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glibc-gconv-extra-2.35-4.fc36 RPM for x86_64

From Fedora 36 for x86_64 / g

Name: glibc-gconv-extra Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 2.35 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 4.fc36 Build date: Wed Mar 2 14:19:49 2022
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 8240428 Source RPM: glibc-2.35-4.fc36.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: All iconv converter modules for glibc.
This package contains all iconv converter modules built in glibc.




LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ and GPLv2+ with exceptions and BSD and Inner-Net and ISC and Public Domain and GFDL


* Wed Mar 02 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.35-4
  - Reduce installed size of some langpacks by de-duplicating LC_CTYPE.
  - Add glibc-localedef-handle-symlinks.patch so localedef can handle symbolic
    links when generating locale-archive.
  - Drop glibc-fedora-localedef.patch and adjust locale installation
    accordingly so that installed content remains unchanged.
* Mon Feb 28 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35-3
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.35/master,
    commit 732dd3a63d39c7ca77e817b462285c14551c8b49:
  - localedata: Do not generate output if warnings were present.
  - localedef: Update LC_MONETARY handling (Bug 28845)
  - NEWS: Add a bug fix entry for BZ #28688
  - resolv: Fix tst-resolv tests for 2.35 ABIs and later
  - elf: Replace with tst-audit24bmod2
  - elf: Check invalid hole in PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28838]
  - NEWS: Add a bug fix entry for BZ #28896
  - x86: Fix TEST_NAME to make it a string in tst-strncmp-rtm.c
  - x86: Test wcscmp RTM in the wcsncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]
  - x86: Fallback {str|wcs}cmp RTM in the ncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]
  - string: Add a testcase for wcsncmp with SIZE_MAX [BZ #28755]
  - linux: Use socket-constants-time64.h on tst-socket-timestamp-compat
  - linux: fix accuracy of get_nprocs and get_nprocs_conf [BZ #28865]
* Tue Feb 08 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.35/master,
    commit 24962427071fa532c3c48c918e9d64d719cc8a6c:
  - Add BZ#28860 reference on NEWS
  - linux: Fix missing __convert_scm_timestamps (BZ #28860)
* Thu Feb 03 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.35-1
  - glibc 2.35 upstream release
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.35/master,
    commit a2f1675634b3513c09c38e55e6766e8c05768b1f:
  - linux: __get_nprocs_sched: do not feed CPU_COUNT_S with garbage [BZ #28850]
  - posix: Fix tst-spawn6 terminal handling (BZ #28853)
  - Regenerate configure
  - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.24.
  - Prepare for glibc 2.35 release.
  - Regenerate configure.
  - Update install.texi, and regenerate INSTALL.
  - Update NEWS bug list.
  - Update NEWS.
  - Update translations.
  - Linux: Use ptrdiff_t for __rseq_offset
  - Fix elf/tst-audit25a with default bind now toolchains
  - posix: Replace posix_spawnattr_tc{get,set}pgrp_np with posix_spawn_file_actions_addtcsetpgrp_np
  - or1k: Define PI_STATIC_AND_HIDDEN
  - SET_RELHOOK: merge i386 and x86_64, and move to sysdeps/mach/hurd/x86
  - elf: Fix runtime linker auditing on aarch64 (BZ #26643)
  - elf: Issue la_symbind for bind-now (BZ #23734)
  - elf: Fix initial-exec TLS access on audit modules (BZ #28096)
  - elf: Add la_activity during application exit
  - localedata: Adjust C.UTF-8 to align with C/POSIX.
  - localedef: Fix handling of empty mon_decimal_point (Bug 28847)
  - malloc: Fix tst-mallocalign1 macro spacing.
* Tue Feb 01 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-39
  - Drop glibc-temp-Wno-use-after-free.patch, fixed upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3fb18fd80c5900cc82748f3320b30516c57d24da:
  - elf: Add <dl-r_debug.h>
  - Mention _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 for gcc12 in NEWS
  - malloc: Fix -Wuse-after-free warning in tst-mallocalign1 [BZ #26779]
  - Update libc.pot for 2.35 release.
  - tst-socket-timestamp-compat.c: Check __TIMESIZE [BZ #28837]
  - Add prelink removal plan on NEWS
  - Linux: Only generate 64 bit timestamps for 64 bit time_t recvmsg/recvmmsg
  - linux: Fix ancillary 64-bit time timestamp conversion (BZ #28349, BZ#28350)
  - support: Add support_socket_so_timestamp_time64
  - Fix elf/loadfail test build dependencies
  - Fix glibc 2.34 ABI omission (missing GLIBC_2.34 in dynamic loader)
  - x86: Use CHECK_FEATURE_PRESENT to check HLE [BZ #27398]
  - Guard tst-valgrind-smoke.out with run-built-tests
  - hurd: Add posix_spawnattr_tc{get,set}pgrp_np on libc.abilist
  - Avoid -Wuse-after-free in tests [BZ #26779].
  - elf: Replace tst-p_alignmod1-editX with a python script
  - stdlib: Avoid -Wuse-after-free in __add_to_environ [BZ #26779]
  - io: Fix use-after-free in ftw [BZ #26779]
  - intl: Avoid -Wuse-after-free [BZ #26779]
  - elf: Fix use-after-free in ldconfig [BZ #26779]
  - posix: Add terminal control setting support for posix_spawn
* Mon Jan 24 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.34.9000-38
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5b8e7980c5dabd9aaefeba4f0208baa8cf7653ee.
  - Linux: Detect user namespace support in io/tst-getcwd-smallbuff
  - Fix handling of unterminated bracket expressions in fnmatch (bug 28792)
  - realpath: Avoid overwriting preexisting error (CVE-2021-3998)
  - elf: Add a test for PT_LOAD segments with invalid p_align [BZ #28688]
  - elf: Add a test for PT_LOAD segments with p_align == 1 [BZ #28688]
  - elf: Add a test for PT_LOAD segments with mixed p_align [BZ #28676]
  - Add and use link-test-modules-rpath-link [BZ #28455]
  - tst-realpath-toolong: Fix hurd build
  - getcwd: Set errno to ERANGE for size == 1 (CVE-2021-3999)
  - Add valgrind smoke test
  - htl: Fix cleaning the reply port
  - elf: Properly align all PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28676]
  - realpath: Set errno to ENAMETOOLONG for result larger than PATH_MAX [BZ #28770]
  - support: Add helpers to create paths longer than PATH_MAX
  - nptl: Effectively skip CAS in spinlock loop
  - mips: Move DT_MIPS into <ldsodefs.h>
  - x86_64: Document libmvec vector functions accuracy [BZ #28766]
  - x86: Black list more Intel CPUs for TSX [BZ #27398]
  - elf: Fix tst-align3
  - elf: Move _dl_setup_hash to its own file
  - htl: Fix build error in annexc
  - elf: Reinstate tst-audit17
  - x86: use default cache size if it cannot be determined [BZ #28784]
  - rt/tst-mqueue*: Return UNSUPPORTED when mq_open fails with ENOSYS
  - Linux: Add epoll_pwait2 (BZ #27359)
  - Properly handle --disable-default-pie [BZ #28780]
  - elf: Fix 64 time_t support for installed statically binaries
  - Revert "elf: Fix 64 time_t support for installed statically binaries"
  - CVE-2022-23218: Buffer overflow in sunrpc svcunix_create (bug 28768)
  - sunrpc: Test case for clnt_create "unix" buffer overflow (bug 22542)
  - CVE-2022-23219: Buffer overflow in sunrpc clnt_create for "unix" (bug 22542)
  - socket: Add the __sockaddr_un_set function
  - elf/tst-dl_find_object: Disable subtests for non-contiguous maps (bug 28732)
  - elf: Set l_contiguous to 1 for the main map in more cases
  - elf: Introduce rtld_setup_main_map
  - hurd: Make RPC input array parameters const
  - hurd: optimize exec cleanup
  - hurd: Add __rtld_execve
  - hurd: Fix exec() leak on proc_task2proc failure
  - htl: Hide __pthread_attr's __schedparam type [BZ #23088]
  - htl: Clear kernel_thread field before releasing the thread structure
  - hurd: drop SA_SIGINFO availability xfail
  - hurd: Fix timer/clock_getres crash on NULL res parameter
  - hurd: Fix pthread_kill on exiting/ted thread
  - [hurd] Drop spurious #ifdef SHARED
  - [hurd] Call _dl_sort_maps_init in _dl_sysdep_start
  - elf tst-dl_find_object: Fix typo
  - s390x: Use <gcc-macros.h> in early HWCAP check
  - x86: Add x86-64-vN check to early startup
  - powerpc64le: Use <gcc-macros.h> in early HWCAP check
  - Add --with-rtld-early-cflags configure option
  - elf: Split dl-printf.c from dl-misc.c
  - elf/Makefile: Reflow and sort most variable assignments
  - Generate gcc-macros.h
  - x86: HAVE_X86_LAHF_SAHF, HAVE_X86_MOVBE and -march=x86-64-vN (bug 28782)
  - math: Add more inputs to atan2 accuracy tests [BZ #28765]
  - Disable debuginfod in printer tests [BZ #28757]
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.16
  - i386: Remove broken CAN_USE_REGISTER_ASM_EBP (bug 28771)
  - stdlib: Fix formatting of tests list in Makefile
  - stdlib: Sort tests in Makefile
  - x86_64: Fix SSE4.2 libmvec atan2 function accuracy [BZ #28765]
  - debug: Synchronize feature guards in fortified functions [BZ #28746]
  - debug: Autogenerate _FORTIFY_SOURCE tests
  - Do not build libresolv module with 64 bit time_t flags
  - Revert "linux: Fix ancillary 64-bit time timestamp conversion (BZ #28349, BZ #28350)"
  - Revert "support: Add support_socket_so_timestamp_time64"
  - timezone: Fix tst-bz28707 Makefile rule
  - linux: Fix ancillary 64-bit time timestamp conversion (BZ #28349, BZ #28350)
  - support: Add support_socket_so_timestamp_time64
  - elf: Fix 64 time_t support for installed statically binaries
  - Enable _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 for gcc 12 and above
  - manual: Drop obsolete @refill
  - aarch64: Add HWCAP2_ECV from Linux 5.16
  - Use Linux 5.16 in
  - x86: Fix __wcsncmp_evex in strcmp-evex.S [BZ# 28755]
  - x86: Fix __wcsncmp_avx2 in strcmp-avx2.S [BZ# 28755]
  - math: Fix float conversion regressions with gcc-12 [BZ #28713]
  - elf: Simplify software TM implementation in _dl_find_object
  - Restore ENTRY_POINT definition on hppa, ia64 (bug 28749)
  - elf: Fix fences in _dl_find_object_update (bug 28745)
  - ttydefaults.h: Fix CSTATUS to control-t
  - AArch64: Check for SVE in ifuncs [BZ #28744]
  - debug: Remove catchsegv and libSegfault (BZ #14913)
  - Documentation for OpenRISC port
  - add OpenRISC support
  - or1k: Build Infrastructure
  - or1k: ABI lists
  - or1k: Linux ABI
  - or1k: Linux Syscall Interface
  - or1k: math soft float support
  - or1k: Atomics and Locking primitives
  - or1k: Thread Local Storage support
  - or1k: startup and dynamic linking code
  - or1k: ABI Implementation
  - linux/syscalls: Add or1k_atomic syscall for OpenRISC
  - elf: Add reloc for OpenRISC
  - elf: Add a comment after trailing backslashes
  - elf: Also try DT_RUNPATH for LD_AUDIT dlopen [BZ #28455]
  - elf: Fix tst-linkall-static link when pthread is not in libc
* Thu Jan 20 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.34.9000-37
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 04 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-36
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 28713c06129f8f64f88c423266e6ff2880216509:
  - elf: Sort tests and modules-names
  - hurd: nuke all unknown ports on exec
  - hurd: Fix auth port leak
  - Remove stale reference to libanl.a
  - elf: Add <dl-debug.h>
  - Properly check linker option in LIBC_LINKER_FEATURE [BZ #28738]
  - hurd: Implement _S_msg_get_dtable
  - Update automatically-generated copyright dates
  - Sync move-if-change from Gnulib, updating copyright
  - Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.
  - Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights
  - hurd: Use __trivfs_server_name instead of trivfs_server_name
  - hurd: Bump BRK_START to 0x20000000
  - hurd: Avoid overzealous shared objects constraints
  - time: Refactor timesize.h for some ABIs
  - hurd: Make getrandom a stub inside the random translator
  - open64: Force O_LARGEFILE on all architectures
  - x86-64: Add vector tan/tanf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector erfc/erfcf implementation to libmvec
  - resolv: Do not install symbolic link
  - resolv: Do not build for ABIs starting at 2.35
  - timezone: test-case for BZ #28707
  - timezone: handle truncated timezones from tzcode-2021d and later (BZ #28707)
  - x86-64: Add vector asinh/asinhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector tanh/tanhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector erf/erff implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector acosh/acoshf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector atanh/atanhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector log1p/log1pf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector log2/log2f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector log10/log10f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector atan2/atan2f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector cbrt/cbrtf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector sinh/sinhf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector expm1/expm1f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector cosh/coshf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector exp10/exp10f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector exp2/exp2f implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector hypot/hypotf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector asin/asinf implementation to libmvec
  - x86-64: Add vector atan/atanf implementation to libmvec
* Wed Dec 29 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-35
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5d28a8962dcb6ec056b81d730e3c6fb57185a210:
  - elf: Add _dl_find_object function
  - malloc: Remove memusage.h
  - malloc: Use hp-timing on libmemusage
  - Remove atomic-machine.h atomic typedefs
  - malloc: Remove atomic_* usage
  - microblaze: Add missing implementation when !__ASSUME_TIME64_SYSCALLS
  - elf: Do not fail for failed dlmopen on audit modules (BZ #28061)
  - elf: Issue audit la_objopen for vDSO
  - elf: Add audit tests for modules with TLSDESC
  - elf: Avoid unnecessary slowdown from profiling with audit (BZ#15533)
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_pltexit
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_pltenter
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_preinit
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_symbind_alt and _dl_audit_symbind
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_objclose
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_objsearch
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_activity_map and _dl_audit_activity_nsid
  - elf: Add _dl_audit_objopen
  - hurd: Fix static-PIE startup
  - hurd: let csu initialize tls
  - hurd: Fix XFAIL-ing mallocfork2 tests
  - hurd: XFAIL more tests that require setpshared support
  - malloc: Add missing shared thread library flags
  - stdio-common: Fix %m sprintf test output for GNU/Hurd
  - x86: Optimize L(less_vec) case in memcmpeq-evex.S
  - x86: Optimize L(less_vec) case in memcmp-evex-movbe.S
  - elf: Remove AArch64 from comment for AT_MINSIGSTKSZ
  - math: Properly cast X_TLOSS to float [BZ #28713]
  - Set default __TIMESIZE default to 64
  - stdio: Implement %#m for vfprintf and related functions
  - elf: Remove unused NEED_DL_BASE_ADDR and _dl_base_addr
  - x86-64: Add vector acos/acosf implementation to libmvec
  - intl/plural.y: Avoid conflicting declarations of yyerror and yylex
  - elf: Remove excessive p_align check on PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28688]
  - s_sincosf.h: Change pio4 type to float [BZ #28713]
  - Linux: Fix 32-bit vDSO for clock_gettime on powerpc32
  - Regenerate ulps on x86_64 with GCC 12
  - Add ARPHRD_CAN, ARPHRD_MCTP to net/if_arp.h
  - Remove ununsed tcb-offset
  - riscv: align stack before calling _dl_init [BZ #28703]
  - riscv: align stack in clone [BZ #28702]
  - elf: Fix tst-cpu-features-cpuinfo for KVM guests on some AMD systems [BZ #28704]
  - powerpc64[le]: Allocate extra stack frame on syscall.S
  - Update copyright header in recently merged ab_GE locale
  - fortify: Fix spurious warning with realpath
* Tue Dec 28 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-34
  - armhfp, i686: Revert 64-bit time_t/off_t for internal use (#2034715)
* Fri Dec 17 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-33
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit b99b0f93ee8762fe53ff65802deb6f00700b9924:
  - nss: Use "files dns" as the default for the hosts database (#2033020)
  - arm: Guard ucontext _rtld_global_ro access by SHARED, not PIC macro
  - Fix The GNU ToolChain Authors copyright notice
  - Remove upper limit on tunable MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD
  - localedata: add new locale ab_GE
  - Fix __minimal_malloc segfaults in __mmap due to stack-protector
  - __glibc_unsafe_len: Fix comment
  - malloc: Enable huge page support on main arena
  - malloc: Move MORECORE fallback mmap to sysmalloc_mmap_fallback
  - malloc: Add Huge Page support to arenas
  - malloc: Add Huge Page support for mmap
  - malloc: Move mmap logic to its own function
  - malloc: Add THP/madvise support for sbrk
  - malloc: Add madvise support for Transparent Huge Pages
  - powerpc: Use global register variable in <thread_pointer.h>
  - Use LFS and 64 bit time for installed programs (swbz#15333)
* Wed Dec 15 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-32
  - Do not use --enable-static-pie configure flag since it is now ignored
* Wed Dec 15 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-31
  - Drop glibc-fedora-revert-PT_LOAD-segment-align.patch; fix applied upstream
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4435c29892c43ae9908a42e591747be63102689b:
  - Support target specific ALIGN for variable alignment test [BZ #28676]
  - NEWS: Document LD_PREFER_MAP_32BIT_EXEC as x86-64 only
  - elf: Align argument of __munmap to page size [BZ #28676]
* Tue Dec 14 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-30
  - Add glibc-fedora-revert-PT_LOAD-segment-align.patch to revert upstream
    commits 718fdd87b1b9 and fc2334ab32e0.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0884724a95b60452ad483dbe086d237d02ba624d:
  - intl: Emit no lines in bison generated files
  - hurd: Do not set PIE_UNSUPPORTED
  - mach: Fix spurious inclusion of stack_chk_fail_local in libmachuser.a
  - Disable DT_RUNPATH on NSS tests [BZ #28455]
  - sysdeps: Simplify sin Taylor Series calculation
  - math: Remove the error handling wrapper from hypot and hypotf
  - math: Use fmin/fmax on hypot
  - aarch64: Add math-use-builtins-f{max,min}.h
  - math: Add math-use-builtinds-fmin.h
  - math: Add math-use-builtinds-fmax.h
  - math: Remove powerpc e_hypot
  - i386: Move hypot implementation to C
  - math: Use an improved algorithm for hypotl (ldbl-128)
  - math: Use an improved algorithm for hypotl (ldbl-96)
  - math: Improve hypot performance with FMA
  - math: Use an improved algorithm for hypot (dbl-64)
  - math: Simplify hypotf implementation
  - Cleanup encoding in comments
  - Replace --enable-static-pie with --disable-default-pie
  - hurd: Add rules for static PIE build
  - hurd: Fix gmon-static
  - x86-64: Remove LD_PREFER_MAP_32BIT_EXEC support [BZ #28656]
  - elf: Use errcode instead of (unset) errno in rtld_chain_load
  - Add a testcase to check alignment of PT_LOAD segment [BZ #28676]
  - elf: Properly align PT_LOAD segments [BZ #28676]
  - elf: Install a symbolic link to as /usr/bin/
  - nptl: Add one more barrier to nptl/tst-create1
  - nptl: rseq failure after registration on main thread is fatal
  - nptl: Add public rseq symbols and <sys/rseq.h>
  - nptl: Add glibc.pthread.rseq tunable to control rseq registration
  - Linux: Use rseq to accelerate sched_getcpu
  - nptl: Add rseq registration
  - nptl: Introduce THREAD_GETMEM_VOLATILE
  - nptl: Introduce <tcb-access.h> for THREAD_* accessors
  - nptl: Add <thread_pointer.h> for defining __thread_pointer
  - String: test-memcpy used unaligned types for buffers [BZ 28572]
  - localedef: check magic value on archive load [BZ #28650]
  - x86: Don't set Prefer_No_AVX512 for processors with AVX512 and AVX-VNNI
  - linux: Add generic ioctl implementation
  - linux: Add generic syscall implementation
  - misc, nptl: Remove stray references to __condvar_load_64_relaxed
  - csu: Always use __executable_start in gmon-start.c
  - elf: execve statically linked programs instead of crashing [BZ #28648]
  - Add --with-timeoutfactor=NUM to specify TIMEOUTFACTOR
* Mon Dec 13 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-29
  - Remove nscd (#1905142)
* Fri Dec 10 2021 Pavel Březina <> - 2.34.9000-28
  - /etc/nsswitch.conf is now owned by authselect (rhbz#2023741)
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.34.9000-27
  - Set BuildFlagsNonshared only if _annotated_build is set.
