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Packages beginning with letter P

p0f-2.0.8-1.el6.rf Passive OS fingerprinting tool linux/i686
p7zip-9.20.1-1.el6.rf Very high compression ratio file archiver linux/i686
p7zip-9.04-1.el6.rf Very high compression ratio file archiver linux/i686
p7zip-plugins-9.20.1-1.el6.rf Additional plugins for p7zip linux/i686
p7zip-plugins-9.04-1.el6.rf Additional plugins for p7zip linux/i686
packer-0.1.5-2.el6.rf Tool that helps in the creation of packages linux/noarch
packit-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Network injection and capturing tool linux/i686
pam_abl-0.2.3-1.el6.rf PAM module for auto blacklisting linux/i686
pam_fprint-0.2-1.el6.rf Integrate libfprint with existing applications linux/i686
pam_script-0.1.7-1.el6.rf PAM module for executing scripts linux/i686
pam_shield-0.9.6-1.el6.rf PAM module that uses failed login count to lock system linux/i686
pam_shield-0.9.5-1.el6.rf PAM module that uses failed login count to lock system linux/i686
pam_shield-0.9.4-1.el6.rf PAM module that uses failed login count to lock system linux/i686
pam_ssh-1.91-1.el6.rf PAM module for use with SSH keys and ssh-agent linux/i686
paml-4.4c-1.el6.rf Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood linux/i686
paml-data-4.4c-1.el6.rf Data files for PAML linux/i686
pamtester-0.1.2-1.el6.rf Utility for testing pluggable authentication modules (PAM) facility linux/i686
pan-0.135-1.el6.rf The Pan Newsreader linux/i686
pan-0.134-1.el6.rf The Pan Newsreader linux/i686
pan-0.133-1.el6.rf The Pan Newsreader linux/i686
parallel-20130522-1.el6.rf Shell tool for executing jobs in parallel linux/noarch
parcellite-0.9-1.el6.rf Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager linux/i686
pari-2.1.7-1.2.el6.rf PARI/GP Number Theory-oriented Computer Algebra System linux/i686
pari-devel-2.1.7-1.2.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for pari. linux/i686
parprouted-0.70-1.el6.rf Proxy ARP IP bridging daemon linux/i686
pasco-1.0-1.el6.rf pasco linux/i686
pathological-1.1.3-4.2.el6.rf an enriched clone of the game "Logical" by Rainbow Arts linux/i686
pbzip2-1.0.5-1.el6.rf Parallel implementation of bzip2 linux/i686
pcopy-1.5-1.el6.rf Peter's disk-to-disk copying tool linux/i686
pcsc-lite-acr38u-1.7.10-1.el6.rf ACS ACR 38 USB (acr38u non-CCID) Smartcard Reader driver for PCSC-lite linux/i686
pcsc-lite-acr38u-1.7.9-3.el6.rf ACS ACR 38 USB (acr38u) Smartcard Reader driver for PCSC-lite linux/i686
pcsc-lite-acr38u-1.7.9-2.el6.rf ACS ACR 38 USB (acr38u) Smartcard Reader driver for PCSC-lite linux/i686
pcsc-lite-acr38u-devel-1.7.10-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for pcsc-lite-acr38u. linux/i686
pcsc-lite-acr38u-devel-1.7.9-3.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for pcsc-lite-acr38u. linux/i686
pcsc-lite-acr38u-devel-1.7.9-2.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for pcsc-lite-acr38u. linux/i686
pdftk-1.44-2.el6.rf PDF Tool Kit linux/i686
pdftk-1.44-1.el6.rf PDF Tool Kit linux/i686
pdsh-2.27-1.el6.rf High-performance parallel remote shell utility linux/i686
pdumpfs-1.3-1.el6.rf Daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs linux/i686
peazip-1.11-1.el6.rf Portable archiver linux/i686
pen-0.17.3-1.el6.rf Load balancer for "simple" tcp based protocols linux/i686
perl-AAC-Pvoice-0.91-1.el6.rf Perl module to create GUI software for disabled people linux/noarch
perl-ABI-1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse chromatogram files linux/noarch
perl-ACH-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a ACH perl object linux/noarch
perl-ACH-Builder-0.03-1.el6.rf Tools for building ACH (Automated Clearing House) files linux/noarch
perl-ACH-Generator-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to generates an ACH formatted file from an ACH perl object linux/noarch
perl-ACH-Parser-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse an ACH formatted file to ACH perl object linux/noarch
perl-ACME-Error-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to never have boring errors again! linux/noarch
perl-AI-DecisionTree-0.09-1.el6.rf Automatically Learns Decision Trees linux/i686
perl-AI-FANN-0.07-1.el6.rf Wapper for the Fast Artificial Neural Network library linux/i686
perl-AI-Fuzzy-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for Fuzzy Logic linux/noarch
perl-AI-Gene-Sequence-0.21-1.2.el6.rf Gene sequences linux/noarch
perl-AI-Menu-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Generate a menu tree linux/noarch
perl-AI-NeuralNet-BackProp-0.89-1.el6.rf Simple back-prop neural net that uses Delta's and Hebbs' rule linux/noarch
perl-AI-Perceptron-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Example of a node in a neural network linux/noarch
perl-AOL-TOC-0.340-1.el6.rf AOL-TOC module for perl linux/noarch
perl-AcePerl-1.92-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases linux/i686
perl-Acme-1.11111-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the base of perfection linux/noarch
perl-Acme-24-0.03-1.el6.rf Your favourite TV-show Acme module linux/noarch
perl-Acme-6502-0.75-1.el6.rf Pure Perl 65C02 simulator linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Abuse-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module for setid modules linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Anything-0.03-1.el6.rf Anything, even imaginary modules are loadable linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Apache-Werewolf-1.05-1.el6.rf Perl module named Acme-Apache-Werewolf linux/noarch
perl-Acme-AsciiArt2HtmlTable-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to convert Ascii art to an HTML table linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Aspartame-0.01-1.el6.rf raise the alarum if a source filter was used linux/noarch
perl-Acme-AutoColor-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements automatic color names linux/noarch
