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wsdd-0.8-1.el8.noarch Web Services Dynamic Discovery host daemon EPEL 8 for s390x
wcd-6.0.5-3.el8.s390x Wherever Change Directory: chdir for DOS and Unix EPEL 8 for s390x
wcd-doc-6.0.5-3.el8.noarch Documentation for wcd EPEL 8 for s390x
waf-2.0.27-1.el8.noarch A Python-based build system EPEL 8 for s390x
waf-doc-2.0.27-1.el8.noarch Documentation for waf EPEL 8 for s390x
w3m-0.5.3-63.git20230121.el8.s390x Pager with Web browsing abilities EPEL 8 for s390x
w3m-img-0.5.3-63.git20230121.el8.s390x Helper program to display the inline images for w3m EPEL 8 for s390x
wget2-2.1.0-8.el8.s390x An advanced file and recursive website downloader EPEL 8 for s390x
wget2-devel-2.1.0-8.el8.s390x Libraries and header files needed for using wget2 libraries EPEL 8 for s390x
wget2-libs-2.1.0-8.el8.s390x Runtime libraries for GNU Wget2 EPEL 8 for s390x
workrave-1.10.52-2.el8.s390x Program that assists in the recovery and prevention of RSI EPEL 8 for s390x
workrave-cinnamon-1.10.52-2.el8.s390x Workrave applet for Cinnamon desktop EPEL 8 for s390x
workrave-gnome-1.10.52-2.el8.s390x Workrave applet for GNOME desktop EPEL 8 for s390x
workrave-mate-1.10.52-2.el8.s390x Workrave applet for MATE EPEL 8 for s390x
workrave-xfce-1.10.52-2.el8.s390x Workrave applet for Xfce EPEL 8 for s390x
wavbreaker-0.16-2.el8.s390x GUI tool to losslessly split WAV, MP2 and MP3 files into multiple parts EPEL 8 for s390x
wcslib-7.12-1.el8.s390x An implementation of the FITS World Coordinate System standard EPEL 8 for s390x
wcslib-devel-7.12-1.el8.s390x Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with wcslib EPEL 8 for s390x
wcslib-utils-7.12-1.el8.s390x Utility programs provided by wcslib EPEL 8 for s390x
whichfont-1.0.9-1.el8.s390x Querying Fontconfig EPEL 8 for s390x
wgrib2-3.1.2-2.el8.s390x Manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB2 files EPEL 8 for s390x
wgrib-1.8.3-1.el8.s390x Manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB files EPEL 8 for s390x
wimlib-1.13.6-3.el8.s390x Open source Windows Imaging (WIM) library EPEL 8 for s390x
wimlib-devel-1.13.6-3.el8.s390x Development files for wimlib EPEL 8 for s390x
wimlib-utils-1.13.6-3.el8.s390x Tools for creating, modifying, extracting, and mounting WIM files EPEL 8 for s390x
whatweb-0.5.5-4.el8.noarch Web scanner to identify what are the websites running EPEL 8 for s390x
woff-0.20091126-35.el8.s390x Encoding and decoding for Web Open Font Format (WOFF) EPEL 8 for s390x
weechat-3.6-1.el8.s390x Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client EPEL 8 for s390x
weechat-devel-3.6-1.el8.s390x Development files for weechat EPEL 8 for s390x
wemux-3.2.0-17.el8.noarch Multi-user terminal multiplexing utility EPEL 8 for s390x
websvn-2.7.0-1.el8.noarch Online subversion repository browser EPEL 8 for s390x
websvn-selinux-2.7.0-1.el8.noarch SELinux context for websvn EPEL 8 for s390x
wob-0.11-2.el8.s390x A lightweight overlay volume/backlight/progress/anything bar for Wayland EPEL 8 for s390x
waiverdb-cli-1.4.0-1.el8.noarch A CLI tool for interacting with waiverdb EPEL 8 for s390x
waiverdb-common-1.4.0-1.el8.noarch Common resources for WaiverDB sub-packages EPEL 8 for s390x
wdiff-1.2.2-42.el8.s390x Compare files on a word per word basis EPEL 8 for s390x