* Sat Dec 04 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-26
  - Drop glibc-rh2026399.patch, not needed anymore due to upstream fix.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4df1fa6ddc8925a75f3da644d5da3bb16eb33f02:
  - x86-64: Use notl in EVEX strcmp (#2026399)
  - nptl: Increase default TCB alignment to 32
  - elf: add definition for ELF_NOTE_FDO and NT_FDO_PACKAGING_METADATA note
  - AArch64: Improve A64FX memcpy
  - AArch64: Optimize memcmp
  - powerpc64[le]: Fix CFI and LR save address for asm syscalls [BZ #28532]
  - linux: Implement pipe in terms of __NR_pipe2
  - linux: Implement mremap in C
  - linux: Add prlimit64 C implementation
  - elf: Include <stdbool.h> in tst-tls20.c
  - elf: Include <stdint.h> in tst-tls20.c
  - hurd: Let report-wait use a weak reference to _hurd_itimer_thread
* Sat Dec 04 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-25
  - x86_64: Disable additional EVEX string functions (#2026399)
* Fri Dec 03 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-24
  - x86_64: Disable EVEX *cmp* string functions (#2026399)
* Thu Dec 02 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-23
  - Drop glibc-sdt-headers.patch; the official systemtap headers work again.
* Thu Nov 25 2021 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.34.9000-22
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 137ed5ac440a4d3cf4178ce97f349b349a9c2c66:
  - linux: Use /proc/stat fallback for __get_nprocs_conf (BZ #28624)
  - linux: Add fanotify_mark C implementation
  - linux: Only build fstatat fallback if required
  - regex: fix buffer read overrun in search [BZ#28470]
  - x86-64: Add vector sin/sinf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector pow/powf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector log/logf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector exp/expf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - x86-64: Add vector cos/cosf to libmvec microbenchmark
  - io: Refactor close_range and closefrom
  - nptl: Do not set signal mask on second setjmp return [BZ #28607]
  - powerpc: Define USE_PPC64_NOTOC iff compiler supports it
  - setjmp: Replace jmp_buf-macros.h with jmp_buf-macros.sym
  - Update kernel version to 5.15 in
  - socket: Do not use AF_NETLINK in __opensock
  - elf: Move la_activity (LA_ACT_ADD) after _dl_add_to_namespace_list() (BZ #28062)
  - Add PF_MCTP, AF_MCTP from Linux 5.15 to bits/socket.h
  - malloc: Fix malloc debug for 2.35 onwards
  - elf: Introduce GLRO (dl_libc_freeres), called from __libc_freeres
  - nptl: Extract <bits/atomic_wide_counter.h> from pthread_cond_common.c
* Wed Nov 17 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-21
  - Temporary patch glibc-sdt-headers.patch, to fix s390x build failure.
  - Temporary patch glibc-dso-sort-makefile-fail.patch, to fix x86_64 build.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit a43c0b5483da4c5e3796af309864cb44256c02db:
  - x86-64: Create microbenchmark infrastructure for libmvec
  - elf: hidden visibility for __minimal_malloc functions
  - elf: Use a temporary file to generate Makefile fragments [BZ #28550]
  - Put all sources in one directory [BZ #28550]
  - elf: Move LAV_CURRENT to link_lavcurrent.h
  - Move assignment out of the CAS condition
  - Add a comment for --enable-initfini-array [BZ #27945]
  - tst-tzset: output reason when creating 4GiB file fails
  - Add LLL_MUTEX_READ_LOCK [BZ #28537]
  - Avoid extra load with CAS in __pthread_mutex_clocklock_common [BZ #28537]
  - Avoid extra load with CAS in __pthread_mutex_lock_full [BZ #28537]
  - String: Split memcpy tests so that parallel build is faster
  - x86: Shrink memcmp-sse4.S code size
  - Support C2X printf %b, %B
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.15
  - s390: Use long branches across object boundaries (jgh instead of jh)
* Tue Nov 16 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-20
  - Create /{bin,lib,lib64,sbin} as symbolic links in test-container
* Wed Nov 10 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-19
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0bd356df1afb0591470499813d4ebae9bcedd6a6:
  - Remove the unused +mkdep/+make-deps/s-proto.S/s-proto-cancel.S
  - Fix build a chec failures after b05fae4d8e34
  - elf: Use the minimal malloc on tunables_strdup
* Mon Nov 08 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-18
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit db6c4935fae6005d46af413b32aa92f4f6059dce:
  - Fix memmove call in vfprintf-internal.c:group_number
  - locale: Fix localedata/sort-test undefined behavior
  - test-memcpy.c: Double TIMEOUT to (8 * 60)
  - hurd: Remove unused __libc_close_range
  - hurd: Implement close_range and closefrom
  - x86: Double size of ERMS rep_movsb_threshold in dl-cacheinfo.h
  - x86: Optimize memmove-vec-unaligned-erms.S
  - benchtests: Add partial overlap case in bench-memmove-walk.c
  - benchtests: Add additional cases to bench-memcpy.c and bench-memmove.c
  - string: Make tests birdirectional test-memcpy.c
  - Remove the last trace of generate-md5 [BZ #28554]
  - Revert "benchtests: Add acosf function to bench-math"
  - Configure GCC with --enable-initfini-array [BZ #27945]
  - elf: Earlier missing dynamic segment check in _dl_map_object_from_fd
  - gconv: Do not emit spurious NUL character in ISO-2022-JP-3 (bug 28524)
  - [powerpc] Tighten contraints for asm constant parameters
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.34.9000-17
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d3bf2f5927d51258a51ac7fde04f4805f8ee294a.
  - elf: Do not run DSO sorting if tunables is not enabled
  - riscv: Build with -mno-relax if linker does not support R_RISCV_ALIGN
  - x86-64: Replace movzx with movzbl
  - regex: Unnest nested functions in regcomp.c
  - Use Linux 5.15 in
  - elf: Assume disjointed .rela.dyn and .rela.plt for loader
  - i386: Explain why __HAVE_64B_ATOMICS has to be 0
  - benchtests: Add hypotf
  - benchtests: Make hypot input random
  - arm: Use have-mtls-dialect-gnu2 to check for ARM TLS descriptors support
  - arm: Use internal symbol for _dl_argv on _dl_start_user
  - x86-64: Remove Prefer_AVX2_STRCMP
  - x86-64: Improve EVEX strcmp with masked load
* Fri Oct 29 2021 DJ Delorie <> - 2.34.9000-16
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 79d0fc65395716c1d95931064c7bf37852203c66.
  - benchtests: Add acosf function to bench-math
  - benchtests: Improve bench-memcpy-random
  - Disable -Waggressive-loop-optimizations warnings in tst-dynarray.c
  - Fix compiler issue with mmap_internal
  - Check if linker also support -mtls-dialect=gnu2
  - Fix LIBC_PROG_BINUTILS for -fuse-ld=lld
  - elf: Disable ifuncmain{1,5,5pic,5pie} when using LLD
  - Handle NULL input to malloc_usable_size [BZ #28506]
  - x86_64: Add memcmpeq.S to fix disable-multi-arch build
  - login: Add back libutil as an empty library
  - riscv: Fix incorrect jal with HIDDEN_JUMPTARGET
  - x86_64: Add evex optimized __memcmpeq in memcmpeq-evex.S
  - x86_64: Add avx2 optimized __memcmpeq in memcmpeq-avx2.S
  - x86_64: Add sse2 optimized __memcmpeq in memcmp-sse2.S
  - x86_64: Add support for __memcmpeq using sse2, avx2, and evex
  - Benchtests: Add benchtests for __memcmpeq
  - String: Add __memcmpeq as build target
  - NEWS: Add item for __memcmpeq
  - String: Add tests for __memcmpeq
  - String: Add hidden defs for __memcmpeq() to enable internal usage
  - String: Add support for __memcmpeq() ABI on all targets
  - configure: Don't check LD -v --help for LIBC_LINKER_FEATURE
  - elf: Make global.out depend on [BZ #28457]
  - x86: Replace sse2 instructions with avx in memcmp-evex-movbe.S
  - bench-math: Sort and put each bench per line
  - x86_64: Add missing libmvec ABI tests
  - elf: Fix e6fd79f379 build with --enable-tunables=no
  - elf: Fix slow DSO sorting behavior in dynamic loader (BZ #17645)
  - elf: Testing infrastructure for DSO sorting (BZ #17645)
  - iconv: Use TIMEOUTFACTOR for iconv test timeout
  - posix: Remove alloca usage for internal fnmatch implementation
  - Add alloc_align attribute to memalign et al
  - linux: Fix a possibly non-constant expression in _Static_assert
  - x86-64: Add sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/Makeconfig
* Wed Oct 20 2021 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.34.9000-15
  - Remove glibc-ld-readonly-revert.patch.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e037274c8ec86ca9d491331984b34f30701b23cf:
  - stdlib: Fix tst-canon-bz26341 when the glibc build current working
    directory is itself using symlinks.
  - powerpc: Remove backtrace implementation
  - Correct access attribute on memfrob (bug 28475)
  - debug: Add tests for _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3
  - Make sure that the fortified function conditionals are constant
  - Don't add access size hints to fortifiable functions
  - Place un-assemblable @@@ in a comment
  - nss: Unnest nested function add_key
  - Initialize bootstrap_map.l_ld_readonly [BZ #28340]
  - timex: Use 64-bit fields on 32-bit TIMESIZE=64 systems (BZ #28469)
  - manual: Update _TIME_BITS to clarify it's user defined
  - nptl: Fix tst-cancel7 and tst-cancelx7 pidfile race
  - elf: Fix elf_get_dynamic_info() for bootstrap
  - hurd if_index: Explicitly use AF_INET for if index discovery
  - hurd: Fix intr-msg parameter/stack kludge
  - x86-64: Add test-vector-abi.h/test-vector-abi-sincos.h
  - elf: Fix dynamic-link.h usage on rtld.c
* Thu Oct 14 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-14
  - Adjust glibc-ld-readonly-revert.patch.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e59ced238482fd71f3e493717f14f6507346741e:
  - x86: Optimize memset-vec-unaligned-erms.S
  - x86: Optimize memcmp-evex-movbe.S for frontend behavior and size
  - libio: Update tst-wfile-sync to not depend on stdin
  - elf: Update audit tests to not depend on stdout
  - elf: Fix elf_get_dynamic_info definition
  - Add TEST_COMPARE_STRING_WIDE to support/check.h
  - Fix nios2 localplt failure
  - elf: Remove Intel MPX support (lazy PLT, profile, and LD_AUDIT)
  - resolv: Avoid GCC 12 false positive warning [BZ #28439].
  - benchtests: Add medium cases and increase iters in bench-memset.c
  - x86: Modify ENTRY in sysdep.h so that p2align can be specified
  - resolv: make res_randomid use random_bits()
  - Linux: implement getloadavg(3) using sysinfo(2)
  - Remove unreliable parts of rt/tst-cpuclock2
  - elf: Avoid nested functions in the loader [BZ #27220]
  - Add run-time check for indirect external access
  - Initial support for GNU_PROPERTY_1_NEEDED
  - io: Fix ftw internal realloc buffer (BZ #28126)
  - Fix subscript error with odd TZif file [BZ #28338]
* Thu Oct 07 2021 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.34.9000-13
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit f2e06656d04a9fcb0603802a4f8ce7aa3a1f055e:
  - S390: Add PCI_MIO and SIE HWCAPs
  - support: Also return fd when it is 0
  - Don't fill the DT_DEBUG entry in [BZ #28129]
  - S390: update libm test ulps
  - powerpc: update libm test ulps
  - math: Also xfail the new j0f tests for ibm128-libgcc
  - y2038: Use a common definition for stat for sparc32
  - Fix stdlib/tst-setcontext.c for GCC 12 -Warray-compare
  - aarch64: update libm test ulps
  - Fixed inaccuracy of j0f (BZ #28185)
  - Fix stdio-common tests for GCC 12 -Waddress
  - benchtests: Building benchmarks as static executables
  - elf: Avoid deadlock between pthread_create and ctors [BZ #28357]
  - time: Ignore interval nanoseconds on tst-itimer
  - io: Do not skip timestamps tests for 32-bit time_t
  - Update to Unicode 14.0.0 [BZ #28390]
* Fri Oct 01 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-12
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit eae81d70574e923ce3c59078b8df857ae192efa6:
  - nptl: pthread_kill must send signals to a specific thread [BZ #28407]
  - support: Add check for TID zero in support_wait_for_thread_exit
  - nptl: Add CLOCK_MONOTONIC support for PI mutexes
  - support: Add support_mutex_pi_monotonic
  - nptl: Use FUTEX_LOCK_PI2 when available
  - Linux: Add FUTEX_LOCK_PI2
  - Add exp10 macro to <tgmath.h> (bug 26108)
  - elf: Replace nsid with args.nsid [BZ #27609]
  - Add missing braces to bsearch inline implementation [BZ #28400]
  - Update alpha libm-test-ulps
  - Suppress -Wcast-qual warnings in bsearch
  - elf: Copy l_addr/l_ld when adding to a new namespace
  - powerpc: Fix unrecognized instruction errors with recent binutils
* Wed Sep 29 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-11
  - Drop glibc-rh1992702-*.patch, applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 9bd9978639c2f75dbea5c25226264b1ac11fdf05:
  - Do not declare fmax, fmin _FloatN, _FloatNx versions for C2X
  - Do not define tgmath.h fmaxmag, fminmag macros for C2X (bug 28397)
  - Add fmaximum, fminimum functions
  - Linux: Simplify __opensock and fix race condition [BZ #28353]
  - pthread/tst-cancel28: Fix barrier re-init race condition
  - powerpc: Delete unneeded ELF_MACHINE_BEFORE_RTLD_RELOC
  - posix: Remove spawni.c
  - Disable symbol hack in libc_nonshared.a
  - linux: Revert the use of sched_getaffinity on get_nproc (BZ #28310)
  - linux: Simplify get_nprocs
  - misc: Add __get_nprocs_sched
  - htl: Fix sigset of main thread
  - htl: make pthread_sigstate read/write set/oset outside sigstate section
  - Avoid warning: overriding recipe for .../
  - benchtests: Improve reliability of memcmp benchmarks
  - Define __STDC_IEC_60559_BFP__ and __STDC_IEC_60559_COMPLEX__
  - add powerpc64le glibc variant without multiarch
  - Fix sysdeps/x86/fpu/s_ffma.c for 32-bit FMA processor case
  - Linux: Avoid closing -1 on failure in __closefrom_fallback
  - i386: Port elf_machine_{load_address,dynamic} from x86-64
  - aarch64: Disable A64FX memcpy/memmove BTI unconditionally
  - xsysconf: Only fail on error results and errno set
  - powerpc64le: Avoid conflicting types for f64xfmaf128 when IFUNC is not used
  - Fix ffma use of round-to-odd on x86
  - vfprintf: Unify argument handling in process_arg
  - vfprintf: Handle floating-point cases outside of process_arg macro
* Thu Sep 23 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-10
  - Fix ppc64le build failure by reverting DL_RO_DYN_SECTION removal
* Thu Sep 23 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2849e2f53311b66853cb5159b64cba2bddbfb854:
  - nptl: Avoid setxid deadlock with blocked signals in thread exit [BZ #28361]
  - Add narrowing fma functions
  - Replace DL_RO_DYN_SECTION with dl_relocate_ld [BZ #28340]
  - Adjust new narrowing div/mul tests for IBM long double, update powerpc ULPs
  - Mention today's regex merge in SHARED-FILES
  - Fix f64xdivf128, f64xmulf128 spurious underflows (bug 28358)
  - regex: copy back from Gnulib
  - nptl: Fix type of pthread_mutexattr_getrobust_np,
    pthread_mutexattr_setrobust_np (bug 28036)
  - powerpc: Fix unrecognized instruction errors with recent GCC
  - elf: Include <sysdep.h> in elf/dl-debug-symbols.S
  - nptl: pthread_kill needs to return ESRCH for old programs (bug 19193)
  - Extend struct r_debug to support multiple namespaces [BZ #15971]
  - Use $(pie-default) with conformtest
  - Run conform/ tests using newly built libc
  - posix: Fix attribute access mode on getcwd [BZ #27476]
  - Fix --strip for installed library renaming
  - benchtests: Fix exceptions
  - elf: Remove THREAD_GSCOPE_IN_TCB
  - htl: Reimplement GSCOPE
  - htl: Move thread table to
  - Redirect fma calls to __fma in libm
  - time: Fix compile error in itimer test affecting hurd
* Wed Sep 15 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-8
  - Use system CPU count for sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_*) (#1992702)
* Wed Sep 15 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-7
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2444ce5421c6036a503842d8dd8d93c27aad59ee:
  - mach lll_lock/unlock: Explicitly request private locking
  - elf: Replace most uses of THREAD_GSCOPE_IN_TCB
  - Update kernel version to 5.14 in
  - configure: Fix check for INSERT in linker script
  - iconvconfig: Fix behaviour with --prefix [BZ #28199]
  - nptl: Fix race between pthread_kill and thread exit (bug 12889)
  - nptl: pthread_kill, pthread_cancel should not fail after exit (bug 19193)
  - benchtests: Remove redundant assert.h
  - benchtests: Enable scripts/ to read stdin
  - Add narrowing square root functions
  - _Static_assert needs two arguments for compatibility with GCC before 9
  - Add support for --tool=rpctrace
* Thu Sep 09 2021 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.34.9000-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 89dc0372a9055e7ef86fe19be6201fa0b16b2f0e.
