNew
SDL2_ttf-devel-2.20.1-2.fc38 Development files for SDL2_ttf linux/s390xNew
SDL_Pango-0.1.2-38.fc38 Rendering of internationalized text for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) linux/s390xNew
SDL_Pango-devel-0.1.2-38.fc38 Development files for SDL_pango linux/s390xNew
SDL_gfx-2.0.26-8.fc38 SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions linux/s390xNew
SDL_gfx-devel-2.0.26-8.fc38 Development files for SDL_gfx linux/s390xNew
SDL_image-1.2.12-32.fc38 Image loading library for SDL linux/s390xNew
SDL_image-devel-1.2.12-32.fc38 Development files for SDL_image linux/s390xNew
SDL_mixer-1.2.12-27.fc38 Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library linux/s390xNew
SDL_mixer-devel-1.2.12-27.fc38 Development files for SDL_mixer linux/s390xNew
SDL_mng-0.2.8-6.fc38 Simple DirectMedia Layer - MNG Loading Library linux/s390xNew
SDL_mng-devel-0.2.8-6.fc38 Libraries and includes for SDL MNG development linux/s390xNew
SDL_net-1.2.8-23.fc38 SDL portable network library linux/s390xNew
SDL_net-devel-1.2.8-23.fc38 Development files for SDL_net linux/s390xNew
SDL_sound-1.0.3-33.fc38 Library handling decoding of several popular sound file formats linux/s390xNew
SDL_sound-devel-1.0.3-33.fc38 Library handling decoding of several popular sound file formats linux/s390xNew
SDL_ttf-2.0.11-24.fc38 Simple DirectMedia Layer TrueType Font library linux/s390xNew
SDL_ttf-devel-2.0.11-24.fc38 Development files for SDL_ttf linux/s390xNew
SFCGAL-1.4.1-1.fc38 C++ wrapper library around CGAL for PostGIS linux/s390xNew
SFCGAL-devel-1.4.1-1.fc38 The development files for SFCGAL linux/s390xNew
SFML-2.5.1-13.fc38 Simple and Fast Multimedia Library linux/s390xNew
SFML-devel-2.5.1-13.fc38 Development files for SFML linux/s390xNew
SIBsim4-0.20-25.fc38 Align expressed RNA sequences on a DNA template linux/s390xNew
SILLY-0.1.0-36.fc38 Simple and easy to use library for image loading linux/s390xNew
SILLY-devel-0.1.0-36.fc38 Development files for SILLY linux/s390xNew
SIMVoleon-2.1.0-2.fc38 Volume rendering library for Coin linux/s390xNew
SIMVoleon-devel-2.1.0-2.fc38 Development files for SIMVoleon linux/s390xNew
SLOF-20210217-6.git33a7322d.fc38 Slimline Open Firmware linux/noarchNew
SOIL-1.07-33.20080706.fc38 Simple OpenGL Image Library linux/s390xNew
SOIL-devel-1.07-33.20080706.fc38 Development files for SOIL linux/s390xNew
Saaghar-3.0.0-16.fc38 A Cross-Platform Persian Poetry Software linux/s390xNew
Saaghar-data-67.92.11-16.16.fc38 Database for Saaghar linux/noarchNew
ServiceReport-2.2.2-10.fc38 A tool to validate and repair First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) configuration linux/noarchNew
ShellCheck-0.9.0-1.fc38 Shell script analysis tool linux/s390x
SimGear-2020.3.17-2.fc38 Simulation library components linux/s390xNew
SimGear-devel-2020.3.17-2.fc38 Development libraries and headers for SimGear linux/s390xNew
Simple-Fuzzer-0.7.1-19.fc38 A simple fuzz test-case builder linux/s390xNew
Simple-Fuzzer-devel-0.7.1-19.fc38 Simple Fuzzer development files linux/s390xNew
Singular-4.3.1p1-2.fc38 Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations linux/s390xNew
Singular-devel-4.3.1p1-2.fc38 Singular development files linux/s390xNew
Singular-doc-4.3.1p1-2.fc38 Singular documentation files linux/s390xNew
Singular-emacs-4.3.1p1-2.fc38 Emacs interface to Singular linux/s390xNew
Singular-libpolys-4.3.1p1-2.fc38 C++ class library for polynomials in Singular linux/s390xNew
Singular-libpolys-devel-4.3.1p1-2.fc38 Development files for libpolys linux/s390xNew
Singular-libs-4.3.1p1-2.fc38 Singular library linux/s390xNew
SkyX-0.4-31.fc37 Photo-realistic sky simulator linux/s390x
SkyX-devel-0.4-31.fc37 Development files and libraries for SkyX linux/s390x
SoQt-1.6.0-12.fc38 High-level 3D visualization library linux/s390xNew
SoQt-devel-1.6.0-12.fc38 Development files for SoQt linux/s390xNew
SoapySDR-0.8.1-8.fc38 A Vendor Neutral and Platform Independent SDR Support Library linux/s390xNew
SoapySDR-devel-0.8.1-8.fc38 Development Files for SoapySDR linux/s390xNew
SoapySDR-doc-0.8.1-8.fc38 Development Files for SoapySDR linux/noarchNew
SolarModel-2.1-35.fc38 Real-time 3D Solar System simulation linux/s390xNew
SuperLU-5.3.0-4.fc38 Subroutines to solve sparse linear systems linux/s390xNew
SuperLU-devel-5.3.0-4.fc38 Header files and libraries for SuperLU development linux/s390xNew
SuperLU-doc-5.3.0-4.fc38 Documentation and Examples for SuperLU linux/noarchNew
SuperLUMT-3.1.0-35.fc38 Single precision real SuperLU routines for shared memory parallel machines linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT-common-3.1.0-35.fc38 Documentation files for SuperLUMT linux/noarchNew
SuperLUMT-complex-3.1.0-35.fc38 Single precision complex SuperLU routines for shared memory parallel machines linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT-complex16-3.1.0-35.fc38 Double precision complex SuperLU routines for shared memory parallel machines linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT-devel-3.1.0-35.fc38 The SuperLUMT headers and development-related files linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT-double-3.1.0-35.fc38 Double precision real SuperLU routines for shared memory parallel machines linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT64-3.1.0-35.fc38 Single precision real SuperLU routines (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT64-complex-3.1.0-35.fc38 Single precision complex SuperLU routines (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT64-complex16-3.1.0-35.fc38 Double precision complex SuperLU routines (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT64-devel-3.1.0-35.fc38 The MUMPS headers and development-related files (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
SuperLUMT64-double-3.1.0-35.fc38 Double precision real SuperLU routines (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
TOPCOM-0.17.10-3.fc38 Triangulations Of Point Configurations and Oriented Matroids linux/s390xNew
TOPCOM-devel-0.17.10-3.fc38 Header files needed to build with TOPCOM linux/s390xNew
TOPCOM-examples-0.17.10-3.fc38 Example inputs and outputs for TOPCOM linux/noarchNew
TOPCOM-libs-0.17.10-3.fc38 Core TOPCOM functionality in a library linux/s390xNew
TeXmacs-2.1.2-3.fc38 Structured WYSIWYG scientific text editor linux/s390xNew
TeXmacs-devel-2.1.2-3.fc38 Development files for TeXmacs linux/s390xNew
Thunar-4.18.3-1.fc38 Thunar File Manager linux/s390xNew
Thunar-devel-4.18.3-1.fc38 Development tools for Thunar file manager linux/s390xNew
Thunar-docs-4.18.3-1.fc38 GTK docs for Thunar file manager linux/s390xNew
VirtualGL-2.6.5-5.fc38 A toolkit for displaying OpenGL applications to thin clients linux/s390xNew
VirtualGL-devel-2.6.5-5.fc38 Development headers and libraries for VirtualGL linux/s390xNew
WALinuxAgent- The Microsoft Azure Linux Agent linux/noarchNew
WALinuxAgent-udev- Udev rules for Microsoft Azure linux/noarchNew
WINGs-devel-0.95.9-11.fc38 Development files for the WINGs library linux/s390xNew
WINGs-libs-0.95.9-11.fc38 Widgets and image libraries needed for WindowMaker linux/s390xNew
We10X-icon-theme-0-26.20220917git3ffc38fe.fc38 Colorful icon theme inspired by Microsoft Windows 10 aesthetic linux/noarchNew
WindowMaker-0.95.9-11.fc38 A fast, feature rich Window Manager linux/s390xNew
WindowMaker-devel-0.95.9-11.fc38 Development files for WindowMaker linux/s390xNew
WindowMaker-extra-0.1-20.fc38 Extra icons and themes for WindowMaker linux/noarchNew
XStatic-Angular-common- Common files for XStatic-Angular (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarchNew
XStatic-Magic-Search-common- Xstatic-Magic-Search common files linux/noarchNew
Xaw3d-1.6.4-2.fc38 A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X linux/s390xNew
Xaw3d-devel-1.6.4-2.fc38 Header files and libraries for development using Xaw3d linux/s390xNew
Zim-0.75.1-2.fc38 Desktop wiki & notekeeper linux/noarchNew
ZipArchive-4.1.2-22.fc38 Library for accessing zip files linux/s390xNew
ZipArchive-devel-4.1.2-22.fc38 Development files for ZipArchive linux/s390xNew
a2jmidid-9-9.fc38 Daemon for exposing ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system linux/s390xNew
a2ps-4.14-51.fc37 Converts text and other types of files to PostScript linux/s390x
a52dec-0.7.4-45.fc38 Small test program for liba52 linux/s390xNew
aajohan-comfortaa-fonts-3.101-6.fc38 Modern style true type font linux/noarchNew
aalib-1.4.0-0.45.rc5.fc38 ASCII art library linux/s390xNew
aalib-devel-1.4.0-0.45.rc5.fc38 Development files for aalib linux/s390xNew
aalib-libs-1.4.0-0.45.rc5.fc38 Library files for aalib linux/s390xNew
aardvark-dns-1.4.0-2.fc38 Authoritative DNS server for A/AAAA container records linux/s390xNew
abattis-cantarell-fonts-0.301-9.fc38 Humanist sans serif font linux/noarchNew
abattis-cantarell-vf-fonts-0.301-9.fc38 Humanist sans serif font (variable) linux/noarchNew
abbayedesmorts-gpl-2.0.1-19.20210509git.fc38 Platform game set in 13th century linux/s390xNew
abc-1.01-37.git20221229.fc38 Sequential logic synthesis and formal verification linux/s390xNew
abc-devel-1.01-37.git20221229.fc38 Headers and libraries for developing with ABC linux/s390xNew
abc-libs-1.01-37.git20221229.fc38 Library for sequential synthesis and verification linux/s390xNew
abcde-2.9.3-11.fc38 A Better CD Encoder linux/noarchNew
abcm2ps-8.14.13-3.fc38 A program to typeset ABC tunes into Postscript linux/s390xNew
abcm2ps-doc-8.14.13-3.fc38 Example ABC files with output linux/noarchNew
abduco-0.6-16.fc38 Session management in a clean and simple way linux/s390xNew
abe-1.1-46.fc38 Scrolling, platform-jumping, ancient pyramid exploring game linux/s390xNew
abi-compliance-checker-2.3-12.fc38 An ABI Compliance Checker linux/noarchNew
abi-dumper-1.2-8.fc38 Tool to dump ABI of an ELF object containing DWARF debug info linux/noarchNew
abi-tracker-1.11-17.fc38 Tool to visualize ABI changes timeline of a C/C++ library linux/noarchNew
abiword-3.0.5-5.fc38 Word processing program linux/s390xNew
abook-0.6.1-22.fc38 Text-based addressbook program for mutt linux/s390xNew
abootimg-0.6-26.20110830gitff8e759.fc38 Tool for manipulating Android boot images linux/s390xNew
abrt-2.16.0-2.fc38 Automatic bug detection and reporting tool linux/s390xNew
abrt-addon-ccpp-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's C/C++ addon linux/s390xNew
abrt-addon-kerneloops-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's kerneloops addon linux/s390xNew
abrt-addon-pstoreoops-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's pstore oops addon linux/s390xNew
abrt-addon-upload-watch-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's upload addon linux/s390xNew
abrt-addon-vmcore-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's vmcore addon linux/s390xNew
abrt-addon-xorg-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's Xorg addon linux/s390xNew
abrt-atomic-2.16.0-2.fc38 Package to make easy default installation on Atomic hosts. linux/s390xNew
abrt-cli-2.16.0-2.fc38 Virtual package to make easy default installation on non-graphical environments linux/s390xNew
abrt-console-notification-2.16.0-2.fc38 ABRT console notification script linux/s390xNew
abrt-dbus-2.16.0-2.fc38 ABRT DBus service linux/s390xNew
abrt-desktop-2.16.0-2.fc38 Virtual package to make easy default installation on desktop environments linux/s390xNew
abrt-devel-2.16.0-2.fc38 Development libraries for abrt linux/s390xNew
abrt-gui-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's gui linux/s390xNew
abrt-gui-devel-2.16.0-2.fc38 Development libraries for abrt-gui linux/s390xNew
abrt-gui-libs-2.16.0-2.fc38 Libraries for abrt-gui linux/s390xNew
abrt-libs-2.16.0-2.fc38 Libraries for abrt linux/s390xNew
abrt-plugin-bodhi-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's bodhi plugin linux/s390xNew
abrt-plugin-machine-id-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's plugin to generate machine_id based off dmidecode linux/s390xNew
abrt-server-info-page-1.8-11.fc38 Web page with summary of ABRT services linux/noarchNew
abrt-tui-2.16.0-2.fc38 abrt's command line interface linux/noarchNew
abseil-cpp-20220623.1-4.fc38 C++ Common Libraries linux/s390xNew
abseil-cpp-devel-20220623.1-4.fc38 Development files for abseil-cpp linux/s390xNew
academic-admin-0.5.1-11.fc38 Admin tool for the Academic website builder linux/noarchNew
acars-examples-1.3.1-10.fc38 Example applications for libacars linux/s390xNew
accerciser-3.40.0-2.fc38 Interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop linux/noarchNew
accounts-qml-module-0.7-9.fc38 QML bindings for libaccounts-qt + libsignon-qt linux/s390xNew
accounts-qml-module-doc-0.7-9.fc38 Documentation for accounts-qml-module linux/noarchNew
accountsservice-22.08.8-3.fc38 D-Bus interfaces for querying and manipulating user account information linux/s390xNew
accountsservice-devel-22.08.8-3.fc38 Development files for accountsservice-libs linux/s390xNew
accountsservice-libs-22.08.8-3.fc38 Client-side library to talk to accountsservice linux/s390xNew
aces_container-1.0.2-13.fc38 ACES Container Reference linux/s390xNew
aces_container-devel-1.0.2-13.fc38 Development files for aces_container linux/s390xNew
ack-3.6.0-3.fc38 Grep-like text finder linux/noarchNew
acl-2.3.1-4.fc37 Access control list utilities linux/s390x
acme-tiny-5.0.1-4.fc38 Tiny auditable script to issue, renew Let's Encrypt certificates linux/noarchNew
acme-tiny-core-5.0.1-4.fc38 Core python module of acme-tiny linux/noarchNew
acpi-1.7-20.fc38 Command-line ACPI client linux/s390xNew
acpica-tools-20220331-5.fc38 ACPICA tools for the development and debug of ACPI tables linux/s390xNew
acpitool-0.5.1-30.fc38 Command line ACPI client linux/s390xNew
act-1.6.0-9.fc38 Automatic Component Toolkit linux/s390xNew
actdiag-3.0.0-5.fc38 Generate activity-diagram images from text linux/noarchNew
adanaxisgpl-1.2.5-44.fc38 Action game in four spatial dimensions linux/s390xNew
adb-enhanced-2.5.14-4.fc38 Tool for Android testing and development linux/noarchNew
adcli-0.9.2-2.fc38 Active Directory enrollment linux/s390xNew
adcli-doc-0.9.2-2.fc38 adcli documentation linux/noarchNew
addrwatch-1.0.2-6.fc38 Monitoring IPv4/IPv6 and Ethernet address pairings linux/s390xNew
adf-accanthis-2-fonts-1.8-29.fc38 ADF Accanthis Nᵒ2, a modernized garaldic serif, “Horley old style” alternative linux/noarchNew
adf-accanthis-3-fonts-1.8-29.fc38 ADF Accanthis Nᵒ3, a modernized garaldic serif font family linux/noarchNew
adf-accanthis-fonts-1.8-29.fc38 ADF Accanthis, a modernized garaldic serif font family, “Galliard” alternative linux/noarchNew
adf-accanthis-fonts-all-1.8-29.fc38 All the font packages, generated from adf-accanthis-fonts linux/noarchNew
adf-accanthis-fonts-doc-1.8-29.fc38 Optional documentation files of adf-accanthis-fonts linux/noarchNew
adf-gillius-2-fonts-1.009-6.fc38 ADF Gillius No2 sans-serif typeface family. a GillSans alternative linux/noarchNew
adf-gillius-fonts-1.009-6.fc38 ADF Gillius sans-serif typeface family, a GillSans alternative linux/noarchNew
adf-gillius-fonts-all-1.009-6.fc38 All the font packages, generated from adf-gillius-fonts linux/noarchNew
adf-gillius-fonts-doc-1.009-6.fc38 Optional documentation files of adf-gillius-fonts linux/noarchNew
adf-tribun-fonts-1.17-13.fc38 ADF Tribun, a newsprint-like serif font family linux/noarchNew
adf-tribun-fonts-doc-1.17-13.fc38 Optional documentation files of adf-tribun-fonts linux/noarchNew
adime-2.2.1-36.fc38 Allegro Dialogs Made Easy linux/s390xNew
adime-devel-2.2.1-36.fc38 Development libraries and headers for adime linux/s390xNew
adjtimex-1.29-27.fc38 A utility for adjusting kernel time variables linux/s390xNew
admesh-0.98.5-2.fc38 Diagnose and/or repair problems with STereo Lithography files linux/s390xNew
admesh-devel-0.98.5-2.fc38 Development files for the admesh library linux/s390xNew
admesh-libs-0.98.5-2.fc38 Runtime library for the admesh application linux/s390xNew
admeshgui-1.0.1-19.fc38 STL viewer and manipulation tool linux/s390xNew
adns-1.6.0-8.fc38 Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library linux/s390xNew
adns-devel-1.6.0-8.fc38 Asynchronous-capable DNS client library - development files linux/s390xNew
adns-progs-1.6.0-8.fc38 Asynchronous-capable DNS client library - utility programs linux/s390xNew
adobe-afdko-3.6.1-5.fc38 Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType linux/s390xNew
adobe-mappings-cmap-20230118-1.fc38 CMap resources for Adobe's character collections linux/noarchNew
adobe-mappings-cmap-deprecated-20230118-1.fc38 Deprecated CMap resources for Adobe's character collections linux/noarchNew
adobe-mappings-cmap-devel-20230118-1.fc38 RPM macros for Adobe's CMap resources for character collections linux/noarchNew
adobe-mappings-pdf-20190401-3.fc38 PDF mapping resources from Adobe linux/noarchNew
adobe-mappings-pdf-devel-20190401-3.fc38 RPM macros for Adobe's PDF mapping resources linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-code-pro-fonts- A set of mono-spaced OpenType fonts designed for coding environments linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-code-jp-fonts-2.011-12.fc38 Adobe OpenType UI font for mixed Latin and Japanese text linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-mono-fonts-1.002-13.fc38 Adobe OpenType monospaced font for mixed Latin and CJK text linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts-2.004-4.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Simplified Chinese linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-sans-jp-fonts-2.002-8.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Japanese linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-sans-kr-fonts-2.002-8.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Korean linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-sans-tw-fonts-2.004-4.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Traditional Chinese linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-serif-cn-fonts-2.001-3.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Simplified Chinese linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-serif-jp-fonts-1.001-15.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Japanese linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-serif-kr-fonts-1.001-15.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Korean linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-han-serif-tw-fonts-2.001-3.fc38 Adobe OpenType Pan-CJK font family for Traditional Chinese linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-sans-pro-fonts-3.046-5.fc38 A set of OpenType fonts designed for user interfaces linux/noarchNew
adobe-source-serif-pro-fonts-4.005-1.fc38 Typeface for setting text in many sizes, weights, and languages linux/noarchNew
adplug-2.3.3-6.fc38 Software library for AdLib (OPL2/3) emulation linux/s390xNew
adplug-devel-2.3.3-6.fc38 Development files for AdPlug linux/s390xNew
advancecomp-2.5-1.fc38 Recompression utilities for .png, .mng, .zip and .gz files linux/s390xNew
adwaita-blue-gtk-theme- Adwaita GTK theme variant with blue titlebars and headerbars linux/noarchNew
adwaita-cursor-theme-43-2.fc38 Adwaita cursor theme linux/noarchNew
adwaita-gtk2-theme-3.28-16.fc38 Adwaita gtk2 theme linux/s390xNew
adwaita-icon-theme-43-2.fc38 Adwaita icon theme linux/noarchNew
adwaita-icon-theme-devel-43-2.fc38 Development files for adwaita-icon-theme linux/noarchNew
adwaita-qt5-1.4.2-2.fc38 Adwaita Qt5 theme linux/s390xNew
adwaita-qt6-1.4.2-2.fc38 Adwaita Qt6 theme linux/s390xNew
aerc-0.14.0-5.fc38 Email client for your terminal linux/s390xNew
aeskeyfind-1.0-14.fc38 Locate 128-bit and 256-bit AES keys in a captured memory image linux/s390xNew
afetch-2.2.0-3.fc38 Simple system info written in C linux/s390xNew
afflib-3.7.19-9.fc38 Library to support the Advanced Forensic Format linux/s390xNew
afflib-devel-3.7.19-9.fc38 Development files for afflib linux/s390xNew
afftools-3.7.19-9.fc38 Utilities for afflib linux/s390xNew
afpfs-ng-0.8.1-42.fc38 Apple Filing Protocol client linux/s390xNew
afpfs-ng-devel-0.8.1-42.fc38 Development files for afpfs-ng linux/s390xNew
afterburn-5.3.0-4.fc38 Simple cloud provider agent linux/s390xNew
afterburn-dracut-5.3.0-4.fc38 Dracut modules for afterburn linux/s390xNew
aftertheflood-sparks-bar-fonts-2.0-11.fc38 After the Flood Sparks Bar fonts linux/noarchNew
aftertheflood-sparks-dot-fonts-2.0-11.fc38 After the Flood Sparks Dot fonts linux/noarchNew
aftertheflood-sparks-dot-line-fonts-2.0-11.fc38 After the Flood Sparks Dot-line fonts linux/noarchNew
aftertheflood-sparks-fonts-common-2.0-11.fc38 Common files for After the Flood Sparks linux/noarchNew
afuse-0.4.1-21.fc38 An automounter implemented with FUSE linux/s390xNew
age-1.1.0~rc.1-2.fc38 Simple, modern and secure encryption tool linux/s390xNew
agedu-0-27.20200705.2a7d4a2.fc38 An utility for tracking down wasted disk space linux/s390xNew
agenda-1.1.2-11.fc38 A simple, slick, speedy and no-nonsense task manager linux/s390xNew
aggregate-1.6-26.fc38 IPv4 CIDR prefix aggregator linux/s390xNew
aggregate-ios-1.6-26.fc38 Cisco/IOS IPv4 prefix lists aggregator linux/noarchNew
agistudio-1.3.0-27.fc38 AGI integrated development environment linux/s390xNew
agrep-0.8.0-39.20140228gitc2f5d13.fc38 Approximate grep utility linux/s390xNew
ags- Engine for creating and running videogames of adventure (quest) genre linux/s390xNew
aha-0.5.1-7.fc38 Convert terminal output to HTML linux/s390xNew
ahcpd-0.53-28.fc38 Ad-hoc network configuration daemon linux/s390xNew
ahven-2.8-6.fc38 A unit testing framework for Ada 95 linux/s390xNew
ahven-devel-2.8-6.fc38 Development files for Ahven linux/s390xNew
aide-0.16-22.fc38 Intrusion detection environment linux/s390xNew
aiksaurus-1.2.1-51.fc38 An English-language thesaurus library linux/s390xNew
aiksaurus-devel-1.2.1-51.fc38 Files for developing with aiksaurus linux/s390xNew
aiksaurus-gtk-1.2.1-51.fc38 A GTK+ interface for aiksaurus linux/s390xNew
aiksaurus-gtk-devel-1.2.1-51.fc38 Files for developing with aiksaurus-gtk linux/s390xNew
aiksaurus-thesaurus-1.2.1-51.fc38 A GTK+ frontend to aiksaurus linux/s390xNew
aime-8.20221204-2.fc38 An application embeddable programming language interpreter linux/s390xNew
aime-devel-8.20221204-2.fc38 Development files for aime linux/s390xNew
aiodnsbrute-0.3.3-4.fc38 DNS asynchronous brute force utility linux/noarchNew
aircrack-ng-1.7-4.fc38 Tools for auditing 802.11 (wireless) networks linux/s390xNew
aircrack-ng-devel-1.7-4.fc38 Development files for aircrack-ng linux/s390xNew
aircrack-ng-doc-1.7-4.fc38 Documentation for aircrack-ng linux/noarchNew
airinv-1.00.7-3.fc38 C++ Simulated Airline Inventory Management System library linux/s390xNew
airinv-devel-1.00.7-3.fc38 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for airinv linux/s390xNew
airinv-doc-1.00.7-3.fc38 HTML documentation for the airinv library linux/noarchNew
airnef-1.1-22.fc38 Wireless download from your Nikon/Canon Camera linux/noarchNew
airrac-1.00.6-3.fc38 C++ Simulated Revenue Accounting (RAC) System Library linux/s390xNew
airrac-devel-1.00.6-3.fc38 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for airrac linux/s390xNew
airrac-doc-1.00.6-3.fc38 HTML documentation for the airrac library linux/noarchNew
airspyone_host-1.0.10-3.fc38 AirSpy host tools and library linux/s390xNew
airspyone_host-devel-1.0.10-3.fc38 Development files for airspyone_host linux/s390xNew
airtsp-1.01.9-3.fc38 C++ Simulated Airline Travel Solution Provider Library linux/s390xNew
airtsp-devel-1.01.9-3.fc38 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for airtsp linux/s390xNew
airtsp-doc-1.01.9-3.fc38 HTML documentation for the airtsp library linux/noarchNew
airtv-0.9.0-22.20180824git096b61a.fc38 Qt GUI to start a RAOP server linux/s390xNew
aisleriot-3.22.21-3.fc38 A collection of card games linux/s390xNew
akmods-0.5.7-10.fc38 Automatic kmods build and install tool linux/noarchNew
akonadi-1.13.0-122.fc38 PIM Storage Service Libraries linux/s390xNew
akonadi-devel-1.13.0-122.fc38 Developer files for akonadi linux/s390xNew
alacarte-3.44.2-3.fc38 Menu editor for the GNOME desktop linux/noarchNew
alchemyquest-0.5.2-7.fc38 Reflection game linux/s390xNew
aldo-0.7.7-10.fc38 A morse tutor linux/s390xNew
alef-fonts-1.0-18.fc38 A free multi-lingual font designed for screens linux/noarchNew
alembic-1.8.4-2.fc38 Open framework for storing and sharing scene data linux/s390xNew
alembic-devel-1.8.4-2.fc38 Development files for alembic linux/s390xNew
alembic-libs-1.8.4-2.fc38 Core Alembic libraries linux/s390xNew
alerque-libertinus-fonts-7.040-2.fc38 The Libertinus Fonts project linux/noarchNew
alevt-1.6.2-38.fc35 Teletext decoder/browser linux/s390x
alex- Tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell linux/s390x
alex4-1.0-39.fc38 Alex the Allegator 4 - Platform game linux/s390xNew
alexandria-0.7.9-2.fc38.1 Book collection manager linux/noarchNew
alfont-2.0.9-24.fc38 Font rendering library for the Allegro game library linux/s390xNew
alfont-devel-2.0.9-24.fc38 Development files for alfont linux/s390xNew
alglib-3.20.0-2.fc38 A numerical analysis and data processing library linux/s390xNew
alglib-devel-3.20.0-2.fc38 Development files for alglib linux/s390xNew
alglib-doc-3.20.0-2.fc38 API documentation for alglib linux/noarchNew
algol68g-3.1.0-2.fc38 Algol 68 Genie compiler-interpreter linux/s390xNew
alien-8.95-21.fc38 Converter between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and Slackware tgz file formats linux/noarchNew
alienblaster-1.1.0-33.fc38 Action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game linux/s390xNew
alleggl- OpenGL support library for Allegro linux/s390xNew
alleggl-devel- Development files for alleggl linux/s390xNew
allegro- A game programming library linux/s390xNew
allegro-devel- A game programming library linux/s390xNew
allegro-jack-plugin- Allegro JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) plugin linux/s390xNew
allegro-loadpng- OGG/Vorbis library for the Allegro game library linux/s390xNew
allegro-loadpng-devel- Development files for loadpng linux/s390xNew
allegro-logg- OGG/Vorbis library for the Allegro game library linux/s390xNew
allegro-logg-devel- Development files for logg linux/s390xNew
allegro-tools- Extra tools for the Allegro programming library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-5.2.7-6.fc38 A game programming library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-acodec-5.2.7-6.fc38 Audio codec addon for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-acodec-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Header files for the Allegro 5 audio codec addon linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-audio-5.2.7-6.fc38 Audio addon for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-audio-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Header files for the Allegro 5 audio addon linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-dialog-5.2.7-6.fc38 Dialog addon for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-dialog-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Header files for the Allegro 5 dialog addon linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-image-5.2.7-6.fc38 Image addon for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-image-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Header files for the Allegro 5 image addon linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-physfs-5.2.7-6.fc38 Physfs addon for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-physfs-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Header files for the Allegro 5 physfs addon linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-ttf-5.2.7-6.fc38 TTF addon for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-ttf-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Header files for the Allegro 5 TTF addon linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-video-5.2.7-6.fc38 Video addon for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allegro5-addon-video-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Header files for the Allegro 5 video addon linux/s390xNew