wireguard-tools-1.0.20210914-1.el8.s390x Fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel EPEL 8 for s390x
wide-dhcpv6-20080615-23.1.el8.s390x DHCP Client and Server for IPv6 EPEL 8 for s390x
webp-pixbuf-loader-0.0.3-1.el8.s390x WebP image loader for GTK+ applications EPEL 8 for s390x
wyhash-devel-final1-1.20210311gitwyhash_final.el8.s390x No hash function is perfect, but some are useful EPEL 8 for s390x
wyhash-doc-final1-1.20210311gitwyhash_final.el8.noarch Documentation for wyhash EPEL 8 for s390x
websocketpp-devel-0.8.2-5.el8.noarch C++ WebSocket Protocol Library EPEL 8 for s390x
wsjtx-2.2.2-6.el8.s390x Weak Signal communication by K1JT EPEL 8 for s390x
webalizer-2.23_08-15.el8.s390x A flexible Web server log file analysis program EPEL 8 for s390x
wavemon-0.9.2-1.el8.s390x Ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices EPEL 8 for s390x
wad-0.4.5-1.el8.noarch Tool for detecting technologies used by web applications EPEL 8 for s390x
wcstools-3.9.6-1.el8.s390x Software utilities to display and manipulate the WCS of a FITS image EPEL 8 for s390x
wcstools-devel-3.9.6-1.el8.s390x Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with wcstools EPEL 8 for s390x
wcstools-libs-3.9.6-1.el8.s390x Wcstools shared library EPEL 8 for s390x
worker-4.4.0-1.el8.s390x File Manager for the X11 EPEL 8 for s390x
webextension-token-signing-1.1.2-1.el8.s390x Chrome and Firefox extension for signing with your eID on the web EPEL 8 for s390x
wfuzz-2.4.5-3.el8.noarch Web fuzzer EPEL 8 for s390x
wfuzz-doc-2.4.5-3.el8.noarch The wfuzz documentation EPEL 8 for s390x
wafw00f-2.1.0-1.el8.noarch A tool to identifies and fingerprints Web Application Firewall (WAF) EPEL 8 for s390x
webtech-1.2.7-6.el8.noarch A tool to identify technologies used on websites EPEL 8 for s390x
whsniff-1.2-1.el8.s390x Command line utility that interfaces TI CC2531 USB dongle EPEL 8 for s390x
wol-0.7.1-23.el8.s390x Wake On Lan client EPEL 8 for s390x
wapiti-3.0.2-2.el8.noarch A web application vulnerability scanner EPEL 8 for s390x
wmctrl-1.07-27.el8.s390x Command line tool to interact with an X Window Manager EPEL 8 for s390x
wxBase3-3.0.4-11.el8.s390x Non-GUI support classes from the wxWidgets library EPEL 8 for s390x
wxBase3-devel-3.0.4-11.el8.s390x Development files for the wxBase3 library EPEL 8 for s390x
wxGTK3-3.0.4-11.el8.s390x GTK port of the wxWidgets GUI library EPEL 8 for s390x
wxGTK3-devel-3.0.4-11.el8.s390x Development files for the wxGTK3 library EPEL 8 for s390x
wxGTK3-docs-3.0.4-11.el8.noarch Documentation for the wxGTK3 library EPEL 8 for s390x
wxGTK3-gl-3.0.4-11.el8.s390x OpenGL add-on for the wxWidgets library EPEL 8 for s390x
wxGTK3-i18n-3.0.4-11.el8.noarch i18n message catalogs for the wxWidgets library EPEL 8 for s390x
wxGTK3-media-3.0.4-11.el8.s390x Multimedia add-on for the wxWidgets library EPEL 8 for s390x
webfts-2.2.11-1.el8.noarch Web Interface for FTS EPEL 8 for s390x
wildmidi-0.4.3-3.el8.s390x Softsynth midi player EPEL 8 for s390x
wildmidi-devel-0.4.3-3.el8.s390x Development files for wildmidi EPEL 8 for s390x
wildmidi-libs-0.4.3-3.el8.s390x WildMidi Midi Wavetable Synth Lib EPEL 8 for s390x
whowatch-1.8.6-5.el8.s390x Display information about users currently logged on EPEL 8 for s390x
will-crash-0.12-3.el8.s390x Set of crashing executables written in various languages EPEL 8 for s390x

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