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.14
  - Fix failing nss/tst-nss-files-hosts-long with local resolver
  - MIPS: Setup errno for {f,l,}xstat
  - Use Linux 5.14 in
  - locale: Add missing second argument to _Static_assert in C-collate-seq.c
  - Update hppa libm-test-ulps
  - Add generic C.UTF-8 locale (Bug 17318)
  - Add 'codepoint_collation' support for LC_COLLATE.
  - AArch64: Update A64FX memset not to degrade at 16KB
  - Revert "AArch64: Update A64FX memset not to degrade at 16KB"
  - Remove "Contributed by" lines
  - Port shared code information from the wiki
  - AArch64: Update A64FX memset not to degrade at 16KB
  - posix: remove some iso-8859-encoded characters
  - configure: Allow LD to be LLD 13.0.0 or above [BZ #26558]
  - hurd msync: Drop bogus test
  - hurd: Fix typo in msync
* Tue Aug 31 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34.9000-5
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3c8b9879cab6d41787bc5b14c1748f62fd6d0e5f:
  - x86-64: Use testl to check __x86_string_control
  - i686: Don't include multiarch memove in libc.a
  - support: Add support_wait_for_thread_exit
  - Allow #pragma GCC in headers in conformtest
  - nptl: Fix tst-cancel7 and tst-cancelx7 race condition (BZ #14232)
  - Use support_open_dev_null_range io/tst-closefrom,
    misc/tst-close_range, and posix/tst-spawn5 (BZ #28260)
  - support: Add support_open_dev_null_range
  - llio.texi: Wording fixes in description of closefrom()
  - Fix error message in memmove test to display correct src pointer
* Wed Aug 25 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 9926f6e2eeb374cf729d4bb3f092dd4b36a8f861:
  - elf: Skip tst-auditlogmod-* if the linker doesn't support --depaudit [BZ #28151]
  - powerpc: Use --no-tls-get-addr-optimize in test only if the linker supports it
  - x86-64: Remove assembler AVX512DQ check
  - x86-64: Remove compiler -mavx512f check
  - Use __executable_start as the lowest address for profiling [BZ #28153]
  - hurd: Fix errlist error mapping
  - hurd: Remove old test-err_np.c file
  - Fix iconv build with GCC mainline
  - rtld: copy terminating null in tunables_strdup (bug 28256)
  - mtrace: Fix output with PIE and ASLR [BZ #22716]
  - x86-64: Optimize load of all bits set into ZMM register [BZ #28252]
  - Update string/test-memmove.c to cover 16KB copy
  - elf: Fix missing colon in LD_SHOW_AUXV output [BZ #28253]
  - x86: fix Autoconf caching of instruction support checks [BZ #27991]
  - arm: Simplify elf_machine_{load_address,dynamic}
  - riscv: Drop reliance on _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_[0]
  - Remove sysdeps/*/tls-macros.h
* Tue Aug 24 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.34.9000-3
  - Disable dependencies and linking for (#1985048).
* Tue Aug 17 2021 DJ Delorie <> - 2.34.9000-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit b37b75d269883a2c553bb7019a813094eb4e2dd1.
  - x86_64: Simplify elf_machine_{load_address,dynamic}
  - elf: Drop elf/tls-macros.h in favor of __thread and tls_model attributes [BZ #28152] [BZ #28205]
  - hurd: Drop fmh kludge
  - time: Fix overflow itimer tests on 32-bit systems
  - mips: increase stack alignment in clone to match the ABI
  - mips: align stack in clone [BZ #28223]
* Thu Aug 12 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.34.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4cc79c217744743077bf7a0ec5e0a4318f1e6641:
  - librt: add test (bug 28213)
  - mtrace: Use a static buffer for printing [BZ #25947]
  - hurd mmap: Reduce the requested max vmprot
  - hurd mmap: Factorize MAP_SHARED flag check
  - aarch64: Make elf_machine_{load_address,dynamic} robust [BZ #28203]
  - elf: Unconditionally use __ehdr_start
  - hurd: Add support for AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT
  - [5/5] AArch64: Improve A64FX memset medium loops
  - [4/5] AArch64: Improve A64FX memset by removing unroll32
  - [3/5] AArch64: Improve A64FX memset for remaining bytes
  - [2/5] AArch64: Improve A64FX memset for large sizes
  - [1/5] AArch64: Improve A64FX memset for small sizes
  - Use binutils 2.37 branch in
  - Add PTRACE_GET_RSEQ_CONFIGURATION from Linux 5.13 to sys/ptrace.h
  - librt: fix NULL pointer dereference (bug 28213)
  - powerpc64: Add checks for Altivec and VSX in ifunc selection
  - powerpc64: Check cacheline size before using optimised memset routines
  - powerpc64: Replace some PPC_FEATURE_HAS_VSX with PPC_FEATURE_ARCH_2_06
  - Linux: Fix fcntl, ioctl, prctl redirects for _TIME_BITS=64 (bug 28182)
  - Add INADDR_DUMMY from Linux 5.13 to netinet/in.h
  - tst-mxfast: Don't run with mcheck
  - rt: Set the correct message queue for tst-mqueue10
  - Update sparc libm-test-ulps
  - linux: Add sparck brk implementation
  - test-dlclose-exit-race: avoid hang on pthread_create error
  - gethosts: Remove unused argument _type
  - hurd: Avoid spurious warning
  - gaiconf_init: Avoid double-free in label and precedence lists
  - copy_and_spawn_sgid: Avoid double calls to close()
  - iconv_charmap: Close output file when done
  - gconv_parseconfdir: Fix memory leak
  - ldconfig: avoid leak on empty paths in config file
  - Fix build of nptl/ with GCC 12
  - nis: Fix leak on realloc failure in nis_getnames [BZ #28150]
  - Remove obsolete comments/name from several benchtest input files.
  - Remove obsolete comments/name from acos-inputs, since slow path was removed.
  - Open master branch for glibc 2.35 development
* Mon Aug 02 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.34-1
  - Switch to glibc 2.34 release tarball:
  - Update ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.23.
  - Prepare for glibc 2.34 release.
  - po/nl.po: Update Dutch translation.
  - Update install.texi, and regenerate INSTALL.
  - Update translations.
  - Update NEWS.
  - NEWS: Fix typos, grammar, and missing words
  - elf: Fix audit regression
* Fri Jul 30 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.33.9000-56
  - Port post scripts for gconv-extra to lua and drop dependency across
    architectures for x86 multilib (#1988344).
* Thu Jul 29 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-55
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit c37fc3ebf0607ce1953c565ffe56d56555eeb25e:
  - Update libc.pot for 2.34 release.
  - x86-64: Add Avoid_Short_Distance_REP_MOVSB
  - Add x86_64-linux-gnu-minimal configuration
  - tests: use xmalloc to allocate implementation array
  - xmalloc: Fix warnings with gcc analyzer
  - __cxa_thread_atexit_impl: Abort on allocation failure [BZ #18524]
  - manual: Drop the .so suffix in libc_malloc_debug description
  - hurd: _Fork: unlock malloc before calling fork child hooks
* Tue Jul 27 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-54
  - Revert to old C.UTF-8 locale
* Mon Jul 26 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.33.9000-53
  - Loosen dependency on glibc-gconv-extra (#1812191).
* Mon Jul 26 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-52
  - Switch to new version of C.UTF-8 locale
* Mon Jul 26 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-51
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ddcc612ce923038b867083a0c55d6e034951155a:
  - Exclude static tests for mcheck and malloc-check
  - i386: Regenerate ulps
* Sat Jul 24 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-50
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d34ed66f96fa9316654d7adb2afcce4be1d1c4f5:
  - manual: Document unsupported cases for interposition
  - x86: Install <bits/platform/x86.h> [BZ #27958]
  - Fix build and tests with --disable-tunables
* Sat Jul 24 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-49
  - Remove both old and new library names in glibc-hwcaps removal (#1983677)
* Fri Jul 23 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-48
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 9a7ab0769b295cbf5232140401742a8f34bda3de:
  - hurd: Fix glob lstat compatibility
  - socket: Add time64 alias for setsockopt
  - socket: Add time64 alias for getsockopt
  - mcheck Fix malloc_usable_size [BZ #22057]
  - Remove malloc hooks [BZ #23328]
  - Move malloc_{g,s}et_state to libc_malloc_debug
  - glibc.malloc.check: Wean away from malloc hooks
  - mtrace: Wean away from malloc hooks
  - Simplify __malloc_initialized
  - mcheck: Wean away from malloc hooks [BZ #23489]
  - Move malloc hooks into a compat DSO
  - Remove __morecore and __default_morecore
  - Remove __after_morecore_hook
  - Make mcheck tests conditional on GLIBC_2.23 or earlier
  - posix: Add sysconf(_SC_{MIN,}SIGSTKSZ) support
  - malloc: Fix tst-mallocfork3-malloc-check link
  - ARC: elf: make type safe
  - ARC: fp: (micro)optimize FPU_STATUS read by eliding FWE bit clearing
* Thu Jul 22 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.33.9000-47
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 21 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-46
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 77ede5f010f1b144e067ec035e422a13bb57c55d:
  - socket: Add time64 alias for sendmsg
  - socket: Add time64 alias for recvmsg
  - socket: Add time64 alias for sendmmsg
  - Linux: Add time64 alias for prctl
  - io: Add time64 alias for fcntl
  - misc: Add time64 alias for ioctl
  - RISC-V: Update rv64 ULPs
  - resolv: Do not install libnss_dns.a,
  - hurd: Add support for spawn_do_closefrom
  - elf: Fix tst-cpu-features-cpuinfo on some AMD systems (BZ #28090)
  - i386: Add the clone3 wrapper
* Mon Jul 19 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-45
  - Remove glibc-hwcaps multilibs on upgrade (#1983677)
* Mon Jul 19 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-44
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ee5ed99922ca90bcea4a2f9a48a0c9ae4b534ece:
  - nss: Directly load nss_dns, without going through dlsym/dlopen
  - resolv: Move nss_dns into libc
  - resolv: Move res_query functions into libc
  - resolv: Move res_mkquery, res_nmkquery into libc
  - resolv: Move res_send, res_nsend into libc
  - resolv: Move res_hostalias into its own file, along with hostalias
  - resolv: Move __res_context_hostalias into its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move res_queriesmatch to its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move res_nameinquery to its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move ns_samename into its own file, and into libc
  - resolv: Move ns_makecanon into its own file, and into libc
  - resolv: Move res_isourserver to its own file and reformat to GNU style
  - resolv: Move __res_get_nsaddr to its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Rename res_comp.c to res-name-checking.c and move into libc
  - resolv: Move dn_skipname to its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move dn_comp to its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move _getlong, _getshort, __putlong, __putshort to res-putget
  - resolv: Move dn_expand to its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move ns_name_compress into its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move ns_name_pack into its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move ns_name_pton into its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move ns_name_uncompress into its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Move ns_name_skip to its own file and into libc (bug 28091)
  - resolv: Deprecate legacy interfaces in libresolv
  - tst-safe-linking: make false positives even more improbable
  - htl: Do not expose pthread hidden proto outside libpthread
  - elf: Fix a wrong array access on tst-tls20
  - elf: Add -Wl,--no-as-needed for tst-tls-manydynamic* (BZ #28089)
  - resolv: Move ns_name_unpack to its own file and into libc
  - resolv: Remove unnecessary res_isourserver_p call from send_dg
  - resolv: Move ns_name_ntop to its own file and into libc
  - nss_dns: Do not use deprecated packet parsing functions
  - resolv: Sort Makefile routines and Versions lexicographically
  - socket: Add hidden prototype for setsockopt
  - elf: Fix DTV gap reuse logic (BZ #27135)
  - Fix linknamespace errors and local-plt-usages in nss_files.
  - Add static tests for __clone_internal
  - x86-64: Add the clone3 wrapper
  - Add an internal wrapper for clone, clone2 and clone3
  - nss: Fix build error with --disable-nscd
  - htl: Fix linking static examples against libpthread
  - htl: Let libc call __pthread_mutex_{,try,un}lock
  - posix: Ignore non opened files on tst-spawn5
  - mcheck: Align struct hdr to MALLOC_ALIGNMENT bytes [BZ #28068]
* Thu Jul 15 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.33.9000-43
  - Run postun only if the main gconv-modules configuration file exists.
  - Own %{libdir}/gconv/gconv-modules.d
  - Rearrange file list command so that gconv-modules.cache is no longer
    marked as %config
* Tue Jul 13 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-42
  - Perform systemd re-exec even if glibc.i686 is installed
* Tue Jul 13 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-41
  - Re-exec systemd on upgrades
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-40
  - Merge files NSS service module into libc.
  - Restore vDSO acceleration for time functions on older kernels for i686.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 72e84d1db22203e01a43268de71ea8669eca2863:
  - Linux: Use 32-bit vDSO for clock_gettime, gettimeofday, time (BZ# 28071)
  - Reduce <limits.h> pollution due to dynamic PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
  - Fix failing nss/tst-nss-files-hosts-long.
  - nis: nis_local_group may read from __nisgroup[-1] (bug 28075)
  - hurd _Fork: Drop duplicate malloc_fork_lock calls
  - support: Replace _SC_MINSIGSTKSZ with _SC_SIGSTKSZ
  - support: Replace MINSIGSTKSZ with sysconf (_SC_MINSIGSTKSZ)
  - Force building with -fno-common
  - Add a generic malloc test for MALLOC_ALIGNMENT
  - Properly run tst-spawn5 directly [BZ #28067]
  - Add glibcs-arm-linux-gnueabihf-thumb
  - nptl: Use out-of-line wake function in __libc_lock_unlock slow path
  - powerpc64le: Fix typo in configure
  - powerpc64: Remove strcspn ifunc from the loader
  - x86: Remove wcsnlen-sse4_1 from wcslen ifunc-impl-list [BZ #28064]
  - x86-64: Test strlen and wcslen with 0 in the RSI register [BZ #28064]
  - x86_64: Remove unneeded static PIE check for undefined weak diagnostic
  - Add NT_ARM_PAC_ENABLED_KEYS to elf.h
  - posix: Add posix_spawn_file_actions_addclosefrom_np
  - io: Add closefrom [BZ #10353]
  - linux: Add close_range
  - support: Add support_stack_alloc
  - _int_realloc is static
  - Move mcheck symbol from stdlib to malloc
  - nss: Do not install static linker input files for libnss_files
  - elf/tests: Make thrlock and noload depend on libm
  - Harden tcache double-free check
  - nss: Access nss_files through direct references
  - nss_files: Move into libc
  - nss_files: Add generic code for set*ent, end*ent and file open
  - nss_files: Allocate nscd file registration data on the heap
  - libio: Replace internal _IO_getdelim symbol with __getdelim
  - libio: Add hidden prototype for ungetc
  - inet: Add hidden prototype for __inet_network
  - Update MIPS libm-test-ulps
  - Update powerpc-nofpu libm-test-ulps
  - soft-fp: Add __extendhfsf2/__extendhfdf2, __truncsfhf2/__truncdfhf2,
  - Update kernel version to 5.13 in
  - tests-exclude-mcheck: Fix typo
* Wed Jul 07 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-39
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 7a5db2e82fbb6c3a6e3fdae02b7166c5d0e8c7a8:
  - elf: Clean up GLIBC_PRIVATE exports of internal libdl symbols
  - nptl: Reduce the GLIBC_PRIVATE ABI
  - nptl: Remove GLIBC_2.34 versions of __pthread_mutex_lock,
  - nptl: Use internal low-level lock type for !IS_IN (libc)
  - glibc.malloc.check: Fix nit in documentation
  - Exclude tst-realloc from tests-mcheck
  - linux: Fix setsockopt fallback
  - linux: Use the expected size for SO_TIMESTAMP{NS} convertion
  - linux: Consolidate Linux setsockopt implementation
  - linux: Consolidate Linux getsockopt implementation
  - manual: fix description for preadv()
* Tue Jul 06 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-38
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 832f50be6c9c010e46180d14126bbb81f35e808c:
  - linux: Check for null value msghdr struct before use
  - elf: Call free from base namespace on error in dl-libc.c [BZ #27646]
* Mon Jul 05 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-37
  - Move libanl.a into glibc-devel.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 91fb0f17a5779da6e7877eb74119a83dbe8bf167:
  - hooks.c: Remove incorrect comment
  - mtrace: Add attribute nocommon to mallwatch
  - Move glibc.malloc.check implementation into its own file
  - mtrace: Deprecate mallwatch and tr_break
  - Drop source dependencies on hooks.c and arena.c
  - malloc: Initiate tcache shutdown even without allocations [BZ #28028]
  - Add mcheck tests to malloc
  - iconvconfig: Use the public feof_unlocked
  - resolv: Move libanl into libc (if libpthread is in libc)
  - powerpc: optimize strcpy/stpcpy for POWER9/10
  - soft-fp: Add __extendhfxf2 and __truncxfhf2
  - x86: Check RTM_ALWAYS_ABORT for RTM [BZ #28033]
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.13
  - s390: Fix MEMCHR_Z900_G5 ifunc-variant if n>=0x80000000 [BZ #28024]
  - Fix extra PLT reference in due to __glob64_time64 if build with gcc 7.5 on 32bit.
  - AArch64: Add hp-timing.h
  - AArch64: Improve strnlen performance
* Wed Jun 30 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-36
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit eb68d7d23cc411acdf68a60f194343a6774d6194:
  - Linux: Avoid calling malloc indirectly from __get_nprocs (#1975693)
  - Use Linux 5.13 in
* Wed Jun 30 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-35
  - Drop glibc-s390x-roundeven.patch, applied upstream.