allegro5-devel-5.2.7-6.fc38 Development files for the Allegro 5 library linux/s390xNew
allgeyer-fonts-common-5.002-27.fc38 Common files for MusiSync and MusiQwik fonts (documentation...) linux/noarchNew
allgeyer-musiqwik-fonts-5.002-27.fc38 A musical notation font family intended for writing lines of actual music linux/noarchNew
allgeyer-musisync-fonts-5.002-27.fc38 A musical notation font family that provides general musical decorations linux/noarchNew
alliance-5.1.1-28.20160506gitd8c05cd.fc38 VLSI EDA System linux/s390xNew
alliance-devel-5.1.1-28.20160506gitd8c05cd.fc38 Alliance VLSI CAD System - Development libraries linux/s390xNew
alliance-doc-5.1.1-28.20160506gitd8c05cd.fc38 Alliance VLSI CAD System - Documentations linux/noarchNew
alliance-libs-5.1.1-28.20160506gitd8c05cd.fc38 Alliance VLSI CAD System - Libraries linux/s390xNew
alligator-22.11-2.fc38 Kirigami-based RSS reader linux/s390xNew
almanah-0.12.3-6.fc38 Application for keeping an encrypted diary linux/s390xNew
alot-0.8.1-15.fc38 Experimental terminal MUA based on notmuch mail linux/noarchNew
alphabet-soup-1.1-34.fc38 Guide your worm through the soup to spell words linux/s390xNew
alpine-2.26-3.fc38 powerful, easy to use console email client linux/s390x
alsa-firmware-1.2.4-8.fc38 Firmware for several ALSA-supported sound cards linux/noarchNew
alsa-lib-1.2.8-3.fc38 The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library linux/s390xNew
alsa-lib-devel-1.2.8-3.fc38 Development files from the ALSA library linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-arcamav- Arcam AV amplifier plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-jack- Jack PCM output plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-maemo- Maemo plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-oss- Oss PCM output plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-pulseaudio- Alsa to PulseAudio backend linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-samplerate- External rate converter plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-speex- Rate Converter Plugin Using Speex Resampler linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-upmix- Upmixer channel expander plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-usbstream- USB stream plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-plugins-vdownmix- Downmixer to stereo plugin for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-sof-firmware-2.2.4-3.fc38 Firmware and topology files for Sound Open Firmware project linux/noarchNew
alsa-sof-firmware-debug-2.2.4-3.fc38 Debug files for Sound Open Firmware project linux/noarchNew
alsa-tools-1.2.5-6.fc38 Specialist tools for ALSA linux/s390xNew
alsa-tools-firmware-1.2.5-6.fc38 ALSA tools for uploading firmware to some soundcards linux/s390xNew
alsa-topology-1.2.8-3.fc38 ALSA Topology configuration linux/noarchNew
alsa-topology-utils-1.2.8-2.fc38 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Topology linux/s390xNew
alsa-ucm-1.2.8-3.fc38 ALSA Use Case Manager configuration linux/noarchNew
alsa-ucm-asahi-1-6.fc38 ALSA Use Case Manager configuration (and topologies) for Apple silicon devices linux/noarchNew
alsa-ucm-utils-1.2.8-2.fc38 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Use Case Manager linux/s390xNew
alsa-utils-1.2.8-2.fc38 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities linux/s390xNew
alsa-utils-alsabat-1.2.8-2.fc38 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Basic Audio Tester linux/s390xNew
alsamixergui-0.9.0-0.38.rc2.fc38 GUI mixer for ALSA sound devices linux/s390xNew
alt-ergo-2.3.3-5.fc38 Automated theorem prover including linear arithmetic linux/s390xNew
alt-ergo-gui-2.3.3-5.fc38 Graphical front end for Alt-Ergo linux/s390xNew
altermime-0.3.10-29.fc38 Alter MIME-encoded mailpacks linux/s390xNew
alternatives-1.21-2.fc38 A tool to maintain symbolic links determining default commands linux/s390xNew
alure-1.2-27.fc38 Audio Library Tools REloaded linux/s390xNew
alure-devel-1.2-27.fc38 Development files for alure linux/s390xNew
am-utils-6.2.0-52.fc38 Automount utilities including an updated version of Amd linux/s390xNew
amanda-3.5.2-2.fc38 A network-capable tape backup solution linux/s390xNew
amanda-client-3.5.2-2.fc38 The client component of the AMANDA tape backup system linux/s390xNew
amanda-libs-3.5.2-2.fc38 Amanda libraries linux/s390xNew
amanda-server-3.5.2-2.fc38 The server side of the AMANDA tape backup system linux/s390xNew
amanith-0.3-51.fc38 Crossplatform framework for 2d/3d vector graphics linux/s390xNew
amanith-devel-0.3-51.fc38 Development files for amanith linux/s390xNew
amarok-2.9.0-15.fc38 Media player linux/s390xNew
amarok-doc-2.9.0-15.fc38 Application handbook, documentation, translations linux/noarchNew
amarok-libs-2.9.0-15.fc38 Runtime libraries for amarok linux/s390xNew
amarok-utils-2.9.0-15.fc38 Amarok standalone utilities linux/s390xNew
amavis-2.13.0-2.fc38 Email filter with virus scanner and spamassassin support linux/noarchNew
amavis-doc-2.13.0-2.fc38 Amavis doc files linux/noarchNew
amavis-snmp-2.13.0-2.fc38 Exports amavis SNMP data linux/noarchNew
amavisd-milter-1.7.2-4.fc38 Sendmail milter for amavisd-new using the AM.PDP protocol linux/s390xNew
amd-gpu-firmware-20230117-146.fc38 Firmware for AMD GPUs linux/noarchNew
american-fuzzy-lop-4.05c-2.fc38 Practical, instrumentation-driven fuzzer for binary formats linux/s390xNew
american-fuzzy-lop-clang-4.05c-2.fc38 Clang and clang++ support for american-fuzzy-lop linux/s390xNew
amg4psblas-doc-1.1.0-4.fc38 Documentation files for amg4psblas linux/noarchNew
amg4psblas-mpich-1.1.0-4.fc38 MPICH amg4psblas linux/s390xNew
amg4psblas-mpich-devel-1.1.0-4.fc38 The amg4psblas headers and development-related files linux/s390xNew
amg4psblas-openmpi-1.1.0-4.fc38 OpenMPI amg4psblas linux/s390xNew
amg4psblas-openmpi-devel-1.1.0-4.fc38 The amg4psblas headers and development-related files linux/s390xNew
amg4psblas-serial-1.1.0-4.fc38 amg4psblas serial mode linux/s390xNew
amg4psblas-serial-devel-1.1.0-4.fc38 Development files for amg4psblas linux/s390xNew
amiri-fonts-0.117-2.fc38 A classical Arabic font in Naskh style linux/noarchNew
amiri-fonts-all-0.117-2.fc38 All the font packages, generated from amiri-fonts linux/noarchNew
amiri-quran-colored-fonts-0.117-2.fc38 None linux/noarchNew
amiri-quran-fonts-0.117-2.fc38 Quran type of Amiri fonts linux/noarchNew
aml-0.2.2-3.fc38 Another Main Loop linux/s390xNew
aml-devel-0.2.2-3.fc38 Development files for aml linux/s390xNew
amoebax-0.2.1-25.fc38 Action-Puzzle Game linux/s390xNew
ampache_browser-1.0.4-2.fc38 C++ and Qt based client library for Ampache access linux/s390xNew
ampache_browser-devel-1.0.4-2.fc38 Development files for ampache_browser linux/s390xNew
ampr-ripd-2.4.1-4.fc38 Routing daemon for the ampr network linux/s390xNew
amprd-3.0.1-3.fc38 An user-space IPIP encapsulation daemon for the ampr network linux/s390xNew
ampy-1.0.5-16.fc38 Command line tool to interact with a MicroPython board over a serial connection linux/noarchNew
ams-2.1.2-12.fc38 Alsa Modular Synth, a realtime modular synthesizer linux/s390xNew
amsynth-1.13.0-2.fc38 A classic synthesizer with dual oscillators linux/s390xNew
amsynth-data-1.13.0-2.fc38 Data files for amsynth linux/noarchNew
amtk-5.6.1-2.fc38 Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK+ applications linux/s390xNew
amtk-devel-5.6.1-2.fc38 Development files for amtk linux/s390xNew
amtterm-1.6-17.fc38 Serial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT linux/s390xNew
anaconda-38.18-1.fc38 Graphical system installer linux/s390xNew
anaconda-core-38.18-1.fc38 Core of the Anaconda installer linux/s390xNew
anaconda-dracut-38.18-1.fc38 The anaconda dracut module linux/s390xNew
anaconda-gui-38.18-1.fc38 Graphical user interface for the Anaconda installer linux/s390xNew
anaconda-install-env-deps-38.18-1.fc38 Installation environment specific dependencies linux/s390xNew
anaconda-install-img-deps-38.18-1.fc38 Installation image specific dependencies linux/s390xNew
anaconda-live-38.18-1.fc38 Live installation specific files and dependencies linux/s390xNew
anaconda-realmd-0.2-19.fc38 Anaconda addon which interacts with realmd to join domains linux/noarchNew
anaconda-tui-38.18-1.fc38 Textual user interface for the Anaconda installer linux/s390xNew
anaconda-user-help-26.2-4.fc38 Content for the Anaconda built-in help system linux/noarchNew
anaconda-webui-38.18-1.fc38 Cockpit based user interface for the Anaconda installer linux/s390xNew
anaconda-widgets-38.18-1.fc38 A set of custom GTK+ widgets for use with anaconda linux/s390xNew
anaconda-widgets-devel-38.18-1.fc38 Development files for anaconda-widgets linux/s390xNew
anagramarama-0.7-3.fc38 Anagram puzzle game linux/s390xNew
analitza-22.12.1-2.fc38 Library of mathematical features linux/s390xNew
analitza-devel-22.12.1-2.fc38 Developer files for analitza linux/s390xNew
anarch-CSFML-1.02d-7.20210616gitf6a6a68a.fc38 Suckless, anarcho-pacifist Doom clone that runs everywhere (CSFML version) linux/s390xNew
anarch-SDL2-1.02d-7.20210616gitf6a6a68a.fc38 Suckless, anarcho-pacifist Doom clone that runs everywhere (SDL2 version) linux/s390xNew
andriller-3.3.1-9.fc38 Android Forensic Tools linux/noarchNew
androguard-3.3.5-12.fc38 Reverse engineering, mal- or goodware analysis of Android applications linux/noarchNew
androguard-docs-3.3.5-12.fc38 Androguard documentation linux/noarchNew
android-file-transfer-4.2-5.fc37 Reliable Android MTP client with minimalist UI linux/s390x
androwarn-1.6.1-12.fc38 Static code analyzer for malicious Android applications linux/noarchNew
anet-0.4.1-14.fc38 Ada Networking Library linux/s390xNew
anet-devel-0.4.1-14.fc38 Development files for Anet linux/s390xNew
angband-4.2.4-5.fc38 Popular roguelike role playing game linux/s390xNew
angband-data-4.2.4-5.fc38 Angband data files linux/noarchNew
angband-doc-4.2.4-5.fc38 Angband doc files linux/s390xNew
angelscript-2.35.1-2.fc38 Flexible cross-platform scripting library linux/s390xNew
angelscript-devel-2.35.1-2.fc38 Development files for angelscript linux/s390xNew
anjuta-3.34.0-18.fc38 GNOME IDE for various programming languages (including C/C++, Python, Vala and JavaScript) linux/s390xNew
anjuta-devel-3.34.0-18.fc38 Development files for anjuta linux/s390xNew
anjuta-libs-3.34.0-18.fc38 Libraries for anjuta linux/s390xNew
anka-coder-condensed-fonts-1.100-0.17.20130409hg4348cf4ec395.fc38 Condensed version of anka-coder-fonts linux/noarchNew
anka-coder-fonts-common-1.100-0.17.20130409hg4348cf4ec395.fc38 Common files of anka-coder-fonts linux/noarchNew
anka-coder-narrow-fonts-1.100-0.17.20130409hg4348cf4ec395.fc38 Narrow version of anka-coder-fonts linux/noarchNew
anka-coder-norm-fonts-1.100-0.17.20130409hg4348cf4ec395.fc38 Normal version of anka-coder-fonts linux/noarchNew
ann-1.1.2-24.fc38 Library for searching Approximate Nearest Neighbors linux/s390xNew
ann-devel-1.1.2-24.fc38 Development files for the ANN library linux/s390xNew
ann-libs-1.1.2-24.fc38 Runtime files for the ANN library linux/s390xNew
annobin-annocheck-11.07-2.fc38 A tool for checking the security hardening status of binaries linux/s390xNew
annobin-docs-11.07-2.fc38 Documentation and shell scripts for use with annobin linux/noarchNew
annobin-libannocheck-11.07-2.fc38 A library for checking the security hardening status of binaries linux/s390xNew
annobin-plugin-clang-11.07-2.fc38 annobin clang plugin linux/s390xNew
annobin-plugin-gcc-11.07-2.fc38 annobin gcc plugin linux/s390xNew
annobin-plugin-llvm-11.07-2.fc38 annobin llvm plugin linux/s390xNew
anope-2.0.12-2.fc38 IRC services designed for flexibility and ease of use linux/s390xNew
anope-gnutls-2.0.12-2.fc38 GnuTLS module for Anope IRC services linux/s390xNew
anope-ldap-2.0.12-2.fc38 LDAP modules for Anope IRC services linux/s390xNew
anope-mysql-2.0.12-2.fc38 MariaDB/MySQL modules for Anope IRC services linux/s390xNew
anope-openssl-2.0.12-2.fc38 OpenSSL module for Anope IRC services linux/s390xNew
anope-pcre2-2.0.12-2.fc38 PCRE regular expression module Anope IRC services linux/s390xNew
anope-sqlite-2.0.12-2.fc38 SQLite module for Anope IRC services linux/s390xNew
anope-tre-2.0.12-2.fc38 TRE regular expression module Anope IRC services linux/s390xNew
ansible-7.1.0-2.fc38 Curated set of Ansible collections included in addition to ansible-core linux/noarchNew
ansible-bender-0.9.0-9.fc38 Build container images using Ansible playbooks linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-ansible-netcommon-4.1.0-2.fc38 Ansible Network Collection for Common Code linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-ansible-netcommon-doc-4.1.0-2.fc38 Ansible Network Collection for Common Code - Docs linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-ansible-posix-1.5.1-1.fc38 Ansible Collection targeting POSIX and POSIX-ish platforms linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-ansible-utils-2.6.1-3.fc38 Ansible Network Collection for Common Code linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-chocolatey-chocolatey-1.4.0-2.fc38 Ansible collection for Chocolatey linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-community-docker-3.4.0-1.fc38 Ansible modules and plugins for working with Docker linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-community-general-6.2.0-2.fc38 Modules and plugins supported by Ansible community linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-community-kubernetes-2.0.1-5.fc38 Kubernetes Collection for Ansible linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-community-libvirt-1.2.0-2.fc38 Manages virtual machines supported by libvirt linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-community-mysql-3.5.1-2.fc38 MySQL collection for Ansible linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-community-rabbitmq-1.2.3-2.fc38 RabbitMQ collection for Ansible linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-containers-podman-1.10.1-2.fc38 Podman Ansible collection for Podman containers linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-kubernetes-core-2.3.2-3.fc38 Ansible content for working with Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-microsoft-sql-1.2.4-5.fc38 The Ansible collection for Microsoft SQL Server management linux/noarchNew
ansible-collection-netbox-netbox-3.9.0-2.fc38 Netbox modules for Ansible linux/noarchNew
ansible-collections-openstack-2.0.0-0.2.ed36d82git.fc38 Openstack Ansible collections linux/noarchNew
ansible-core-2.14.1-2.fc38 A radically simple IT automation system linux/noarchNew
ansible-core-doc-2.14.1-2.fc38 Documentation for Ansible Core linux/noarchNew
ansible-freeipa-1.9.0-2.fc38 Roles and playbooks to deploy FreeIPA servers, replicas and clients linux/noarchNew
ansible-freeipa-tests-1.9.0-2.fc38 ansible-freeipa tests linux/noarchNew
ansible-openstack-modules-0-20140917git79d751a.fc38 Unofficial Ansible modules for managing Openstack linux/noarchNew
ansible-packaging-1-9.1.fc38 RPM packaging macros and generators for Ansible collections linux/noarchNew
ansible-packaging-tests-1-9.1.fc38 Dependencies for Ansible collection package unit tests linux/noarchNew
ansible-pcp-2.2.8-2.fc38 Ansible Metric collection for Performance Co-Pilot linux/noarchNew
ansible-role-network-runner-0.3.6-8.fc38 Role for Python Network Runner Library linux/noarchNew
ansible-srpm-macros-1-9.1.fc38 SRPM stage RPM packaging macros for Ansible collections linux/noarchNew
ansifilter-2.18-5.fc38 ANSI terminal escape code converter linux/s390xNew
ansifilter-gui-2.18-5.fc38 GUI for ansifilter based on Qt5 linux/s390xNew
ant-1.10.12-9.fc38 Java build tool linux/noarchNew
ant-antlr-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional antlr tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-antunit-1.4.1-6.fc38 Unit Test Framework for Ant Tasks linux/noarchNew
ant-antunit-javadoc-1.4.1-6.fc38 API documentation for ant-antunit linux/noarchNew
ant-apache-bcel-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional apache bcel tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-apache-bsf-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional apache bsf tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-apache-oro-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional apache oro tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-apache-regexp-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional apache regexp tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-apache-resolver-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional apache resolver tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-apache-xalan2-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional apache xalan2 tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-commons-logging-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional commons logging tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-commons-net-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional commons net tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-imageio-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional imageio tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-javadoc-1.10.12-9.fc38 Javadoc for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-javamail-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional javamail tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-jdepend-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional jdepend tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-jmf-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional jmf tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-jsch-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional jsch tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-junit-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional junit tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-junit5-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional junit5 tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-lib-1.10.12-9.fc38 Core part of ant linux/noarchNew
ant-manual-1.10.12-9.fc38 Manual for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-swing-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional swing tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-testutil-1.10.12-9.fc38 Test utility classes for ant linux/noarchNew
ant-xz-1.10.12-9.fc38 Optional xz tasks for ant linux/noarchNew
anthy-9100h-50.fc38 Japanese character set input library linux/s390xNew
anthy-devel-9100h-50.fc38 Header files and library for developing programs which uses Anthy linux/s390xNew
anthy-unicode- Japanese character set input library for Unicode linux/s390xNew
anthy-unicode-devel- Header files and library for developing programs which uses Anthy Unicode linux/s390xNew
antic-0.2.5-3.fc38 Algebraic Number Theory In C linux/s390xNew
antic-devel-0.2.5-3.fc38 Development files for antic linux/s390xNew
antimicrox-3.3.2-2.fc38 Graphical program used to map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad linux/s390xNew
antiword-0.37-35.fc38 MS Word to ASCII/Postscript converter linux/s390xNew
antlr-C++-2.7.7-72.fc38 C++ bindings for antlr2 generated parsers linux/s390xNew
antlr-javadoc-2.7.7-72.fc38 Javadoc for antlr linux/noarchNew
antlr-manual-2.7.7-72.fc38 Manual for antlr linux/noarchNew
antlr-maven-plugin-2.2-35.fc38 Maven plugin that generates files based on grammar file(s) linux/noarchNew
antlr-maven-plugin-javadoc-2.2-35.fc38 Javadocs for antlr-maven-plugin linux/noarchNew
antlr-tool-2.7.7-72.fc38 ANother Tool for Language Recognition linux/noarchNew
antlr3-C-3.4- C run-time support for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/s390xNew
antlr3-C++-devel-3.5.3-4.fc38 C++ runtime support for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/s390xNew
antlr3-C-devel-3.4- Header files for the C bindings for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/s390xNew
antlr3-C-docs-3.4- API documentation for the C run-time support for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/noarchNew
antlr3-java-3.5.3-4.fc38 Java run-time support for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/noarchNew
antlr3-javadoc-3.5.3-4.fc38 API documentation for antlr3 linux/noarchNew
antlr3-javascript-3.1- Javascript run-time support for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/noarchNew
antlr3-tool-3.5.3-4.fc38 ANother Tool for Language Recognition linux/noarchNew
antlr32-java-3.2-35.fc38 Java run-time support for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/noarchNew
antlr32-javadoc-3.2-35.fc38 API documentation for ANTLR linux/noarchNew
antlr32-maven-plugin-3.2-35.fc38 Maven plug-in for creating ANTLR-generated parsers linux/noarchNew
antlr32-tool-3.2-35.fc38 Command line tool for creating ANTLR-generated parsers linux/noarchNew
antlr4-4.10.1-7.fc38 Parser generator (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) linux/noarchNew
antlr4-cpp-runtime-4.10.1-7.fc38 ANTLR runtime for C++ linux/s390xNew
antlr4-cpp-runtime-devel-4.10.1-7.fc38 Header files for programs that use C++ ANTLR parsers linux/s390xNew
antlr4-doc-4.10.1-7.fc38 ANTLR4 documentation linux/noarchNew
antlr4-maven-plugin-4.10.1-7.fc38 ANTLR plugin for Apache Maven linux/noarchNew
antlr4-runtime-4.10.1-7.fc38 ANTLR runtime linux/noarchNew
antlrworks-1.5.2-25.fc38 Grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars linux/noarchNew
ants-1.4-35.fc38 Guide the insects safely home before they drop of the cliff linux/s390xNew
ants-level-editor-1.4-35.fc38 Ants level editor linux/s390xNew
anyremote-6.7.3-9.fc38 Remote control through Wi-Fi or bluetooth connection linux/s390xNew
anyterm-1.2.3-14.fc38 A web-based terminal emulator linux/s390xNew
anyterm-httpd-1.2.3-14.fc38 Httpd proxy configuration for anyterm linux/s390xNew
aoetools-36-26.fc38 ATA over Ethernet Tools linux/s390xNew
aom-3.5.0-3.fc38 Royalty-free next-generation video format linux/s390xNew
aopalliance-1.0-32.fc38 Java/J2EE AOP standards linux/noarchNew
aopalliance-javadoc-1.0-32.fc38 API documentation for aopalliance linux/noarchNew
apa-new-athena-unicode-fonts-3.4-25.fc38 New Athena Unicode is a libre/open multilingual font linux/noarchNew
apache-cloudstack-cloudmonkey-6.2.0-6.fc38 Apache Cloudstack Cloudmonkey linux/s390xNew
apache-commons-beanutils-1.9.4-12.fc38 Java utility methods for accessing and modifying the properties of arbitrary JavaBeans linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-beanutils-javadoc-1.9.4-12.fc38 Javadoc for apache-commons-beanutils linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-cli-1.5.0-5.fc38 Command Line Interface Library for Java linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-cli-javadoc-1.5.0-5.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-cli linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-codec-1.15-8.fc38 Implementations of common encoders and decoders linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-codec-javadoc-1.15-8.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-codec linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-collections-3.2.2-29.fc38 Provides new interfaces, implementations and utilities for Java Collections linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-collections-javadoc-3.2.2-29.fc38 Javadoc for apache-commons-collections linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-collections-testframework-3.2.2-29.fc38 Testframework for apache-commons-collections linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-collections4-4.4-11.fc38 Extension of the Java Collections Framework linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-collections4-javadoc-4.4-11.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-collections4 linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-compress-1.21-5.fc38 Java API for working with compressed files and archivers linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-compress-javadoc-1.21-5.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-compress linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-digester-2.1-25.fc38 XML to Java object mapping module linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-digester-javadoc-2.1-25.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-digester linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-exec-1.3-24.fc37 Java library to reliably execute external processes from within the JVM linux/noarch
apache-commons-exec-javadoc-1.3-24.fc37 Javadocs for apache-commons-exec linux/noarch
apache-commons-fileupload-1.4-8.fc36 API to work with HTML file upload linux/noarch
apache-commons-fileupload-javadoc-1.4-8.fc36 API documentation for apache-commons-fileupload linux/noarch
apache-commons-io-2.11.0-3.fc38 Utilities to assist with developing IO functionality linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-io-javadoc-2.11.0-3.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-io linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-jxpath-1.3-45.fc38 Simple XPath interpreter linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-jxpath-javadoc-1.3-45.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-jxpath linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-lang3-3.12.0-7.fc38 Provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API linux/noarch
apache-commons-lang3-javadoc-3.12.0-7.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-lang3 linux/noarch
apache-commons-logging-1.2-32.fc38 Apache Commons Logging linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-logging-javadoc-1.2-32.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-logging linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-math-3.6.1-13.fc38 Java library of lightweight mathematics and statistics components linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-math-javadoc-3.6.1-13.fc38 Javadoc for apache-commons-math linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-modeler-2.0.1-35.fc38 Model MBeans utility classes linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-modeler-javadoc-2.0.1-35.fc38 Javadoc for apache-commons-modeler linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-net-3.8.0-1.fc38 Internet protocol suite Java library linux/noarch
apache-commons-net-javadoc-3.8.0-1.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-net linux/noarch
apache-commons-parent-53-3.fc38 Apache Commons Parent Pom linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-pool-1.6-32.fc38 Apache Commons Pool Package linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-pool-javadoc-1.6-32.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-pool linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-text-1.9-4.fc38 Apache Commons Text is a library focused on algorithms working on strings linux/noarchNew
apache-commons-text-javadoc-1.9-4.fc38 API documentation for apache-commons-text linux/noarchNew
apache-ivy-2.5.0-13.fc38 Java-based dependency manager linux/noarchNew
apache-ivy-javadoc-2.5.0-13.fc38 API documentation for apache-ivy linux/noarchNew
apache-parent-27-2.fc38 Parent POM file for Apache projects linux/noarchNew
apache-resource-bundles-37-2.fc38 Apache Resource Bundles linux/noarchNew
apache-sshd-2.8.0-4.fc38 Apache SSHD linux/noarchNew
apache-sshd-javadoc-2.8.0-4.fc38 API documentation for apache-sshd linux/noarchNew
apachetop-0.19.7-9.fc38 Top-like display of Apache logs linux/s390xNew
apanov-heuristica-fonts-1.0.2-19.fc38 A serif latin & cyrillic font linux/noarchNew
apbs-3.0.0-16.fc37 Adaptive Poisson Boltzmann Solver linux/s390x
apbs-devel-3.0.0-16.fc37 Libraries and header files for the APBS package linux/s390x
apbs-doc-3.0.0-16.fc37 Documentation for the APBS package linux/noarch
apbs-libs-3.0.0-16.fc37 Libraries for APBS linux/s390x
apbs-tools-3.0.0-16.fc37 Utility programs that utilize the APBS package linux/s390x