  - Move libutil.a into glibc-devel.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 734c60ebb607086ad6d67b2544d6b7baba72a652:
  - login: Move libutil into libc
  - login: Rework hidden prototypes for __setutent, __utmpname, __endutent
  - login: Hidden prototypes for _getpt, __ptsname_r, grantpt, unlockpt
  - nptl_db: Re-use the ELF-to-abilist converter for ABI checking
  - Add RFC 8335 Definitions from Linux 5.13
  - nss: Fix NSS_DECLARE_MODULE_FUNCTIONS handling of _nss_*_endnetgrent
  - s390x: Update math: redirect roundeven function
  - posix: Add _Fork [BZ #4737]
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-34
  - Move librt.a to glibc-devel (#1977058)
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-33
  - Dropped patches glibc-nosymlink-*.patch, glibc-iconvconfig-corruption.patch,
    glibc-libthread_db-dynsym-*.patch; applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit dd45734e322a03287d34d8af9b7da7b35cfddb8e:
  - nptl: Add glibc.pthread.stack_cache_size tunable
  - nptl: Export libthread_db-used symbols under GLIBC_PRIVATE
  - nptl: Rename nptl_version to __nptl_version
  - nptl_db: Clean up main/rtld variable handling
  - arm: align stack in clone [BZ 28020]
  - Linux: Cleanups after librt move
  - Linux: Move timer_settime, __timer_settime64 from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move timer_gettime, __timer_gettime64 from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move timer_getoverrun from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move timer_create, timer_delete from librt to libc
  - Linux: Define TIMER_T_WAS_INT_COMPAT in kernel-posix-timers.h
  - Install shared objects under their ABI names
  - elf: Generalize name-based DSO recognition in ldconfig
  - Makerules: Remove lib-version, $(subdir-version)
  - nptl_db: Install libthread_db under a regular implementation name
  - iconvconfig: Fix multiple issues
  - wordexp: handle overflow in positional parameter number (bug 28011)
  - Update math: redirect roundeven function
  - Use GCC builtins for roundeven functions if desired.
  - x86_64: roundeven with sse4.1 support
  - math: redirect roundeven function
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-32
  - Switch to new version of libthread_db .dynsym patch
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-31
  - Further .symtab adjustment: Keep all __GI_* symbols (#1975895)
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-30
  - Keep most of .symtab in (#1975895)
* Sun Jun 27 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-29
  - Apply emergency patch to fix iconvconfig corruption
* Sun Jun 27 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-28
  - Adjust glibc.req so that egrep does not cause eu-readelf to fail
* Sun Jun 27 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-27
  - Drop glibc-revert-dtv-gap-reuse.patch, applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2c16cb88a6e5ace0fb7cedca86860ea7bde522a7:
  - Linux: Move timer helper routines from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_unlink from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_send, mq_timedsend, __mq_timedsend_time64 to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_receive, mq_timedreceive, __mq_timedreceive_time64 to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_open, __mq_open_2 from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_notify from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_getattr from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_setattr from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move mq_close from librt to libc
  - Linux: Move lio_listio, lio_listio64 from librt to libc
  - rt: Rework lio_listio implementation
  - Linux: Move aio_write, aio_write64 into libc
  - Linux: Move aio_suspend, aio_suspend64, __aio_suspend_time64 to libc
  - Linux: Move aio_return, aio_return64 into libc
  - Linux: Move aio_read, aio_read64 into libc
  - Linux: Move aio_fsync, aio_fsync64 into libc
  - Linux: Move aio_error, aio_error64 into libc
  - Linux: Move aio_cancel, aio_cancel64 into libc
  - Linux: Move aio_init from librt into libc
  - support: Fix xclone build failures on ia64 and hppa
  - elf: Disable most of TLS modid gaps processing [BZ #27135]
  - elf: Fix glibc-hwcaps priorities with cache flags mismatches [BZ #27046]
  - * NEWS: Clarify _TIME_BITS change.
  - x86: Remove unnecessary overflow check from wcsnlen-sse4_1.S
  - String: Add three more overflow tests cases to test-strnlen.c
  - Consolidate pthread_atfork
  - posix: Do not clobber errno by atfork handlers
  - posix: Consolidate fork implementation
  - support: Add xclone
  - x86: Fix tst-cpu-features-cpuinfo on Ryzen 9 (BZ #27873)
  - x86: Copy IBT and SHSTK usable only if CET is enabled
  - x86: Fix overflow bug in wcsnlen-sse4_1 and wcsnlen-avx2 [BZ #27974]
  - x86: Fix overflow bug with wmemchr-sse2 and wmemchr-avx2 [BZ #27974]
  - String: Add overflow tests for strnlen, memchr, and strncat [BZ #27974]
  - x86-64: Add wcslen optimize for sse4.1
  - x86-64: Move strlen.S to multiarch/strlen-vec.S
  - hurd: Fix build after 52a5fe70a2
  - nptl: Use SA_RESTART for SIGCANCEL handler
  - doc: _TIME_BITS defaults may change
  - More mcheck -> malloc-check refactoring
  - Add NEWS item for gconv-modules.d change
  - Handle DT_UNKNOWN in gconv-modules.d
  - iconvconfig: Use common gconv module parsing function
  - gconv_conf: Split out configuration file processing
  - gconv_conf: Remove unused variables
  - iconv: Remove alloca use in gconv-modules configuration parsing
  - Remove unsused symbols from nptl/Versions
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for clock_nanosleep
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for internal futex
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for utimensat family
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for sigtimedwait
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for mq_timedsend
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for mq_timedreceive
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for timerfd_settime
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for semtimedop
  - linux: timerfd_gettime minor cleanup
  - linux: Remove time64-support
  - linux: Remove supports_time64 () from clock_gettime
  - linux: Remove supports_time64 () from clock_getres
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for select
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for pselect
  - linux: Only use 64-bit syscall if required for ppoll
  - support: Add support_create_timer
  - Use 64 bit time_t stat internally
  - malloc: Drop __malloc_initialized from Versions
  - tst-mcheck: Rename to tst-malloc-check
  - Add hidden prototypes for fsync, fdatasync
  - nptl: Move pthreadP.h into sysdeps directory
  - rt: Move generic implementation from sysdeps/pthread to rt
  - rt: Move shm_unlink into libc
  - rt: Move shm_open into libc
  - rt: Replace generic stub of shm_unlink with the posix version
  - rt: Replace generic stub of shm_open with the posix version
  - Fix librt-routines-var issues for !PTHREAD_IN_LIBC
  - rt: Lexicographically sort Versions file; librt-routines in Makefile
  - elf: Use _dl_catch_error from base namespace in dl-libc.c [BZ #27646]
  - Makeconfig: Fix target
* Sun Jun 27 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-26
  - Add automatic requires if building against glibc development snapshots
* Thu Jun 24 2021 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.33.9000-25
  - Fix thread local storage corruption (#1974970)
* Tue Jun 22 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.33.9000-24
  - Strengthen dependency on glibc-gconv-extra.
* Fri Jun 18 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-23
  - Make glibc-all-langpacks require glibc-gconv-extra in buildroots (#1973663)
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-22
  - Export libthread_db symbols under GLBIC_PRIVATE (#1965374)
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-21
  - Redo the crafted symbol table for valgrind (#1965374)
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-20
  - Remove .symtab from again (#1965374)
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-19
  - Drop glibc-rh697421.patch: The ISO-10646-UCS-2// alias for UTF-8 is incorrect
* Wed Jun 16 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-18
  - Rebuild against rawhide gcc
* Tue Jun 15 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-17
  - Dropped glibc-gconv-modules-revert.patch, applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit aa9a7f629632c9180de89632d4f2c1e6039f7781:
  - nptl: Export _pthread_cleanup_push, _pthread_cleanup_pop again
  - s390x: Align child stack while clone. [BZ #27968]
  - y2038: Add test coverage
  - libsupport: Add 64-bit time_t support for stat functions
  - libsupport: Add 64-bit time_t support for time functions
  - io: Add ftw64 with 64-bit time_t support
  - io: Add fts64 with 64-bit time_t support
  - posix: Add glob64 with 64-bit time_t support
  - y2038: Add support for 64-bit time on legacy ABIs
  - time: Add 64-bit time support for getdate
  - y2038: Add __USE_TIME_BITS64 support for socket-constants.h
  - y2038: Use a common definition for shmid_ds
  - y2038: Use a common definition for semid_ds
  - y2038: Use a common definition for msqid_ds
  - y2038: Use a common definition for stat
  - y2038: linux: Add __USE_TIME_BITS64 support for struct timex
  - y2038: Add __USE_TIME_BITS64 support for struct utimbuf
  - y2038: Add __USE_TIME_BITS64 support for struct timespec
  - y2038: Add __USE_TIME_BITS64 support for struct timeval
  - y2038: Add __USE_TIME_BITS64 support for time_t
  - linux: Add recvvmsg fallback for 64-bit time_t SO_TIMESTAMP{NS}
  - linux: Add fallback for 64-bit time_t SO_TIMESTAMP{NS}
  - linux: Add fallback for 64-bit time_t SO_{RCV,SND}TIMEO
  - linux: s390: Add libanl.abilist in s390 and s390x
  - linux: mips: Split libanl.abilist in n32 and n64
  - linux: mips: Split librt.abilist in n32 and n64
  - Reinstate gconv-modules as the default configuration file
* Tue Jun 15 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-16
  - Preserve some symbols in's symtab (#1965374)
* Tue Jun 15 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-15
  - Install shared objects under their ABI names, avoiding symlinks (#1652867)
* Mon Jun 14 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.33.9000-14
  - Add a conditional dependency for glibc-gconv-extra.i686 in x86_64.
* Mon Jun 14 2021 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.33.9000-13
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ebae2f5a6f971a8f0b6c99e00f9c45ef7433924a.
  - Revert gconv configuration file name to gconv-modules.
* Thu Jun 03 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-12
  - libdl is no longer  a separate shared object.
  - CVE-2021-33574: Use-after-free via mq_notify (#1965410)
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 466c1ea15f461edb8e3ffaf5d86d708876343bbf:
  - dlfcn: Rework static dlopen hooks
  - dlfcn: Eliminate GLIBC_PRIVATE dependency from tststatic2
  - dlfcn: Cleanups after -ldl is no longer required
  - dlfcn: Move dlopen into libc
  - dlfcn: Move dlvsym into libc
  - dlfcn: Move dlinfo into libc
  - dlfcn: Move dladdr1 into libc
  - dlfcn: Move dlmopen into libc
  - dlfcn: Move dlsym into libc
  - dlfcn: Move dladdr into libc
  - dlfcn: Move dlclose into libc
  - Improve test coverage of strlen function
  - fix typo
  - dlfcn: Move dlerror into libc
  - Add libc ABI extension kludge for baseline-violating libdl symbols
  - scripts/versions.awk: Add local: * to all version nodes
  - Add missing symbols to Version files
  - Fix use of __pthread_attr_copy in mq_notify (bug 27896)
  - Use __pthread_attr_copy in mq_notify (bug 27896)
  - Update floating-point feature test macro handling for C2X
  - stdio-common: Remove _IO_vfwscanf
  - aarch64: align stack in clone [BZ #27939]
  - powerpc: Optimized memcmp for power10
  - x86-64: Align child stack to 16 bytes [BZ #27902]
* Mon May 31 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-11
  - glibc-sigsetxid-sa_onstack.patch was applied upstream
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 271ec55d0ae795f03d92e3aa61bff69a31a19e3a:
  - support: Do not build xpthread_attr_setaffinity_np for hurd
  - nptl: Add pthread_attr_setaffinity_np failure test
  - support: Add xpthread_attr_setaffinity_np wrapper
  - nptl: Move createthread to pthread_create
  - nptl: Move Linux createthread to nptl
  - nptl: Install SIGSETXID handler with SA_ONSTACK [BZ #27914]
  - aarch64: Added optimized memset for A64FX
  - aarch64: Added optimized memcpy and memmove for A64FX
  - benchtests: Fixed bench-memcpy-random: buf1: mprotect failed
  - aarch64: Added Vector Length Set test helper script
  - aarch64: define BTI_C and BTI_J macros as NOP unless HAVE_AARCH64_BTI
  - config: Added HAVE_AARCH64_SVE_ASM for aarch64
  - tst-mallinfo2.c: Use correct multiple for total variable
* Wed May 26 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-10
  - nptl: Install SIGSETXID handler with SA_ONSTACK [BZ #27914]
* Tue May 25 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ac0353af81a23535f517586a5d04427120a157ac.
  - This removes libpthread as a separate shared object.  New programs
    will depend on the GLIBC_2.34 symbol version.  Upstream development
    brings in the following noteworthy bug fixes:
  - ppc64le: scv ABI error handling fails to check IS_ERR_VALUE (#1962971)
  - CVE-2021-27645 glibc: Use-after-free in addgetnetgrentX function in
    netgroupcache.c (#1932590)
  - Linking the main program with jemalloc causes sysconf to deadlock in
    audit mode (#1909920)
* Fri May 21 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-8
  - Switch back to a unified glibc-headers package for downstream (#1940686)
* Fri May 21 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-7
  - aarch64: Enable optional memory tagging support
* Tue May 11 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-6
  - Use distribution mechanism for debuginfo (#1661510, #1886295, #1905611)
* Thu May 06 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-5
  - Build locales in parallel again
* Tue May 04 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-4
  - Various changes to get glibc building again, using selected upstream
  - Re-enable -Werror by default.
  - This release introduces __libc_start_main@@GLIBC_2.34, so binaries
    are not compatible with glibc 2.33.  Building binaries against this
    glibc version is not recommended because of the partial libpthread
  - glibc-upstream-amx-detection.patch: Fix build failure after GCC 11.1 update.
  - glibc-upstream-malloc-test-hang.patch: Avoid test hang due to
    annobin/binutils bug (#1951492)
* Wed Mar 03 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.33.9000-3
  - Drop glibc-rh819430.patch; fixed upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit f01a61e13872109b3b233158ab664364bd1879bc:
  - i386: Regenerate ulps
  - x86: Add CPU-specific diagnostics to --list-diagnostics
  - x86: Automate generation of PREFERRED_FEATURE_INDEX_1 bitfield
  - Implement the --list-diagnostics option
  - powerpc: Update libm-test-ulps
  - tst: Add test for utimes
  - tst: Add test for utime
  - tst: Add test for futimens
  - nptl: __libc_cleanup_push/__libc_cleanup_pop require -fexceptions
  - elf: Build __dl_iterate_phdr with unwinding support [BZ #27498]
  - nptl: Use <unwind-link.h> for accessing the libgcc_s unwinder
  - Implement _Unwind_Resume in libc on top of <unwind-link.h>
  - Move sysdeps/gnu/unwind-resume.c to sysdeps/generic/unwind-resume.c
  - __frame_state_for: Use <unwind-link.h> for unwinder access
  - sparc: Implement backtrace on top <unwind-link.h>
  - m68k: Implement backtrace on top of <unwind-link.h>
  - i386: Implement backtrace on top of <unwind-link.h>
  - arm: Implement backtrace on top of <unwind-link.h>
  - backtrace: Implement on top of <unwind-link.h>
  - Implement <unwind-link.h> for dynamically loading the libgcc_s unwinder
  - Correct buffer end pointer in IO_wdefault_doallocate (BZ #26874)
  - aarch64: update ulps.
  - Add inputs that generate larger error bounds
  - Reduce the statically linked startup code [BZ #23323]
  - posix: Falling back to non wide mode in case of encoding error [BZ #14185]
  - nptl: Move elision implementations into libc
  - NEWS: Add missing bug closures
  - added rt to malloc/Depend [BZ #27132]
  - x86: Use x86/nptl/pthreaddef.h
  - nptl: Move futex-internal into libc
  - nptl: Move lowlevellock into libc [BZ #15648]
  - nptl: Move futex-internal.c into main nptl directory
  - nptl: Reformat Versions
  - nptl: Split libpthread-routines into one routine per line
  - x86: Remove unused variables for raw cache sizes from cacheinfo.h
  - Use Linux 5.11 in
  - <bits/platform/x86.h>: Correct x86_cpu_TBM
  - x86_64/clone.S: Upate comments
  - i386/clone.S: Remove redundant EBX load
  - aarch64: Remove the unused __read_tp symbol
  - Use make -O for more consistent log output
* Sun Feb 21 2021 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.33.9000-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e9e7f24543e6d1b0a31641f144697e261df6ccd7:
  - configure: Replace obsolete AC_TRY_LINK with AC_LINK_IFELSE
  - configure: Remove obsolete AC_CHECK_TOOL_PREFIX
  - configure: Replace obsoleted AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.11.
  - string: Work around GCC PR 98512 in rawmemchr
  - tst: time: Provide Y2038 tests for mktime (tst-mktime4.c)
  - tst: Provide test for difftime
  - tst: Provide test for ctime
  - tst: Provide test for sched_rr_get_interval
  - S390: Add new hwcap values.
  - aarch64: Fix sys/ptrace.h if linux headers are included
  - elf: Do not copy vDSO soname when setting up link map
  - x86: Remove the extra space between "# endif"
  - hurd: Fix fstatfs build failure
  - linux: Remove stat-check.c
  - linux: Remove overflow.h
  - linux: Consolidate internal_statvfs
  - linux: Consolidate statvfs implementations
  - linux: Consolidate fstatvfs implementations
  - linux: Consolidate statfs implementations
  - linux: Consolidate fstatfs implementations
  - linux: Set LFS statfs as default
  - linux: Set default kernel_stat.h to LFS
  - linux: Fix STATFS_IS_STATFS64 definition
* Fri Feb 12 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.33.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 228f30ab4724d4087d5f52018873fde22efea6e2:
  - tunables: Disallow negative values for some tunables
  - x86: Use SIZE_MAX instead of (long int)-1 for tunable range value
  - tunables: Simplify TUNABLE_SET interface
  - setrlimit/getrlimit: Use __nonnull to avoid null pointer
  - benchtests: Updated json bench-variant attribute
  - regex: stop using alloca
  - regexec: remove alloca usage in build_trtable
  - regex: remove alloca usage on regex set_regs
  - malloc: Sync dynarray with gnulib
  - misc: Sync cdefs.h with gnulib
  - linux: Fix __sem_check_add_mapping search_sem
  - linux: Fix __sem_check_add_mapping name length
  - Add more ptrace constants for AArch64 and PowerPC.
  - strchr: Add additional benchmarks and tests
  - x86-64: Refactor and improve performance of strchr-avx2.S
  - pthread: Remove alloca usage from __sem_check_add_mapping
  - pthread: Refactor semaphore code
  - linux: Require /dev/shm as the shared memory file system
  - sunrpc: Fix typo in xdr_string comment
  - tst: Provide test for ppoll
  - tst: Provide test for timerfd related functions
  - x86: Add PTWRITE feature detection [BZ #27346]
  - nsswitch: return result when nss database is locked [BZ #27343]
  - printf: Add smoke tests for long double
  - Add NT_ARM_TAGGED_ADDR_CTRL from Linux 5.10 to elf.h.
  - argp: Avoid undefined behaviour when invoking qsort().
  - argp: Improve comments.
  - argp: Don't pass invalid arguments to isspace, isalnum, isalpha, isdigit.
  - argp: Don't rely on undefined behaviour of _tolower().
  - argp: fix pointer-subtraction bug
  - Use binutils 2.36 branch in
  - manual: Correct description of ENTRY [BZ #17183]
  - nptl: Remove private futex optimization [BZ #27304]
  - stdio-common: Add a few double formatting tests [BZ #27245]
  -  posix/tst-rfc3484: Fix compile failure linking to local __stat64
  - i686: Regenerate ULPs
  - Unset glibc tunables
  - linux: Remove shmmax check from tst-sysvshm-linux
  - x86: Adding an upper bound for Enhanced REP MOVSB.
  - Fix version.h for glibc 2.34 development
  - Add MS_NOSYMFOLLOW from Linux 5.10 to <sys/mount.h>.
  - libSegFault: Fix printing signal number [BZ #27249]
  - hurd TIOCFLUSH: fix fixing argument
  - sysconf: Add _SC_MINSIGSTKSZ/_SC_SIGSTKSZ [BZ #20305]
  - hurd TIOCFLUSH: Cope BSD 4.1 semantic
  - tst-mallinfo2.c: Remove useless trailing semicolon for macro
  - elf: Replace a --defsym trick with an object file to be compatible with LLD
  - Open master branch for glibc 2.34 development
  - Prepare for glibc 2.33 release
  - Update NEWS with bugs
  - Update translations
  - NEWS: Fix typo in CVE-2021-3326 entry
  - elf: Fix tests that rely on for cross-compiling
  - NEWS: Mention CVE-2021-3326 (iconv assertion with ISO-20220-JP-3)
  - NEWS: Add entry for glibc-hwcaps and deprecate legacy hwcaps
  - x86: Properly set usable CET feature bits [BZ #26625]
  - Update translations
  - Update libc.pot for 2.33 release
  - Update ia64 libm-test-ulps
  - sh: Update libm-tests-ulps
  - ia64: Fix brk call on statup
  - Update sparc libm-test-ulps
  - Update alpha libm-test-ulps
  - powerpc64: Workaround sigtramp vdso return call
  - Fix nss/tst-reload2 for systems without PATH_MAX
  - nsswitch: do not reload if "/" changes
  - elf: Limit tst-prelink-cmp target archs
  - CVE-2021-3326: gconv: Fix assertion failure in ISO-2022-JP-3 module (#1921917)
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32.9000-29
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit df359a25ba6f6bda06104229fbfe284c1fb30915:
  - Revert "Make libc symbols hidden in static PIE" [BZ #27237]
  - benchtests: Do not build bench-timing-type with MODULE_NAME=libc
  - aarch64: Fix the list of tested IFUNC variants [BZ #26818]
  - Update INSTALL with package versions that are known to work
  - aarch64: Move and update the definition of MTE_ENABLED
  - Fix misplaced const
  - Update C-SKY libm-test-ulps
  - manual: Correct argument order in mount examples [BZ #27207]
  - linux: mips: Fix getdents64 fallback on mips64-n32
  - x86: Properly match CPU features in /proc/cpuinfo [BZ #27222]
  - x86-64: Update tst-glibc-hwcaps-2.c for x86-64 baseline
  - powerpc64: Select POWER9 machine for the scv instruction
  - x86: Check ifunc resolver with CPU_FEATURE_USABLE [BZ #27072]
  - Revert "linux: Move {f}xstat{at} to compat symbols" for static build
  - aarch64: revert memcpy optimze for kunpeng to avoid performance degradation
  - Make libc symbols hidden in static PIE
  - csu: Move static pie self relocation later [BZ #27072]
  - Use hidden visibility for early static PIE code
  - csu: Avoid weak ref for __ehdr_start in static PIE
  - configure: Check for static PIE support
  - elf: Avoid RELATIVE relocs in __tunables_init
  - elf: Make the tunable struct definition internal only
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Remove the C preprocessor magic
  - posix: Fix fnmatch.c on bootstrap
  - stdlib: Add testcase for BZ #26241
  - posix: Fix regex_internal.h on bootstrap
  - Use <startup.h> in __libc_init_secure
  - elf: Avoid RELATIVE relocation for _dl_sysinfo
  - libmvec: Add extra-test-objs to test-extras
  - Hurd: Add rtld-strncpy-c.c
  - Update MIPS libm-test-ulps.
  - Update arm libm-test-ulps.
  - Update powerpc-nofpu libm-test-ulps.
  - Update hppa libm-test-ulps
  - ARC: nofpu: Regenerate ulps
  - Add --list-tunables to print tunable values
  - math/test-tgmath2: Fix fabs failure when no long double
  - x86: Move x86 processor cache info to cpu_features
  - Fix x86 build with --enable-tunable=no
  - ifuncmain6pie: Remove the circular IFUNC dependency [BZ #20019]
* Tue Jan 26 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.32.9000-28
  - Rebuilt for
* Sat Jan 23 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32.9000-27
  - Introduce new glibc-doc.noarch subpackage (#1346925)
  - Move the reference manual info pages from glibc-devel to glibc-doc
  - Move debugger interface documentation from glibc to glibc-doc
  - Remove unnecessary README, INSTALL, NEWS files from glibc
  - Remove unnecessary README.timezone and gai.conf files from glibc-common
* Thu Jan 14 2021 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32.9000-26
  - Deprecate nscd (#1905135)
* Wed Jan 13 2021 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.32.9000-25
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit cf1290064598def8dfeddec3d86d98495aee1fba:
  - Use the right argument code in unnormal tests
  - ldconfig/x86: Store ISA level in cache and aux cache
  - elf: work around a gcc bug in elf_get_dynamic_info
  - x86: Set header.feature_1 in TCB for always-on CET [BZ #27177]
  - posix: consume less entropy on tempname
  - Makerules: Do not require startup files for probe object
  - install: Replace scripts/output-format.sed with objdump -f [BZ #26559]
  - math: Add BZ#18980 fix back on dbl-64 cosh
  - posix: Sync tempname with gnulib [BZ #26648]
  - posix: Fix return value of system if shell can not be executed [BZ #27053]
  - support: Add xchmod wrapper
  - Update STATX_ATTR_DAX value from Linux 5.10.
  - riscv: Initialize $gp before resolving the IRELATIVE relocation
  - riscv: support GNU indirect function
  - posix: Correct attribute access mode on readlinkat [BZ #27024].
  -  Add xfchmod to libsupport
  - Add xchdir to libsupport.
  - POSIX locale: Fix typo in comment
  - ARC: Regenerate ulps
  - mntent: Use __putc_unlocked instead of fputc_unlocked
  - aarch64: define PI_STATIC_AND_HIDDEN
  - Update NEWS for CVE-2019-25013.
  - x86: Support GNU_PROPERTY_X86_ISA_1_V[234] marker [BZ #26717]
  - Remove dbl-64/wordsize-64 (part 2)
  - Remove dbl-64/wordsize-64
  - Add SEGV_MTEAERR and SEGV_MTESERR from Linux 5.10.
  - support: Add support_small_thread_stack_size
  - stdlib: Sync canonicalize with gnulib [BZ #10635] [BZ #26592] [BZ #26341] [BZ #24970]
  - malloc: Add scratch_buffer_dupfree
  - Import filename.h from gnulib
  - Import idx.h from gnulib
  - alpha: Provide wait4 for static library [BZ #27150]
  - aarch64: push the set of rules before falling into slow path
  - nptl: Fix comment typo in pthread_cond_wait.c
  - x86: Check IFUNC definition in unrelocated executable [BZ #20019]
  - hurd: Fix mmap(!MAP_FIXED) on bogus address
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Florian Weimer <> - 2.32.9000-24
  - Drop glibc-fedora-__libc_multiple_libcs.patch.  Replaced by upstream's
    __libc_initial flag.
  - Adjust glibc-rh819430.patch to upstream's gnulib merge of fnmatch.
  - Disable -Werror again due to GCC PR98512.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3ec5d83d2a237d39e7fd6ef7a0bc8ac4c171a4a5:
  - x86-64: Avoid rep movsb with short distance [BZ #27130]
  - aarch64: fix stack missing after sp is updated
  - nptl: Remove set*id, set*gid files which are not built
  - Drop nan-pseudo-number.h usage from tests
  - posix: Sync fnmatch with gnulib
  - Sync flexmember.h with gnulib
  - Sync intprops.h with gnulib
  - posix: Sync glob code with gnulib
  - posix: Sync regex code with gnulib
  - Move generic nan-pseudo-number.h to ldbl-96
  - Sync FDL from
  - Sync move-if-change from Gnulib
  - Update automatically-generated copyright dates
  - Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.
  - Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights
  - aarch64: use PTR_ARG and SIZE_ARG instead of DELOUSE
  - nonstring: Enable __FORTIFY_LEVEL=3
  - string: Enable __FORTIFY_LEVEL=3
  - Introduce _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3
  - Warn on unsupported fortification levels
  - powerpc: Use scv instruction on clone when available
  - powerpc: Runtime selection between sc and scv for syscalls
  - malloc: preserve errno on mcheck hooks [BZ #17924]
  - x86 long double: Add tests for pseudo normal numbers
  - x86 long double: Consider pseudo numbers as signaling
  - io: Remove xmknod{at} implementations
  - io: Remove xstat implementations
  - free: preserve errno [BZ#17924]
  - hurd: Accept including hurd/version.h
  - support: Make support_process_state_wait wait less
  - hurd: set sigaction for signal preemptors in arch-independent file
  - hurd: Fix spawni SPAWN_XFLAGS_TRY_SHELL with empty argv
  - hurd: Try shell in posix_spawn* only in compat mode
  - Remove _ISOMAC check from <cpu-features.h>
  - x86: Remove the duplicated CPU_FEATURE_CPU_P
  - Partially revert 681900d29683722b1cb0a8e565a0585846ec5a61
  - x86 long double: Support pseudo numbers in isnanl
  - x86 long double: Support pseudo numbers in fpclassifyl
  - MTE: Do not pad size in realloc_check
  - tests-mcheck: New variable to run tests with MALLOC_CHECK_=3
  - elf: Account for glibc-hwcaps/ prefix in _dl_important_hwcaps
  - misc: Use __ferror_unlocked instead of ferror
  - s390x: Regenerate ulps
  - powerpc: Regenerate ulps
  - addmntent: Remove unbounded alloca usage from getmntent [BZ#27083]
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add Intel LAM support
  - i386: Regenerate ulps
  - aarch64: update ulps.
  - aarch64: Add aarch64-specific files for memory tagging support
  - aarch64: Add sysv specific enabling code for memory tagging
  - linux: Add compatibility definitions to sys/prctl.h for MTE
  - malloc: Basic support for memory tagging in the malloc() family
  - elf: Add a tunable to control use of tagged memory
  - config: Allow memory tagging to be enabled when configuring glibc
  - alpha: Remove anonymous union in struct stat [BZ #27042]
  - add inputs to auto-libm-test-in yielding larger errors (binary64, x86_64)
  - m68k: fix clobbering a5 in setjmp() [BZ #24202]
  - iconv add iconv_close before the function returned with bad value.
  - iconv: use iconv_close after iconv_open
  - Fix buffer overrun in EUC-KR conversion module (bz #24973)
  - hurd: Make trampoline fill siginfo ss_sp from sc_uesp
  - Hurd: make sigstates hold a reference on thread ports
  - profil-counter: Add missing SIGINFO case
  - hurd: implement SA_SIGINFO signal handlers.
  - hurd: Note when the vm_map kernel bug was fixed
  - hurd: Also turn KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS to EINVAL
  - ieee754: Remove unused __sin32 and __cos32
  - ieee754: Remove slow paths from asin and acos
  - getenv: Move call to strlen to the branch it's used in.
  - Update kernel version to 5.10 in
  - s390x: Require GCC 7.1 or later to build glibc.
  - malloc: Use __libc_initial to detect an inner libc
  - Replace __libc_multiple_libcs with __libc_initial flag
  - {nptl,htl}/semaphoreP.h: clean up
  - htl: Get sem_open/sem_close/sem_unlink support [BZ #25524]
  - pthread: Move semaphore initialization for open to semaphoreP.h
  - Mark __libc_freeres_fn as used [BZ #27002]
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.10.
  - htl: Add pshared semaphore support
  - hurd: Add LLL_PRIVATE and LLL_SHARED
  - hurd: Add __libc_open and __libc_close
  - htl: Add futex-internal.h
  - hurd: Add __lll_abstimed_wait_intr
  - hurd: make lll_* take a variable instead of a ptr
  - Use Linux 5.10 in
* Wed Dec 16 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.32.9000-23
  - Fix conditionals for _enable_debug_packages and benchtests [BZ #1902514]
* Tue Dec 15 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.32.9000-22
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4d0985543f479a6f421d4d8a9e0d1dc71c9c2c53.
  - elf: Record link map when it is the main program (bug 20972)
  - Use GMP 6.2.1 in
  - aarch64: remove the strlen_asimd symbol
  - aarch64: fix static PIE start code for BTI [BZ #27068]
  - elf: Fix failure handling in _dl_map_object_from_fd
  - elf: inline lose for error handling
  - Remove strtoimax, strtoumax, wcstoimax, wcstoumax inlines
  - nsswitch: handle missing actions properly
  - x86: Remove the default REP MOVSB threshold tunable value [BZ #27061]
  - elf.h: Remove SHF_GNU_BUILD_NOTE.
  - elf.h: fix spelling typos in comments
  - Fix spelling and grammar in several comments
  - malloc: Detect infinite-loop in _int_free when freeing tcache [BZ#27052]
  - elf: Fix dl-load.c
  - elf: Include as main program in dependency sort (bug 20972)
  - support: Add support_slibdir_prefix variable
  - aarch64: Use mmap to add PROT_BTI instead of mprotect [BZ #26831]
  - elf: Pass the fd to note processing
  - elf: Move note processing after l_phdr is updated
  - aarch64: align address for BTI protection [BZ #26988]
  - aarch64: Fix missing BTI protection from dependencies [BZ #26926]
  - Fix linknamespace errors in nss_database.c if build with -Os.
  - treewide: fix incorrect spelling of indices in comments
  - linux: Consolidate brk implementation
  - elf: Include <sys/param.h> in cache.c
  - s390x: Add glibc-hwcaps support
  - elf: Fix run-time dependencies of tst-dlopen-fail-2
  - Handle out-of-memory case in svc_tcp.c/svc_unix.c:rendezvous_request.
  - elf: Fix incorrect comparison in sort_priorities_by_name
  - S390: Derive float_t from FLT_EVAL_METHOD
  - Fix parsing of /sys/devices/system/cpu/online (bug 25859)
  - Make strtoimax, strtoumax, wcstoimax, wcstoumax into aliases
  - Fixed typos in "NEWS for version 2.32"
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-29562 (BZ #26923)
  - iconv: Fix incorrect UCS4 inner loop bounds (BZ#26923)
  - Drop glibc-rh1906066 and glibc-rh741105 patches fixed by sync.
* Mon Dec 14 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.32.9000-21
  - Re-enable -Werror everywhere (#1888246)
* Wed Dec 09 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.32.9000-20
  - nsswitch: handle missing actions properly (temporary fix for 1906066)
* Mon Dec 07 2020 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32.9000-19
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 088e9625378f25607acff3daf7a79cbdee497043:
  - x86: Rename readelflib.c
  - nsswitch: use new internal API (callers)
  - nsswitch: user new internal API (tests)
  - nsswitch: use new internal API (core)
  - nss: Implement <nss_database.h>
  - <nss_action.h>: New abstraction for combining NSS modules and NSS actions
  - nss: Introduce <nss_module.h>
  - Add scripts/
* Fri Dec 04 2020 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32.9000-18
  - Drop glibc-revert-fxstat-compat.patch; applied upstream.
  - Drop glibc-revert-mknod-compat.patch; applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4c38c1a229bc3628269ad98bd7e8d31d118d91f6:
  - powerpc64le: Add glibc-hwcaps support
  - x86: Adjust tst-cpu-features-supports.c for GCC 11
  - x86: Set RDRAND usable if CPU supports RDRAND
  - elf: Add missing <stddef.h> header to elf/dl-hwcaps.h
  - lowlevellock-futex: Remove not used macros
  - futex: Remove not used futex_reltimed_wait{_cancelable}
  - y2038: Convert gai_suspend to support 64 bit time
  - symbols: Add defines for libanl's libanl_hidden_{def|proto}
  - x86_64: Add glibc-hwcaps support
  - elf: Add glibc-hwcaps subdirectory support to cache processing
  - elf: Process glibc-hwcaps subdirectories in ldconfig
  - elf: Implement tail merging of strings in ldconfig
  - elf: Implement a string table for ldconfig, with tail merging
  - elf: Add extension mechanism to
  - elf: Add endianness markup to (bug 27008)
  - elf: Add glibc-hwcaps support for LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  - elf: Synchronize <elf.h> section header flags with binutils
  - x86: Fix THREAD_SELF definition to avoid crash (bug 27004)
  - htl: Add hidden def for __pthread_create/detach
  - manual: Clarify File Access Modes section and add O_PATH
  - htl: Add missing symbols
  - Revert "linux: Move xmknod{at} to compat symbols"
  - Revert "linux: Move {f}xstat{at} to compat symbols"
  - elf.h: Fix spelling of EM_TILE64 comment
  - nptl: Fix __futex_clocklock64 return error check [BZ #26964]
  - powerpc64le: ifunc select *f128 routines in multiarch mode
  - y2038: Convert aio_suspend to support 64 bit time
  - Fix typo in NEWS file
  - nptl: Add EOVERFLOW checks for futex calls
  - nptl: Fix PTHREAD_PRIO_PROTECT timed lock
  - sh: Add sh4 fpu Implies folder
  - io: nftw/ftw: Fix stack overflow with large nopenfd [BZ #26353]
  - elf: Introduce enum opt_format in the ldconfig implementation
  - support: Add support_copy_file
  - NEWS entry for commit b4f020c9b408fb3d1d3d4901c4a71839145f8791
  - timezone: Change zdump installation to bin directory
  - nptl: Return EINVAL for invalid clock for pthread_clockjoin_np
  - nptl: Return EINVAL for pthread_mutex_clocklock/PI with CLOCK_MONOTONIC [BZ #26801]
  - nptl: Replace lll_futex_wake with futex-internal.h
  - nptl: Replace lll_futex_supported_clockid with futex-internal.h
  - nptl: Replace lll_futex_{timed_}wait by futex-internal.h
  - nptl: Replace lll_timedwait with __futex_abstimed_wait64
  - nptl: Replace __futex_clocklock_wait64 with __futex_abstimed_wait64
  - nptl: Remove _futex_clock_wait_bitset64
  - nptl: Consolidate __futex_abstimed_wait_{cancelable}64
  - nptl: Extend __futex_abstimed_wait_cancelable64 comment
  - nptl: Remove clockwait_tid
  - nptl: Remove futex_wait_cancelable
  - nptl: Remove unused internal futex functions
  - Mark mtrace tests UNSUPPORTED if bug-ga2.mtrace or tst-leaks2.mtrace are missing
  - elf: Fix uninitialized variable for _dl_write
  - powerpc: Make PT_THREAD_POINTER available to assembly code
  - Use for tests posix/bug-ga2 and resolv/tst-leaks2 [BZ #26821]
  - hurd report-wait: Fix stpcpy usage
  - hurd S_msg_report_wait: Fix detecting fd ports
  - hurd S_msg_report_wait: Fix reporting ports
  - hurd: Fix strcpy calls
  - hurd: Fix _S_msg_get/set_env_variable prototype
  - hurd: Enable using ifunc
  - Add {,sysdep-}ld-library-path make variable
  - nptl: Move stack list variables into _rtld_global
  - hurd: let _dl_argv and __libc_stack_end be relro
  - hurd: Remove some remnants of cthreads
  - nanosleep: Pass NULL when rem == NULL on ports with __TIMESIZE != 64
  - y2038: Convert thrd_sleep to support 64 bit time
  - y2038: Convert mtx_timedlock to support 64 bit time
  - y2038: Convert cnd_timedwait to support 64 bit time
  - hurd: Drop CLOCK_MONOTONIC change which slipped in
  - hurd: make ptsname fail with ENOTTY on non-master-pty
  - mach: Add missing assert.h include
  - hurd: break relocation loop between and lib{mach,hurd}
  - Remove obsolete defines for HPUX support from fcntl.h and update O_NONBLOCK.