apcu-panel-5.1.22-4.fc38 APCu control panel linux/noarchNew
apcupsd-3.14.14-28.fc38 APC UPS Power Control Daemon linux/s390xNew
apcupsd-cgi-3.14.14-28.fc38 Web interface for apcupsd linux/s390xNew
apcupsd-gui-3.14.14-28.fc38 GUI interface for apcupsd linux/s390xNew
apfs-fuse-0-22.20200928gitee71aa5.fc38 A read-only FUSE driver for Apple's APFS linux/s390xNew
apg-2.3.0b-42.fc38 Automated Password Generator for random password generation linux/s390xNew
api-sanity-checker-1.98.7-16.fc38 An automatic generator of basic unit tests for a shared C/C++ library linux/noarchNew
apiguardian-1.1.2-5.fc38 API Guardian Java annotation linux/noarchNew
apiguardian-javadoc-1.1.2-5.fc38 Javadoc for apiguardian linux/noarchNew
apitrace-11.1-3.fc38 Tools for tracing OpenGL linux/s390xNew
apitrace-gui-11.1-3.fc38 Graphical frontend for apitrace linux/s390xNew
apitrace-libs-11.1-3.fc38 Libraries used by apitrace linux/s390xNew
apostrophe-2.6.3-6.fc38 Distraction free Markdown editor for GNU/Linux made with GTK+ linux/noarchNew
applet-window-buttons-0.11.1-3.fc38 Plasma 5 applet to show window buttons in panels linux/s390xNew
appliance-tools-011.1-10.fc38 Tools for building Appliances linux/noarchNew
appmenu-qt-0.2.7+14.04.20140305-16.fc38 Global application menu to Qt4 linux/s390xNew
appmenu-qt5-0.3.0+16.10.20160628.1-32.fc38 Support for global DBus-exported application menu in Qt5 linux/s390xNew
appmenu-qt5-profile.d-0.3.0+16.10.20160628.1-32.fc38 Profile.d-config for appmenu-qt5 linux/noarchNew
appres-1.0.6-3.fc38 X11 utility to print application resources linux/s390xNew
apprise-1.2.1-2.fc38 Apprise CLI Tool linux/noarchNew
appstream-0.15.5-3.fc38 Utilities to generate, maintain and access the AppStream database linux/s390xNew
appstream-compose-0.15.5-3.fc38 Library for generating AppStream data linux/s390xNew
appstream-compose-devel-0.15.5-3.fc38 Development files for appstream-compose library linux/s390xNew
appstream-data-38-2.fc38 Fedora AppStream metadata linux/noarchNew
appstream-devel-0.15.5-3.fc38 Development files for appstream linux/s390xNew
appstream-qt-0.15.5-3.fc38 Qt5 bindings for appstream linux/s390xNew
appstream-qt-devel-0.15.5-3.fc38 Development files for appstream-qt bindings linux/s390xNew
apptainer-1.1.5-2.fc38 Application and environment virtualization formerly known as Singularity linux/s390xNew
apptainer-suid-1.1.5-2.fc38 Setuid component of Apptainer linux/s390xNew
appx-util-0.4-8.fc38 Utility to create Microsoft .appx packages linux/s390xNew
apr-1.7.0-21.fc38 Apache Portable Runtime library linux/s390xNew
apr-api-docs-1.7.0-9.fc38 Apache Portable Runtime API documentation linux/noarchNew
apr-devel-1.7.0-21.fc38 APR library development kit linux/s390xNew
apr-util-1.6.1-24.fc38 Apache Portable Runtime Utility library linux/s390xNew
apr-util-bdb-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library Berkeley DB driver linux/s390xNew
apr-util-devel-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library development kit linux/s390xNew
apr-util-ldap-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library LDAP support linux/s390xNew
apr-util-mysql-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library MySQL DBD driver linux/s390xNew
apr-util-odbc-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library ODBC DBD driver linux/s390xNew
apr-util-openssl-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library OpenSSL crypto support linux/s390xNew
apr-util-pgsql-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library PostgreSQL DBD driver linux/s390xNew
apr-util-sqlite-1.6.1-24.fc38 APR utility library SQLite DBD driver linux/s390xNew
apricots-0.2.7-5.fc38 2D air combat game linux/s390xNew
apron-0.9.13-16.fc38 Numerical abstract domain library linux/s390xNew
apron-devel-0.9.13-16.fc38 Development files for apron linux/s390xNew
aprsd-2.2.5-15.6.fc38.31 Internet gateway and client access to amateur radio APRS packet data linux/s390xNew
aprsdigi-3.5.1-22.fc38 AX.25 Automatic Position Reporting System linux/s390xNew
apt-2.5.5-1.fc38 Command-line package manager for Debian packages linux/s390xNew
apt-apidoc-2.5.5-1.fc38 Documentation for developing against APT libraries linux/noarchNew
apt-cacher-ng-3.7.4-5.fc38 Caching proxy for package files from Debian linux/s390xNew
apt-devel-2.5.5-1.fc38 Development files for APT's libraries linux/s390xNew
apt-doc-2.5.5-1.fc38 Documentation for APT linux/noarchNew
apt-libs-2.5.5-1.fc38 Runtime libraries for apt linux/s390xNew
apt-utils-2.5.5-1.fc38 Package management related utility programs linux/s390xNew
apvlv-0.4.0-2.fc38 PDF viewer which behaves like Vim linux/s390xNew
apx-0.1-34.20160804git.fc38 QIX clone, cut into and claim the square area linux/noarchNew
apx-fonts-0.1-34.20160804git.fc38 Fonts for the game apx linux/noarchNew
aqbanking-6.5.3-3.fc38 A library for online banking functions and financial data import/export linux/s390xNew
aqbanking-devel-6.5.3-3.fc38 Development headers for Aqbanking linux/s390xNew
aqemu-0.9.2-21.fc38 A QT graphical interface to QEMU and KVM linux/s390xNew
aqsis-1.8.2-50.fc38 Open source 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan standard linux/s390xNew
aqsis-core-1.8.2-50.fc38 Command-line tools for Aqsis Renderer linux/s390xNew
aqsis-data-1.8.2-50.fc38 Example content for Aqsis Renderer linux/noarchNew
aqsis-devel-1.8.2-50.fc38 Development files for Aqsis Renderer linux/s390xNew
aqsis-libs-1.8.2-50.fc38 Library files for Aqsis Renderer linux/s390xNew
aquatone-1.7.0-10.fc38 Tool for Domain Flyovers linux/s390xNew
aqute-bnd-6.3.1-3.fc38 BND Tool linux/noarchNew
aqute-bnd-javadoc-6.3.1-3.fc38 Javadoc for aqute-bnd linux/noarchNew
aqute-bndlib-6.3.1-3.fc38 BND library linux/noarchNew
ara-doc-1.6.1-2.fc38 Records Ansible playbooks and makes them easier to understand and troubleshoot. linux/noarchNew
arachne-pnr-0.1-0.14.20190729gitc40fb22.fc38 Place and route for FPGA compilation linux/s390xNew
arandr-0.1.10-14.fc38 Simple GTK+ XRandR GUI linux/noarchNew
arb-2.23.0-3.fc38 Arbitrary-precision floating point ball arithmetic linux/s390xNew
arb-devel-2.23.0-3.fc38 Headers for developing with arb linux/s390xNew
arb-doc-2.23.0-3.fc38 Documentation for arb linux/noarchNew
arbor-0.7-4.fc38 Multi-compartment neural network simulation library linux/s390xNew
arbor-devel-0.7-4.fc38 Development files for arbor linux/s390xNew
arbor-doc-0.7-4.fc38 Documentation for arbor linux/s390xNew
arbor-mpich-0.7-4.fc38 MPICH build for arbor linux/s390xNew
arbor-mpich-devel-0.7-4.fc38 Development files for arbor-mpich linux/s390xNew
arbor-openmpi-0.7-4.fc38 OpenMPI build for arbor linux/s390xNew
arbor-openmpi-devel-0.7-4.fc38 Development files for arbor-openmpi linux/s390xNew
arc-5.21p-22.fc38 Arc archiver linux/s390xNew
arc-gui-clients-0.4.6-30.fc38 ARC Graphical Clients linux/s390xNew
arc-kde-20220908-2.fc38 Port of the popular GTK theme Arc for the Plasma 5 desktop linux/noarchNew
arc-kde-decorations-20220908-2.fc38 Arc-KDE Aurorae theme linux/noarchNew
arc-kde-konsole-20220908-2.fc38 Arc-KDE Konsole theme linux/noarchNew
arc-kde-konversation-20220908-2.fc38 Arc-KDE Konversation theme linux/noarchNew
arc-kde-kvantum-20220908-2.fc38 Arc-KDE Kvantum theme linux/noarchNew
arc-kde-wallpapers-20220908-2.fc38 Arc-KDE wallpapers linux/noarchNew
arc-kde-yakuake-20220908-2.fc38 Arc-KDE Yakuake theme linux/noarchNew
arc-theme-20221218-2.fc38 Flat theme with transparent elements linux/noarchNew
arc-theme-plank-20221218-2.fc38 Arc-theme for Plank dock linux/noarchNew
arch-install-scripts-28-2.fc38 Scripts to bootstrap Arch Linux distribution linux/noarchNew
arch-test-0.20-1.fc38 Tools to detect architectures runnable by your machine+kernel linux/noarchNew
archivemount-0.9.1-7.fc38 FUSE based filesystem for mounting compressed archives linux/s390xNew
archlinux-keyring-20221220-2.fc38 GPG keys used by Arch distribution to sign packages linux/noarchNew
ardour6-6.9.0-13.fc38 Digital Audio Workstation linux/s390xNew
ardour7-7.2.0-2.fc38 Digital Audio Workstation linux/s390xNew
arduino-listSerialPortsC-1.4.0-15.fc38 Simple multiplatform program to list serial ports with vid/pid/iserial fields linux/s390xNew
argbash-2.10.0-5.fc37 Bash argument parsing code generator linux/noarch
argon2-20190702-2.fc38 The password-hashing tools linux/s390xNew
argparse-manpage-4-2.fc38 Build manual page from Python ArgumentParser object linux/noarchNew
args4j-2.33-22.fc38 Java command line arguments parser linux/noarchNew
args4j-javadoc-2.33-22.fc38 API documentation for args4j linux/noarchNew
argtable-2.13-25.fc38 Cross platform C library for parsing GNU style command line arguments linux/s390xNew
argtable-devel-2.13-25.fc38 Development package that includes the argtable header files linux/s390xNew
argus- Network transaction audit tool linux/s390xNew
argus-clients- Client tools for argus network audit linux/s390xNew
argus-devel- Header files for argus network audit linux/s390xNew
argyllcms-2.3.1-3.fc38 ICC compatible color management system linux/s390xNew
argyllcms-data-2.3.1-3.fc38 Argyll CMS assets linux/noarchNew
argyllcms-doc-2.3.1-3.fc38 Argyll CMS documentation linux/noarchNew
aria2-1.36.0-4.fc38 High speed download utility with resuming and segmented downloading linux/s390xNew
arj-3.10.22-38.fc38 Archiver for .arj files linux/s390xNew
ark-22.12.1-2.fc38 Archive manager linux/s390xNew
ark-libs-22.12.1-2.fc38 Runtime libraries for ark linux/s390xNew
arm-image-installer-3.7-2.fc38 Writes binary image files to any specified block device linux/noarchNew
arm-none-eabi-binutils-cs-2.39-3.fc38 GNU Binutils for cross-compilation for arm-none-eabi target linux/s390xNew
arm-none-eabi-gcc-cs-12.2.0-3.fc38 GNU GCC for cross-compilation for arm-none-eabi target linux/s390xNew
arm-none-eabi-gcc-cs-c++-12.2.0-3.fc38 Cross Compiling GNU GCC targeted at arm-none-eabi linux/s390xNew
arm-none-eabi-newlib-4.1.0-8.fc38 C library intended for use on arm-none-eabi embedded systems linux/noarchNew
armacycles-ad- A lightcycle game in 3D linux/s390xNew
armacycles-ad-dedicated- Dedicated server for Armacycles Advanced linux/s390xNew
armadillo-10.8.2-3.fc38 Fast C++ matrix library with syntax similar to MATLAB and Octave linux/s390xNew
armadillo-devel-10.8.2-3.fc38 Development headers and documentation for the Armadillo C++ library linux/s390xNew
aron-0-0.9.20200626git7eade58.fc38 Tool to find hidden GET & POST parameters linux/s390xNew
arora-0.11.0-28.fc38 A cross platform web browser linux/s390xNew
arp-scan-1.9.7-8.fc38 Scanning and fingerprinting tool linux/s390xNew
arpack-3.8.0-6.fc38 Fortran 77 subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems linux/s390xNew
arpack-devel-3.8.0-6.fc38 Files needed for developing arpack based applications linux/s390xNew
arpack-doc-3.8.0-6.fc38 Examples for the use of arpack linux/noarchNew
arpack-static-3.8.0-6.fc38 Static library for developing arpack based applications linux/s390xNew
arpage-0.3.3-35.fc38 A JACK MIDI arpeggiator linux/s390xNew
arprec-2.2.19-17.fc38 Software package for performing arbitrary precision arithmetic linux/s390xNew
arprec-data-2.2.19-17.fc38 Data files for arprec-tools linux/noarchNew
arprec-devel-2.2.19-17.fc38 Development files for arprec linux/s390xNew
arprec-doc-2.2.19-17.fc38 Documentation files for arprec linux/noarchNew
arprec-tools-2.2.19-17.fc38 Interactive high-precision arithmetic computing environment linux/s390xNew
arptables-legacy-0.0.5-9.fc38 Legacy user space tool to set up tables of ARP rules in kernel linux/s390xNew
arptables-services-0.0.5-9.fc38 arptables systemd services linux/s390xNew
arpwatch-3.3-11.fc38 Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on a network linux/s390xNew
arrows-0.6-33.fc38 Neat little maze game linux/s390xNew
artifacts-0.0.20221219-2.fc38 Collection of digital forensic artifacts linux/noarchNew
artikulate-22.12.1-2.fc38 Improve your pronunciation by listening to native speakers linux/s390xNew
artikulate-libs-22.12.1-2.fc38 Runtime files for artikulate linux/s390xNew
arts-1.5.10-56.fc38 aRts (analog realtime synthesizer) - the KDE sound system linux/s390xNew
arts-devel-1.5.10-56.fc38 Development files for the aRts sound server linux/s390xNew
artwiz-aleczapka-anorexia-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Anorexia font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-aqui-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Aqui font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-cure-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Cure font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-drift-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Drift font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-edges-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Edges font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-fkp-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Fkp font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Very small futuristic font family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-fonts-common-1.3-34.fc38 Common files for Artwiz Aleczapka fonts (documentation...) linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-gelly-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Gelly font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-glisp-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Glisp fonts in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-kates-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Kates font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-lime-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Lime font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-mints-mild-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Mints Mild font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-mints-strong-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Mints Strong font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-nu-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Nu font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-smoothansi-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Smoothansi font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
artwiz-aleczapka-snap-fonts-1.3-34.fc38 Snap font in Artwiz family linux/noarchNew
arx-libertatis-1.2.1-2.fc38 Cross-platform, open source port of the Arx Fatalis RPG linux/s390xNew
arx-libertatis-devel-1.2.1-2.fc38 Header files and libraries for Arx Libertatis development linux/s390xNew
asahi-fwextract-20221206-2.fc38 Asahi Linux firmware extractor linux/noarchNew
asahi-scripts-20221206-2.fc38 Miscellaneous admin scripts for Asahi Linux linux/noarchNew
asc- Advanced Strategic Command linux/s390xNew
asc-music-1.0-25.fc38 Background music for the game asc linux/noarchNew
ascii-3.18-16.fc38 Interactive ascii name and synonym chart linux/s390xNew
asciidoc-9.1.0-7.fc38 Text based document generation linux/noarchNew
asciidoc-doc-9.1.0-7.fc38 Additional documentation and examples for asciidoc linux/noarchNew
asciidoc-latex-9.1.0-7.fc38 Support for asciidoc latex output linux/noarchNew
asciigraph-0.5.5-2.fc38 Makes lightweight ASCII line graphs linux/s390xNew
asciinema-2.2.0-6.fc38 Terminal session recorder linux/noarchNew
asciio-1.51.3-23.fc38 Draw ascii art quickly and easily! linux/noarchNew
asciiquarium-1.1-19.fc38 ASCII art aquarium/sea animation linux/noarchNew
asdcplib-2.12.2-2.fc38 AS-DCP file access libraries linux/s390xNew
asdcplib-devel-2.12.2-2.fc38 Development files for asdcplib linux/s390xNew
asdcplib-tools-2.12.2-2.fc38 AS-DCP file access libraries tools linux/s390xNew
asio-devel-1.24.0-3.fc38 Header files for asio linux/s390xNew
askalono-cli-0.4.6-2.fc38 Tool to detect the contents of license files linux/s390xNew
asm6809-2.12-9.fc38 Multiple pass 6809 & 6309 cross assembler linux/s390xNew
asnip-0-0.9.20200618git44ba98b.fc38 ASN detail retriever linux/s390xNew
aspell-0.60.8-11.fc38 Spell checker linux/s390xNew
aspell-af-0.50-34.fc38 Afrikaans dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-ar-1.2-29.fc38 Arabic dictionary for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-bg-4.1-27.fc38 Bulgarian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-bn-0.01.1-29.fc38 GNU Aspell Bengali Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-br-0.50-34.fc38 Breton dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-ca-2.1.5-25.fc38 Catalan dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-cs-20040614-27.fc38 Czech dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-cy-0.50-32.fc38 Welsh dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-da-1.4.42-27.fc38 Danish dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-de-20030222-29.fc38 German dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-devel-0.60.8-11.fc38 Libraries and header files for Aspell development linux/s390xNew
aspell-el-0.50-32.fc38 Greek dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-en-2020.12.07-7.fc38 English dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-es-1.11-25.fc38 Spanish dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-fi-0.7-20.fc38 Finnish dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-fo-0.2.16-33.fc38 Faeroese dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-fr-0.50-37.fc38 French dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-ga-4.5-24.fc38 Irish dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-gd-0.1.1-28.fc38 Gaelic dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-gl-0.5a-25.fc38 Galician dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-gu-0.03-28.fc38 GNU Aspell Gujarati Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-he-1.0-29.fc38 Hebrew dictionary for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-hi-0.02-28.fc38 GNU Aspell Hindi Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-hr-0.51-31.fc38 Croatian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-id-1.2-27.fc38 Indonesian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-is-0.51.1-30.fc38 Icelandic dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-it-2.2_20050523-27.fc38 Italian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-la-20020503-19.fc38 Latin dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-ml-0.03-27.fc38 GNU Aspell Malayalam Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-mr-0.10-30.fc38 GNU Aspell Marathi Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-nl-0.50-21.fc38 Dutch dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-no-0.50.1-38.fc38 Norwegian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-or-0.03-30.fc38 GNU Aspell Odia Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-pa-0.01-29.fc38 GNU Aspell Punjabi Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-pl-6.0_20061121-27.fc38 Polish dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-pt_BR-20090702-24.fc38 Brazilian Portuguese dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-pt_PT-20070510-24.fc38 European Portuguese dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-ru-0.99f7-30.fc38 Russian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-sk-2.02-10.fc38 Slovak dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-sl-0.50-28.fc38 Slovenian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-sr-0.02-29.fc38 Serbian dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-sv-0.51-28.fc38 Swedish dictionaries for Aspell linux/s390xNew
aspell-ta-20040424-29.fc38 GNU Aspell Tamil Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspell-te-0.01-29.fc38 GNU Aspell Telugu Dictionary Package linux/s390xNew
aspnetcore-runtime-6.0-6.0.13-2.fc38 ASP.NET Core 6.0 runtime linux/s390xNew
aspnetcore-runtime-7.0-7.0.2-2.fc38 ASP.NET Core 7.0 runtime linux/s390xNew
aspnetcore-targeting-pack-6.0-6.0.13-2.fc38 Targeting Pack for Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 6.0 linux/s390xNew
aspnetcore-targeting-pack-7.0-7.0.2-2.fc38 Targeting Pack for Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 7.0 linux/s390xNew
assert_cli-0.6.3-9.fc38 Test CLI Applications linux/s390xNew
assertj-core-3.23.1-2.fc38 Library of assertions similar to fest-assert linux/noarchNew
assertj-core-javadoc-3.23.1-2.fc38 API documentation for assertj-core linux/noarchNew
assetfinder-0.1.0-9.fc38 Find domains and subdomains related to a given domain linux/s390xNew
assimp-5.0.1-10.fc38 Library to import various 3D model formats into applications linux/s390xNew
assimp-devel-5.0.1-10.fc38 Header files and libraries for assimp linux/s390xNew
assimp-doc-5.0.1-10.fc38 Assimp documentation linux/noarchNew
ast-9.2.8-3.fc38 A Library for Handling World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy linux/s390xNew
ast-devel-9.2.8-3.fc38 Development files for ast linux/s390xNew
ast-doc-9.2.8-3.fc38 Documentation for ast linux/s390xNew
asterisk-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 The Open Source PBX linux/s390xNew
asterisk-ael-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 AEL (Asterisk Extension Logic) modules for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-alembic-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Alembic scripts for the Asterisk DB (realtime) linux/s390xNew
asterisk-alsa-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that use Alsa sound drivers linux/s390xNew
asterisk-calendar-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Calendar applications for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-corosync-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that use Corosync linux/s390xNew
asterisk-curl-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that use cURL linux/s390xNew
asterisk-dahdi-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that use DAHDI linux/s390xNew
asterisk-devel-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Development files for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-fax-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 FAX applications for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-festival-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Festival application for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-hep-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for capturing SIP traffic using Homer (HEPv3) linux/s390xNew
asterisk-iax2-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 IAX2 channel driver for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-ldap-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 LDAP resources for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-lua-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Lua resources for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-mgcp-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 MGCP channel driver for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-minivm-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 MiniVM applicaton for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-mobile-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Mobile (BlueTooth) channel for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-mwi-external-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Support for developing external voicemail applications linux/s390xNew
asterisk-mysql-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Applications for Asterisk that use MySQL linux/s390xNew
asterisk-odbc-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Applications for Asterisk that use ODBC (except voicemail) linux/s390xNew
asterisk-oss-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that use OSS sound drivers linux/s390xNew
asterisk-pjsip-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 SIP channel based upon the PJSIP library linux/s390xNew
asterisk-portaudio-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that use the portaudio library linux/s390xNew
asterisk-postgresql-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Applications for Asterisk that use PostgreSQL linux/s390xNew
asterisk-radius-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Applications for Asterisk that use RADIUS linux/s390xNew
asterisk-sip-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Legacy SIP channel driver for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-skinny-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that support the SCCP/Skinny protocol linux/s390xNew
asterisk-snmp-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Module that enables SNMP monitoring of Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_AU-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (Australian) WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core English (United Kingdom) WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-es-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Spanish WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-fr-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core French WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-it-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Italian WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ja-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Japanese WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-ru-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Russian WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-alaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish ALAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-g722-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish G.722 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-g729-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish G.729 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-gsm-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish GSM sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-siren14-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish Siren14 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-siren7-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish Siren7 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-sln16-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish SLN16 sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-ulaw-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish ULAW sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sounds-core-sv-wav-1.6.1-13.fc38 Core Swedish WAV sound files for Asterisk linux/noarchNew
asterisk-sqlite-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Sqlite modules for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-tds-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Modules for Asterisk that use FreeTDS linux/s390xNew
asterisk-unistim-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Unistim channel for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-voicemail-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Common Voicemail Modules for Asterisk linux/s390xNew
asterisk-voicemail-odbc-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Store voicemail in a database using ODBC linux/s390xNew
asterisk-voicemail-plain-18.12.1-1.fc38.3 Store voicemail on the local filesystem linux/s390xNew
astigmatic-grand-hotel-fonts-1.000-17.fc38 Script retro style fonts linux/noarchNew
astral-0.1.2-3.fc38 Go calculations for the position of the sun and moon linux/s390xNew
astrometry-0.91-2.fc38 Blind astrometric calibration of arbitrary astronomical images linux/s390x
astrometry-data-0.91-2.fc38 2MASS catalog index files for astrometry (4208-4129, wide-field) linux/noarch
astrometry-data-4204-0.91-2.fc38 2MASS catalog index files (4204 series) for astrometry linux/noarch
astrometry-data-4205-0.91-2.fc38 2MASS catalog index files (4205 series) for astrometry linux/noarch
astrometry-data-4206-0.91-2.fc38 2MASS catalog index files (4206 series) for astrometry linux/noarch
astrometry-data-4207-0.91-2.fc38 2MASS catalog index files (4207 series) for astrometry linux/noarch
astrometry-devel-0.91-2.fc38 Development files for astrometry linux/s390x
astrometry-libs-0.91-2.fc38 Libraries for astrometry linux/s390x