  - Remove tls.h inclusion from internal errno.h
  - nptl: Eliminate <smp.h> and __is_smp
  - powerpc: Eliminate UP macro conditionals
  - x86: Remove UP macro.  Define LOCK_PREFIX unconditionally.
  - alpha: Remove UP preprocessor conditionals
  - hurd: Make sure signals get started
  - hurd: initialize libpthread before starting the signal thread
  - hurd: Make _hurd_libc_proc_init idempotent
  - powerpc: Add optimized stpncpy for POWER9
  - powerpc: Add optimized strncpy for POWER9
  - Don't use nested function in test-ffs
  - Use __builtin___stpncpy_chk when available
  - tests: Remove NULL check for an array
  - hurd: Move {,f,l}xstat{,at} and xmknod{at} to compat symbols
  - hurd: Notify the proc server later during initialization
  - htl: Initialize later
  - htl: Keep thread signals blocked during its initialization
  - htl: Fix spurious symbols in namespaces
  - Use O_CLOEXEC in sysconf [BZ #26791]
  - struct _Unwind_Exception alignment should not depend on compiler flags
  - hurd: keep only required PLTs in
  - hurd: Add missing startup calls
  - riscv: Get cache information through sysconf
  - RISC-V: Add _dl_start_user.
* Thu Nov 26 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.32.9000-17
  - s390x: Do not rewrite program interpreter symlink (make install is enough)
* Tue Nov 10 2020 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.32.9000-16
  - Remove the work around for systemd-nspawn (#1869030).
* Mon Nov 09 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.32.9000-15
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 75a193b7611bade31a150dfcc528b973e3d46231.
  - linux: Allow adjtime with NULL argument [BZ #26833]
  - aarch64: Add unwind information to _start (bug 26853)
  - bsd unlockpt: unlockpt needs to fail with EINVAL, not ENOTTY
  - Rearrange bsd_getpt vs bsd_openpt and implement posix_openpt on BSD
  - Remove __warndecl
  - Remove __warn_memset_zero_len [BZ #25399]
  - iconv: Accept redundant shift sequences in IBM1364 [BZ #26224]
  - msg: Remove redundant #include <sys/msg.h> header
  - tst-setuid1-static-ENV: Add $(common-objpfx)nss [BZ #26820]
* Tue Nov 03 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.32.9000-14
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e156dabc766d6f6f99ce9402999eae380a3ec1f2.
  - aarch64: Add variant PCS lazy binding test [BZ #26798]
  - aarch64: Fix DT_AARCH64_VARIANT_PCS handling [BZ #26798]
  - hurd: Correct 'ethenet' spelling
  - Avoid -Wstringop-overflow warning in pthread_cleanup_push macros
  - Disable spurious -Warray-bounds for ypclnt.c (bug 26687)
  - Do not use array parameter to new_composite_name (bug 26726)
  - Disable spurious -Wstringop-overflow for setjmp/longjmp (bug 26647)
  - malloc debug: fix compile error when enable macro MALLOC_DEBUG > 1
  - tst-tcfree2: adjust coding style.
  - elf: In ldconfig, extract the new_sub_entry function from search_dir
  - Use MPC 1.2.1 in
  - Argument Syntax: Use "option", @option, and @command.
  - elf: Unify old and new format cache handling code in
  - x86: Restore processing of cache size tunables in init_cacheinfo
  - Make elf.h header self contained.
  - x86: Optimizing memcpy for AMD Zen architecture.
  - Hurd: Fix ftime build
  - Add IP_RECVERR_RFC4884 and IPV6_RECVERR_RFC4884 from Linux 5.9.
  - misc: Add internal __getauxval2 function
  - Remove NEWS entry about ftime removal
  - time: Add 64-bit time_t support for ftime
  - Reinstate ftime and add deprecate message on ftime usage
  - Update kernel version to 5.9 in
  - Amend grammar and add a description
  - Fix typo in NEWS file
  - Remove timing related checks of time/tst-cpuclock1
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.9.
  - Use Linux 5.9 in
  - Reword description of SXID_* tunable properties
  - New benchtest: pthread locks
  - y2038: nptl: Provide __futex_clock_wait_bitset64 to support 64 bit bitset
  - C-SKY: Make dynamic linker's name compitable with the older gcc.
  - Revert "C-SKY:Fix dynamic linker's name when mfloat-abi=softfp."
  - Move vtimes to a compatibility symbol
  - y2038: linux: Provide __time64 implementation
  - rt: Fix typos in comments in <aio.h>
  - C-SKY:Fix dynamic linker's name when mfloat-abi=softfp.
  - Drop the glibc-revert-ftime-compat.patch.
* Thu Oct 29 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.32.9000-13
  - Add BuildRequires for perl (malloc/mtrace) if running the testsuite.
* Wed Oct 21 2020 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.32.9000-12
  - Revert __xstat64 symbol removal.
  - Revert xmknod* symbol removal.
  - Revert ftime symbol removal.
* Sun Oct 18 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.32.9000-11
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0f09154c64005e78b61484ae87b5ea2028051ea0.
  - x86: Initialize CPU info via IFUNC relocation [BZ 26203]
  - Add NEWS entry for ftime compatibility move
  - support: Add create_temp_file_in_dir
  - linux: Add __readdir_unlocked
  - linux: Simplify opendir buffer allocation
  - linux: Move posix dir implementations to Linux
  - linux: Add 64-bit time_t support for wait3
  - Move ftime to a compatibility symbol
  - linux: Fix time64 support for futimesat
  - linux: Use INTERNAL_SYSCALL on fstatat{64}
  - shm tests: Append PID to names passed to shm_open [BZ #26737]
  - sysvipc: Fix tst-sysvshm-linux on x32
  - x86/CET: Update vfork to prevent child return
  - resolv: Serialize processing in resolv/tst-resolv-txnid-collision
  - statfs: add missing f_flags assignment
  - y2038: Remove not used __fstatat_time64 define
  - y2038: nptl: Convert pthread_mutex_{clock|timed}lock to support 64 bit
  - sysvipc: Return EINVAL for invalid shmctl commands
  - sysvipc: Fix IPC_INFO and SHM_INFO handling [BZ #26636]
  - AArch64: Use __memcpy_simd on Neoverse N2/V1
  - resolv: Handle transaction ID collisions in parallel queries (bug 26600)
  - support: Provide a way to clear the RA bit in DNS server responses
  - support: Provide a way to reorder responses within the DNS test server
  - Add missing stat/mknod symbol on libc.abilist some ABIs
  - manual: correct the spelling of "MALLOC_PERTURB_" [BZ #23015]
  - manual: replace an obsolete collation example with a valid one
  - rtld: fix typo in comment
  - elf: Add missing <dl-procinfo.h> header to elf/dl-usage.c
  - hurd: support clock_gettime(CLOCK_PROCESS/THREAD_CPUTIME_ID)
  - linux: Move xmknod{at} to compat symbols
  - linux: Add {f}stat{at} y2038 support
  - linux: Move {f}xstat{at} to compat symbols
  - linux: Disentangle fstatat from fxstatat
  - linux: Implement {l}fstat{at} in terms of fstatat
  - linux: Move the struct stat{64} to struct_stat.h
  - Remove mknod wrapper functions, move them to symbols
  - Remove stat wrapper functions, move them to exported symbols
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add FSRCS/FSRS/FZLRM support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add Intel HRESET support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add AVX-VNNI support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add AVX512_FP16 support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add Intel UINTR support
  - elf: Do not pass GLRO(dl_platform), GLRO(dl_platformlen) to _dl_important_hwcaps
  - elf: Enhance --help to print HWCAP subdirectories
  - elf: Add library search path information to --help
  - sunrpc: Adjust RPC function declarations to match Sun's (bug 26686]
  - Avoid GCC 11 -Warray-parameter warnings [BZ #26686].
  - elf: Make __rtld_env_path_list and __rtld_search_dirs global variables
  - elf: Print the full name of the dynamic loader in the help message
  - elf: Use the term "program interpreter" in the help message
  - scripts/update-copyrights: Update csu/version.c, elf/dl-usage.c
  - elf: Implement --version
  - nptl: Add missing cancellation flags on lockf
  - Update mips64 libm-test-ulps
  - Update alpha libm-test-ulps
  - elf: Implement --help
  - elf: Record whether paths come from LD_LIBRARY_PATH or --library-path
  - elf: Move error/help output to _dl_usage
  - elf: Extract command-line/environment variables state from rtld.c
* Wed Oct 14 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.32.9000-10
  - Disable -Werror on ELN (#1888246)
* Wed Oct 14 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.32.9000-9
  - Make glibc.spec self-contained (#1887097)
* Thu Oct 08 2020 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32.9000-8
  - Drop glibc-fix-float128-benchtests.patch; applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 72d36ffd7db55ae599f4c77feb0eae25a0f3714e:
  - elf: Implement __rtld_malloc_is_complete
  - __vfscanf_internal: fix aliasing violation (bug 26690)
  - Revert "Fix missing redirects in testsuite targets"
  - nptl: Add missing cancellation flags on futex_internal and pselect32
  - elf: Implement _dl_write
  - elf: Do not search HWCAP subdirectories in statically linked binaries
  - Linux: Require properly configured /dev/pts for PTYs
  - Linux: unlockpt needs to fail with EINVAL, not ENOTTY (bug 26053)
  - login/tst-grantpt: Convert to support framework, more error checking
  - posix: Fix -Warray-bounds instances building timer_create [BZ #26687]
  - Replace Minumum/minumum with Minimum/minimum
  - Optimize scripts/
  - Fix GCC 11 -Warray-parameter warning for __sigsetjmp (bug 26647)
  - manual: Fix typo
  - y2038: nptl: Convert pthread_rwlock_{clock|timed}{rd|wr}lock to support 64
    bit time
  - Y2038: nptl: Provide futex_abstimed_wait64 supporting 64 bit time
  - sysvipc: Return EINVAL for invalid msgctl commands
  - sysvipc: Fix IPC_INFO and MSG_INFO handling [BZ #26639]
  - sysvipc: Return EINVAL for invalid semctl commands
  - sysvipc: Fix SEM_STAT_ANY kernel argument pass [BZ #26637]
  - aarch64: enforce >=64K guard size [BZ #26691]
  - sysvipc: Fix semtimedop for Linux < 5.1 for 64-bit ABI
  - nptl: futex: Move __NR_futex_time64 alias to beginning of futex-internal.h
  - nptl: Provide proper spelling for 32 bit version of futex_abstimed_wait
  - string: Fix strerrorname_np return value [BZ #26555]
  - Set tunable value as well as min/max values
  - add an --argv0 option [BZ #16124]
  - Reversing calculation of __x86_shared_non_temporal_threshold
  - linux: Add time64 recvmmsg support
  - linux: Add time64 support for nanosleep
  - linux: Consolidate utimes
  - linux: Use 64-bit time_t syscall on clock_getcputclockid
  - linux: Add time64 sigtimedwait support
  - linux: Add time64 select support
  - nptl: Fix __futex_abstimed_wait_cancellable32
  - sysvipc: Fix semtimeop for !__ASSUME_DIRECT_SYSVIPC_SYSCALLS
  - hurd: add ST_RELATIME
  - intl: Handle translation output codesets with suffixes [BZ #26383]
  - bench-strcmp.c: Add workloads on page boundary
  - bench-strncmp.c: Add workloads on page boundary
  - strcmp: Add a testcase for page boundary
  - strncmp: Add a testcase for page boundary [BZ #25933]
  - Set locale related environment variables in
  - benchtests: Run _Float128 tests only on architectures that support it
  - powerpc: Protect dl_powerpc_cpu_features on INIT_ARCH() [BZ #26615]
  - x86: Harden printf against non-normal long double values (bug 26649)
  - x86: Use one ldbl2mpn.c file for both i386 and x86_64
  - Define __THROW to noexcept for C++11 and later
* Mon Sep 21 2020 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32.9000-7
  - Adjust glibc-rh741105.patch.
  - Add glibc-fix-float128-benchtests.patch to allow building on armv7hl.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit cdf645427d176197b82f44308a5e131d69fb53ad:
  - Update mallinfo2 ABI, and test
  - Allow memset local PLT reference for RISC-V.
  - powerpc: fix ifunc implementation list for POWER9 strlen and stpcpy
  - nscd: bump GC cycle during cache pruning (bug 26130)
  - x86: Use HAS_CPU_FEATURE with IBT and SHSTK [BZ #26625]
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add Intel Key Locker support
  - Fix handling of collating symbols in fnmatch (bug 26620)
  - pselect.c: Pass a pointer to SYSCALL_CANCEL [BZ #26606]
  - y2038: nptl: Convert sem_{clock|timed}wait to support 64 bit time
  - hurd: Add __x86_get_cpu_features to ld.abilist
  - x86: Install <sys/platform/x86.h> [BZ #26124]
  - linux: Add time64 pselect support
  - linux: Add time64 semtimedop support
  - linux: Add ppoll time64 optimization
  - linux: Simplify clock_getres
  - Update sparc libm-test-ulps
  - Remove internal usage of extensible stat functions
  - Linux: Consolidate xmknod
  - linux: Consolidate fxstatat{64}
  - linux: Consolidate fxstat{64}
  - linux: Consolidate lxstat{64}
  - linux: Consolidate xstat{64}
  - linux: Define STAT64_IS_KERNEL_STAT64
  - linux: Always define STAT_IS_KERNEL_STAT
  - Update powerpc libm-test-ulps
  - benchtests: Add "workload" traces for sinf128
  - benchtests: Add "workload" traces for sinf
  - benchtests: Add "workload" traces for sin
  - benchtests: Add "workload" traces for powf128
  - benchtests: Add "workload" traces for pow
  - benchtests: Add "workload" traces for expf128
  - benchtests: Add "workload" traces for exp
  - nptl: futex: Provide correct indentation for part of
* Tue Sep 08 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.32.9000-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e74b61c09a2a2ab52153e731225ccba5078659b1.
  - Disable -Wstringop-overread for some string tests
  - string: Fix GCC 11 `-Werror=stringop-overread' error
  - C11 threads: Fix inaccuracies in testsuite
  - elf.h: Add aarch64 bti/pac dynamic tag constants
  - x86: Set CPU usable feature bits conservatively [BZ #26552]
* Wed Sep 02 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.32.9000-5
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 86a912c8634f581ea42ec6973553dde7f058cfbf.
  - Update i686 ulps.
  - Use LFS readdir in generic POSIX getcwd [BZ# 22899]
  - linux: Remove __ASSUME_ATFCTS
  - Sync getcwd with gnulib
  - x86-64: Fix FMA4 detection in ifunc [BZ #26534]
  - y2038: nptl: Convert pthread_cond_{clock|timed}wait to support 64 bit time
  - malloc: Fix mallinfo deprecation declaration
  - x32: Add <fixup-asm-unistd.h> and regenerate arch-syscall.h
  - Add mallinfo2 function that support sizes >= 4GB.
  - Remove obsolete default/nss code
  - AArch64: Improve backwards memmove performance
  - Add RISC-V 32-bit target to
  - Documentation for the RISC-V 32-bit port
  - RISC-V: Build infrastructure for 32-bit port
  - RISC-V: Add rv32 path to RTLDLIST in ldd
  - riscv32: Specify the arch_minimum_kernel as 5.4
  - RISC-V: Fix llrint and llround missing exceptions on RV32
  - RISC-V: Add the RV32 libm-test-ulps
  - RISC-V: Add 32-bit ABI lists
  - RISC-V: Add hard float support for 32-bit CPUs
  - RISC-V: Support the 32-bit ABI implementation
  - RISC-V: Add arch-syscall.h for RV32
  - RISC-V: Add path of library directories for the 32-bit
  - RISC-V: Support dynamic loader for the 32-bit
  - RISC-V: Add support for 32-bit vDSO calls
  - RISC-V: Use 64-bit-time syscall numbers with the 32-bit port
  - RISC-V: Cleanup some of the sysdep.h code
  - RISC-V: Use 64-bit time_t and off_t for RV32 and RV64
  - io/lockf: Include bits/types.h before __OFF_T_MATCHES_OFF64_T check
  - elf/tst-libc_dlvsym: Add a TEST_COMPAT around some symbol tests
  - hurd: define BSD 4.3 ioctls only under __USE_MISC
  - string: test strncasecmp and strncpy near page boundaries
  - linux: Simplify utimensat
  - linux: Simplify timerfd_settime
  - linux: Simplify timer_gettime
  - linux: Simplify sched_rr_get_interval
  - linux: Simplify ppoll
  - linux: Simplify mq_timedsend
  - linux: Simplify mq_timedreceive
  - linux: Simplify clock_settime
  - linux: Simplify clock_nanosleep
  - linux: Simplify clock_gettime
  - linux: Simplify clock_adjtime
  - linux: Add helper function to optimize 64-bit time_t fallback support
  - S390: Sync HWCAP names with kernel by adding aliases [BZ #25971]
  - [vcstocl] Import ProjectQuirks from its own file
  - Add a s390x -O3 glibc variant.