astronomy-menus-1.0-26.fc38 Astronomy menu for the Desktop linux/noarchNew
astronomy-menus-toplevel-1.0-26.fc38 Toplevel astronomy menu for the Desktop linux/noarchNew
astropy-tools-5.2-3.fc38 Astropy utility tools linux/noarchNew
astyle-3.1-18.fc38 Source code formatter for C-like programming languages linux/s390xNew
astyle-devel-3.1-18.fc38 Source code formatter for C-like programming languages linux/s390xNew
asunder-2.9.7-4.fc38 A graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder linux/s390xNew
asv-0.5.1-8.fc38 Airspeed Velocity: A simple Python history benchmarking tool linux/s390xNew
asv-doc-0.5.1-8.fc38 asv documentation linux/s390xNew
asylum-0.3.2-27.fc38 Game involving shooting anything that moves & collecting others linux/s390xNew
asymptote-2.84-1.fc38 Descriptive vector graphics language linux/s390xNew
at-3.2.5-5.fc38 Job spooling tools linux/s390xNew
at-spi2-atk-2.47.1-2.fc38 A GTK+ module that bridges ATK to D-Bus at-spi linux/s390xNew
at-spi2-atk-devel-2.47.1-2.fc38 A GTK+ module that bridges ATK to D-Bus at-spi linux/s390xNew
at-spi2-core-2.47.1-2.fc38 Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi linux/s390xNew
at-spi2-core-devel-2.47.1-2.fc38 Development files and headers for at-spi2-core linux/s390xNew
atanks-6.6-1.fc38 Remake of a classic DOS game "Scorched Earth" linux/s390xNew
atari++-1.85-2.fc38 Unix based emulator of the Atari 8-bit computers linux/s390xNew
atari800-5.0.0-3.fc38 An emulator of 8-bit Atari personal computers linux/s390xNew
atasm-1.09-5.fc38 6502 cross-assembler linux/s390xNew
aterm-1.0.1-38.fc38 Afterstep XVT, VT102 emulator for the X Window system linux/s390xNew
atf-tests-0.20-21.fc38 Automated Testing Framework - Test suite linux/s390xNew
atinject-1.0.5-5.fc38 Dependency injection specification for Java (JSR-330) linux/noarchNew
atinject-javadoc-1.0.5-5.fc38 API documentation for atinject linux/noarchNew
atinout-0.9.1-6.fc38 AT commands as input are sent to modem and responses given as output linux/s390xNew
atk-2.47.1-2.fc38 Interfaces for accessibility support linux/s390xNew
atk-devel-2.47.1-2.fc38 Development files for the ATK accessibility toolkit linux/s390xNew
atkmm-2.28.3-2.fc38 C++ interface for the ATK library linux/s390xNew
atkmm-devel-2.28.3-2.fc38 Development files for atkmm linux/s390xNew
atkmm-doc-2.28.3-2.fc38 Developer's documentation for the atkmm library linux/noarchNew
atkmm2.36-2.36.2-2.fc38 C++ interface for the ATK library linux/s390xNew
atkmm2.36-devel-2.36.2-2.fc38 Development files for atkmm2.36 linux/s390xNew
atkmm2.36-doc-2.36.2-2.fc38 Developer's documentation for the atkmm library linux/noarchNew
atlas-3.10.3-20.fc37 Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software linux/s390x
atlas-devel-3.10.3-20.fc37 Development libraries for ATLAS linux/s390x
atlas-static-3.10.3-20.fc37 Static libraries for ATLAS linux/s390x
atmel-firmware-1.3-28.fc38 Firmware for Atmel at76c50x wireless network chips linux/noarchNew
atomic-queue-devel-1.0-9.fc38 Development files for atomic-queue linux/noarchNew
atomic-reactor-3.14.0-3.fc38 Improved builder for Docker images linux/noarchNew
atomix-3.34.0-9.fc38 Puzzle game: Build molecules out of isolated atoms linux/s390xNew
atomorun-1.1-0.39.pre2.fc38 Jump & Run game where you have to flee an exploding nuclear bomb linux/s390xNew
atool-0.39.0-21.fc38 A perl script for managing file archives of various types linux/noarchNew
atop-2.8.1-2.fc38 An advanced interactive monitor to view the load on system and process level linux/s390xNew
atril-1.26.0-4.fc38 Document viewer linux/s390xNew
atril-caja-1.26.0-4.fc38 Mate-document-viewer extension for caja linux/s390xNew
atril-devel-1.26.0-4.fc38 Support for developing back-ends for the mate-document-viewer linux/s390xNew
atril-libs-1.26.0-4.fc38 Libraries for the mate-document-viewer linux/s390xNew
atril-thumbnailer-1.26.0-4.fc38 Atril thumbnailer extension for caja linux/s390xNew
attica-0.4.2-26.fc38 Implementation of the Open Collaboration Services API linux/s390xNew
attica-devel-0.4.2-26.fc38 Development files for attica linux/s390xNew
attr-2.5.1-6.fc38 Utilities for managing filesystem extended attributes linux/s390xNew
attract-mode-2.6.2-5.fc38 A graphical front-end for command line emulators linux/s390xNew
attract-mode-data-2.6.2-5.fc38 Data files for attract-mode linux/noarchNew
aubio-0.4.9-15.fc38 An audio labeling tool linux/s390xNew
aubio-devel-0.4.9-15.fc38 Development files for aubio linux/s390xNew
aubio-lib-0.4.9-15.fc38 An audio labeling library linux/s390xNew
aubio-python3-0.4.9-15.fc38 Python 3 language bindings for aubio linux/s390xNew
audacious-plugin-fc- Future Composer input plugin for Audacious linux/s390xNew
audacious-plugins-4.2-4.fc38 Plugins for the Audacious audio player linux/s390xNew
audacious-plugins-amidi-4.2-4.fc38 Audacious input plugin for MIDI linux/s390xNew
audacious-plugins-exotic-4.2-4.fc38 Optional niche market plugins for Audacious linux/s390xNew
audacious-plugins-jack-4.2-4.fc38 Audacious output plugin for Jack Audio Connection Kit linux/s390xNew
audex-0.79-18.fc38 Audio ripper linux/s390xNew
audiocd-kio-16.08.3-19.fc38 Audiocd kio slave linux/s390xNew
audiocd-kio-devel-16.08.3-19.fc38 Development files for audiocd-kio linux/s390xNew
audiocd-kio-doc-16.08.3-19.fc38 Documentation for audiocd-kio linux/noarchNew
audiocd-kio-libs-16.08.3-19.fc38 Runtime libraries for audiocd-kio linux/s390xNew
audiofile-0.3.6-33.fc38 Library for accessing various audio file formats linux/s390xNew
audiofile-devel-0.3.6-33.fc38 Development files for Audio File applications linux/s390xNew
audiotube-22.11-2.fc38 AudioTube can search YouTube Music, list albums and artists, play automatically generated playlists, albums and allows to put your own playlist together. linux/s390xNew
audispd-plugins-3.0.9-3.fc38 Plugins for the audit event dispatcher linux/s390xNew
audispd-plugins-zos-3.0.9-3.fc38 z/OS plugin for the audit event dispatcher linux/s390xNew
audit-3.0.9-3.fc38 User space tools for kernel auditing linux/s390xNew
audit-libs-3.0.9-3.fc38 Dynamic library for libaudit linux/s390xNew
audit-libs-devel-3.0.9-3.fc38 Header files for libaudit linux/s390xNew
auditwheel-5.3.0-2.fc38 Cross-distribution Linux wheels auditing and relabeling linux/noarchNew
augeas-1.13.0-4.fc38 A library for changing configuration files linux/s390xNew
augeas-devel-1.13.0-4.fc38 Development files for augeas linux/s390xNew
augeas-libs-1.13.0-4.fc38 Libraries for augeas linux/s390xNew
augeas-static-1.13.0-4.fc38 Static libraries for augeas linux/s390xNew
aunit-2020-7.fc38 Unit test framework for Ada linux/s390xNew
aunit-devel-2020-7.fc38 Devel package for aunit linux/s390xNew
auriferous-1.0.1-39.fc38 Game inspired by the classic Loderunner linux/s390xNew
auryn-doc-0.8.2-15.fc38 Documentation for auryn linux/noarchNew
auryn-mpich-0.8.2-15.fc38 auryn built with mpich linux/s390xNew
auryn-mpich-devel-0.8.2-15.fc38 Development files for auryn-mpich linux/s390xNew
auryn-openmpi-0.8.2-15.fc38 auryn built with openmpi linux/s390xNew
auryn-openmpi-devel-0.8.2-15.fc38 Development files for auryn-openmpi linux/s390xNew
auter-1.0.0-9.fc38 Prepare and apply updates linux/noarchNew
authbind-2.1.2-3.fc38 Allow non-root users to open restricted ports linux/s390xNew
authd-1.4.4-12.fc38 A RFC 1413 ident protocol daemon linux/s390xNew
authselect-1.4.2-2.fc38 Configures authentication and identity sources from supported profiles linux/s390xNew
authselect-devel-1.4.2-2.fc38 Development libraries and headers for authselect linux/s390xNew
authselect-libs-1.4.2-2.fc38 Utility library used by the authselect tool linux/s390xNew
auto-1.6.1-6.fc38 Collection of source code generators for Java linux/noarchNew
auto-buildrequires-1.3-5.fc38 Work out BuildRequires for rpmbuild automatically linux/s390xNew
auto-common-1.6.1-6.fc38 Auto Common Utilities linux/noarchNew
auto-javadoc-1.6.1-6.fc38 Javadoc for auto linux/noarchNew
auto-service-1.6.1-6.fc38 Provider-configuration files for ServiceLoader linux/noarchNew
auto-value-1.6.1-6.fc38 Auto Value linux/noarchNew
auto-value-annotations-1.6.1-6.fc38 Auto Value Annotations linux/noarchNew
auto-value-parent-1.6.1-6.fc38 Auto Value Parent linux/noarchNew
autoconf-2.71-4.fc38 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code linux/noarch
autoconf-archive-2022.09.03-2.fc38 The Autoconf Macro Archive linux/noarchNew
autoconf213-2.13-50.fc38 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code linux/noarchNew
autocorr-af- Afrikaans auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-bg- Bulgarian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ca- Catalan auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-cs- Czech auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-da- Danish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-de- German auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-dsb- Lower auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-el- Greek auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-en- English auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-es- Spanish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-fa- Farsi auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-fi- Finnish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-fr- French auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ga- Irish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-hr- Croatian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-hsb- Upper auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-hu- Hungarian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-is- Icelandic auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-it- Italian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ja- Japanese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ko- Korean auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-lb- Luxembourgish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-lt- Lithuanian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-mn- Mongolian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-nl- Dutch auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-pl- Polish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-pt- Portuguese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ro- Romanian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ru- Russian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sk- Slovak auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sl- Slovenian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sr- Serbian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sv- Swedish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-tr- Turkish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-vi- Vietnamese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-vro- Võro auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-zh- Chinese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autodocksuite-4.2.6-19.fc38 AutoDock is a suite of docking tools to study protein-ligand interaction linux/s390xNew
autodownloader-0.5.0-7.fc38 GUI-tool to automate the download of certain files linux/noarchNew
autofs-5.1.8-8.fc38 A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems linux/s390xNew
autogen-5.18.16-12.fc38 Automated text file generator linux/s390x
autogen-libopts-5.18.16-12.fc38 Automated option processing library based on autogen linux/s390x
autogen-libopts-devel-5.18.16-12.fc38 Development files for libopts linux/s390x
autojump-22.5.3-11.fc38 A fast way to navigate your filesystem from the command line linux/noarchNew
autojump-fish-22.5.3-11.fc38 Autojump for fish shell linux/noarchNew
autojump-zsh-22.5.3-11.fc38 Autojump for zsh linux/noarchNew
autokey-common-0.95.10-10.fc38 Desktop automation utility - common data linux/noarchNew
autokey-gtk-0.95.10-10.fc38 AutoKey GTK+ front end linux/noarchNew
autokey-qt-0.95.10-10.fc38 AutoKey QT front end linux/noarchNew
automake-1.16.5-9.fc37 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
automoc-1.0-0.42.rc3.fc38 Automatic moc for Qt 4 linux/s390xNew
autorandr-1.12.1-3.fc38 Automatically select a display configuration based on connected devices linux/noarchNew
autorandr-bash-completion-1.12.1-3.fc38 Bash completion for autorandr linux/noarchNew
autorandr-zsh-completion-1.12.1-3.fc38 Zsh completion for autorandr linux/noarchNew
autossh-1.4g-11.fc38 Utility to autorestart SSH tunnels linux/s390xNew
autotrace-0.31.9-4.fc38 Utility for converting bitmaps to vector graphics linux/s390xNew
autotrace-devel-0.31.9-4.fc38 Header files for autotrace linux/s390xNew
avahi-0.8-20.fc38 Local network service discovery linux/s390xNew
avahi-autoipd-0.8-20.fc38 Link-local IPv4 address automatic configuration daemon (IPv4LL) linux/s390xNew
avahi-compat-howl-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries for howl compatibility linux/s390xNew
avahi-compat-howl-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Header files for development with the howl compatibility libraries linux/s390xNew
avahi-compat-libdns_sd-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries for Apple Bonjour mDNSResponder compatibility linux/s390xNew
avahi-compat-libdns_sd-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Header files for the Apple Bonjour mDNSResponder compatibility libraries linux/s390xNew
avahi-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries and header files for avahi development linux/s390xNew
avahi-dnsconfd-0.8-20.fc38 Configure local unicast DNS settings based on information published in mDNS linux/s390xNew
avahi-glib-0.8-20.fc38 Glib libraries for avahi linux/s390xNew
avahi-glib-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries and header files for avahi glib development linux/s390xNew
avahi-gobject-0.8-20.fc38 GObject wrapper library for Avahi linux/s390xNew
avahi-gobject-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries and header files for Avahi GObject development linux/s390xNew
avahi-libs-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries for avahi run-time use linux/s390xNew
avahi-qt3-0.8-20.fc38 Qt3 libraries for avahi linux/s390xNew
avahi-qt3-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries and header files for avahi Qt3 development linux/s390xNew
avahi-qt4-0.8-20.fc38 Qt4 libraries for avahi linux/s390xNew
avahi-qt4-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries and header files for avahi Qt4 development linux/s390xNew
avahi-qt5-0.8-20.fc38 Qt5 libraries for avahi linux/s390xNew
avahi-qt5-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries and header files for avahi Qt5 development linux/s390xNew
avahi-sharp-0.8-20.fc38 Mono language bindings for avahi mono development linux/s390xNew
avahi-tools-0.8-20.fc38 Command line tools for mDNS browsing and publishing linux/s390xNew
avahi-ui-0.8-20.fc38 Gtk user interface library for Avahi (Gtk+ 2 version) linux/s390xNew
avahi-ui-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Libraries and header files for Avahi UI development linux/s390xNew
avahi-ui-gtk3-0.8-20.fc38 Gtk user interface library for Avahi (Gtk+ 3 version) linux/s390xNew
avahi-ui-sharp-0.8-20.fc38 Mono language bindings for avahi-ui linux/s390xNew
avahi-ui-sharp-devel-0.8-20.fc38 Mono language bindings for developing with avahi-ui linux/s390xNew
avahi-ui-tools-0.8-20.fc38 UI tools for mDNS browsing linux/s390xNew
avarice-2.13-15.fc36 Program for interfacing the Atmel JTAG ICE to GDB linux/s390x
avif-pixbuf-loader-0.11.1-5.fc38 AVIF image loader for GTK+ applications linux/s390xNew
avl-3.36-14.fc38 Aerodynamic and flight-dynamic analysis of rigid aircrafts linux/s390xNew
avogadro2-1.97.0-3.fc38 Advanced molecular editor linux/s390xNew
avogadro2-langpack-af-1.97.0-3.fc38 Afrikaans language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ar-1.97.0-3.fc38 Arabic language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-bg-1.97.0-3.fc38 Bulgarian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-bs-1.97.0-3.fc38 Bosnian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ca-1.97.0-3.fc38 Catalan language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ca_VA-1.97.0-3.fc38 "Catalan language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-cs-1.97.0-3.fc38 Czech language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-da-1.97.0-3.fc38 Danish language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-de-1.97.0-3.fc38 German language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-el-1.97.0-3.fc38 Greek language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-en_AU-1.97.0-3.fc38 "English language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-en_CA-1.97.0-3.fc38 "English language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-en_GB-1.97.0-3.fc38 "English language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-eo-1.97.0-3.fc38 Esperando language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-es-1.97.0-3.fc38 Spanish language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-et-1.97.0-3.fc38 Estonian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-eu-1.97.0-3.fc38 Basque language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-fa-1.97.0-3.fc38 Persian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-fi-1.97.0-3.fc38 Finnish language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-fr-1.97.0-3.fc38 French language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-fr_CA-1.97.0-3.fc38 "French language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-gl-1.97.0-3.fc38 Galician language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-he-1.97.0-3.fc38 Hebrew language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-hi-1.97.0-3.fc38 Hindi language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-hr-1.97.0-3.fc38 Croatian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-hu-1.97.0-3.fc38 Hungarian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-id-1.97.0-3.fc38 Indonesian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-it-1.97.0-3.fc38 Italian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ja-1.97.0-3.fc38 Japanese language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-kn-1.97.0-3.fc38 Kannada language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ko-1.97.0-3.fc38 Korean language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ms-1.97.0-3.fc38 "Malay language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-nb-1.97.0-3.fc38 Norwegian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-nl-1.97.0-3.fc38 Dutch language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-oc-1.97.0-3.fc38 Occitan language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-pl-1.97.0-3.fc38 Polish language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-pt-1.97.0-3.fc38 Portuguese language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-pt_BR-1.97.0-3.fc38 Brazil language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ro-1.97.0-3.fc38 Romanian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ru-1.97.0-3.fc38 Russian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-sa-1.97.0-3.fc38 Sanskrit language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-sk-1.97.0-3.fc38 Slovakian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-sl-1.97.0-3.fc38 Slovenian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-sq-1.97.0-3.fc38 Albanian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-sr-1.97.0-3.fc38 "Serbian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-sv-1.97.0-3.fc38 Swedish language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ta-1.97.0-3.fc38 Tamil language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-te-1.97.0-3.fc38 Telugu language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-th-1.97.0-3.fc38 Thai language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-tr-1.97.0-3.fc38 Turkish language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-ug-1.97.0-3.fc38 Uyghur language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-uk-1.97.0-3.fc38 Ukrainian language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-vi-1.97.0-3.fc38 Vietnamese language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-zh_CN-1.97.0-3.fc38 "Simplified language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-langpack-zh_TW-1.97.0-3.fc38 Taiwan language data for avogadro2 linux/noarchNew
avogadro2-libs-1.97.0-3.fc38 Avogadro2 libraries linux/s390xNew
avogadro2-libs-devel-1.97.0-3.fc38 Development files of avogadro2-libs linux/s390xNew
avogadro2-libs-doc-1.97.0-3.fc38 HTML documentation of avogadro2-libs linux/noarchNew
avoision-1.1-22.fc38 Arcade style game of evade and capture linux/s390xNew
avr-binutils-2.39-3.fc38 Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at avr linux/s390xNew
avr-gcc-12.2.0-2.fc38 Cross Compiling GNU GCC targeted at avr linux/s390xNew
avr-gcc-c++-12.2.0-2.fc38 Cross Compiling GNU GCC targeted at avr linux/s390xNew
avr-libc-2.0.0-17.fc38 C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers linux/noarchNew
avr-libc-doc-2.0.0-17.fc38 AVR C library docs in html and pdf format linux/noarchNew
avra-1.4.2-3.fc38 Atmel AVR assembler linux/s390xNew
avrdude-6.4-5.fc38 Software for programming Atmel AVR Microcontroller linux/s390xNew
awake-1.0-30.fc38 A command to 'wake on LAN' a remote host linux/noarchNew
awesfx-0.5.1c-27.fc38 Utility programs for the AWE32/Emu10k1 sound driver linux/s390xNew
awesome-4.3-13.fc38 Highly configurable, framework window manager for X. Fast, light and extensible linux/s390xNew
awesome-doc-4.3-13.fc38 API doc files linux/noarchNew
awesome-vim-colorschemes-0-15.20220504git9f96bbd.14.fc38 Collection of color schemes for Neo/vim, merged for quick use linux/noarchNew
awf-gtk2-2.6.0-4.fc38 Theme preview application for GTK linux/s390xNew
awf-gtk3-2.6.0-4.fc38 Theme preview application for GTK linux/s390xNew
awf-gtk4-2.6.0-4.fc38 Theme preview application for GTK linux/s390xNew
aws-2020-10.fc38 Ada Web Server linux/s390xNew
aws-c-common-devel-0.6.14-8.fc38 Core c99 package for AWS SDK for C linux/s390xNew
aws-c-common-libs-0.6.14-8.fc38 Core c99 package for AWS SDK for C linux/s390xNew
aws-devel-2020-10.fc38 Devel package for aws linux/s390xNew
aws-doc-2020-10.fc38 Documentation for aws linux/noarchNew
aws-tools-2020-10.fc38 Tools for aws linux/s390xNew
awscli-1.27.59-1.fc38 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS linux/noarchNew
awstats-7.9-1.fc38 Advanced Web Statistics linux/noarchNew
ax25-apps-2.0.0-9.fc38 AX.25 ham radio applications linux/s390xNew
ax25-tools-1.0.4-7.fc38 Tools used to configure an ax.25 enabled computer linux/s390xNew
ax25-tools-docs-1.0.4-7.fc38 Documentation for ax25-tools and ax25-tools-x linux/noarchNew
ax25-tools-x-1.0.4-7.fc38 X tools used to configure an AX.25 enabled computer linux/s390xNew
axel-2.17.11-4.fc38 Light command line download accelerator for Linux and Unix linux/s390xNew
axmail-2.9-8.fc38 UROnode addon - an SMTP mailbox linux/s390xNew
azote-1.9.7-2.fc38 Wallpaper and color manager for Sway, i3 and some other WMs linux/noarchNew
azove-2.0-25.fc38 Another Zero-One Vertex Enumeration tool linux/s390xNew
azure-cli-2.44.1-3.fc38 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools linux/noarchNew
b4-0.10.1-2.fc38 A helper tool to work with public-inbox and patch series linux/noarchNew
b43-fwcutter-019-23.fc38 Firmware extraction tool for Broadcom wireless driver linux/s390xNew
b43-openfwwf-5.2-30.fc38 Open firmware for some Broadcom 43xx series WLAN chips linux/noarchNew
b43-tools-019-15.fc37 Tools for the Broadcom 43xx series WLAN chip linux/s390x
babel-2.11.0-2.fc38 Tools for internationalizing Python applications linux/noarchNew
babel-doc-2.11.0-2.fc38 Documentation for Babel linux/noarchNew
babeld-1.12.1-3.fc38 Ad-hoc network routing daemon linux/s390xNew
babeltrace-1.5.11-2.fc38 Trace Viewer and Converter, mainly for the Common Trace Format linux/s390xNew
babeltrace2-2.0.4-8.fc38 A trace manipulation toolkit linux/s390xNew
babl-0.1.92-4.fc38 A dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library linux/s390xNew
babl-devel-0.1.92-4.fc38 Headers for developing programs that will use babl linux/s390xNew
babl-devel-docs-0.1.92-4.fc38 Documentation for developing programs that will use babl linux/noarchNew
backintime-common-1.3.3-2.fc38 Common files for backintime linux/noarchNew
backintime-plugins-1.3.3-2.fc38 Plugins for backintime linux/noarchNew
backintime-qt-1.3.3-2.fc38 Qt frontend for backintime linux/noarchNew
backup-light-0.4-25.fc38 A small backup bash utility linux/noarchNew
backupninja-1.2.1-3.fc38 Lightweight, extensible backup system linux/noarchNew
bacula-client-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula backup client linux/s390xNew
bacula-common-13.0.1-6.fc38 Common Bacula files linux/s390xNew
bacula-console-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula management console linux/s390xNew
bacula-console-bat-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula bat console linux/s390xNew
bacula-devel-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula development files linux/s390xNew
bacula-director-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula Director files linux/s390xNew
bacula-docs-9.6.7-6.fc38 Bacula documentation linux/noarchNew
bacula-libs-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula libraries linux/s390xNew
bacula-libs-sql-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula SQL libraries linux/s390xNew
bacula-logwatch-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula Director logwatch scripts linux/noarchNew
bacula-storage-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula storage daemon files linux/s390xNew
bacula-traymonitor-13.0.1-6.fc38 Bacula system tray monitor linux/s390xNew
badchars-0.4.0-9.fc38 HEX bad char generator for different programming languages linux/noarchNew
badvpn-1.999.130-7.fc38 Peer-to-peer VPN solution linux/s390xNew
badwolf-1.2.2-4.fc38 Web Browser which aims at security and privacy over usability linux/s390xNew
baekmuk-bdf-fonts-2.2-34.fc38 Korean bitmap fonts linux/noarchNew
baekmuk-ttf-batang-fonts-2.2-59.fc38 Korean Baekmuk TrueType Batang typeface linux/noarchNew
baekmuk-ttf-dotum-fonts-2.2-59.fc38 Korean Baekmuk TrueType Dotum typeface linux/noarchNew
baekmuk-ttf-fonts-common-2.2-59.fc38 Common files for Korean Baekmuk TrueType fonts linux/noarchNew
baekmuk-ttf-gulim-fonts-2.2-59.fc38 Korean Baekmuk TrueType Gulim typeface linux/noarchNew
baekmuk-ttf-hline-fonts-2.2-59.fc38 Korean Baekmuk TrueType Headline typeface linux/noarchNew
ballbuster-1.0-39.fc38 Move the paddle to bounce the ball and break all the bricks linux/s390xNew
ballerburg-1.2.1-3.fc38 Two players, two castles, and a hill in between linux/s390xNew
ballz-1.0.4-9.fc38 B.A.L.L.Z. - platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball linux/s390xNew
baloo-devel-4.14.3-31.fc38 Developer files for baloo linux/s390xNew
baloo-libs-4.14.3-31.fc38 Runtime libraries for baloo linux/s390xNew
baloo-widgets-22.12.1-2.fc38 Widgets for Baloo linux/s390xNew
baloo-widgets-devel-22.12.1-2.fc38 Developer files for baloo-widgets linux/s390xNew
balsa-2.6.4-2.fc38 Mail Client linux/s390xNew
bam-0.5.1-12.fc38 A build-system linux/s390xNew
bamf-0.5.5-5.fc38 Application matching framework linux/s390xNew
bamf-daemon-0.5.5-5.fc38 Application matching framework linux/s390xNew
bamf-devel-0.5.5-5.fc38 Development files for bamf linux/s390xNew
bandit-1.7.4-5.fc38 A framework for performing security analysis of Python source code linux/noarchNew
banner-1.3.5-7.fc38 Prints a short string to the console in very large letters linux/s390xNew
bannergrab-3.5-23.fc38 A banner grabbing tool linux/s390xNew
baobab-43.0-2.fc38 A graphical directory tree analyzer linux/s390xNew
barcode-0.98-45.fc38 Generates barcodes from text strings linux/s390xNew
barcode-devel-0.98-45.fc38 Header files and libraries for barcode development linux/s390xNew
baresip-2.11.0-2.fc38 Modular SIP user-agent with audio and video support linux/s390xNew
baresip-aac-2.11.0-2.fc38 AAC audio codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-alsa-2.11.0-2.fc38 ALSA audio driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-av1-2.11.0-2.fc38 AV1 video codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-codec2-2.11.0-2.fc38 Codec 2 audio codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-ctrl_dbus-2.11.0-2.fc38 D-BUS communication channel control module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-devel-2.11.0-2.fc38 Development files for the baresip library linux/s390xNew
baresip-g722-2.11.0-2.fc38 G.722 audio codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-g726-2.11.0-2.fc38 G.726 audio codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-gst-2.11.0-2.fc38 GStreamer audio source driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-gtk-2.11.0-2.fc38 GTK+ menu-based user interface module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-jack-2.11.0-2.fc38 JACK audio driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-mpa-2.11.0-2.fc38 MPA speech and audio codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-mqtt-2.11.0-2.fc38 MQTT management module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-opus-2.11.0-2.fc38 Opus speech and audio codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-plc-2.11.0-2.fc38 Packet Loss Concealment module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-portaudio-2.11.0-2.fc38 Portaudio audio driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-pulse-2.11.0-2.fc38 PulseAudio audio driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-sdl-2.11.0-2.fc38 SDL2 video output driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-snapshot-2.11.0-2.fc38 Snapshot video filter using libpng for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-sndfile-2.11.0-2.fc38 Audio dumper module using libsndfile for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-tools-2.11.0-2.fc38 Collection of tools and helper scripts for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-v4l2-2.11.0-2.fc38 Video4Linux video source driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-vp8-2.11.0-2.fc38 VP8 video codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-vp9-2.11.0-2.fc38 VP9 video codec module for baresip linux/s390xNew
baresip-x11-2.11.0-2.fc38 X11 video output driver for baresip linux/s390xNew
barman-3.0.1-3.fc38 Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL linux/noarchNew
barman-cli-3.0.1-3.fc38 Client Utilities for Barman linux/noarchNew
barrage-1.0.6-1.fc38 Kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes linux/s390x
barrier-2.4.0-4.fc38 Use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers linux/s390xNew
basesystem-11-15.fc38 The skeleton package which defines a simple Fedora system linux/noarchNew
basez-1.6.2-2.fc38 Base 16/32/64 encode/decode data to standard output linux/s390xNew
bash-5.2.15-2.fc38 The GNU Bourne Again shell linux/s390xNew
bash-argsparse-1.7-16.fc38 An high level argument parsing library for bash linux/noarchNew
bash-completion-2.11-9.fc38 Programmable completion for Bash linux/noarchNew
bash-devel-5.2.15-2.fc38 Development headers for bash linux/s390xNew
bash-doc-5.2.15-2.fc38 Documentation files for bash linux/s390xNew
bashmount-4.3.2-6.fc38 A menu-driven bash script for mounting removable media linux/noarchNew
bastet-0.43.2-3.fc38 An evil falling bricks game linux/s390xNew
bat-0.21.0-6.fc38 Cat(1) clone with wings linux/s390xNew
batctl-2023.0-0.fc38 B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool linux/s390xNew
batik-1.14-8.fc38 Scalable Vector Graphics for Java linux/noarchNew
batik-css-1.14-8.fc38 Batik CSS engine linux/noarchNew
batik-demo-1.14-8.fc38 Samples for batik linux/noarchNew
batik-javadoc-1.14-8.fc38 Javadoc for batik linux/noarchNew
batik-rasterizer-1.14-8.fc38 Batik SVG rasterizer linux/noarchNew
batik-slideshow-1.14-8.fc38 Batik SVG slideshow linux/noarchNew
batik-squiggle-1.14-8.fc38 Batik SVG browser linux/noarchNew
batik-svgpp-1.14-8.fc38 Batik SVG pretty printer linux/noarchNew
batik-ttf2svg-1.14-8.fc38 Batik SVG font converter linux/noarchNew
batik-util-1.14-8.fc38 Batik utility library linux/noarchNew
bats-1.8.2-2.fc38 Bash Automated Testing System linux/noarchNew
battray-2.3-23.fc38 Tool for displaying a laptop's battery status in the system traiy linux/noarchNew
bbkeys-0.9.0-43.fc38 Completely configurable key-combo grabber for blackbox linux/s390xNew
bc-1.07.1-17.fc38 GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator) linux/s390xNew
bcache-tools-1.1-4.fc38 Tools for Linux kernel block layer cache linux/s390xNew
bcal-2.4-3.fc38 Storage conversion and expression calculator linux/s390xNew
bcc-0.25.0-1.fc38 BPF Compiler Collection (BCC) linux/s390x
bcc-devel-0.25.0-1.fc38 Shared library for BPF Compiler Collection (BCC) linux/s390x
bcc-doc-0.25.0-1.fc38 Examples for BPF Compiler Collection (BCC) linux/noarch
bcc-tools-0.25.0-1.fc38 Command line tools for BPF Compiler Collection (BCC) linux/s390x
bcd-1.1-9.20180610gitd94c9fa.fc38 Bayesian Collaborative Denoiser for Monte-Carlo Rendering linux/s390xNew
bcd-cli-1.1-9.20180610gitd94c9fa.fc38 Tools for bcd linux/s390xNew
bcd-devel-1.1-9.20180610gitd94c9fa.fc38 Development files for bcd linux/s390xNew
bcel-6.5.0-4.fc38 Byte Code Engineering Library linux/noarchNew
bcel-javadoc-6.5.0-4.fc38 API documentation for bcel linux/noarchNew
bcg729-1.1.1-6.fc38 Opensource implementation of the G.729 codec linux/s390xNew
bcg729-devel-1.1.1-6.fc38 Development files for bcg729 linux/s390xNew
bchunk-1.2.2-12.fc38 CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr linux/s390xNew
bcm43xx-fwcutter-006-29.fc38 Firmware extraction tool for Broadcom wireless driver linux/s390xNew
bcrypt-1.1-31.fc38 File encryption utility linux/s390xNew
bdf2psf-1.215-2.fc38 Generate console fonts from BDF source fonts linux/noarchNew
bdftopcf-1.1-6.fc38 Font compiler for the X server and font server linux/s390xNew
bdii-6.0.0-2.fc38 The Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) linux/noarchNew
bdsync-0.11.2-8.fc38 Remote sync for block devices linux/s390xNew
beaker-client-28.3-4.fc38 Command-line client for interacting with Beaker linux/noarchNew
beaker-common-28.3-4.fc38 Common components for Beaker packages linux/noarchNew
beakerlib-1.29.3-2.fc38 A shell-level integration testing library linux/noarchNew
beakerlib-libraries-0.7-5.fc38 Beakerlib libraries linux/noarchNew
beakerlib-vim-syntax-1.29.3-2.fc38 Files for syntax highlighting BeakerLib tests in VIM editor linux/noarchNew
beansbinding-1.2.1-32.fc38 Beans Binding (JSR 295) reference implementation linux/noarchNew
beansbinding-javadoc-1.2.1-32.fc38 Javadoc for beansbinding linux/noarchNew
beanstalkd-1.10-19.fc38 A simple, fast work-queue service linux/s390xNew
bear-3.0.21-2.fc38 Tool that generates a compilation database for clang tooling linux/s390xNew
bear-engine-0.7.0-0.40.20200220git2a78522.fc38 Run-time libraries for games based on the Bear engine linux/s390xNew
bear-factory-0.7.0-0.40.20200220git2a78522.fc38 Game engine and editors dedicated to creating great 2D games linux/s390xNew
bear-factory-devel-0.7.0-0.40.20200220git2a78522.fc38 Development files for bear-factory linux/s390xNew
beecrypt-4.2.1-32.fc38 Open source cryptography library linux/s390xNew
beecrypt-apidocs-4.2.1-32.fc38 API documentation for beecrypt toolkit and library linux/s390xNew
beecrypt-devel-4.2.1-32.fc38 Development files for the beecrypt toolkit and library linux/s390xNew
beediff-1.9-31.fc38 Visual tool for comparing and merging files linux/s390xNew
beefy-miracle-backgrounds-16.91.0-22.fc38 Beefy Miracle desktop backgrounds linux/noarchNew
beefy-miracle-backgrounds-gnome-16.91.0-22.fc38 Beefy Miracle Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarchNew
beefy-miracle-backgrounds-kde-16.91.0-22.fc38 Beefy Miracle Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarchNew
beefy-miracle-backgrounds-single-16.91.0-22.fc38 Single screen images for Beefy Miracle Backgrounds linux/noarchNew
beefy-miracle-backgrounds-xfce-16.91.0-22.fc38 Beefy Miracle Wallpapers for XFCE4 linux/noarchNew
beefy-miracle-kde-theme- Beefy Miracle KDE Theme linux/noarchNew
beep-1.4.12-7.fc38 Beep the PC speaker any number of ways linux/s390xNew
beesu-2.7-43.fc38 Graphical wrapper for su linux/s390xNew
beets-1.6.0-2.fc38 Music library manager and MusicBrainz tagger linux/noarchNew
beets-doc-1.6.0-2.fc38 Documentation for beets linux/noarchNew
beets-plugins-1.6.0-2.fc38 Plugins for beets linux/noarchNew
belle-sip-1.4.2-17.fc38 Linphone SIP stack linux/s390xNew
belle-sip-devel-1.4.2-17.fc38 Development libraries for belle-sip linux/s390xNew
below-0.6.3-2.fc38 Interactive tool to view and record historical system data linux/s390xNew
bemenu-0.6.14-2.fc38 Dynamic menu library and client program inspired by dmenu linux/s390xNew
bemenu-devel-0.6.14-2.fc38 Development files for bemenu linux/s390xNew
bench-1.0.12-17.fc37 Command-line benchmark tool linux/s390x
beneath-a-steel-sky-1.3-22.fc38 Beneath a Steel Sky - Adventure Game linux/noarchNew
beneath-a-steel-sky-cd-0.0372-25.fc38 Beneath a Steel Sky - Adventure Game - CD version linux/noarchNew
berry-1.0.0-18.fc38 Modern and light image viewer linux/s390xNew
berusky-1.7.1-25.fc38 Sokoban clone linux/s390xNew
berusky-data-1.7-18.fc38 A datafile for Berusky linux/noarchNew
berusky2-data-0.12-7.fc38 A datafile for Berusky linux/noarchNew
bes-3.20.13-6.fc38 Back-end server software framework for OPeNDAP linux/s390xNew
bes-devel-3.20.13-6.fc38 Development files for bes linux/s390xNew
bes-doc-3.20.13-6.fc38 Documentation of the OPeNDAP BES linux/s390xNew
beteckna-fonts-0.3-28.fc38 Beteckna sans-serif fonts linux/noarchNew
beteckna-fonts-common-0.3-28.fc38 Common files of beteckna-fonts linux/noarchNew
beteckna-lower-case-fonts-0.3-28.fc38 Beteckna lower case sfd fonts linux/noarchNew
beteckna-small-caps-fonts-0.3-28.fc38 Beteckna small caps sfd fonts linux/noarchNew
bettercap-2.32.0-8.fc38 Tool for 802.11, BLE and Ethernet reconnaissance and MITM attacks linux/s390xNew
beust-jcommander-1.82-2.fc38 Java framework for parsing command line parameters linux/noarchNew
beust-jcommander-javadoc-1.82-2.fc38 API documentation for beust-jcommander linux/noarchNew
bfast-0.7.0a-31.fc38 Blat-like Fast Accurate Search Tool linux/s390xNew
bfs-2.6.2-2.fc38 A breadth-first version of the UNIX find command linux/s390xNew
bgpdump-1.6.0-11.fc38 MRT file reader for handling BGP related data linux/s390xNew
bgpq3- Automate BGP filter generation based on routing database information linux/s390xNew
bgpq4-1.8-1.fc38 Automate BGP filter generation based on routing database information linux/s390xNew
bib2html-1.2.1-35.fc38 Converting bibTeX file to HTML linux/s390xNew
biber-2.18-2.fc38 Command-line bibliographic manager, BibTeX replacement linux/noarchNew
biber-tests-2.18-2.fc38 Tests for biber linux/noarchNew
biblesync-2.1.0-8.fc38 A Cross-platform library for sharing Bible navigation linux/s390xNew
biblesync-devel-2.1.0-8.fc38 Development files for biblesync linux/s390xNew
bibletime-3.0.2-2.fc36 An easy to use Bible study tool linux/s390x
biboumi-9.0-3.fc38 An XMPP gateway that connects to IRC servers linux/s390xNew
bibutils-7.2-4.fc38 Bibliography conversion tools linux/s390xNew
bibutils-devel-7.2-4.fc38 Development files for bibutils linux/s390xNew
bibutils-libs-7.2-4.fc38 Bibutils library linux/s390xNew
bicon-0.5-18.fc38 Bidirectional Console linux/s390xNew
bicon-devel-0.5-18.fc38 Development Libraries for BiCon linux/s390xNew
bicon-fonts-0.5-18.fc38 Font Files for BiCon linux/noarchNew
bicon-keymaps-0.5-18.fc38 Keymap Files for BiCon linux/noarchNew
bidiv-1.5-33.fc38 Display logical Hebrew on unidirectional terminals linux/s390xNew
bigloo-4.5a-2.1.fc38 A compiler for the Scheme programming language linux/s390xNew
bigloo-doc-4.5a-2.1.fc38 Bigloo documentation linux/noarchNew
bigloo-libs-4.5a-2.1.fc38 Bigloo runtime libraries linux/s390xNew
bijiben-40.1-6.fc38 Simple Note Viewer linux/s390xNew
biloba-0.9.3-27.fc38 A tactical board game linux/s390xNew
binclock-0.4.0-16.fc38 Fullscreen console binary clock linux/noarchNew
bind-9.18.11-1.fc38 The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/s390xNew
bind-chroot-9.18.11-1.fc38 A chroot runtime environment for the ISC BIND DNS server, named(8) linux/s390xNew
bind-devel-9.18.11-1.fc38 Header files and libraries needed for bind-dyndb-ldap linux/s390xNew
bind-dlz-filesystem-9.18.11-1.fc38 BIND server filesystem DLZ module linux/s390xNew
bind-dlz-ldap-9.18.11-1.fc38 BIND server ldap DLZ module linux/s390xNew
bind-dlz-mysql-9.18.11-1.fc38 BIND server mysql and mysqldyn DLZ modules linux/s390xNew
bind-dlz-sqlite3-9.18.11-1.fc38 BIND server sqlite3 DLZ module linux/s390xNew
bind-dnssec-utils-9.18.11-1.fc38 DNSSEC keys and zones management utilities linux/s390xNew
bind-doc-9.18.11-1.fc38 BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual linux/noarchNew
bind-dyndb-ldap-11.10-12.fc38 LDAP back-end plug-in for BIND linux/s390xNew
bind-libs-9.18.11-1.fc38 Libraries used by the BIND DNS packages linux/s390xNew
bind-license-9.18.11-1.fc38 License of the BIND DNS suite linux/noarchNew
bind-to-tinydns-0.4.3-33.20140818gitdf0ddc3.fc38 Convert DNS zone files in BIND format to tinydns format linux/s390xNew
bind-utils-9.18.11-1.fc38 Utilities for querying DNS name servers linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-9.19.9-1.fc38 The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-chroot-9.19.9-1.fc38 A chroot runtime environment for the ISC BIND DNS server, named(8) linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-devel-9.19.9-1.fc38 Header files and libraries needed for bind-dyndb-ldap linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-dlz-filesystem-9.19.9-1.fc38 BIND server filesystem DLZ module linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-dlz-ldap-9.19.9-1.fc38 BIND server ldap DLZ module linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-dlz-mysql-9.19.9-1.fc38 BIND server mysql and mysqldyn DLZ modules linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-dlz-sqlite3-9.19.9-1.fc38 BIND server sqlite3 DLZ module linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-dnssec-utils-9.19.9-1.fc38 DNSSEC keys and zones management utilities linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-doc-9.19.9-1.fc38 BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual linux/noarchNew
bind9-next-libs-9.19.9-1.fc38 Libraries used by the BIND DNS packages linux/s390xNew
bind9-next-license-9.19.9-1.fc38 License of the BIND DNS suite linux/noarchNew
bind9-next-utils-9.19.9-1.fc38 Utilities for querying DNS name servers linux/s390xNew
bindfs-1.17.1-2.fc38 Fuse filesystem to mirror a directory linux/s390xNew
bindgen-cli-0.63.0-3.fc38 Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C and C++ libraries linux/s390xNew
biniax-1.2-35.fc38 A unique arcade logic game linux/s390xNew
binutils-2.39-9.fc38 A GNU collection of binary utilities linux/s390xNew
binutils-aarch64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for aarch64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-alpha-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for alpha-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-arc-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for arc-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-arm-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for arm-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-avr32-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for avr32-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-bfin-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for bfin-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-c6x-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for c6x-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-cris-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for cris-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-devel-2.39-9.fc38 BFD and opcodes static and dynamic libraries and header files linux/s390xNew
binutils-frv-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for frv-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-gold-2.39-9.fc38 The GOLD linker, a faster alternative to the BFD linker linux/s390xNew
binutils-h8300-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for h8300-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-hppa-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for hppa-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-hppa64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for hppa64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for ia64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-loongarch64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for loongarch64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-m32r-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for m32r-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-m68k-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for m68k-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-metag-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for metag-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-microblaze-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for microblaze-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-mips64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for mips64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-mn10300-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for mn10300-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-nios2-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for nios2-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-openrisc-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for openrisc-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-powerpc64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for powerpc64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-powerpc64le-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for powerpc64le-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-ppc64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for ppc64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-ppc64le-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for ppc64le-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-riscv64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for riscv64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-s390x-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for s390x-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-score-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for score-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-sh-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for sh-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-sparc64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for sparc64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-tile-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for tile-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-x86_64-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for x86_64-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binutils-xtensa-linux-gnu-2.39-3.fc38 Cross-build binary utilities for xtensa-linux-gnu linux/s390xNew
binwalk-2.3.3-3.fc38 Firmware analysis tool linux/noarchNew
bio2jack-0.9-30.fc38 A library for porting blocked io(OSS/ALSA) applications to jack linux/s390xNew
bio2jack-devel-0.9-30.fc38 Development files for bio2jack linux/s390xNew
bionetgen-2.8.4-4.fc38 Software for rule-based modeling of biochemical systems linux/s390xNew
bionetgen-perl-2.8.4-4.fc38 Perl scripts and Models used by bionetgen linux/noarchNew
biosig4c++-1.9.5-9.gita2aae2b.fc38 A software library for processing of biomedical signals linux/s390xNew
biosig4c++-devel-1.9.5-9.gita2aae2b.fc38 A software library for processing of biomedical signals linux/s390xNew
bird-2.0.12-1.fc38 BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/s390xNew
bird-doc-2.0.12-1.fc38 Documentation for BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/noarchNew
bison-3.8.2-4.fc38 A GNU general-purpose parser generator linux/s390xNew
bison-devel-3.8.2-4.fc38 -ly library for development using Bison-generated parsers linux/s390xNew
bison-runtime-3.8.2-4.fc38 Runtime support files used by Bison-generated parsers linux/s390xNew
bitcoin-core-desktop-24.0.1-1.fc38 Peer to Peer Cryptographic Currency linux/s390x
bitcoin-core-devel-24.0.1-1.fc38 Peer-to-peer digital currency linux/s390x
bitcoin-core-libs-24.0.1-1.fc38 Peer-to-peer digital currency linux/s390x
bitcoin-core-selinux-0-9.20210312giteaa9a04.fc38 Bitcoin Core SELinux policy linux/noarchNew
bitcoin-core-server-24.0.1-1.fc38 Peer-to-peer digital currency linux/s390x
bitcoin-core-utils-24.0.1-1.fc38 Peer-to-peer digital currency linux/s390x
bitlbee-3.6-10.fc38 IRC to other chat networks gateway linux/s390xNew
bitlbee-devel-3.6-10.fc38 Development files for bitlbee linux/s390xNew
bitlbee-facebook-1.2.2-5.fc38 Facebook protocol plugin for BitlBee linux/s390xNew
bitlbee-otr-3.6-10.fc38 OTR plugin for bitlbee linux/s390xNew
bitlbee-steam-1.4.2-15.fc38 Steam protocol plugin for BitlBee linux/s390xNew
bitmap-1.0.9-9.fc38 Bitmaps editor and converter utilities for the X Window System linux/s390xNew
bitmap-console-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected set of bitmap fonts linux/noarchNew
bitmap-console-opentype-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected set of bitmap fonts (opentype version) linux/noarchNew
bitmap-fangsongti-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected CJK bitmap fonts for Anaconda linux/noarchNew
bitmap-fangsongti-opentype-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected CJK bitmap fonts for Anaconda (opentype version) linux/noarchNew
bitmap-fixed-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected set of bitmap fonts linux/noarchNew
bitmap-fixed-opentype-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected set of bitmap fonts (opentype version) linux/noarchNew
bitmap-fonts-compat-0.3-42.fc38 Compatibility files of bitmap-font families linux/noarchNew
bitmap-lucida-typewriter-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected CJK bitmap fonts for Anaconda linux/noarchNew
bitmap-lucida-typewriter-opentype-fonts-0.3-42.fc38 Selected CJK bitmap fonts for Anaconda (opentype version) linux/noarchNew
bitmap-opentype-fonts-compat-0.3-42.fc38 Compatibility files of bitmap-font families (opentype version) linux/noarchNew
bitstream-devel-1.5-10.fc38 Simpler access to binary structures such as specified by MPEG, DVB, IETF linux/noarchNew
bitstream-vera-fonts-all-1.10-48.fc38 All the font packages, generated from bitstream-vera-fonts linux/noarchNew
bitstream-vera-sans-fonts-1.10-48.fc38 Bitstream Vera Sans, a variable-width sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
bitstream-vera-sans-mono-fonts-1.10-48.fc38 Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, a mono-space sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
bitstream-vera-serif-fonts-1.10-48.fc38 Bitstream Vera Serif, a variable-width serif font family linux/noarchNew
bitwise-0.43-2.fc38 Terminal based bit manipulator in ncurses linux/s390xNew
bkhive-1.1.1-26.fc38 Dump the syskey bootkey from a Windows system hive linux/s390xNew
black-22.8.0-2.fc38 The uncompromising code formatter linux/noarchNew
black+colorama-22.8.0-2.fc38 Metapackage for black: colorama extras linux/noarchNew
black+d-22.8.0-2.fc38 Metapackage for black: d extras linux/noarchNew
black+jupyter-22.8.0-2.fc38 Metapackage for black: jupyter extras linux/noarchNew
black+uvloop-22.8.0-2.fc38 Metapackage for black: uvloop extras linux/noarchNew
black-hole-solver-1.12.0-3.fc38 The Black Hole Solitaire Solver Executable linux/s390xNew
blackbox-0.77-4.fc38 Very small and fast Window Manager linux/s390xNew
blackbox-devel-0.77-4.fc38 Development files for blackbox linux/s390xNew
blas-3.11.0-2.fc38 The Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms library linux/s390xNew
blas-devel-3.11.0-2.fc38 BLAS development libraries linux/s390xNew
blas-static-3.11.0-2.fc38 BLAS static libraries linux/s390xNew
blas64-3.11.0-2.fc38 The Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms library (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
blas64_-3.11.0-2.fc38 The Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms library (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
blaze-devel-3.8-8.fc38 Development headers for BLAZE linux/s390xNew
bleachbit-4.4.2-2.fc38 Remove sensitive data and free up disk space linux/noarchNew
blender-3.4.1-5.fc38 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production linux/s390x
blender-rpm-macros-3.4.1-5.fc38 RPM macros to build third-party blender addons packages linux/noarch
bless-0.6.3-9.fc38 High quality, full featured hex editor linux/s390xNew
bless-doc-0.6.3-9.fc38 Bless user manual linux/s390xNew
bletchmame-2.15-2.fc37 MAME emulator frontend linux/s390x
blinken-22.12.1-2.fc38 Memory Enhancement Game linux/s390xNew
blis-0.7.0-11.fc38 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework linux/s390xNew
blis-devel-0.7.0-11.fc38 Development files for blis linux/s390xNew
blis-openmp-0.7.0-11.fc38 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - OpenMP linux/s390xNew
blis-openmp64-0.7.0-11.fc38 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - OpenMP, 64-bit linux/s390xNew
blis-serial64-0.7.0-11.fc38 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - 64-bit linux/s390xNew
blis-srpm-macros-0.7.0-11.fc38 BLIS architecture macros linux/noarchNew
blis-threads-0.7.0-11.fc38 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - pthreads linux/s390xNew
blis-threads64-0.7.0-11.fc38 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - pthreads, 64-bit linux/s390xNew
bliss-0.77-4.fc38 Compute automorphism groups and canonical labelings of graphs linux/s390xNew
bliss-devel-0.77-4.fc38 Headers and library files for developing with bliss linux/s390xNew
bliss-libs-0.77-4.fc38 Compute automorphism groups and canonical labelings of graphs linux/s390xNew
blitz-1.0.2-13.fc38 C++ class library for matrix scientific computing linux/s390xNew
blitz-devel-1.0.2-13.fc38 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with blitz linux/s390xNew
blitz-doc-1.0.2-13.fc38 The Blitz html docs linux/noarchNew
blivet-data-3.6.1-2.fc38 Data for the blivet python module. linux/noarchNew
blivet-gui-2.4.0-3.fc38 Tool for data storage configuration linux/noarchNew
blivet-gui-runtime-2.4.0-3.fc38 blivet-gui runtime linux/noarchNew
blktrace-1.3.0-6.fc38 Utilities for performing block layer IO tracing in the Linux kernel linux/s390xNew
bloaty-1.1-17.fc38 A size profiler for binaries linux/s390x
blobwars-2.00-10.fc38 Mission and Objective based 2D Platform Game linux/s390xNew
blockdiag-3.0.0-6.fc38 Generate block-diagram images from text linux/noarchNew
blosc-1.21.2-2.fc38 High performance compressor optimized for binary data linux/s390xNew
blosc-bench-1.21.2-2.fc38 Benchmark for the Blosc compressor linux/s390xNew
blosc-devel-1.21.2-2.fc38 Header files and libraries for Blosc development linux/s390xNew
blsctl-0.2.3-7.fc38 Manages BLS entries and kernel cmdline options linux/s390xNew
blt-2.4-65.z.fc38 Widget extension to the Tcl/Tk scripting language linux/s390xNew
blt-devel-2.4-65.z.fc38 Development files for BLT linux/s390xNew
blt-doc-2.4-65.z.fc38 HTML documentation for BLT linux/noarchNew
bltk-1.1.0-28.fc38 The BLTK measures notebook battery life under any workload linux/s390xNew
bluebird-gtk2-theme-1.3-10.fc38 Bluebird GTK+2 themes linux/noarchNew
bluebird-gtk3-theme-1.3-10.fc38 Bluebird GTK+3 themes linux/noarchNew
bluebird-metacity-theme-1.3-10.fc38 Bluebird Metacity themes linux/noarchNew