  - Fix namespace violation in stdio.h and sys/stat.h if build with optimization. [BZ #26376]
  - Add C2x BOOL_MAX and BOOL_WIDTH to limits.h.
  - Use MPC 1.2.0 in
  - Add new STATX_* constants from Linux 5.8 to bits/statx-generic.h.
  - Correct locking and cancellation cleanup in syslog functions (bug 26100)
* Thu Aug 20 2020 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.32.9000-4
  - Support building glibc in a mock chroot using older systemd-nspawn (#1869030).
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.32.9000-3
  - Suggest installing minimal localization e.g. C, POSIX, C.UTF-8.
* Mon Aug 17 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.32.9000-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit cb7e7a5ca1d6d25d59bc038bdc09630e507c41e5.
  - nptl: Handle NULL abstime [BZ #26394]
  - Update for binutils ia64 obsoletion.
  - Update kernel version to 5.8 in
  - y2038: nptl: Convert pthread_{clock|timed}join_np to support 64 bit time
  - aarch64: update ulps.
* Wed Aug 12 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.32.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0be0845b7a674dbfb996f66cd03d675f0f6028dc:
  - S390: Regenerate ULPs.
  - manual: Fix sigdescr_np and sigabbrev_np return type (BZ #26343)
  - math: Update x86_64 ulps
  - math: Regenerate auto-libm-test-out-j0
  - manual: Put the istrerrorname_np and strerrordesc_np return type in braces
  - Linux: Use faccessat2 to implement faccessat (bug 18683)
  - manual: Fix strerrorname_np and strerrordesc_np return type (BZ #26343)
  - math: Fix inaccuracy of j0f for x >= 2^127 when sin(x)+cos(x) is tiny
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.8.
  - Use Linux 5.8 in
  - htl: Enable tst-cancelx?[45]
  - tst-cancel4: Make blocking on write more portable
  - hurd: Add missing hidden def
  - hurd: Rework sbrk
  - hurd: Implement basic sched_get/setscheduler
  - x86: Rename Intel CPU feature names
  - manual: Fix some @code/@var formatting glitches chapter Date And Time
  - Copy regex_internal.h from Gnulib
  - Copy regex BITSET_WORD_BITS porting from Gnulib
  - Sync regex.h from Gnulib
  - Sync mktime.c from Gnulib
  - Sync intprops.h from Gnulib
  - Open master branch for glibc 2.33 development.
* Thu Aug 06 2020 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.32-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.32/master,
    commit 3de512be7ea6053255afed6154db9ee31d4e557a:
  - Prepare for glibc 2.32 release.
  - Regenerate configure scripts.
  - Update NEWS with bugs.
  - Update translations.
  - Don't mix linker error messages into edited scripts
  - benchtests/README update.
  - RISC-V: Update lp64d libm-test-ulps according to HiFive Unleashed
  - aarch64: update NEWS about branch protection
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2016-10228 (bug 19519)
  - powerpc: Fix incorrect cache line size load in memset (bug 26332)
  - Update Nios II libm-test-ulps file.
* Fri Jul 31 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.31.9000-24
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 7f1a08cff82255cd4252a2c75fd65b80a6a170bf.
  - Move NEWS entry for CVE-2020-1751 to the 2.31 section
  - NEWS: Deprecate weak libpthread symbols for single-threaded checks
  - NEWS: Deprecate nss_hesiod
  - nptl: Zero-extend arguments to SETXID syscalls [BZ #26248]
  - Use binutils 2.35 branch in
  - aarch64: Use future HWCAP2_MTE in ifunc resolver
  - Update x86-64 libm-test-ulps
  - aarch64: Respect p_flags when protecting code with PROT_BTI
  - Disable warnings due to deprecated libselinux symbols used by nss and nscd
  - Regenerate INSTALL for ARC port updates.
  - Update libc.pot for 2.32 release.
  - powerpc: Fix POWER10 selection
  - powerpc64le: guarantee a .gnu.attributes section [BZ #26220]
* Wed Jul 29 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-23
  - Inherit -mbranch-protection=standard from redhat-rpm-config (for aarch64)
* Mon Jul 27 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <>
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 22 2020 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.31.9000-21
  - Use make macros
* Tue Jul 21 2020 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.31.9000-20
  - Add glibc-deprecated-selinux-makedb.patch and
    glibc-deprecated-selinux-nscd.patch to work around libselinux API
  - Drop glibc-rseq-disable.patch; rseq support removed upstream.  (#1855729)
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ec2f1fddf29053957d061dfe310f106388472a4f:
  - libio: Remove __libc_readline_unlocked
  - shadow: Implement fgetspent_r using __nss_fgetent_r
  - pwd: Implement fgetpwent_r using __nss_fgetent_r
  - gshadow: Implement fgetsgent_r using __nss_fgetent_r (bug 20338)
  - grp: Implement fgetgrent_r using __nss_fgetent_r
  - nss: Add __nss_fgetent_r
  - libio: Add fseterr_unlocked for internal use
  - nss_files: Use generic result pointer in parse_line
  - nss_files: Consolidate line parse declarations in <nss_files.h>
  - nss_compat: Do not use mmap to read database files (bug 26258)
  - nss_files: Consolidate file opening in __nss_files_fopen
  - Update powerpc-nofpu libm-test-ulps.
  - Use MPFR 4.1.0 in
  - elf: Change TLS static surplus default back to 1664
  - hurd: Fix longjmp check for sigstate
  - hurd: Fix longjmp early in initialization
  - manual: New signal and errno string functions are AS-safe
  - AArch64: Improve strlen_asimd performance (bug 25824)
  - Move <rpc/netdb.h> from sunrpc to inet
  - en_US: Minimize changes to date_fmt (Bug 25923)
  - Linux: Remove rseq support
  - manual: Use Unicode instead HTML entities for characters (bug 19737)
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-6096 (bug 25620)
  - arm: remove string/tst-memmove-overflow XFAIL
  - AArch64: Rename IS_ARES to IS_NEOVERSE_N1
  - AArch64: Add optimized Q-register memcpy
  - AArch64: Align ENTRY to a cacheline
  - Correct timespec implementation [BZ #26232]
  - Remove --enable-obsolete-rpc configure flag
  - hurd: Fix
  - x86: Support usable check for all CPU features
  - string: Make tst-strerror/tst-strsignal unsupported if msgfmt is not installed
  - malloc: Deprecate more hook-related functionality
  - elf: Support at least 32-byte alignment in static dlopen
  - x86: Remove __ASSEMBLER__ check in init-arch.h
  - x86: Remove the unused __x86_prefetchw
  - Documentation for ARC port
  - Enable ARC builds
  - ARC: Build Infrastructure
  - ARC: ABI lists
  - ARC: Linux Startup and Dynamic Loading
  - ARC: Linux ABI
  - ARC: Linux Syscall Interface
  - ARC: hardware floating point support
  - ARC: math soft float support
  - ARC: Atomics and Locking primitives
  - ARC: Thread Local Storage support
  - ARC: startup and dynamic linking code
  - ARC: ABI Implementation
  - Fix time/tst-cpuclock1 intermitent failures
  - powerpc64: Fix calls when r2 is not used [BZ #26173]
  - Add NEWS entry for Update to Unicode 13.0.0 [BZ #25819]
  - Update i686 libm-test-ulps
  - Fix memory leak in __printf_fp_l (bug 26215).
  - Fix double free in __printf_fp_l (bug 26214).
  - linux: Fix syscall list generation instructions
  - sysv: linux: Add 64-bit time_t variant for shmctl
  - sysvipc: Remove the linux shm-pad.h file
  - sysvipc: Split out linux struct shmid_ds
  - sysv: linux: Add 64-bit time_t variant for msgctl
  - sysvipc: Remove the linux msq-pad.h file
  - sysvipc: Split out linux struct semid_ds
  - sysv: linux: Add 64-bit time_t variant for semctl
* Fri Jul 10 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-19
  - Disable rseq registration by default to help Firefox (#1855729)
* Thu Jul 09 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-18
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ffb17e7ba3a5ba9632cee97330b325072fbe41dd:
  - rtld: Avoid using up static TLS surplus for optimizations [BZ #25051]
  - rtld: Account static TLS surplus for audit modules
  - rtld: Add rtld.nns tunable for the number of supported namespaces
  - Remove --enable-obsolete-nsl configure flag
  - Move non-deprecated RPC-related functions from sunrpc to inet
  - aarch64: add NEWS entry about branch protection support
  - aarch64: redefine RETURN_ADDRESS to strip PAC
  - aarch64: fix pac-ret support in _mcount
  - aarch64: Add pac-ret support to assembly files
  - aarch64: configure check for pac-ret code generation
  - aarch64: ensure objects are BTI compatible
  - aarch64: enable BTI at runtime
  - aarch64: fix RTLD_START for BTI
  - aarch64: fix swapcontext for BTI
  - aarch64: Add BTI support to assembly files
  - aarch64: Rename place holder .S files to .c
  - aarch64: configure test for BTI support
  - Rewrite abi-note.S in C.
  - rtld: Clean up PT_NOTE and add PT_GNU_PROPERTY handling
  - string: Move tst-strsignal tst-strerror to tests-container
  - string: Fix prototype mismatch in sigabbrev_np, __sigdescr_np
  - arm: CVE-2020-6096: Fix multiarch memcpy for negative length (#1820332)
  - arm: CVE-2020-6096: fix memcpy and memmove for negative length (#1820332)
  - sunrpc: Remove hidden aliases for global data symbols (bug 26210)
  - hurd: Fix strerror not setting errno
  - tst-strsignal: fix checking for RT signals support
  - hurd: Evaluate fd before entering the critical section
  - CVE-2016-10228: Rewrite iconv option parsing (#1428292)
  - nss: Remove cryptographic key support from nss_files, nss_nis, nss_nisplus
  - sunrpc: Do not export getrpcport by default
  - sunrpc: Do not export key handling hooks by default
  - sunrpc: Turn clnt_sperrno into a libc_hidden_nolink_sunrpc symbol
  - string: Add strerrorname_np and strerrordesc_np
  - string: Add sigabbrev_np and sigdescr_np
  - string: Add strerror_l on test-strerror-errno
  - string: Add strerror, strerror_r, and strerror_l test
  - string: Add strsignal test
  - string: Simplify strerror_r
  - string: Use tls-internal on strerror_l
  - string: Implement strerror in terms of strerror_l
  - string: Remove old TLS usage on strsignal
  - linux: Fix __NSIG_WORDS and add __NSIG_BYTES
  - signal: Move sys_errlist to a compat symbol
  - signal: Move sys_siglist to a compat symbol
  - signal: Add signum-{generic,arch}.h
  - Remove most vfprintf width/precision-dependent allocations (bug 14231, bug 26211).
  - elf: Do not signal LA_ACT_CONSISTENT for an empty namespace [BZ #26076]
  - Fix stringop-overflow errors from gcc 10 in iconv.
  - x86: Add thresholds for "rep movsb/stosb" to tunables
  - Use C2x return value from getpayload of non-NaN (bug 26073).
  - x86: Detect Extended Feature Disable (XFD)
  - x86: Correct bit_cpu_CLFSH [BZ #26208]
  - manual: Document __libc_single_threaded
  - Add the __libc_single_threaded variable
  - Linux: rseq registration tests
  - Linux: Use rseq in sched_getcpu if available
  - Linux: Perform rseq registration at C startup and thread creation
  - tst-cancel4: deal with ENOSYS errors
  - manual: Show copyright information not just in the printed manual
* Thu Jul 02 2020 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.31.9000-17
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit c6aac3bf3663709cdefde5f5d5e9e875d607be5e.
  - Fix typo in comment in bug 26137 fix.
  - Fix strtod multiple-precision division bug (bug 26137).
  - Linux: Fix UTC offset setting in settimeofday for __TIMESIZE != 64
  - random: range is not portably RAND_MAX [BZ #7003]
  - Update kernel version to 5.7 in
  - powerpc: Add support for POWER10
  - hurd: Simplify usleep timeout computation
  - htl: Enable cancel*16 an cancel*20 tests
  - hurd: Add remaining cancelation points
  - hurd: fix usleep(ULONG_MAX)
  - hurd: Make fcntl(F_SETLKW*) cancellation points
  - hurd: make wait4 a cancellation point
  - hurd: Fix port definition in HURD_PORT_USE_CANCEL
  - hurd: make close a cancellation point
  - hurd: make open and openat cancellation points
  - hurd: clean fd and port on thread cancel
  - htl: Move cleanup handling to non-private libc-lock
  - htl: Fix includes for lockfile
  - htl: avoid cancelling threads inside critical sections
  - tst-cancel4-common.c: fix calling socketpair
  - x86: Detect Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions
  - Set width of JUNGSEONG/JONGSEONG characters from UD7B0 to UD7FB to 0 [BZ #26120]
  - S390: Optimize __memset_z196.
  - S390: Optimize __memcpy_z196.
  - elf: Include <stddef.h> (for size_t), <sys/stat.h> in <ldconfig.h>
  - nptl: Don't madvise user provided stack
  - S390: Regenerate ULPs.
  - htl: Add wrapper header for <semaphore.h> with hidden __sem_post
  - elf: Include <stdbool.h> in <dl-tunables.h> because bool is used
  - htl: Fix case when sem_*wait is canceled while holding a token
  - htl: Make sem_*wait cancellations points
  - htl: Simplify non-cancel path of __pthread_cond_timedwait_internal
  - htl: Enable tst-cancel25 test
  - powerpc: Add new hwcap values
  - aarch64: MTE compatible strncmp
  - aarch64: MTE compatible strcmp
  - aarch64: MTE compatible strrchr
  - aarch64: MTE compatible memrchr
  - aarch64: MTE compatible memchr
  - aarch64: MTE compatible strcpy
  - Add MREMAP_DONTUNMAP from Linux 5.7
  - x86: Update CPU feature detection [BZ #26149]
* Mon Jun 22 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.31.9000-16
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ea04f0213135b13d80f568ca2c4127c2ec112537.
  - aarch64: Remove fpu Makefile
  - m68k: Use sqrt{f} builtin for coldfire
  - arm: Use sqrt{f} builtin
  - riscv: Use sqrt{f} builtin
  - s390: Use sqrt{f} builtin
  - sparc: Use sqrt{f} builtin
  - mips: Use sqrt{f} builtin
  - alpha: Use builtin sqrt{f}
  - i386: Use builtin sqrtl
  - x86_64: Use builtin sqrt{f,l}
  - powerpc: Use sqrt{f} builtin
  - s390x: Use fma{f} builtin
  - aarch64: Use math-use-builtins for ceil{f}
  - math: Decompose math-use-builtins.h
  - hurd: Add mremap
  - ia64: Use generic exp10f
  - New exp10f version without SVID compat wrapper
  - i386: Use generic exp10f
  - math: Optimized generic exp10f with wrappers
  - benchtests: Add exp10f benchmark
* Fri Jun 19 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-15
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 27f8864bd41f0f1b61e8e947d9a030b1a0d23df9.
  - x86: Update F16C detection [BZ #26133]
  - Fix avx2 strncmp offset compare condition check [BZ #25933]
  - nptl: Remove now-spurious tst-cancelx9 references
  - x86_64: Use %xmmN with vpxor to clear a vector register
  - x86: Correct bit_cpu_CLFLUSHOPT [BZ #26128]
  - powerpc64le: refactor e_sqrtf128.c
  - Update syscall-names.list for Linux 5.7.
  - ieee754/dbl-64: Reduce the scope of temporary storage variables
  - manual: Add pthread_attr_setsigmask_np, pthread_attr_getsigmask_np
  - Check for new cache format first and enhance corruption check
  - hurd: Fix __writev_nocancel_nostatus
  - hurd: Make send* cancellation points
  - htl: Enable more cancellation tests
  - hurd: Make write and pwrite64 cancellation points
  - htl: Fix cleanup support for IO locking
  - htl: Move cleanup stack to variable shared between libc and pthread
  - htl: initialize first and prevent from unloading
  - htl: Add noreturn attribute on __pthread_exit forward
  - hurd: Make recv* cancellation points
  - powerpc: Automatic CPU detection in preconfigure
  - Use Linux 5.7 in
  - htl: Enable more cancel tests
  - htl: Fix linking static tests by factorizing the symbols list
  - Add "%d" support to _dl_debug_vdprintf
  - aarch64: MTE compatible strlen
  - aarch64: MTE compatible strchr
  - aarch64: MTE compatible strchrnul
  - AArch64: Merge Falkor memcpy and memmove implementations
  - hurd: document that gcc&gdb look at the trampoline code
  - pthread: Move back linking rules to nptl and htl
  - htl: Enable more tests
  - htl: Fix registration of atfork handlers in modules
  - htl: Fix tls initialization for already-created threads
  - hurd: Make read and pread64 cancellable
  - hurd: Fix unwinding over interruptible RPC
  - htl: Enable but XFAIL tst-flock2, tst-signal1, tst-signal2
  - hurd: XFAIL more tests that require setpshared support
  - hurd: Briefly document in xfails the topics of the bugzilla entries
  - htl: Enable more tests
  - htl: Add sem_clockwait support
  - htl: fix register-atfork ordering
  - hurd: Fix hang in _hurd_raise_signal from pthread_kill
  - hurd: Reject raising invalid signals
  - hurd: fix clearing SS_ONSTACK when longjmp-ing from sighandler
  - hurd: Add pointer guard support
  - hurd: Add stack guard support
  - dl-runtime: reloc_{offset,index} now functions arch overide'able
  - powerpc64le: add optimized strlen for P9
  - powerpc64le: use common fmaf128 implementation
* Fri Jun 05 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.31.9000-14
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e52434a2e4d1105272daaef87678da950fbec73f.