bluebird-xfwm4-theme-1.3-10.fc38 Bluebird Xfwm4 themes linux/noarchNew
bluedevil-5.26.90-1.fc38 Bluetooth stack for KDE linux/s390xNew
bluefish-2.2.12-9.fc38 Web development application for experienced users linux/s390xNew
bluefish-shared-data-2.2.12-9.fc38 Architecture-independent data for bluefish linux/noarchNew
blueman-2.3.5-2.fc38 GTK+ Bluetooth Manager linux/s390xNew
blueman-caja-2.3.5-2.fc38 Blueman integration for Caja linux/noarchNew
blueman-nautilus-2.3.5-2.fc38 Blueman integration for Nautilus linux/noarchNew
blueman-nemo-2.3.5-2.fc38 Blueman integration for Nemo linux/noarchNew
blueprint-compiler-0.6.0-2.fc38 A markup language for GTK user interfaces linux/noarchNew
bluez-5.66-5.fc38 Bluetooth utilities linux/s390xNew
bluez-cups-5.66-5.fc38 CUPS printer backend for Bluetooth printers linux/s390xNew
bluez-deprecated-5.66-5.fc38 Deprecated Bluetooth applications linux/s390xNew
bluez-hid2hci-5.66-5.fc38 Put HID proxying bluetooth HCI's into HCI mode linux/s390xNew
bluez-libs-5.66-5.fc38 Libraries for use in Bluetooth applications linux/s390xNew
bluez-libs-devel-5.66-5.fc38 Development libraries for Bluetooth applications linux/s390xNew
bluez-mesh-5.66-5.fc38 Bluetooth mesh linux/s390xNew
bluez-obexd-5.66-5.fc38 Object Exchange daemon for sharing content linux/s390xNew
bluez-tools-0.2.0-0.20.git20170912.7cb788c.fc38 A set of tools to manage Bluetooth devices for Linux linux/s390xNew
bmake-20230101-2.fc38 The NetBSD make(1) tool linux/s390xNew
bmap-tools-3.6-7.fc38 Tools to generate and flash sparse images using the "block map" (bmap) format linux/noarchNew
bmc-snmp-proxy-1.8.19-2.fc38 Reconfigure SNMP to include host SNMP agent within BMC linux/noarchNew
bmon-4.0-6.fc38 Bandwidth monitor and rate estimator linux/s390xNew
bnd-maven-plugin-6.3.1-3.fc38 BND Maven plugin linux/noarchNew
bodhi-cli-2.0.1-3.fc38 Bodhi CLI client based on bodhi-rs linux/s390xNew
bodhi-client-7.0.1-2.fc38 Bodhi client linux/noarchNew
bodhi-composer-7.0.1-2.fc38 Bodhi composer backend linux/noarchNew
bodhi-server-7.0.1-2.fc38 Bodhi server linux/noarchNew
bodr-10-19.fc38 Blue Obelisk Data Repository linux/noarchNew
bogl-0.1.18-48.fc38 A terminal program for displaying Unicode on the console linux/s390xNew
bogl-bterm-0.1.18-48.fc38 A Unicode capable terminal program for the Linux frame buffer linux/s390xNew
bogl-devel-0.1.18-48.fc38 Development files required to build BOGL applications linux/s390xNew
bogofilter-1.2.5-11.fc38 Fast anti-spam filtering by Bayesian statistical analysis linux/s390xNew
bogofilter-bogoupgrade-1.2.5-11.fc38 Upgrades bogofilter database to current version linux/s390xNew
boinc-client-7.20.2-4.fc38 The BOINC client linux/s390xNew
boinc-client-devel-7.20.2-4.fc38 Development files for boinc-client linux/s390xNew
boinc-client-doc-7.20.2-4.fc38 Documentation files for boinc-client linux/noarchNew
boinc-client-static-7.20.2-4.fc38 Static libraries for boinc-client linux/s390xNew
boinc-manager-7.20.2-4.fc38 GUI to control and monitor boinc-client linux/s390xNew
boinc-tui-2.5.0-8.fc36 Fullscreen Text Mode Manager For BOINC Client linux/s390x
bolt-0.9.2-1.fc36 Thunderbolt device manager linux/s390x
boltdb-1.3.1-18.fc38 Embedded key/value database for Go linux/s390xNew
bolzplatz2006-1.0.3-54.fc38 Slam Soccer 2006 is a funny football game in 3D-comic-style linux/s390xNew
bombardier-0.8.3-21.fc38 The GNU Bombing utility linux/s390xNew
bomber-22.12.1-2.fc38 Arcade bombing game linux/s390xNew
bonnie++-2.00a-7.fc38 Filesystem and disk benchmark & burn-in suite linux/s390xNew
bontmia-0.14-29.fc38 Backup over network to multiple incremental archives linux/noarchNew
booksorg-0.3.1-8.fc38 Books Organizer linux/s390xNew
bookworm-1.1.3-0.9.20200414git.c7c3643.fc38 Simple, focused eBook reader linux/s390xNew
boom-boot-1.4-3.fc38 A set of libraries and tools for managing boot loader entries linux/noarchNew
boom-boot-conf-1.4-3.fc38 A set of libraries and tools for managing boot loader entries linux/noarchNew
boomaga-3.3.0-15.git7f7ad47.fc38 A virtual printer for viewing a document before printing linux/s390xNew
boomaga-selinux-3.3.0-15.git7f7ad47.fc38 SELinux policy module supporting boomaga linux/s390xNew
boost-1.78.0-11.fc38 The free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries linux/s390xNew
boost-atomic-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost atomic library linux/s390xNew
boost-b2-1.78.0-11.fc38 A low-level build tool linux/s390xNew
boost-build-1.78.0-11.fc38 Cross platform build system for C++ projects linux/noarchNew
boost-chrono-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost chrono library linux/s390xNew
boost-container-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost container library linux/s390xNew
boost-context-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost context switching library linux/s390xNew
boost-contract-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost contract library linux/s390xNew
boost-coroutine-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost coroutine library linux/s390xNew
boost-date-time-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost date-time library linux/s390xNew
boost-devel-1.78.0-11.fc38 The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries linux/s390xNew
boost-doc-1.78.0-11.fc38 HTML documentation for the Boost C++ libraries linux/s390xNew
boost-doctools-1.78.0-11.fc38 Tools for working with Boost documentation linux/s390xNew
boost-examples-1.78.0-11.fc38 Source examples for the Boost C++ libraries linux/s390xNew
boost-fiber-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost fiber library linux/s390xNew
boost-filesystem-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost filesystem library linux/s390xNew
boost-graph-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost graph library linux/s390xNew
boost-graph-mpich-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of parallel boost graph library linux/s390xNew
boost-graph-openmpi-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of parallel boost graph library linux/s390xNew
boost-http-server-0-5.20220116gitcd5245f.fc38 Improvements on top of the Boost Asio HTTP server example linux/s390xNew
boost-http-server-devel-0-5.20220116gitcd5245f.fc38 Improvements on top of the Boost Asio HTTP server example linux/s390xNew
boost-http-server-doc-0-5.20220116gitcd5245f.fc38 Documentation for boost-http-server linux/noarchNew
boost-iostreams-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost iostreams library linux/s390xNew
boost-json-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost json library linux/s390xNew
boost-locale-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost locale library linux/s390xNew
boost-log-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost logging library linux/s390xNew
boost-math-1.78.0-11.fc38 Math functions for boost TR1 library linux/s390xNew
boost-mpich-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/s390xNew
boost-mpich-devel-1.78.0-11.fc38 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI linux/s390xNew
boost-mpich-python3-1.78.0-11.fc38 Python 3 run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/s390xNew
boost-mpich-python3-devel-1.78.0-11.fc38 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI Python 3 component linux/s390xNew
boost-nowide-1.78.0-11.fc38 Standard library functions with UTF-8 API on Windows linux/s390xNew
boost-numpy3-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost numpy library for Python 3 linux/s390xNew
boost-openmpi-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/s390xNew
boost-openmpi-devel-1.78.0-11.fc38 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI linux/s390xNew
boost-openmpi-python3-1.78.0-11.fc38 Python 3 run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/s390xNew
boost-openmpi-python3-devel-1.78.0-11.fc38 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI Python 3 component linux/s390xNew
boost-program-options-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost program_options library linux/s390xNew
boost-python3-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost python library for Python 3 linux/s390xNew
boost-random-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost random library linux/s390xNew
boost-regex-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost regular expression library linux/s390xNew
boost-serialization-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost serialization library linux/s390xNew
boost-stacktrace-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost stacktrace library linux/s390xNew
boost-static-1.78.0-11.fc38 The Boost C++ static development libraries linux/s390xNew
boost-system-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost system support library linux/s390xNew
boost-test-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost test library linux/s390xNew
boost-thread-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost thread library linux/s390xNew
boost-timer-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost timer library linux/s390xNew
boost-type_erasure-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost type erasure library linux/s390xNew
boost-wave-1.78.0-11.fc38 Run-time component of boost C99/C++ preprocessing library linux/s390xNew
booth-1.0-283.2.9d4029a.git.fc38 Ticket Manager for Multi-site Clusters linux/s390xNew
booth-arbitrator-1.0-283.2.9d4029a.git.fc38 Booth support for running as an arbitrator linux/noarchNew
booth-core-1.0-283.2.9d4029a.git.fc38 Booth core files (executables, etc.) linux/s390xNew
booth-site-1.0-283.2.9d4029a.git.fc38 Booth support for running as a full-fledged site linux/noarchNew
booth-test-1.0-283.2.9d4029a.git.fc38 Test scripts for Booth linux/noarchNew
bootswatch-common- bootswatch (XStatic packaging standard) common files linux/noarchNew
bootswatch-fonts- bootswatch (XStatic packaging standard) fonts linux/noarchNew
borgbackup-1.2.3-2.fc38 A deduplicating backup program with compression and authenticated encryption linux/s390xNew
borgmatic-1.7.5-2.fc38 Simple Python wrapper script for borgbackup linux/noarchNew
boswars-2.7-29.svn160110.fc38 Bos Wars is a futuristic real-time strategy game linux/s390xNew
boswars-addons-2.6-25.fc38 Addon maps for Bos Wars real-time strategy game linux/noarchNew
botan-1.10.17-35.fc38 Crypto library written in C++ linux/s390xNew
botan-devel-1.10.17-35.fc38 Development files for botan linux/s390xNew
botan-doc-1.10.17-35.fc38 Documentation for botan linux/noarchNew
botan2-2.19.3-2.fc38 Crypto and TLS for C++11 linux/s390xNew
botan2-devel-2.19.3-2.fc38 Development files for botan2 linux/s390xNew
botan2-doc-2.19.3-2.fc38 Documentation for botan2 linux/noarchNew
bottles-2022.7.14-3.fc38 Easily manage Wine prefix in a new way linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-1.70-8.fc38 Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs for Java linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-javadoc-1.70-8.fc38 Javadoc for bouncycastle linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-mail-1.70-8.fc38 Bouncy Castle S/MIME API linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-pg-1.70-8.fc38 Bouncy Castle OpenPGP API linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-pkix-1.70-8.fc38 Bouncy Castle PKIX, CMS, EAC, TSP, PKCS, OCSP, CMP, and CRMF APIs linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-tls-1.70-8.fc38 Bouncy Castle JSSE provider and TLS/DTLS API linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-util-1.70-8.fc38 Bouncy Castle ASN.1 Extension and Utility APIs linux/noarchNew
bournal-1.5-26.fc38 Write personal, password-protected journal entries linux/noarchNew
bout++-common-4.4.2-5.fc37 Common files for BOUT++ linux/s390x
bout++-doc-4.4.2-5.fc37 BOUT++ Documentation linux/noarch
bout++-mpich-4.4.2-5.fc37 BOUT++ mpich libraries linux/s390x
bout++-mpich-devel-4.4.2-5.fc37 BOUT++ mpich libraries linux/s390x
bout++-openmpi-4.4.2-5.fc37 BOUT++ openmpi libraries linux/s390x
bout++-openmpi-devel-4.4.2-5.fc37 BOUT++ openmpi libraries linux/s390x
bovo-22.12.1-2.fc38 Five in a row game linux/s390xNew
bowtie-1.3.0-3.fc35 An ultrafast, memory-efficient short read aligner linux/s390x
boxes-2.2.0-2.fc38 Command line ASCII boxes unlimited! linux/s390xNew
boxes-vim-2.2.0-2.fc38 Vim plugin for boxes linux/noarchNew
bpfmon-2.51-2.fc38 Traffic monitor for BPF expression/iptables rule linux/s390xNew
bpftool-6.1.0-2.fc38 Inspection and simple manipulation of eBPF programs and maps linux/s390xNew
bpftrace-0.16.0-6.fc38 High-level tracing language for Linux eBPF linux/s390xNew
bpg-algeti-fonts-2.005-21.fc38 Algeti Family of BPG Georgian Fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-chveulebrivi-fonts-3.002-21.fc38 Chveulebrivi family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-classic-fonts-8.500-21.fc38 Classic family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-courier-fonts-4.002-21.fc38 Courier family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-courier-s-fonts-4.000-21.fc38 Courier S family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-dedaena-block-fonts-3.005-21.fc38 DedaEna Block family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-dejavu-sans-fonts-2017.2.005-21.fc38 DejaVu Sans with BPG Georgian changes linux/noarchNew
bpg-dejavu-sans-mono-fonts-2017.3.003-21.fc38 DejaVu Sans Mono with BPG Georgian changes linux/noarchNew
bpg-dejavu-serif-fonts-2017.2.37-21.fc38 DejaVu Serif with BPG Georgian changes linux/noarchNew
bpg-elite-fonts-3.000-21.fc38 Elite family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-excelsior-caps-fonts-2.003-21.fc38 Excelsior Caps family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-excelsior-condenced-fonts-2.003-21.fc38 Excelsior Condenced family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-excelsior-fonts-2.03-21.fc38 Excelsior family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-fonts-common-20120413-21.fc38 Common files for BPG Georgian fonts (documentation...) linux/noarchNew
bpg-glaho-fonts-9.000-21.fc38 Glaho family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-gorda-fonts-2.003-21.fc38 Gorda family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-ingiri-fonts-4.000-21.fc38 Ingiri family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-irubaqidze-fonts-1.000-21.fc38 Irubaqidze family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-mikhail-stephan-fonts-2.500-21.fc38 Mikhail Stephan family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-mrgvlovani-caps-fonts-1.002-21.fc38 Mrgvlovani Caps family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-mrgvlovani-fonts-1.002-21.fc38 Mrgvlovani family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-nateli-caps-fonts-2.003-21.fc38 Nateli Caps family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-nateli-condenced-fonts-2.003-21.fc38 Nateli Condenced family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-nateli-fonts-2.003-21.fc38 Nateli family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-nino-medium-cond-fonts-4.005-21.fc38 Nino Medium Cond family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-nino-medium-fonts-4.005-21.fc38 Nino Medium family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-sans-fonts-1.005-21.fc38 Sans family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-sans-medium-fonts-1.005-21.fc38 Sans Medium family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-sans-modern-fonts-2.025-21.fc38 Sans Modern family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-sans-regular-fonts-1.005-21.fc38 Sans Regular family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-serif-fonts-1.005-21.fc38 Serif family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-serif-modern-fonts-2.028-21.fc38 Serif Modern family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpg-ucnobi-fonts-3.300-21.fc38 Ucnobi family of BPG Georgian fonts linux/noarchNew
bpytop-1.0.68-4.fc38 Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor linux/noarchNew
brain2mesh-demos-0.5-9.fc38 Example datasets and scripts for the brain2mesh toolbox linux/noarchNew
brainfuck- Brainfuck interpreter linux/s390x
brasero-3.12.3-5.fc38 Gnome CD/DVD burning application linux/s390xNew
brasero-devel-3.12.3-5.fc38 Headers for developing programs that will use brasero linux/s390xNew
brasero-libs-3.12.3-5.fc38 Libraries for brasero linux/s390xNew
brazil-2.3-32.fc38 Extremely small footprint Java HTTP stack linux/noarchNew
brazil-demo-2.3-32.fc38 Demos for brazil linux/noarchNew
brazil-javadoc-2.3-32.fc38 Java-docs for brazil linux/noarchNew
brd-1.0-24.fc38 Scans directories and files for damage due to decay of storage medium linux/noarchNew
breeze-cursor-theme-5.26.90-2.fc38 Breeze cursor theme linux/noarchNew
breeze-gtk-5.26.90-1.fc38 Breeze widget theme for GTK linux/noarchNew
breeze-gtk-common-5.26.90-1.fc38 Breeze widget theme for GTK common files linux/noarchNew
breeze-gtk-gtk2-5.26.90-1.fc38 Breeze widget theme for GTK 2 linux/noarchNew
breeze-gtk-gtk3-5.26.90-1.fc38 Breeze widget theme for GTK 3 linux/noarchNew
breeze-gtk-gtk4-5.26.90-1.fc38 Breeze widget theme for GTK 4 linux/noarchNew
breeze-icon-theme-5.102.0-2.fc38 Breeze icon theme linux/noarchNew
breeze-icon-theme-rcc-5.102.0-2.fc38 breeze Qt resource files linux/noarchNew
breezy-3.2.2-7.fc38 Friendly distributed version control system linux/s390xNew
breezy-doc-3.2.2-7.fc38 Documentation for Breezy linux/noarchNew
brewtarget-3.0.5-2.fc38 An open source beer recipe creation tool 🍺 linux/s390xNew
brial-1.2.11-2.fc38 Framework for Boolean Rings linux/s390xNew
brial-devel-1.2.11-2.fc38 Development files for brial linux/s390xNew
bridge-utils-1.7.1-6.fc38 Utilities for configuring the linux ethernet bridge linux/s390xNew
brightnessctl-0.5.1-7.fc38 Read and control device brightness linux/s390xNew
brise-0.38.20180515-10.fc38 The official Rime schema repository linux/s390xNew
bristol-0.60.11-23.fc38 Synthesizer emulator linux/s390xNew
bristol-devel-0.60.11-23.fc38 Synthesizer emulator linux/s390xNew
brlapi-0.8.4-10.fc38 Application Programming Interface for BRLTTY linux/s390xNew
brlapi-devel-0.8.4-10.fc38 Headers, static archive, and documentation for BrlAPI linux/s390xNew
brlapi-java-0.8.4-10.fc38 Java binding for BrlAPI linux/s390xNew
brltty-6.5-10.fc38 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix linux/s390xNew
brltty-at-spi2-6.5-10.fc38 AtSpi2 driver for BRLTTY linux/s390xNew
brltty-docs-6.5-10.fc38 Documentation for BRLTTY linux/noarchNew
brltty-dracut-6.5-10.fc38 brltty module for Dracut linux/s390xNew
brltty-espeak-6.5-10.fc38 eSpeak driver for BRLTTY linux/s390xNew
brltty-espeak-ng-6.5-10.fc38 eSpeak-NG driver for BRLTTY linux/s390xNew
brltty-minimal-6.5-10.fc38 Stripped down brltty version for Anaconda installer linux/s390xNew
brltty-speech-dispatcher-6.5-10.fc38 Speech Dispatcher driver for BRLTTY linux/s390xNew
brltty-xw-6.5-10.fc38 XWindow driver for BRLTTY linux/s390xNew
brotli-1.0.9-11.fc38 Lossless compression algorithm linux/s390xNew
brotli-devel-1.0.9-11.fc38 Lossless compression algorithm (development files) linux/s390xNew
brutalchess-0.5.2-0.25.alpha.fc38 Chess game with impressive 3D graphics linux/s390xNew
bsd-games-2.17-70.fc38 Collection of text-based games linux/s390xNew
bsdcat-3.6.1-4.fc38 Expand files to standard output linux/s390xNew
bsdcpio-3.6.1-4.fc38 Copy files to and from archives linux/s390xNew
bsdiff-4.3-30.fc38 Binary diff/patch utility linux/s390xNew
bsdtar-3.6.1-4.fc38 Manipulate tape archives linux/s390xNew
bsf-2.4.0-47.fc38 Bean Scripting Framework linux/noarchNew
bsfilter-1.0.19-1.fc38.16 Bayesian spam filter linux/noarchNew
bsh-2.1.0-8.fc38 Lightweight Scripting for Java linux/noarchNew
bsh-javadoc-2.1.0-8.fc38 API documentation for bsh linux/noarchNew
bsh-manual-2.1.0-8.fc38 Manual for bsh linux/noarchNew
bsp-5.2-32.fc38 The most popular node builder for Doom linux/s390xNew
bspwm-0.9.9-10.fc38 A tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning linux/s390xNew
bst-external-0.29.0-3.fc38 Additional BuildStream plugins linux/noarchNew
btbuilder-0.5.19-4.fc38 Turn based role-playing game builder and engine linux/s390xNew
btbuilder-data-0.5.19-4.fc38 Turn based role-playing game builder and engine linux/noarchNew
btest-0.57-16.fc38 A Simple Driver for Basic Unit Tests linux/noarchNew
bti-034-26.fc38 Bash Twitter Idiocy linux/s390xNew
btkbdd-1.5-14.fc35 Bluetooth keyboard service linux/s390x
btop-1.2.13-2.fc38 Modern and colorful command line resource monitor that shows usage and stats linux/s390xNew
btrbk-0.32.5-2.fc38 Tool for creating snapshots and remote backups of btrfs sub-volumes linux/noarchNew
btrd-0.5.2-3.fc38 Btrfs debugger linux/s390xNew
btrfs-assistant-1.6.3-4.fc38 GUI management tool to make managing a Btrfs filesystem easier linux/s390xNew
btrfs-fuse-0-11.20230119git812c4b7.fc38 Read-only, license friendly, FUSE based btrfs implementation linux/s390xNew
btrfs-heatmap-9-6.fc38 Visualize the layout of data on your btrfs filesystem over time linux/noarchNew
btrfs-heatmap-doc-9-6.fc38 Documentation for btrfs-heatmap linux/noarchNew
btrfs-progs-6.1.3-1.fc38 Userspace programs for btrfs linux/s390xNew
btrfs-progs-devel-6.1.3-1.fc38 btrfs filesystem-specific libraries and headers linux/s390xNew
btrfs-sxbackup-0.6.11-20.fc38 Incremental btrfs snapshot backups with push/pull support via SSH linux/noarchNew
btrfsmaintenance-0.5-7.fc38 Scripts for btrfs maintenance tasks linux/noarchNew
bubblemail-1.8-5.fc38 Extensible mail notification service linux/s390xNew
bubblemon-1.46-33.fc38 A system monitoring dockapp linux/s390xNew
bubblewrap-0.5.0-4.fc38 Core execution tool for unprivileged containers linux/s390xNew
budgie-control-center-1.2.0-1.fc38 A fork of GNOME Control Center for the Budgie 10 Series linux/s390xNew
budgie-control-center-common-1.2.0-1.fc38 Common assets for budgie-control-center linux/noarchNew
budgie-desktop-10.7-1.fc38 A feature-rich, modern desktop designed to keep out the way of the user linux/s390xNew
budgie-desktop-devel-10.7-1.fc38 Development package for budgie-desktop linux/s390xNew
budgie-desktop-docs-10.7-1.fc38 Documentation for budgie-desktop linux/noarchNew
budgie-desktop-view-1.2.1-1.fc38 Official Budgie desktop icons application / implementation linux/s390xNew
budgie-screensaver-5.1.0-1.fc38 A fork of gnome-screensaver intended for use with Budgie Desktop linux/s390xNew
buffer-1.19-25.fc38 This program speeds up writing tapes on remote tape drives linux/s390xNew
bugzilla-5.0.6-15.fc37 Bug tracking system linux/noarch
bugzilla-contrib-5.0.6-15.fc37 Bugzilla contributed scripts linux/noarch
bugzilla-doc-5.0.6-15.fc37 Bugzilla documentation linux/noarch
bugzilla-doc-build-5.0.6-15.fc37 Tools to generate the Bugzilla documentation linux/noarch
build-constraints-rpm-macros-1-4.fc38 RPM macros for build constraints linux/noarchNew
buildah-1.28.2-2.fc38 A command line tool used for creating OCI Images linux/s390xNew
buildah-tests-1.28.2-2.fc38 Tests for buildah linux/s390xNew
buildbot-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system linux/noarchNew
buildbot-master-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system master linux/noarchNew
buildbot-master-container-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system master -- Container support linux/noarchNew
buildbot-master-ec2-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system master -- AWS EC2 support linux/noarchNew
buildbot-master-libvirt-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system master -- libvirt support linux/noarchNew
buildbot-master-openstack-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system master -- OpenStack support linux/noarchNew
buildbot-worker-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system worker linux/noarchNew
buildbot-www-3.7.0-2.fc38 Build/test automation system web frontend linux/noarchNew
buildnumber-maven-plugin-1.3-24.fc38 Build Number Maven Plugin linux/noarchNew
buildnumber-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.3-24.fc38 Javadoc for buildnumber-maven-plugin linux/noarchNew
buildstream-1.6.8-1.fc38 Build/integrate software stacks linux/noarch
buildstream-docs-1.6.8-1.fc38 BuildStream documentation linux/noarch
buku-4.7-4.fc38 Powerful command-line bookmark manager linux/noarchNew
bullet-3.08-6.fc38 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library linux/s390xNew
bullet-devel-3.08-6.fc38 Development files for bullet linux/s390xNew
bullet-devel-doc-3.08-6.fc38 Documentation for developing programs that will use bullet-devel linux/s390xNew
bullet-extras-3.08-6.fc38 Extra libraries for bullet linux/s390xNew
bullet-extras-devel-3.08-6.fc38 Development files for bullet extras linux/s390xNew
bumpversion-1.0.1-3.fc38 Version-bump your software with a single command linux/noarchNew
burp-client-2.1.32-12.fc36 burp backup client linux/s390x
burp-doc-2.1.32-12.fc36 Documentation and samples for Burp backup linux/noarch
burp-server-2.1.32-12.fc36 burp backup server linux/s390x
bustle-0.8.0-5.fc37 Draw sequence diagrams of D-Bus traffic linux/s390x
butane-0.17.0-2.fc38 Butane config transpiler linux/s390xNew
butane-redistributable-0.17.0-2.fc38 Statically built Butane for Linux, macOS and Windows linux/noarchNew
butt-0.1.36-2.fc38 Broadcast using this tool linux/s390xNew
buttermanager-2.4.2-6.fc38 Tool for managing Btrfs snapshots, balancing filesystems and more linux/noarchNew
bvi-1.4.1-10.fc38 Display-oriented editor for binary files linux/s390xNew
bwa-0.7.17-9.fc38 Burrows-Wheeler Alignment tool linux/s390xNew
bwbar-1.2.3-34.fc38 Generate a readout of the current bandwidth use linux/s390xNew
bwidget-1.9.7-20.fc38 Extended widget set for Tk linux/noarchNew
bwm-ng-0.6.2-5.fc36 Bandwidth Monitor NG linux/s390x
bwping-2.5-2.fc38 Measure bandwidth and response times using ICMP linux/s390xNew
bwrap-oci-0.1.2-20.fc38 Run OCI containers with bubblewrap linux/s390xNew
byacc-2.0.20221106-2.fc38 Berkeley Yacc, a parser generator linux/s390xNew
byaccj-1.15-30.fc38 Parser Generator with Java Extension linux/s390xNew
bygfoot-2.3.4-4.fc38 Football management game linux/s390xNew
bygfoot-data-2.3.4-4.fc38 bygfoot country definitions and other game files. linux/noarchNew
byobu-5.133-9.fc38 Light-weight, configurable window manager built upon GNU screen linux/noarchNew
byte-buddy-1.12.10-3.fc38 Runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine linux/noarchNew
byte-buddy-agent-1.12.10-3.fc38 Byte Buddy Java agent linux/noarchNew
byte-buddy-javadoc-1.12.10-3.fc38 Javadoc for byte-buddy linux/noarchNew
byte-buddy-maven-plugin-1.12.10-3.fc38 Byte Buddy Maven plugin linux/noarchNew
byte-buddy-parent-1.12.10-3.fc38 Byte Buddy parent POM linux/noarchNew
byteman-4.0.16-8.fc38 Java agent-based bytecode injection tool linux/noarchNew
byteman-bmunit-4.0.16-8.fc38 TestNG and JUnit integration for Byteman. linux/noarchNew
byteman-dtest-4.0.16-8.fc38 Remote byteman instrumented testing. linux/noarchNew
byteman-javadoc-4.0.16-8.fc38 Javadoc for byteman linux/noarchNew
byteman-rulecheck-maven-plugin-4.0.16-8.fc38 Maven plugin for checking Byteman rules. linux/noarchNew
byzanz-0.3-0.33.fc38 A desktop recorder linux/s390xNew
bzflag-2.4.26-2.fc38 3D multi-player tank battle game linux/s390xNew
bzflag-maps-sample-2.4.26-2.fc38 Sample maps for bzflag linux/noarchNew
bzip2-1.0.8-13.fc38 File compression utility linux/s390xNew
bzip2-devel-1.0.8-13.fc38 Libraries and header files for apps which will use bzip2 linux/s390xNew
bzip2-libs-1.0.8-13.fc38 Libraries for applications using bzip2 linux/s390xNew
bzip2-static-1.0.8-13.fc38 Libraries for applications using bzip2 linux/s390xNew
bzip3-1.2.2-2.fc38 Tools for compressing and decompressing bzip3 files linux/s390xNew
bzip3-devel-1.2.2-2.fc38 Files for developing with bzip3 library linux/s390xNew
bzip3-libs-1.2.2-2.fc38 Shared libraries for bzip3 compression and decompresion linux/s390xNew
c++-gtk-utils-devel-doc-2.2.20-5.fc38 Development documentation for the c++-gtk-utils library linux/noarchNew
c++-gtk-utils-gtk2-2.2.20-5.fc38 A library for GTK+ programming with C++ - GTK2 version linux/s390xNew
c++-gtk-utils-gtk2-devel-2.2.20-5.fc38 Development files for the c++-gtk-utils library - GTK2 version linux/s390xNew
c++-gtk-utils-gtk3-2.2.20-5.fc38 A library for GTK+ programming with C++ - GTK3 version linux/s390xNew
c++-gtk-utils-gtk3-devel-2.2.20-5.fc38 Development files for the c++-gtk-utils library - GTK3 version linux/s390xNew
c++-gtk-utils-gtk4-2.2.20-5.fc38 A library for GTK+ programming with C++ - GTK4 version linux/s390xNew
c++-gtk-utils-gtk4-devel-2.2.20-5.fc38 Development files for the c++-gtk-utils library - GTK4 version linux/s390xNew
c-ares-1.17.2-4.fc38 A library that performs asynchronous DNS operations linux/s390xNew
c-ares-devel-1.17.2-4.fc38 Development files for c-ares linux/s390xNew
c-graph-2.0.1-9.fc38 Convolution Graph linux/s390xNew
c2esp-2.7-27.fc38 CUPS driver for Kodak AiO printers linux/s390xNew
c4core-0.1.11-4.fc38 C++ core utilities linux/s390xNew
c4core-devel-0.1.11-4.fc38 C++ core utilities linux/s390xNew
ca-certificates-2023.2.60-2.fc38 The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle linux/noarchNew
cab-0.2.19-5.fc37 Maintenance command for Haskell cabal packages linux/s390x
cabal-install- The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage linux/s390x
cabal-rpm-2.0.11-3.fc37 RPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal-based packages linux/s390x
cabextract-1.9.1-5.fc38 Utility for extracting cabinet (.cab) archives linux/s390xNew
caca-utils-0.99-0.65.beta20.fc38 Colour AsCii Art Text mode graphics utilities based on libcaca linux/s390xNew
cachefilesd-0.10.10-15.fc38 CacheFiles user-space management daemon linux/s390xNew
cacti-1.2.23-2.fc38 An rrd based graphing tool linux/noarchNew
cacti-spine-1.2.23-2.fc38 Threaded poller for Cacti written in C linux/s390xNew
cadaver-0.24-2.fc38 Command-line WebDAV client linux/s390xNew
caddy-2.5.2-1.fc37 Web server with automatic HTTPS linux/s390x
cadical-1.5.3-2.fc38 Simplified SAT solver linux/s390xNew
cadical-devel-1.5.3-2.fc38 Development files for cadical linux/s390xNew
cadical-libs-1.5.3-2.fc38 Simplified SAT solver library linux/s390xNew
cadvisor-0.45.0-2.fc38 Analyzes resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers linux/s390xNew
cage-0.1.4-7.fc38 A Wayland kiosk linux/s390xNew
cagibi-0.2.0-26.fc38 SSDP (UPnP discovery) cache/proxy daemon linux/s390xNew
cairo-1.17.6-3.fc38 A 2D graphics library linux/s390xNew
cairo-devel-1.17.6-3.fc38 Development files for cairo linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-3.4.1-18.D20210327git6c569e6.fc38.3 Light eye-candy fully themable animated dock linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-core-3.4.1-18.D20210327git6c569e6.fc38.3 Core files for cairo-dock linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-devel-3.4.1-18.D20210327git6c569e6.fc38.3 Development files for cairo-dock linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-libs-3.4.1-18.D20210327git6c569e6.fc38.3 Library files for cairo-dock linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Plug-ins files for Cairo-Dock linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-base-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Base files for Cairo-Dock plugins linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-common-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Common files for Cairo-Dock plugins linux/noarchNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Plug-ins files for Cairo-Dock related to Dbus linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-kde-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Plug-ins files for Cairo-Dock related to KDE linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-unstable-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Unstable plug-ins not installed by default linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-webkit-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Plug-ins files for Cairo-Dock related to WebKit linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-plug-ins-xfce-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Plug-ins files for Cairo-Dock related to Xfce linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-python3-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Python3 binding for Cairo-Dock linux/noarchNew
cairo-dock-ruby-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Ruby binding for Cairo-Dock linux/noarchNew
cairo-dock-vala-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Vala binding for Cairo-Dock linux/s390xNew
cairo-dock-vala-devel-3.4.1-42.20210730gitf24f769.fc38.1 Development files for Vala binding for Cairo-Dock linux/s390xNew
cairo-gobject-1.17.6-3.fc38 GObject bindings for cairo linux/s390xNew
cairo-gobject-devel-1.17.6-3.fc38 Development files for cairo-gobject linux/s390xNew
cairo-tools-1.17.6-3.fc38 Development tools for cairo linux/s390xNew
cairomm-1.14.4-7.fc38 C++ API for the cairo graphics library linux/s390xNew
cairomm-devel-1.14.4-7.fc38 Development files for cairomm linux/s390xNew
cairomm-doc-1.14.4-7.fc38 Documentation for cairomm linux/noarchNew
cairomm1.16-1.16.2-7.fc38 C++ API for the cairo graphics library linux/s390xNew
cairomm1.16-devel-1.16.2-7.fc38 Development files for cairomm1.16 linux/s390xNew
cairomm1.16-doc-1.16.2-7.fc38 Documentation for cairomm1.16 linux/noarchNew
caja-1.26.1-4.fc38 File manager for MATE linux/s390xNew
caja-actions-1.26.0-5.fc38 Caja extension for customizing the context menu linux/s390xNew
caja-actions-devel-1.26.0-5.fc38 Development tools for the caja-actions linux/s390xNew
caja-actions-doc-1.26.0-5.fc38 Documentations for caja-actions linux/noarchNew
caja-beesu-1.26.1-3.fc38 MATE file manager beesu linux/s390xNew
caja-core-extensions-1.26.1-4.fc38 Mate-file-manager extensions library linux/s390xNew
caja-devel-1.26.1-4.fc38 Support for developing mate-file-manager extensions linux/s390xNew
caja-extensions-common-1.26.1-3.fc38 Common files for caja-extensions linux/noarchNew
caja-image-converter-1.26.1-3.fc38 MATE file manager image converter extension linux/s390xNew
caja-open-terminal-1.26.1-3.fc38 Mate-file-manager extension for an open terminal shortcut linux/s390xNew
caja-schemas-1.26.1-4.fc38 Mate-file-manager schemas linux/s390xNew
caja-sendto-1.26.1-3.fc38 MATE file manager sendto linux/s390xNew
caja-sendto-devel-1.26.1-3.fc38 Development libraries and headers for caja-sendto linux/s390xNew
caja-share-1.26.1-3.fc38 Easy sharing folder via Samba (CIFS protocol) linux/s390xNew
caja-wallpaper-1.26.1-3.fc38 MATE file manager wallpaper linux/s390xNew
caja-xattr-tags-1.26.1-3.fc38 MATE file manager xattr-tags linux/s390xNew
calamaris- Analyzer and report generator for web proxy servers like Squid linux/noarchNew
calc- Arbitrary precision arithmetic system and calculator linux/s390x
calc-devel- Development files for the calc arithmetic system linux/s390x
calc-libs- Libraries for the calc arithmetic system linux/s390x
calc-stdrc- Standard resource files the calc arithmetic system linux/s390x
calceph-3.5.1-3.fc38 Astronomical library to access planetary ephemeris files linux/s390xNew
calceph-devel-3.5.1-3.fc38 Development files for calceph linux/s390xNew
calceph-doc-3.5.1-3.fc38 Documentation files for calceph linux/noarchNew
calceph-fortran-devel-3.5.1-3.fc38 Development files for using calceph Fortran bindings linux/s390xNew
calceph-libs-3.5.1-3.fc38 calceph shared libraries linux/s390xNew
calcium-calculator-7.9.5-10.fc38 The Calcium Calculator linux/s390xNew
calcurse-4.8.0-3.fc38 Text-based personal organizer linux/s390xNew
calendar-1.37-7.20211220cvs.fc37 Reminder utility linux/s390x
calf-0.90.3-14.fc38 Audio plugins pack linux/s390xNew
calindori-22.11-2.fc38 Calendar application for Plasma Mobile linux/s390xNew
callaudiod-0.1.7-2.fc38 Daemon for dealing with audio routing during phone calls linux/s390xNew
callaudiod-devel-0.1.7-2.fc38 Development files for callaudiod linux/s390xNew
callgit-2.0-30.fc38 A tool for Ham Radio Operators to look up call-signs on the web linux/s390xNew
calligra-3.2.1-20.fc38 An integrated office suite linux/s390x
calligra-core-3.2.1-20.fc38 Core support files for calligra linux/s390x
calligra-karbon-3.2.1-20.fc38 A vector drawing application linux/s390x
calligra-karbon-libs-3.2.1-20.fc38 Runtime libraries for calligra-karbon linux/s390x
calligra-l10n-3.2.1-20.fc38 Language files for calligra linux/noarch
calligra-libs-3.2.1-20.fc38 Runtime libraries for calligra linux/s390x
calligra-okular-odpgenerator-3.2.1-20.fc38 OpenDocument presenter support for okular linux/s390x
calligra-okular-odtgenerator-3.2.1-20.fc38 OpenDocument text support for okular linux/s390x
calligra-sheets-3.2.1-20.fc38 A fully-featured spreadsheet application linux/s390x
calligra-sheets-libs-3.2.1-20.fc38 Runtime libraries for calligra-sheets linux/s390x
calligra-stage-3.2.1-20.fc38 A full-featured presentation program linux/s390x
calligra-stage-libs-3.2.1-20.fc38 Runtime libraries for calligra-stage linux/s390x
calligra-words-3.2.1-20.fc38 An intuitive word processor application with desktop publishing features linux/s390x
calligra-words-libs-3.2.1-20.fc38 Runtime libraries for calligra-words linux/s390x
calligraplan-3.3.0-5.fc38 A Project Planner linux/s390xNew
calligraplan-libs-3.3.0-5.fc38 Runtime libraries for calligraplan linux/s390xNew
calls-44~alpha.1-3.fc38 A phone dialer and call handler linux/s390xNew
calnex-0-0.12.20220615git8413c32.fc38 CLI for a Calnex Sentinel device linux/s390xNew
calypso-2.0-0.10.20190429git7317d88.fc38 Free and open-source CalDAV calendar server linux/noarchNew
cambozola-0.936-20.fc38 A viewer for multipart jpeg streams linux/noarchNew
cambozola-javadoc-0.936-20.fc38 Javadoc for cambozola linux/noarchNew
camorama-0.21.2-4.fc38 Gnome webcam viewer linux/s390xNew
campivisivi-titillium-fonts-20120913-26.fc38 Sans-serif typeface from the Master of Visual Design Campi Visivi linux/noarchNew
can-utils-2021.08.0-4.fc38 SocketCAN user space utilities and tools linux/s390xNew
candy-icon-theme-0-34.20230107gitc27f6da2.fc38 Sweet gradient icon theme linux/noarchNew
canl-c-3.0.0-14.fc37 EMI Common Authentication library - bindings for C linux/s390x
canl-c-devel-3.0.0-14.fc37 Development files for EMI caNl linux/s390x
canl-c-doc-3.0.0-14.fc37 API documentation for EMI caNl linux/noarch
canl-c-examples-3.0.0-14.fc37 Example programs of EMI caNl linux/s390x
canl-java-2.8.2-3.fc38 EMI Common Authentication library - bindings for Java linux/noarchNew
canl-java-javadoc-2.8.2-3.fc38 Javadoc documentation for canl-java linux/noarchNew
cantata-2.4.2-7.fc38 Music Player Daemon (MPD) graphical client linux/s390xNew
cantera-common-2.6.0-36.fc38 Common files needed for all Cantera interfaces linux/s390xNew
cantera-devel-2.6.0-36.fc38 Header files and shared object libraries for Cantera linux/s390xNew
cantera-static-2.6.0-36.fc38 Static libraries for Cantera linux/s390xNew
cantoolz-3.7.0-15.fc38 Framework for Controller Area Network (CAN) bus analysis linux/noarchNew
capnproto-0.10.3-1.fc38 A data interchange format and capability-based RPC system linux/s390x
capnproto-devel-0.10.3-1.fc38 Development files for capnproto linux/s390x
capnproto-libs-0.10.3-1.fc38 Libraries for capnproto linux/s390x
capstats-0.26-11.fc38 A command-line tool collecting packet statistics linux/s390xNew
capstone-4.0.2-12.fc38 A lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework linux/s390xNew
capstone-devel-4.0.2-12.fc38 Development files for capstone linux/s390xNew
capstone-java-4.0.2-12.fc38 Java bindings for capstone linux/noarchNew
carat-2.1-2.20211018gitfd0b757.fc38 Crystallographic AlgoRithms And Tables linux/s390xNew
carat-doc-2.1-2.20211018gitfd0b757.fc38 Documentation and examples for CARAT linux/noarchNew
carat-tables-2.1-2.20211018gitfd0b757.fc38 Tables for CARAT binaries linux/noarchNew
carbon-c-relay-3.7.3-4.fc38 Enhanced C implementation of Carbon relay, aggregator and rewriter linux/s390xNew
cargo-1.67.0-2.fc38 Rust's package manager and build tool linux/s390xNew
cargo-c-0.9.12-3.fc38 Helper program to build and install c-like libraries linux/s390xNew
cargo-insta-1.18.2-2.fc38 Review tool for the insta snapshot testing library for Rust linux/s390xNew
cargo-readme-3.2.0-10.fc38 Cargo subcommand to generate content from doc comments linux/s390xNew
caribou-0.4.21-33.fc38 A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard linux/s390xNew
caribou-antler-0.4.21-33.fc38 Keyboard implementation for caribou linux/s390xNew
caribou-devel-0.4.21-33.fc38 Development files for caribou linux/s390xNew
caribou-gtk2-module-0.4.21-33.fc38 Gtk2 module for caribou linux/s390xNew
caribou-gtk3-module-0.4.21-33.fc38 Gtk3 module for caribou linux/s390xNew
casc-devel-1.0.5-8.fc38 Colored Abstract Simplicial Complex (CASC) Library linux/noarchNew
casc-doc-1.0.5-8.fc38 Documentation and examples for the casc library linux/noarchNew
cascadia-code-fonts-2111.01-4.fc38 A mono-spaced font designed for programming and terminal emulation linux/noarchNew
cascadia-code-pl-fonts-2111.01-4.fc38 A mono-spaced font family with ligatures and power line symbols linux/noarchNew
cascadia-fonts-all-2111.01-4.fc38 A meta-package to enable easy installation of all Cascadia font families linux/noarchNew
cascadia-mono-fonts-2111.01-4.fc38 A mono-spaced font family designed for terminal emulation linux/noarchNew
cascadia-mono-pl-fonts-2111.01-4.fc38 A mono-spaced font family with power line symbols linux/noarchNew
castget-2.0.1-8.fc38 A command-line podcast downloader linux/s390xNew
castxml-0.5.1-2.fc38 C-family abstract syntax tree XML output tool linux/s390xNew
casync-2.gitb6e81a0-4.fc38 Content Addressable Data Synchronizer linux/s390xNew
cataclysm-dda-0.F.3-1.fc38 Turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world linux/s390x
cataclysm-dda-data-0.F.3-1.fc38 Data files for cataclysm-dda linux/noarch
cataclysm-dda-tiles-0.F.3-1.fc38 cataclysm-dda version with gfx and sound linux/s390x
cataclysm-dda-tiles-data-0.F.3-1.fc38 Data files for cataclysm-dda-tiles linux/noarch
catalyst-2.0-0.6.20201218git2fc94c5.fc38 API specification for simulations to analyze and visualize data in situ linux/s390xNew
catalyst-devel-2.0-0.6.20201218git2fc94c5.fc38 Development files for catalyst linux/s390xNew
catatonit-0.1.7-13.fc38 A signal-forwarding process manager for containers linux/s390xNew
catch-devel-2.13.10-1.fc38 Development files for catch linux/s390xNew
catch1-devel-1.12.2-12.fc38 Development files for catch1 linux/s390xNew
catch22-0.4.0-3.fc38 CAnonical Time-series CHaracteristics linux/s390xNew
catdoc-0.95-14.fc38 A program which converts Microsoft office files to plain text linux/s390xNew
catfish-4.16.4-1.fc38.1 A handy file search tool linux/noarchNew
catharsis-cormorant-fonts-3.604-8.20200428git3f27825.fc38 Cormorant, a display serif font family inspired by the Garamond heritage linux/noarchNew
catharsis-cormorant-fonts-all-3.604-8.20200428git3f27825.fc38 All the font packages, generated from catharsis-cormorant-fonts linux/noarchNew
catharsis-cormorant-fonts-doc-3.604-8.20200428git3f27825.fc38 Optional documentation files of %{source_name} linux/noarchNew
catharsis-cormorant-garamond-fonts-3.604-8.20200428git3f27825.fc38 Cormorant Garamond, a variant with more traditional shapes linux/noarchNew
catharsis-cormorant-infant-fonts-3.604-8.20200428git3f27825.fc38 Cormorant Infant, a gentle schoolbook-style variant linux/noarchNew
catharsis-cormorant-unicase-fonts-3.604-8.20200428git3f27825.fc38 Cormorant Unicase, a small-caps variant with some lowercase letter-forms linux/noarchNew
catharsis-cormorant-upright-fonts-3.604-8.20200428git3f27825.fc38 Cormorant Upright, an un-slanted cursive variant linux/noarchNew
catimg-2.7.0-8.fc38 Print images in a terminal with 256 colors support linux/s390xNew
cava-0.7.2-13.fc38 Console-based Audio Visualizer for Alsa linux/s390xNew
cave9-0.4-25.fc35 3d game of cave exploration linux/s390x
cave9-mutante-fonts-0.4-25.fc35 Mutante font used by the HUD in cave9 game linux/noarch
cawbird-1.4.2-5.fc38 Fork of the Corebird GTK Twitter client that continues to work with Twitter linux/s390xNew
cbindgen-0.24.3-2.fc38 Tool for generating C bindings to Rust code linux/s390xNew
cbios-0.29a-9.fc38 A third party BIOS compatible with the MSX BIOS linux/noarchNew
cbios-openmsx-0.29a-9.fc38 C-BIOS support for openMSX linux/noarchNew
cbmc-5.50.0-2.fc37 Bounded Model Checker for ANSI-C and C++ programs linux/s390x
cbmc-doc-5.50.0-2.fc37 Documentation for cbmc linux/s390x
cbmc-utils-5.50.0-2.fc37 Output conversion utilities for CBMC linux/s390x
cbonsai-1.3.1-3.fc38 Grow bonsai trees in your terminal linux/s390xNew
cbootimage-1.8-11.fc38 Tools to dump and generate boot config table on Tegra devices linux/s390xNew
cbrpager-0.9.22-26.fc38 Simple comic book pager for Linux linux/s390xNew
cc1541-4.0-4.fc38 Tool for creating Commodore Floppy disk images in D64, G64, D71 or D81 format linux/s390xNew
cc65-2.19-5.fc38 A free C compiler for 6502 based systems linux/s390xNew
cc65-devel-2.19-5.fc38 Development files for cc65 linux/noarchNew
cc65-doc-2.19-5.fc38 Documentation files for cc65 linux/noarchNew
cc65-utils-2.19-5.fc38 Additional utilities for cc65 linux/s390xNew
ccache-4.7.4-1.fc38 C/C++ compiler cache linux/s390x
ccache-swig-4.1.1-2.fc38 Fast compiler cache linux/s390x
ccd2iso-0.3-31.fc38 CloneCD image to ISO image file converter linux/s390xNew
ccgo- An IGS (Internet Go Server) client written in C++ linux/s390xNew
cciss_vol_status-1.12-12.fc38 Show status of logical drives attached to HP SmartArray controllers linux/s390xNew
ccnet-6.1.8-16.fc38 A framework for writing networked applications in C linux/s390xNew
ccnet-devel-6.1.8-16.fc38 Development files for ccnet linux/s390xNew
ccrtp-2.1.2-10.fc38 Common C++ class framework for RTP/RTCP linux/s390xNew
ccrtp-devel-2.1.2-10.fc38 Header files and libraries for ccrtp development linux/s390xNew
ccrypt-1.10-25.fc35 Secure encryption and decryption of files and streams linux/s390x
ccsm-0.8.18-9.fc38 Plugin and configuration tool - Compiz Reloaded Project linux/noarchNew
cctz-2.3-10.fc38 Translating between absolute and civil times using time zone rules linux/s390xNew
cctz-devel-2.3-10.fc38 Translating between absolute and civil times using time zone rules linux/s390xNew
ccze-0.2.1-31.fc38 A robust log colorizer linux/s390xNew
cd-discid-1.4-23.fc38 Utility to get CDDB discid information linux/s390xNew
cdac-sakal-marathi-fonts-9.21-19.fc38 Marathi language font from CDAC linux/noarchNew
cdargs-1.35-39.fc38 The shell cd with bookmarks and browser linux/s390xNew
cdargs-devel-1.35-39.fc38 Development files for cdargs linux/s390xNew
cdbs-0.4.165-2.fc38 Common build system for Debian packages linux/noarchNew
cdcollect-0.6.0-39.fc38 Simple CD/DVD catalog for GNOME linux/s390xNew
cddlib-0.94m-6.fc38 A library for generating all vertices in convex polyhedrons linux/s390xNew
cddlib-devel-0.94m-6.fc38 Headers for cddlib linux/s390xNew
cddlib-static-0.94m-6.fc38 Static libraries for cddlib linux/s390xNew
cddlib-tools-0.94m-6.fc38 Sample binaries that use cddlib linux/s390xNew
cdi-api-2.0.2-7.fc38 CDI API linux/noarchNew
cdi-api-javadoc-2.0.2-7.fc38 API documentation for cdi-api linux/noarchNew
cdist-7.0.0-3.fc38 Usable configuration management linux/noarchNew
cdist-doc-7.0.0-3.fc38 Documentation for the cdist configuration management tool linux/noarchNew
cdk-5.0.20211216-3.fc38 Curses Development Kit linux/s390xNew
cdk-devel-5.0.20211216-3.fc38 Development files for cdk linux/s390xNew
cdlabelgen-4.3.0-17.fc38 Generates frontcards and traycards for inserting in CD jewelcases linux/noarchNew
cdogs-sdl-0.7.3-8.fc38 C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up linux/s390xNew
cdparanoia-10.2-41.fc38 Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) extraction tool (or ripper) linux/s390xNew
cdparanoia-devel-10.2-41.fc38 Development tools for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/s390xNew
cdparanoia-libs-10.2-41.fc38 Libraries for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/s390xNew
cdparanoia-static-10.2-41.fc38 Development tools for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/s390xNew
cdrskin-1.5.4-6.fc38 Limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper to ease migration to libburn linux/s390xNew
cdsclient-3.84-15.fc38 Tools to query databases at CDS linux/s390xNew
cdw-0.7.1-27.fc36 Front-end for tools used for burning data CD/DVD linux/s390x
cegui06-0.6.2-41.fc38 CEGUI library 0.6 for apps which need this specific version linux/s390xNew
cegui06-devel-0.6.2-41.fc38 Development files for cegui06 linux/s390xNew
cekit-4.5.0-2.fc38 Container image creation tool linux/noarchNew
cekit-bash-completion-4.5.0-2.fc38 Container image creation tool linux/noarchNew
cekit-zsh-completion-4.5.0-2.fc38 Container image creation tool linux/noarchNew
celestia-1.6.2-0.9.beta3.fc38 OpenGL real-time visual space simulation linux/s390xNew
celluloid-0.24-5.fc38 A simple GTK+ frontend for mpv linux/s390xNew
cellwriter-1.3.6-5.fc38 Grid-entry natural handwriting input panel linux/s390xNew
celt051- An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication linux/s390xNew
celt051-devel- Development package for celt051 linux/s390xNew
centerim-4.22.10-40.fc38 Text mode menu- and window-driven IM linux/s390xNew
centpkg-0.6.9-2.fc38 CentOS utility for working with dist-git linux/noarchNew
centpkg-sig-0.6.9-2.fc38 CentOS SIG utility for working with dist-git linux/noarchNew
cepces-0.3.5-7.fc38 Certificate Enrollment through CEP/CES linux/noarchNew
cepces-certmonger-0.3.5-7.fc38 certmonger integration for cepces linux/noarchNew
cepces-selinux-0.3.5-7.fc38 SELinux support for cepces linux/noarchNew
ceph-17.2.5-9.fc38 User space components of the Ceph file system linux/s390xNew
ceph-base-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Base Package linux/s390xNew
ceph-common-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Common linux/s390xNew
ceph-exporter-17.2.5-9.fc38 Daemon for exposing perf counters as Prometheus metrics linux/s390xNew
ceph-fuse-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph fuse-based client linux/s390xNew
ceph-grafana-dashboards-17.2.5-9.fc38 The set of Grafana dashboards for monitoring purposes linux/noarchNew
ceph-immutable-object-cache-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph daemon for immutable object cache linux/s390xNew
ceph-mds-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Metadata Server Daemon linux/s390xNew
ceph-mgr-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Manager Daemon linux/s390xNew
ceph-mgr-cephadm-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Manager module for cephadm-based orchestration linux/noarchNew
ceph-mgr-dashboard-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Dashboard linux/noarchNew
ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Manager module for predicting disk failures linux/noarchNew
ceph-mgr-k8sevents-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Manager module to orchestrate ceph-events to kubernetes' events API linux/noarchNew
ceph-mgr-modules-core-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Manager modules which are always enabled linux/noarchNew
ceph-mgr-rook-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Manager module for Rook-based orchestration linux/noarchNew
ceph-mon-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Monitor Daemon linux/s390xNew
ceph-osd-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph Object Storage Daemon linux/s390xNew
ceph-radosgw-17.2.5-9.fc38 Rados REST gateway linux/s390xNew
ceph-resource-agents-17.2.5-9.fc38 OCF-compliant resource agents for Ceph daemons linux/noarchNew
ceph-selinux-17.2.5-9.fc38 SELinux support for Ceph MON, OSD and MDS linux/s390xNew
ceph-test-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph benchmarks and test tools linux/s390xNew
ceph-volume-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph OSD deployment and inspection tool linux/noarchNew
cephadm-17.2.5-9.fc38 Utility to bootstrap Ceph clusters linux/noarchNew
cephfs-java-17.2.5-9.fc38 Java libraries for the Ceph File System linux/s390xNew
cephfs-mirror-17.2.5-9.fc38 Ceph daemon for mirroring CephFS snapshots linux/s390xNew
cephfs-shell-17.2.5-9.fc38 Interactive shell for Ceph file system linux/s390xNew
cephfs-top-17.2.5-9.fc38 top(1) like utility for Ceph Filesystem linux/noarchNew
cereal-devel-1.3.2-3.fc38 Development headers and libraries for cereal linux/s390xNew
ceres-solver-2.1.0-5.fc38 A non-linear least squares minimizer linux/s390xNew
ceres-solver-devel-2.1.0-5.fc38 A non-linear least squares minimizer linux/s390xNew
certbot-2.1.0-2.fc38 A free, automated certificate authority client linux/noarchNew
certmonger-0.79.17-3.fc38 Certificate status monitor and PKI enrollment client linux/s390xNew
certwatch-1.2-12.fc38 SSL/TLS certificate expiry warning generator linux/s390xNew
certwatch-mod_ssl-1.2-12.fc38 SSL/TLS certificate expiry warnings for mod_ssl linux/s390xNew
cervisia-22.12.1-2.fc38 CVS frontend linux/s390xNew
cf-bonveno-fonts-1.1-32.fc38 A fun font by Barry Schwartz linux/noarchNew
cfdg-3.3-13.fc38 Context Free Design Grammar linux/s390xNew
cfdg-fe-0.1-30.fc38 A front end to cfdg linux/s390xNew
cffconvert-2.0.0-5.fc38 Command line program to validate and convert CITATION.cff files linux/noarchNew
cfitsio-4.2.0-3.fc38 Library for manipulating FITS data files linux/s390xNew
cfitsio-devel-4.2.0-3.fc38 Headers required when building programs against cfitsio linux/s390xNew
cfitsio-docs-4.2.0-3.fc38 Documentation for cfitsio linux/noarchNew
cfitsio-static-4.2.0-3.fc38 Static cfitsio library linux/s390xNew
cflow-1.7-4.fc38 Analyzes C files charting control flow within the program linux/s390xNew
cfn-lint-0.72.9-2.fc38 CloudFormation Linter linux/noarchNew
cgdb-0.6.8-18.fc36 CGDB is a curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB) linux/s390x
cgit-1.2.3-13.fc38 A fast web interface for git linux/s390xNew
cglib-3.3.0-9.fc38 Code Generation Library for Java linux/noarchNew
cglib-javadoc-3.3.0-9.fc38 Javadoc for cglib linux/noarchNew
cgnslib-4.3.0-6.fc38 Computational Fluid Dynamics General Notation System linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-common-4.3.0-6.fc38 Common files for cgnslib linux/noarchNew
cgnslib-devel-4.3.0-6.fc38 Development files for cgnslib linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-libs-4.3.0-6.fc38 cgnslib library linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-mpich-4.3.0-6.fc38 cgnslib compiled against mpich linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-mpich-devel-4.3.0-6.fc38 Development files for cgnslib compiled against mpich linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-mpich-libs-4.3.0-6.fc38 cgnslib library linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-openmpi-4.3.0-6.fc38 cgnslib compiled against openmpi linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-openmpi-devel-4.3.0-6.fc38 Development files for cgnslib compiled against openmpi linux/s390xNew
cgnslib-openmpi-libs-4.3.0-6.fc38 cgnslib library linux/s390xNew
chafa-1.10.3-4.fc38 Image-to-text converter for terminal linux/s390xNew
chafa-devel-1.10.3-4.fc38 Image-to-text converter for terminal (development files) linux/s390xNew
chafa-doc-1.10.3-4.fc38 Image-to-text converter for terminal (documentation) linux/s390xNew
chafa-libs-1.10.3-4.fc38 Image-to-text converter for terminal (library) linux/s390xNew
chafa-static-1.10.3-4.fc38 Image-to-text converter for terminal (static library) linux/s390xNew
chan-0.0.4-8.fc38 Pure C implementation of Go channels linux/s390xNew
chan-devel-0.0.4-8.fc38 Development files for chan linux/s390xNew
charliecloud-0.26-3.fc38 Lightweight user-defined software stacks for high-performance computing linux/s390xNew
charliecloud-builder-0.26-3.fc38 Charliecloud container image building tools linux/noarchNew