  - benchtests: Restore the clock_gettime option
  - Update HP_TIMING_NOW for _ISOMAC in sysdeps/generic/hp-timing.h
  - Replace val with __val in TUNABLE_SET_VAL_IF_VALID_RANGE
  - support: Fix detecting hole support on >2KB-block filesystems
  - powerpc: Fix powerpc64le due a7a3435c9a
  - manual/jobs.texi: remove unused var from example code
  - powerpc/fpu: use generic fma functions
  - aarch/fpu: use generic builtins based math functions
  - ieee754: provide gcc builtins based generic fma functions
  - ieee754: provide gcc builtins based generic sqrt functions
  - Linux: Use __pthread_attr_setsigmask_internal for timer helper thread
  - nptl: Add pthread_attr_setsigmask_np, pthread_attr_getsigmask_np
  - nptl: Make pthread_attr_t dynamically extensible
  - nptl: Destroy the default thread attribute as part of freeres
  - nptl: Change type of __default_pthread_attr
  - nptl: Use __pthread_attr_setaffinity_np in pthread_getattr_np
  - nptl: Use __pthread_getattr_default_np in pthread_create
  - nptl: Add internal alias __pthread_getattr_default_np
  - htl: Fix gsync_wait symbol exposition
  - htl: Make pthread_cond_destroy wait for threads to be woken
  - htl: Enable more cond tests
  - tst-cond11: Fix build with _SC_MONOTONIC_CLOCK > 0
  - mbstowcs: Document, test, and fix null pointer dst semantics (Bug 25219)
  - build: Use FAIL_EXIT1 () on failure to exec child [BZ #23990]
  - manual: Fix backtraces code example [BZ #10441]
  - hurd: Fix fexecve
  - i386: Remove unused file sysdeps/unix/i386/sysdep.S
  - hurd: fix ptsname error when called on a non-tty
  - hurd: Fix fdopendir checking for directory type
  - i386: Remove NO_TLS_DIRECT_SEG_REFS handling
  - Hurd: Move <hurd/sigpreempt.h> internals into wrapper header
  - Hurd: Use __sigmask in favor of deprecated sigmask
  - hurd: Fix pselect atomicity
  - elf: Remove extra hwcap mechanism from ldconfig
  - elf: Do not read hwcaps from the vDSO in
  - linux: Use internal DIR locks when accessing filepos on telldir
  - Update i386 libm-test-ulps
  - htl: Add clock variants
  - signal: Deprecate additional legacy signal handling functions
  - elf: Turn _dl_printf, _dl_error_printf, _dl_fatal_printf into functions
  - x86: Update Intel Atom processor family optimization
  - elf.h: add aarch64 property definitions
  - elf.h: Add PT_GNU_PROPERTY
  - <libc-symbols.h>: Add libpthread hidden alias support
  - nptl: Use __pthread_attr_copy in pthread_setattr_default_np
  - nptl: Use __pthread_attr_copy in pthread_getattr_default_np (bug 25999)
  - nptl: Add __pthread_attr_copy for copying pthread_attr_t objects
  - nptl: Make __pthread_attr_init, __pthread_attr_destroy available internally
  - nptl: Move pthread_gettattr_np into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_getaffinity_np into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_setaffinity_np into libc
  - nptl: Replace some stubs with the Linux implementation
  - Linux: Add missing handling of tai field to __ntp_gettime64
  - Mention GCC 10 attribute access.
  - y2038: Replace __clock_gettime with __clock_gettime64
  - manual: Add missing section and node for clockid_t wait functions
  - y2038: linux: Provide __ntp_gettimex64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __ntp_gettime64 implementation
  - y2038: Provide conversion helpers for struct __ntptimeval64
  - y2038: Introduce struct __ntptimeval64 - new internal glibc type
  - y2038: linux: Provide __adjtime64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide ___adjtimex64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __clock_adjtime64 implementation
  - ldconfig: Default to the new format for
  - nss_compat: internal_end*ent may clobber errno, hiding ERANGE [BZ #25976]
  - powerpc: Optimized rawmemchr for POWER9
  - x86: Add --enable-cet=permissive
  - elf: Assert that objects are relocated before their constructors run
  - powerpc: Optimized stpcpy for POWER9
  - powerpc: Optimized strcpy for POWER9
  - x86: Move CET control to _dl_x86_feature_control [BZ #25887]
  - sunrpc/tst-udp-*: Fix timeout value
  - Linux: Remove remnants of the getcpu cache
  - Update timezone code from tzcode 2020a
  - aarch64: fix strcpy and strnlen for big-endian [BZ #25824]
  - locale: Add transliteration for Geresh, Gershayim (U+05F3, U+05F4)
  - string: Fix string/tst-memmove-overflow to compile with GCC 7
  - Add arch-syscall.h dependency for generating sysd-syscalls file
  - arm: XFAIL string/tst-memmove-overflow due to bug 25620
  - elf: Remove redundant add_to_global_resize_failure  call from dl_open_args
  - string: Add string/tst-memmove-overflow, a test case for bug 25620
  - support: Add support_blob_repeat_allocate_shared
  - nptl: wait for pending setxid request also in detached thread (bug 25942)
  - aarch64: Accept PLT calls to __getauxval within
  - Use unsigned constants for ICMP6 filters [BZ #22489]
  - Linux: Enhance to support listing system calls
* Mon May 11 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.31.9000-13
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 978e8ac39f8ba2d694031e521511da1ae803ccfc.
  - Suppress GCC 10 true positive warnings [BZ #25967]
  - POWER: Add context-synchronizing instructions to pkey_write [BZ #25954]
  - hurd: Add missing sigstate members initialization
  - x86-64: Use RDX_LP on __x86_shared_non_temporal_threshold [BZ #25966]
  - linux: Remove assembly umount2 implementation
  - signal: Use <sigsetops.h> for sigemptyset, sigfillset
  - ckb_IQ, or_IN locales: Add missing reorder-end keywords
  - semaphore: consolidate arch headers into a generic one
  - Use GCC 10 branch in
  - Document the internal _ and N_ macros
  - y2038: Provide conversion helpers for struct __timex64
  - y2038: Introduce struct __timex64 - new internal glibc type
  - y2038: include: Move struct __timeval64 definition to a separate file
  - y2038: nscd: Modify nscd_helper to use __clock_gettime64
  - y2038: inet: Convert inet deadline to support 64 bit time
  - y2038: hurd: Provide __clock_gettime64 function
  - y2038: Export __clock_gettime64 to be usable in other libraries
  - manual: Document the O_NOFOLLOW open flag
  - powerpc64le/power9: guard power9 strcmp against rtld usage [BZ# 25905]
  - float128: use builtin_signbitf128 always
  - improve out-of-bounds checking with GCC 10 attribute access [BZ #25219]
  - nios2: delete sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/nios2/kernel-features.h
  - powerpc: Rename argN to _argN in LOADARGS_N [BZ #25902]
  - locale/tst-localedef-path-norm: Don't create $(complocaledir)
  - support: Set errno before testing it.
  - localedef: Add tests-container test for --no-hard-links.
  - test-container: Support $(complocaledir) and mkdirp.
  - i386: Remove unused variable in sysdeps/x86/cacheinfo.c
  - Add a C wrapper for prctl [BZ #25896]
  - powerpc64le: Enable support for IEEE long double
  - powerpc64le: blacklist broken GCC compilers (e.g GCC 7.5.0)
  - powerpc64le: bump binutils version requirement to >= 2.26
  - powerpc64le: raise GCC requirement to 7.4 for long double transition
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: workaround GCC 9 C++ PR90731
  - x86: Add the test case of __get_cpu_features support for Zhaoxin processors
  - x86: Add cache information support for Zhaoxin processors
  - x86: Add CPU Vendor ID detection support for Zhaoxin processors
  - Update translations
  - Add C wrappers for process_vm_readv/process_vm_writev [BZ #25810]
  - generic/typesizes.h: Add support for 32-bit arches with 64-bit types
  - semctl: Remove the sem-pad.h file
  - bits/sem.h: Split out struct semid_ds
  - Mark unsigned long arguments with U in more syscalls [BZ #25810]
  - elf: Add initial flag argument to __libc_early_init
  - Add SYSCALL_ULONG_ARG_[12] to pass long to syscall [BZ #25810]
  - Makeconfig: Use $(error ...) to output error message
  - manual: Fix typos in the fexecve description
  - misc: Remove sstk from the autogenerated system call list
  - Remove unused floating-point configuration from gmp-impl.h.
  - support: Implement <support/xthread.h> key create/delete
  - nptl/tst-setuid1-static: Improve isolation from system objects
  - Increase the timeout of locale/tst-localedef-path-norm
  - Use 2020 as copyright year.
  - misc: Turn sstk into a compat symbol
  - manual: Document the fexecve function
  - nptl: Start new threads with all signals blocked [BZ #25098]
  - localedef: Add verbose messages for failure paths.
  - Remove most gmp-mparam.h headers.
  - elf: Implement __libc_early_init
  - elf: Introduce <elf_machine_sym_no_match.h>
  - Add a syscall test for [BZ #25810]
  - elf: Support lld-style link map for
  - signal: Only handle on NSIG signals on signal functions (BZ #25657)
  - linux: Use pthread_sigmask on sigprocmask
  - ia64: Remove sigprocmask/sigblock objects from libpthread
  - nptl: Move pthread_sigmask implementation to libc
  - Bug 25819: Update to Unicode 13.0.0
* Wed Apr 29 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-12
  - nss_db.x86_64 should install nss_db.i686 if glibc.i686 is installed (#1807821)
  - Likewise for nss_hesiod.
* Mon Apr 27 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-11
  - Introduce glibc-headers-x86, glibc-headers-s390 packages (#1828332)
  - Remove the glibc-headers package
* Mon Apr 20 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.31.9000-10
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0798b8ecc8da8667362496c1217d18635106c609.
  - ARC: Update syscall-names.list for ARC specific syscalls
  - Revert "x86_64: Add SSE sfp-exceptions"
  - provide y2038 safe socket constants for default/asm-generic ABI
  - x86_64: Add SSE sfp-exceptions
  - Remove __NO_MATH_INLINES
  - i686: Add INTERNAL_SYSCALL_NCS 6 argument support
  - Reset converter state after second wchar_t output (Bug 25734)
  - Fix typo in posix/tst-fnmatch.input (Bug 25790)
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.31.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 076f09afbac1aa57756faa7a8feadb7936a724e4.
  - Linux: Remove <sys/sysctl.h> and the sysctl function
  - posix: Add wait4 test case
  - linux: wait4: Fix incorrect return value comparison
  - hurd: add mach_print function
  - x32: Properly pass long to syscall [BZ #25810]
  - Add GRND_INSECURE from Linux 5.6 to sys/random.h
  - Update kernel version to 5.6 in
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-8
  - nsswitch.conf: don't add sss to shadow line
* Wed Apr 08 2020 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.31.9000-7
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit b1caa144c74678097cada5a54eda2996bb459d8f.
  - Update mips libm-test-ulps
  - Update alpha libm-test-ulps
  - Update ia64 libm-test-ulps
  - Update sparc libm-test-ulps
  - Update arm libm-test-ulps
  - Update aarch64 libm-test-ulps
  - Updates to the shn_MM locale [BZ #25532]
  - powerpc: Update ULPs and xfail more ibm128 outputs
  - i386: Remove build support for GCC older than GCC 6
  - oc_FR locale: Fix spelling of April (bug 25639)
  - Update hppa libm-test-ulps
  - y2038: linux: Provide __mq_timedreceive_time64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __mq_timedsend_time64 implementation
  - y2038: include: Move struct __timespec64 definition to a separate file
  - malloc: ensure set_max_fast never stores zero [BZ #25733]
  - powerpc64le: enforce non-specific long double in .gnu.attributes section
  - powerpc64le: workaround ieee long double / _Float128 stdc++ bug
  - powerpc64le: Enforce -mabi=ibmlongdouble when -mfloat128 used
  - powerpc64le/multiarch: don't generate strong aliases for fmaf128-ppc64
  - ldbl-128ibm: simplify iscanonical.h
  - i386: Disable check_consistency for GCC 5 and above [BZ #25788]
  - Add IPPROTO_ETHERNET and IPPROTO_MPTCP from Linux 5.6 to netinet/in.h.
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.6.
  - elf: Implement DT_AUDIT, DT_DEPAUDIT support [BZ #24943]
  - elf: Simplify handling of lists of audit strings
  - support: Change xgetline to return 0 on EOF
  - nptl: Remove x86_64 cancellation assembly implementations [BZ #25765]
  - aarch64: update bits/hwcap.h
  - Add tests for Safe-Linking
  - S390: Regenerate ULPs.
  - sysv/alpha: Use generic __timeval32 and helpers
  - linux: Use long time_t for wait4/getrusage
  - resource: Add a __rusage64 struct
  - linux: Use long time_t __getitimer/__setitimer
  - math: Add inputs that yield larger errors for float type (x86_64)
* Tue Mar 31 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.31.9000-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 49c3c37651e2d2ec4ff8ce21252bbbc08a9d6639.
  - Fix alignment bug in Safe-Linking
  - Typo fixes and CR cleanup in Safe-Linking
  - Use Linux 5.6 and GMP 6.2.0 in
  - Add new file missed in previous hppa commit.
  - powerpc: Add support for fmaf128() in hardware
  - Fix data race in setting function descriptors during lazy binding on hppa.
  - sparc: Move __fenv_{ld,st}fsr to fenv-private.h
  - x86: Remove feraiseexcept optimization
  - math: Remove fenvinline.h
  - hurd: Make O_TRUNC update mtime/ctime
  - Add Safe-Linking to fastbins and tcache
  - Add benchtests for roundeven and roundevenf.
  - time: Add a __itimerval64 struct
  - time: Add a timeval with a 32-bit tv_sec and tv_usec
  - sysv/linux: Rename alpha functions to be alpha specific
  - ARC: add definitions to elf/elf.h
  - powerpc64: apply -mabi=ibmlongdouble to special files
  - powerpc64le: add -mno-gnu-attribute to *f128 objects and difftime
  - Makeconfig: sandwich gnulib-tests between libc/ld linking of tests
  - powerpc64le: Ensure correct ldouble compiler flags are used
  - Fix tests which expose ldbl -> _Float128 redirects
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: PLT redirects for using ldbl redirects internally
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-5
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4eda036f5b897fa8bc20ddd2099b5a6ed4239dc9.
  - stdlib: Move tst-system to tests-container
  - support/shell-container.c: Add builtin kill
  - support/shell-container.c: Add builtin exit
  - support/shell-container.c: Return 127 if execve fails
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-1751 (bug 25423)
  - posix: Fix system error return value [BZ #25715]
  - y2038: fix: Add missing libc_hidden_def attribute for some syscall wrappers
  - Extended Char Intro: Use getwc in example (Bug 25626)
  - stdio: Add tests for printf multibyte convertion leak [BZ#25691]
  - stdio: Remove memory leak from multibyte convertion [BZ#25691]
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-1752 (bug 25414)
  - math: Remove inline math tests
  - math: Remove mathinline
  - m68k: Remove mathinline.h
  - oc_FR locale: Fix spelling of Thursday (bug 25639)
  - x86: Remove ARCH_CET_LEGACY_BITMAP [BZ #25397]
  - Fix build with GCC 10 when long double = double.
  - nscd/cachedumper.c : fix whitespace
  - Fix nscd/cachedumper.c compile errors
  - manual: Fix inconsistent declaration of wcsrchr [BZ #24655]
  - nscd: add cache dumper
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2de7fe62534b7a6461c633114f03e9dff394f5f7.
  - parse_tunables: Fix typo in comment
  - ldconfig: trace origin paths with -v
  - test-container: print errno when execvp fails
  - [AArch64] Improve integer memcpy
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-10029 (bug 25487)
  - gcc PR 89877: miscompilation due to missing cc clobber in longlong.h macros
  - mips: Fix wrong INTERNAL_SYSCALL_ERROR_P check from bc2eb9321e
  - elf: Fix wrong indentation from commit eb447b7b4b
  - y2038: linux: Provide __futimesat64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __lutimes64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __futimes64 implementation
  - y2038: fix: Add missing libc_hidden_def for __futimens64
  - sparc: Move sigreturn stub to assembly 
  - ldbl-128ibm: Let long double files have specific compiler flags
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add tests for IBM long double functions
  - powerpc: Fix feraiseexcept and feclearexcept macros
  - arm: Fix softp-fp Implies (BZ #25635)
  - Remove reference of --without-fp on configure
  - linux/sysipc: Include linux/posix_types.h for __kernel_mode_t
  - Improve IFUNC check [BZ #25506]
  - linux: Clear mode_t padding bits (BZ#25623)
  - linux: Remove aarch64 ipc_priv.h
  - Linux: Use __fstatat64 in fchmodat implementation
  - Linux: Use AT_FDCWD in utime, utimes when calling utimensat
  - S390: Remove backchain-based fallback and use generic backtrace.c.
  - manual: Fix wrong declaration of wcschr [BZ #24654]
  - manual: Fix typo in parse_printf_format example [BZ #24638]
* Thu Mar 05 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-3
  - Emergency patch for broken utimes/utime functions
* Tue Mar 03 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 78c9d0c6efabe2067ef7f93cd36325f54c60adc2.
  - Update translations
  - Convert Python scripts to Python 3
  - alpha: Do not build with -fpic
  - y2038: linux: Provide __utime64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __utimes64 implementation
  - y2038: Introduce struct __utimbuf64 - new internal glibc type
  - microblaze: vfork is always available
  - m68k: getpagesize syscall number is always available
  - Linux: epoll_pwait syscall number is always available
  - x86_64: Do not define __NR_semtimedop in <sysdep.h>
  - ia64: Do not define __NR_semtimedop in <sysdep.h>
  - Linux: open_by_handle_at syscall number is always available
  - Linux: set_robust_list syscall number is always available
  - Linux: pciconfig_iobase syscall number is always available on alpha
  - Linux: getdents64 syscall number is always available on MIPS
  - Linux: Clean up preadv2, pwritev2 system call names
  - Linux: exit_group syscall number is always available
  - Linux: set_tid_address syscall number is always available
  - Linux: pkey_mprotect syscall number is always available
  - Linux: rt_sigqueueinfo syscall number is always available
  - Linux: getrandom syscall number is always available
  - Linux: Clean up preadv, pwritev system call names
  - Linux: Clean up pread64/pwrite64 system call names
  - Linux: sigaltstack syscall number is always available
  - Linux: sched_getaffinity syscall number is always available
  - Linux: sched_setaffinity syscall number is always available
  - Linux: statx syscall number is always available
  - Linux: mq_* syscall numbers are always available
  - Linux: mlock2 syscall number is always available
  - Linux: copy_file_range syscall number is always available
  - Linux: renameat2 syscall number is always available
  - Add list-compilers, list-glibcs commands
  - Add --shallow option
  - Fixed typo in run_command_array() in support/shell-container.c
  - Add missing libc_hidden_def for __utimensat64
  - elf: Add elf/check-wx-segment, a test for the presence of WX segments
  - i386: Use comdat instead of .gnu.linkonce for i386 setup pic register (BZ #20543)
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: link tst-ldbl-efgcvt against loader too
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: enforce ibm128 on compat tests
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Provide nexttoward functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Provide a significand implementation
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Redirect complex math functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Redirect long double functions to f128/ieee128 functions
  - posix: Remove posix waitid
  - posix: Refactor tst-waitid (BZ #14666)
  - support: Add support_process_state_wait
  - malloc/tst-mallocfork2: Kill lingering process for unexpected failures



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