charliecloud-doc-0.26-3.fc38 Charliecloud html documentation linux/noarchNew
charliecloud-test-0.26-3.fc38 Charliecloud test suite linux/s390xNew
chatterino2-2.4.0-2.fc38 Chat client for linux/s390xNew
chatty-0.7.0~rc5-1.fc38 A libpurple messaging client linux/s390xNew
chealpix-3.82-4.fc38 HEALPix C Bindings Library linux/s390xNew
chealpix-devel-3.82-4.fc38 HEALPix C Bindings Library development files linux/s390xNew
cheat-4.2.2-7.fc38 Help for various commands and their use cases linux/s390xNew
cheat-bash-completion-4.2.2-7.fc38 Bash completion support for cheat linux/noarchNew
cheat-community-cheatsheets-4.2.2-7.fc38 Cheatsheets created by comunity for cheat linux/noarchNew
cheat-fish-completion-4.2.2-7.fc38 Fish completion support for cheat linux/noarchNew
cheat-zsh-completion-4.2.2-7.fc38 Zsh completion support for cheat linux/noarchNew
check-0.15.2-8.fc38 A unit test framework for C linux/s390xNew
check-checkmk-0.15.2-8.fc38 Translate concise versions of test suites into C programs linux/noarchNew
check-create-certificate-0.5-24.20140409gitd0971ba.fc38 A non-interactive script that creates an SSL certificate if it does not exist linux/noarchNew
check-devel-0.15.2-8.fc38 Libraries and headers for developing programs with check linux/s390xNew
check-manifest-0.48-3.fc37 CLI tool to check files linux/noarch
check-static-0.15.2-8.fc38 Static libraries of check linux/s390xNew
check_postgres-2.25.0-7.fc38 PostgreSQL monitoring script linux/noarchNew
checkpolicy-3.5-0.rc2.1.fc38.1 SELinux policy compiler linux/s390xNew
checksec-2.6.0-3.fc38 Tool to check system for binary-hardening linux/noarchNew
cheese-43~alpha-3.fc38 Application for taking pictures and movies from a webcam linux/s390xNew
cheese-libs-43~alpha-3.fc38 Webcam display and capture widgets linux/s390xNew
cheese-libs-devel-43~alpha-3.fc38 Development files for cheese-libs linux/s390xNew
chemical-mime-data-0.1.94-33.fc38 Support for chemical/* MIME types linux/noarchNew
chemtool-1.6.14-22.fc38 A program for 2D drawing organic molecules linux/s390xNew
chess_db-0.2-5.20210517giteb41ddf.fc38 Chess database opening tree indexer linux/s390xNew
chessx-1.5.6-9.fc38 Chess Database and PGN viewer linux/s390xNew
chezdav-3.0-5.fc38 A simple WebDAV server program linux/s390xNew
chibi-scheme-0.10.0-2.fc38 Minimal Scheme implementation for use as an extension language linux/s390xNew
chibi-scheme-devel-0.10.0-2.fc38 Development files for chibi-scheme linux/s390xNew
chicken-5.3.0-3.fc38 A practical and portable Scheme system linux/s390xNew
chicken-libs-5.3.0-3.fc38 Chicken Scheme runtime library linux/s390xNew
chicken-static-5.3.0-3.fc38 Static library for Chicken linux/s390xNew
chipmunk-7.0.3-10.fc38 Physics engine for 2D games linux/s390xNew
chipmunk-devel-7.0.3-10.fc38 Development tools for programs which will use the chipmunk library linux/s390xNew
chisel-1.7.7-2.fc37 TCP tunnel over HTTP linux/s390x
chisholm-letterslaughing-fonts-20030323-24.fc38 Letters Laughing is a decorative/LED sans-serif font linux/noarchNew
chisholm-to-be-continued-fonts-20090124-26.fc38 Decorative Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
chkconfig-1.21-2.fc38 A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy linux/s390xNew
chkrootkit-0.55-6.fc38 Tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit linux/s390xNew
chmlib-0.40-28.fc38 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files linux/s390xNew
chmlib-devel-0.40-28.fc38 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files - development files linux/s390xNew
chntpw-1.00-12.140201.fc38 Change passwords in Windows SAM files linux/s390xNew
chocolate-doom-3.0.1-3.fc38 Historically compatible Doom engine linux/s390xNew
choosier-0.1.0-11.fc38 Choose your browser based on the URL given linux/s390xNew
choqok-1.7.0-9.20220622gitde3801b.fc38 KDE Micro-Blogging Client linux/s390xNew
choqok-devel-1.7.0-9.20220622gitde3801b.fc38 Development files for choqok linux/s390xNew
choqok-libs-1.7.0-9.20220622gitde3801b.fc38 Runtime libraries for choqok linux/s390xNew
chordii-4.5.3b-18.fc38 Print songbooks (lyrics + chords) linux/s390xNew
chordpro-6.000-2.fc38 Print songbooks (lyrics + chords) linux/noarchNew
chordpro-abc-6.000-2.fc38 Support for ChordPro ABC embedding linux/noarchNew
chordpro-gui-6.000-2.fc38 ChordPro graphical user interface linux/noarchNew
chordpro-lilypond-6.000-2.fc38 Support for ChordPro LilyPond embedding linux/noarchNew
chromaprint-tools-1.5.1-7.fc38 Chromaprint audio fingerprinting tools linux/s390xNew
chromium-bsu- Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter linux/s390xNew
chrony-4.3-3.fc38 An NTP client/server linux/s390xNew
chrpath-0.16-19.fc38 Modify rpath of compiled programs linux/s390xNew
chunkfs-0.8-6.fc38 FUSE based filesystem that allows you to mount an arbitrary file or block device linux/s390xNew
cifs-utils-6.15-3.fc38 Utilities for mounting and managing CIFS mounts linux/s390xNew
cifs-utils-devel-6.15-3.fc38 Files needed for building plugins for cifs-utils linux/s390xNew
cifs-utils-info-6.15-3.fc38 Additional tools for querying information about CIFS mount linux/s390xNew
cim-schema-2.54.0-5.fc38 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema linux/noarchNew
cim-schema-docs-2.54.0-5.fc38 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema documentation linux/noarchNew
cinch-1.4.0-14.fc38 A tool for provisioning Jenkins components for CI linux/noarchNew
cinfo-0.5.1-2.fc38 Fast and minimal system information tool linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-5.6.5-2.fc38 Window management and application launching for GNOME linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-calendar-server-5.6.5-2.fc38 Calendar server for Cinnamon linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-control-center-5.6.1-2.fc38 Utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-control-center-devel-5.6.1-2.fc38 Development package for cinnamon-control-center linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-control-center-filesystem-5.6.1-2.fc38 Cinnamon Control Center directories linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-desktop-5.6.1-2.fc38 Shared code among cinnamon-session, nemo, etc linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-desktop-devel-5.6.1-2.fc38 Libraries and headers for libcinnamon-desktop linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-devel-doc-5.6.5-2.fc38 Development Documentation files for Cinnamon linux/noarchNew
cinnamon-menus-5.6.0-2.fc38 A menu system for the Cinnamon project linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-menus-devel-5.6.0-2.fc38 Libraries and include files for the Cinnamon menu system linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-screensaver-5.6.3-2.fc38 Cinnamon Screensaver linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-session-5.6.0-2.fc38 Cinnamon session manager linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-settings-daemon-5.6.1-2.fc38 The daemon sharing settings from CINNAMON to GTK+/KDE applications linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-settings-daemon-devel-5.6.1-2.fc38 Development files for cinnamon-settings-daemon linux/s390xNew
cinnamon-themes-2.0.8-2.fc38 Mint themes for GTK3 linux/noarchNew
cinnamon-translations-5.6.1-2.fc38 Translations for Cinnamon and Nemo linux/noarchNew
ciphertest-0.2.2-14.fc38 An SSL cipher checker linux/noarchNew
cjdns-21.1-6.fc35 The privacy-friendly network without borders linux/s390x
cjdns-graph-21.1-6.fc35 Python peer graph tools for cjdns linux/noarch
cjdns-selinux-21.1-6.fc35 Targeted SELinux policy module for cjdns linux/noarch
cjdns-tools-21.1-6.fc35 Nodejs tools for cjdns linux/noarch
cjkuni-ukai-fonts-0.2.20080216.1-67.fc38 Chinese Unicode TrueType font in Kai face linux/noarchNew
cjkuni-uming-fonts-0.2.20080216.1-70.fc38 Chinese Unicode TrueType font in Ming face linux/noarchNew
cjose-0.6.1-13.fc38 C library implementing the Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) linux/s390xNew
cjose-devel-0.6.1-13.fc38 Development files for cjose linux/s390xNew
cjs-5.6.0-2.fc38 Javascript Bindings for Cinnamon linux/s390xNew
cjs-devel-5.6.0-2.fc38 Development package for cjs linux/s390xNew
cjs-tests-5.6.0-2.fc38 Tests for the cjs package linux/s390xNew
cjson-1.7.14-7.fc38 Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C linux/s390xNew
cjson-devel-1.7.14-7.fc38 Development files for cJSON linux/s390xNew
ck-0.7.0-7.fc36 Library for high performance concurrent programming linux/s390x
ck-devel-0.7.0-7.fc36 Header files and libraries for CK development linux/s390x
ckb-next-0.5.0-3.fc38 Unofficial driver for Corsair RGB keyboards linux/s390xNew
ckeditor-4.20.0-2.fc38 WYSIWYG text editor to be used inside web pages linux/noarchNew
ckeditor-samples-4.20.0-2.fc38 Samples for ckeditor linux/noarchNew
ckermit-9.0.302-29.fc38 The quintessential all-purpose communications program linux/s390xNew
cksfv-1.3.15-6.fc38 Utility to manipulate SFV files linux/s390xNew
cl-asdf-20101028-22.fc37 Another System Definition Facility linux/noarch
clamav-1.0.0-2.fc38 End-user tools for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390xNew
clamav-data-1.0.0-2.fc38 Virus signature data for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/noarchNew
clamav-devel-1.0.0-2.fc38 Header files and libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390xNew
clamav-doc-1.0.0-2.fc38 Documentation for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/noarchNew
clamav-filesystem-1.0.0-2.fc38 Filesystem structure for clamav linux/noarchNew
clamav-lib-1.0.0-2.fc38 Dynamic libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390xNew
clamav-milter-1.0.0-2.fc38 Milter module for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390xNew
clamav-update-1.0.0-2.fc38 Auto-updater for the Clam Antivirus scanner data-files linux/s390xNew
clamd-1.0.0-2.fc38 The Clam AntiVirus Daemon linux/s390xNew
clamsmtp-1.10-39.fc38 A SMTP virus scanning system linux/s390xNew
clamtk-6.14-5.fc38 Easy to use graphical user interface for Clam anti virus linux/noarchNew
clamz-0.5-26.fc38 Amazon Downloader linux/s390xNew
clanbomber-1.05-43.fc38 Lay bombs and Blast the other players of the field game using ClanLib linux/s390xNew
clang-15.0.7-2.fc38 A C language family front-end for LLVM linux/s390xNew
clang-analyzer-15.0.7-2.fc38 A source code analysis framework linux/noarchNew
clang-devel-15.0.7-2.fc38 Development header files for clang linux/s390xNew
clang-libs-15.0.7-2.fc38 Runtime library for clang linux/s390xNew
clang-resource-filesystem-15.0.7-2.fc38 Filesystem package that owns the clang resource directory linux/s390xNew
clang-tools-extra-15.0.7-2.fc38 Extra tools for clang linux/s390xNew
clang-tools-extra-devel-15.0.7-2.fc38 Development header files for clang tools linux/s390xNew
clang10-devel-10.0.0-16.fc38 Development header files for clang linux/s390xNew
clang10-libs-10.0.0-16.fc38 Runtime library for clang linux/s390xNew
clang11-devel-11.1.0-0.11.rc2.fc38 Development header files for clang linux/s390xNew
clang11-libs-11.1.0-0.11.rc2.fc38 Runtime library for clang linux/s390xNew
clang11-resource-filesystem-11.1.0-0.11.rc2.fc38 Filesystem package that owns the clang resource directory linux/s390xNew
clang12-devel-12.0.1-4.fc36 Development header files for clang linux/s390x
clang12-libs-12.0.1-4.fc36 Runtime library for clang linux/s390x
clang12-resource-filesystem-12.0.1-4.fc36 Filesystem package that owns the clang resource directory linux/s390x
clang13-devel-13.0.1-3.fc38 Development header files for clang linux/s390xNew
clang13-libs-13.0.1-3.fc38 Runtime library for clang linux/s390xNew
clang13-resource-filesystem-13.0.1-3.fc38 Filesystem package that owns the clang resource directory linux/s390xNew
clang14-devel-14.0.5-9.fc38 Development header files for clang linux/s390xNew
clang14-libs-14.0.5-9.fc38 Runtime library for clang linux/s390xNew
clang14-resource-filesystem-14.0.5-9.fc38 Filesystem package that owns the clang resource directory linux/s390xNew
clapper-0.5.2-1.fc37 GStreamer-based GNOME media player built using GJS and GTK4 linux/s390x
clapper-devel-0.5.2-1.fc37 Header files and libraries for Clapper development linux/s390x
clash-1.8.0-7.fc38 A rule-based tunnel in Go linux/s390xNew
classification-banner-1.7.0-17.fc38 Displays Classification Banner for a Graphical Session linux/noarchNew
classified-ads-0.15-3.fc38 Classified ads is distributed, server-less messaging system linux/s390xNew
classloader-leak-test-framework-2.7.0-4.fc38 Detection and verification of Java ClassLoader leaks linux/noarchNew
classloader-leak-test-framework-javadoc-2.7.0-4.fc38 Javadoc for classloader-leak-test-framework linux/noarchNew
classpathless-compiler-2.1.1-6.fc38 Tool for recompiling java sources with customizable class providers linux/noarchNew
classpathless-compiler-javadoc-2.1.1-6.fc38 Javadoc for classpathless-compiler linux/noarchNew
clatd-1.5-11.fc38 CLAT / SIIT-DC Edge Relay implementation for Linux linux/noarchNew
claws-mail-4.1.1-5.fc38 Email client and news reader based on GTK+ linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-devel-4.1.1-5.fc38 Development package for claws-mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-4.1.1-5.fc38 Additional plugins for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-acpi-notifier-4.1.1-5.fc38 ACPI notification plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-address-keeper-4.1.1-5.fc38 Never forget a typed address in Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-archive-4.1.1-5.fc38 Archiving features for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-att-remover-4.1.1-5.fc38 Attachments remover plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-attachwarner-4.1.1-5.fc38 Attachment warner plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-bogofilter-4.1.1-5.fc38 Bogofilter plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-bsfilter-4.1.1-5.fc38 Bayesian spam filtering for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-clamd-4.1.1-5.fc38 Use Clam AntiVirus to scan messages in Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-fancy-4.1.1-5.fc38 Display HTML emails in Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-fetchinfo-4.1.1-5.fc38 Modify headers of downloaded messages in Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-gdata-4.1.1-5.fc38 Access to GData (Google services) for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-keyword_warner-4.1.1-5.fc38 Keyword warner plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-libravatar-4.1.1-5.fc38 Libravatar plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-litehtml-viewer-4.1.1-5.fc38 LiteHTML plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-mailmbox-4.1.1-5.fc38 Add support for mailboxes in mbox format to Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-managesieve-4.1.1-5.fc38 Add Manage sieve support to Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-newmail-4.1.1-5.fc38 Make Claws Mail write a message header summary to a file linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-notification-4.1.1-5.fc38 Various ways to notify about new messages in Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-pdf-viewer-4.1.1-5.fc38 Enables the viewing of PDF and PostScript attachments linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-perl-4.1.1-5.fc38 Perl based extended filtering engine for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-pgp-4.1.1-5.fc38 PGP plugin for signing and encrypting with Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-python-4.1.1-5.fc38 Python scripting access to Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-rssyl-4.1.1-5.fc38 RSS plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-smime-4.1.1-5.fc38 S/MIME support for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-spam-report-4.1.1-5.fc38 Report spam mail to various places with Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-spamassassin-4.1.1-5.fc38 Spamassassin plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-tnef-4.1.1-5.fc38 TNEF message parsing for Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
claws-mail-plugins-vcalendar-4.1.1-5.fc38 Handling of vCalendar messages in Claws Mail linux/s390xNew
clawsker-1.3.7-2.fc38 Dialog to edit Claws Mail's hidden preferences linux/noarchNew
clazy-1.11-2.fc38 Qt oriented code checker based on clang framework linux/s390xNew
clblast-1.5.3-3.fc38 Tuned OpenCL BLAS routines linux/s390xNew
clblast-devel-1.5.3-3.fc38 Headers and libraries for CLBlast linux/s390xNew
clblast-tuners-1.5.3-3.fc38 Tuners for clblast linux/s390xNew
clc-0.03-26.fc38 Command-line client for MUDs linux/s390xNew
cldr-emoji-annotation-42-2.fc38 Emoji annotation files in CLDR linux/noarchNew
cldr-emoji-annotation-devel-42-2.fc38 Files for development using cldr-annotations linux/noarchNew
cldr-emoji-annotation-dtd-42-2.fc38 DTD files of CLDR common linux/noarchNew
cleanfeed-20020501-28.fc38 A spam filter for Usenet news servers linux/noarchNew
clearlooks-compact-gnome-theme-1.5-25.fc38 GNOME Desktop theme optimized for small displays linux/noarchNew
clearsilver-0.10.5-72.fc38 Fast and powerful HTML templating system linux/s390xNew
clearsilver-devel-0.10.5-72.fc38 ClearSilver development package linux/s390xNew
clementine-1.4.0~rc2-3.fc38 A music player and library organizer linux/s390xNew
clevis-18-16.fc38 Automated decryption framework linux/s390xNew
clevis-dracut-18-16.fc38 Dracut integration for clevis linux/s390xNew
clevis-luks-18-16.fc38 LUKS integration for clevis linux/s390xNew
clevis-pin-tpm2-0.5.2-2.fc37 Clevis PIN for unlocking with TPM2 supporting Authorized Policies linux/s390x
clevis-systemd-18-16.fc38 systemd integration for clevis linux/s390xNew
clevis-udisks2-18-16.fc38 UDisks2/Storaged integration for clevis linux/s390xNew
cli11-devel-2.3.2-2.fc38 Command line parser for C++11 linux/noarchNew
cli11-docs-2.3.2-2.fc38 Documentation for CLI11 linux/noarchNew
clibs-list-0.4.0-3.fc38 C doubly linked list implementation linux/s390xNew
clibs-list-devel-0.4.0-3.fc38 Development files for clibs-list linux/s390xNew
clide-0.9-32.20160305git11c0895.fc38 Color and style highlighting program for text linux/noarchNew
clifm-1.7-3.fc38 Shell-like, command line terminal file manager linux/s390xNew
clinfo- Enumerate OpenCL platforms and devices linux/s390xNew
clingo-5.6.2-1.fc38 A grounder and solver for logic programs linux/s390x
clingo-devel-5.6.2-1.fc38 Development files for clingo linux/s390x
clipit-1.4.5-4.D20210513gite5fa64c.fc38.4 A lightweight, fully featured GTK+ clipboard manager linux/s390xNew
clipman-1.6.1-6.fc38 A simple clipboard manager for Wayland linux/s390xNew
clippy-1.67.0-2.fc38 Lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code linux/s390xNew
clips-6.31-5.fc38 Language for developing expert systems linux/s390xNew
clips-devel-6.31-5.fc38 C headers for developing programs that will embed CLIPS linux/s390xNew
clips-doc-6.31-5.fc38 Documentation and examples for the CLIPS expert system linux/noarchNew
clips-libs-6.31-5.fc38 Run-time C libraries for CLIPS applications linux/s390xNew
clipsmm-0.3.5-25.fc38 C++ interface to the CLIPS expert system C library linux/s390xNew
clipsmm-devel-0.3.5-25.fc38 Headers for developing C++ applications with CLIPS linux/s390xNew
clipsmm-doc-0.3.5-25.fc38 Documentation for the C++ clipsmm library linux/noarchNew
cliquer-1.22-5.fc38 Find cliques in arbitrary weighted graphs linux/s390xNew
cliquer-devel-1.22-5.fc38 Development files for cliquer linux/s390xNew
cliquer-libs-1.22-5.fc38 Library to find cliques in arbitrary weighted graphs linux/s390xNew
clisp-2.49.93-30.20221228git957c79a.fc38 ANSI Common Lisp implementation linux/s390xNew
clisp-devel-2.49.93-30.20221228git957c79a.fc38 Development files for CLISP linux/s390xNew
clitest-0.4.0-6.fc37 Command Line Tester linux/noarch
clm-aharoni-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Aharoni CLM, a sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-caladings-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Caladings CLM, a fantasy font family linux/noarchNew
clm-david-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 David CLM, a serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-drugulin-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Drugulin CLM, a serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-ellinia-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Ellinia CLM, a sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-frank-ruehl-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Frank Ruehl CLM, a serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-hadasim-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Hadasim CLM, a serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-keter-yg-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Keter YG, a sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-miriam-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Miriam CLM, a sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-miriam-mono-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Miriam Mono CLM, a monospace font family linux/noarchNew
clm-nachlieli-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Nachlieli CLM, a sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-shofar-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Shofar, a serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-simple-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Simple CLM, a sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-stam-ashkenaz-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Stam Ashkenaz CLM, a serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-stam-sefarad-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Stam Sefarad CLM, a serif font family linux/noarchNew
clm-yehuda-fonts-0.133-7.fc38 Yehuda CLM, a sans-serif font family linux/noarchNew
cln-1.3.6-2.fc38 Class Library for Numbers linux/s390xNew
cln-devel-1.3.6-2.fc38 Development files for programs using the CLN library linux/s390xNew
cloc-1.90-6.fc38 Count lines of code linux/noarchNew
clojure-1.11.1-4.fc38 A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine linux/noarchNew
clojure-maven-plugin-1.8.4-9.fc38 Clojure plugin for Maven linux/noarchNew
clonekeen-0.8.4-25.fc38 "Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons" clone linux/s390xNew
cloog-0.18.4-15.fc38 The Chunky Loop Generator linux/s390xNew
cloog-devel-0.18.4-15.fc38 Development tools for the Chunky Loop Generator linux/s390xNew
cloud-init-22.2-5.fc38 Cloud instance init scripts linux/noarchNew
cloud-utils-0.31-12.fc38 Cloud image management utilities linux/noarchNew
cloud-utils-growpart-0.31-12.fc38 Script for growing a partition linux/noarchNew
cloudcompare-2.11.3-6.fc38 3D point cloud and mesh processing software linux/s390xNew
cloudcompare-doc-2.11.3-6.fc38 Documentation for CloudCompare linux/noarchNew
cloudy-17.03-3.fc38 Spectral synthesis code to simulate conditions in interstellar matter linux/s390xNew
cloudy-data-17.03-3.fc38 data cloudy linux/noarchNew
cloudy-doc-17.03-3.fc38 Documentation for cloudy linux/noarchNew
clover2-11.0.0-2.fc38 Yet another compiler language linux/s390xNew
clover2-devel-11.0.0-2.fc38 Development files for clover2 linux/s390xNew
clover2-libs-11.0.0-2.fc38 Library package needed for clover2 linux/s390xNew
clpeak-1.1.2-3.fc38 Find peak OpenCL capacities like bandwidth & compute linux/s390xNew
clthreads-2.4.2-8.fc38 POSIX threads C++ access library linux/s390xNew
clthreads-devel-2.4.2-8.fc38 Development files for clthreads linux/s390xNew
clucene-contribs-lib- Language specific text analyzers for clucene linux/s390xNew
clucene-core- Core clucene module linux/s390xNew
clucene-core-devel- Headers for developing programs that will use clucene linux/s390xNew
clustal-omega-1.2.4-15.fc37 Clustal Omega is a command-line multiple sequence alignment tool linux/s390x
clustal-omega-devel-1.2.4-15.fc37 Development files for Clustal Omega linux/s390x
clustershell-1.9-3.fc38 Python framework for efficient cluster administration linux/noarchNew
clusterssh-4.16-8.fc38 Secure concurrent multiple server terminal control linux/noarchNew
clutter-1.26.4-10.fc38 Open Source software library for creating rich graphical user interfaces linux/s390xNew
clutter-devel-1.26.4-10.fc38 Clutter development environment linux/s390xNew
clutter-doc-1.26.4-10.fc38 Documentation for clutter linux/s390xNew
clutter-gst3-3.0.27-15.fc38 GStreamer integration library for Clutter linux/s390xNew
clutter-gst3-devel-3.0.27-15.fc38 Development files for clutter-gst3 linux/s390xNew
clutter-gtk-1.8.4-15.fc38 A basic GTK clutter widget linux/s390xNew
clutter-gtk-devel-1.8.4-15.fc38 Clutter-gtk development environment linux/s390xNew
clutter-tests-1.26.4-10.fc38 Tests for the clutter package linux/s390xNew
cluttermm-1.17.3-20.fc38 C++ interface for Clutter linux/s390xNew
cluttermm-devel-1.17.3-20.fc38 Development files for cluttermm linux/s390xNew
cluttermm-doc-1.17.3-20.fc38 API documentation for cluttermm linux/noarchNew
clxclient-3.9.2-8.fc38 C++ X Windows Library linux/s390xNew
clxclient-devel-3.9.2-8.fc38 C++ X Windows Library Development Files linux/s390xNew
cm_rgb-0.3.6-2.fc38 Utility to control RGB on AMD Wraith Prism linux/noarchNew
cmake-3.25.2-1.fc38 Cross-platform make system linux/s390xNew
cmake-data-3.25.2-1.fc38 Common data-files for cmake linux/noarchNew
cmake-doc-3.25.2-1.fc38 Documentation for cmake linux/noarchNew
cmake-fedora-2.9.3-17.fc38 CMake helper modules for fedora developers linux/noarchNew
cmake-filesystem-3.25.2-1.fc38 Directories used by CMake modules linux/s390xNew
cmake-gui-3.25.2-1.fc38 Qt GUI for cmake linux/s390xNew
cmake-rpm-macros-3.25.2-1.fc38 Common RPM macros for cmake linux/noarchNew
cmark-0.30.3-1.fc38 CommonMark parsing and rendering linux/s390xNew
cmark-devel-0.30.3-1.fc38 Development files for cmark linux/s390xNew
cmark-lib-0.30.3-1.fc38 CommonMark parsing and rendering library linux/s390xNew
cmatrix-2.0-5.fc38 A scrolling 'Matrix'-like screen linux/s390xNew
cmatrix-x11-fonts-2.0-5.fc38 The font of 'Matrix' for X11 linux/s390xNew
cmconvert-1.9.6-26.fc38 CacheMate import file converter linux/s390xNew
cmigemo-1.3-0.13.date20110227.fc38.9 C interface of Ruby/Migemo Japanese incremental search tool linux/s390xNew
cmigemo-devel-1.3-0.13.date20110227.fc38.9 Development files for cmigemo linux/s390xNew
cminpack-1.3.8-3.fc38 Solver for nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems linux/s390xNew
cminpack-devel-1.3.8-3.fc38 Header files and libraries for cminpack linux/s390xNew
cmocka-doc-1.1.5-13.fc38 API documentation for the cmocka unit testing framework linux/noarchNew
cmpfit-1.5-2.fc38 A MINPACK-1 Least Squares Fitting Library in C linux/s390xNew
cmpfit-devel-1.5-2.fc38 Headers for developing programs that will use cmpfit linux/s390xNew
cmrc-devel-2.0.1-2.fc38 Standalone CMake-Based C++ Resource Compiler linux/noarchNew
cntlm-0.92.3-24.fc38 Fast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling linux/s390xNew
co2mon-2.1.1-12.20221013gitf47ec3d.fc38 CO2 monitor software linux/s390xNew
co2mon-devel-2.1.1-12.20221013gitf47ec3d.fc38 Include files for CO2 monitor software linux/s390xNew
coapthon3-1.0.1-15.fc38 Command-line tools for python-coapthon3 linux/noarchNew
cobbler-3.3.3-4.fc38 Boot server configurator linux/noarchNew
cobbler-tests-3.3.3-4.fc38 Unit tests for cobbler linux/noarchNew
coccinelle-1.1.1-16.fc38 Semantic patching for Linux (spatch) linux/s390xNew
coccinelle-bash-completion-1.1.1-16.fc38 Bash tab-completion for coccinelle linux/noarchNew
coccinelle-doc-1.1.1-16.fc38 Documentation for coccinelle linux/noarchNew
coccinelle-examples-1.1.1-16.fc38 Examples for coccinelle linux/noarchNew
cockatrice-2.8.0-8.fc38 A cross-platform virtual tabletop software for multi-player card games linux/s390xNew
cockatrice-langpack-cs-2.8.0-8.fc38 Czech language data for cockatrice linux/noarch