perl-Acme-BadExample-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl document, yes. Perl code, no damn way! linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Beatnik-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a source filter for the Beatnik language linux/noarch
perl-Acme-BeyondPerl-ToSQL-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to have RDBMS calculate instead of Perl linux/noarch
perl-Acme-BlahBlahBlah-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module for blah blah blah linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Bleach-1.12-1.el6.rf Perl module named Acme-Bleach linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Bleach-Numerically-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to fit the whole world between 0 and 1 linux/noarch
perl-Acme-BloodType-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module for those obsessed with celebrities' blood types linux/noarch
perl-Acme-BooK-Is-My-Bitch-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module bout BooK is my Bitch linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Chef-1.01-1.el6.rf An interpreter for the Chef programming language linux/noarch
perl-Acme-CramCode-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to compress your code linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Damn-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to 'Unbless' Perl objects linux/i686
perl-Acme-MetaSyntactic-0.99-1.el6.rf Themed metasyntactic variables names linux/noarch
perl-Acme-MetaSyntactic-soviet-0.01-1.el6.rf NATO codenames for Soviet-designed equipment linux/noarch
perl-Acme-ProgressBar-1.125-1.el6.rf Simple progress bar for the patient linux/noarch
perl-Acme-Steganography-Image-Png-0.06-1.el6.rf Hide data (badly) in Png images linux/noarch
perl-Acpi-0.1-1.el6.rf Perl module to get information from ACPI linux/noarch
perl-ActionExporter-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to extend Exporter with export_action() linux/noarch
perl-Affix-Infix2Postfix-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module for converting from infix notation to postfix notation linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Annotate-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl module to represent a series of changes in annotate form linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-C3-0.08-1.el6.rf Module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Cluster-1.47-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the C Clustering Library linux/i686
perl-Algorithm-Combinatorics-0.25-1.el6.rf Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences linux/i686
perl-Algorithm-Dependency-1.110-1.el6.rf Base class for implementing various dependency trees linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Huffman-0.09-1.2.el6.rf Implements the Huffman algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-MedianSelect-XS-0.21-1.el6.rf Median finding algorithm linux/i686
perl-Algorithm-NaiveBayes-0.04-1.el6.rf Bayesian prediction of categories linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Permute-0.12-1.el6.rf Fast permutation linux/i686
perl-Algorithm-RabinKarp-0.41-1.el6.rf Rabin-Karp streaming hash linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-RectanglesContainingDot-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module named Algorithm-RectanglesContainingDot linux/noarch
perl-Alias-2.32-1.2.el6.rf Performs aliasing services linux/i686
perl-Alien-wxWidgets-0.50-1.el6.rf Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries linux/i686
perl-Any-Moose-0.18-1.el6.rf use Moose or Mouse modules linux/noarch
perl-Any-Moose-0.17-1.el6.rf use Moose or Mouse modules linux/noarch
perl-Any-Moose-0.13-1.el6.rf use Moose or Mouse modules linux/noarch
perl-AnyData-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Easy access to data in many formats linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-5.340-1.el6.rf Framework for multiple event loops linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-5.240-2.el6.rf Framework for multiple event loops linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-5.240-1.el6.rf Framework for multiple event loops linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-EV-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-EV and libev linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-EV-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-EV and libev linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-EV-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-EV and libev linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Event-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Event linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-Event-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Event linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Event-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Event linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-EventLib-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Event-Lib linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-EventLib-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Event-Lib linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-EventLib-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Event-Lib linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Glib-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Glib linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-Glib-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Glib linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Glib-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Glib linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP-2.13-2.el6.rf Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP-2.13-1.el6.rf Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-IOAsync-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-IOAsync linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-IOAsync-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-IOAsync linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-IOAsync-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-IOAsync linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Irssi-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Irssi linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-Irssi-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Irssi linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Irssi-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Irssi linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-POE-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-POE linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-POE-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-POE linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-POE-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-POE linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Qt-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Qt linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-Qt-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Qt linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Qt-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Qt linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Tk-5.340-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Tk linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-Tk-5.240-2.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Tk linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Tk-5.240-1.el6.rf Perl AnyEvent implementation for perl-Tk linux/noarch
perl-Apache-ASP-2.61-1.el6.rf Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Admin-Config-0.94-1.el6.rf Read/write Apache like configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Apache-AuthCookie-3.12-2.el6.rf Authentication and Authorization via cookie linux/noarch
perl-Apache-AuthTkt-2.1-1.el6.rf Generate authentication tickets for mod_auth_tkt Apache module linux/noarch
perl-Apache-AuthenNIS-0.13-1.el6.rf mod_perl NIS Authentication module linux/noarch
perl-Apache-AuthzNIS-0.11-1.el6.rf mod_perl NIS Group Authorization module linux/noarch
perl-Apache-CVS-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Method handler which provides a web interface to CVS repositories linux/noarch
perl-Apache-ConfigFile-1.18-1.2.el6.rf Parse an Apache style httpd.conf configuration file linux/noarch
perl-Apache-DB-0.14-1.el6.rf Perl module to run the interactive Perl debugger under mod_perl linux/i686
perl-Apache-DBI-1.08-1.el6.rf Persistent database connections and basic authentication support linux/noarch
perl-Apache-DBILogin-2.06-1.2.el6.rf Authenticates and authorizes via a DBI connection linux/noarch
perl-Apache-FastForward-1.1-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements spreadsheet web services linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Htpasswd-1.8-1.el6.rf Manage Unix crypt-style password file linux/noarch
perl-Apache-LogRegex-1.5-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse a line from an Apache logfile into a hash linux/noarch
perl-Apache-MP3-4.00-1.el6.rf Perl module to generate streamable directories of MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files linux/noarch
perl-Apache-ParseLog-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Object-oriented Perl extension for parsing Apache log files linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Sandwich-2.05-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides a layered document (sandwich) maker linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-1.87-1.el6.rf Persistence framework for session data linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-Generate-UUID-0.2-1.el6.rf Perl module to generate UUID for session ID linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-Memcached-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to store persistent data using memcached linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-SharedMem-0.6-1.2.el6.rf Session management via shared memory linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-Wrapper-0.33-1.el6.rf Wrapper around Apache::Session linux/noarch
perl-Apache-SessionManager-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Mod_perl 1.0/2.0 session manager extension linux/noarch
perl-Apache-SimpleTemplate-0.06b-1.el6.rf Simple templates linux/noarch
perl-Apache-SizeLimit-0.92-1.el6.rf Module to kill off Apache httpd processes if they grow too large. linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Stage-1.20-1.el6.rf Perl module to manage a staging directory linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Test-1.30-2.el6.rf Perl module contains a wrapper with helpers for testing Apache linux/noarch
perl-Apache2-ModProxyPerlHtml-2.6-1.el6.rf Perl module to rewrite HTML links for a reverse proxy linux/noarch
perl-App-CLI-0.08-2.el6.rf Dispatcher module for command line interface programs linux/noarch
perl-App-Info-0.55-1.el6.rf Information about software packages on a system linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Any-0.0932-1.el6.rf Perl module to deal with file archives linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Tar-Wrapper-0.13-1.el6.rf API wrapper around the 'tar' utility linux/noarch
perl-Argv-1.25-1.el6.rf Perl module named Argv linux/noarch
perl-Array-Columnize-1.02-1.el6.rf Arrange list data in columns linux/noarch
perl-Array-Columnize-v0.3.8-1.el6.rf Arrange list data in columns linux/noarch
perl-Array-Diff-0.04-1.el6.rf Find the differences between two arrays linux/noarch
perl-Array-Lookup-2.1-1.2.el6.rf Lookup strings in arrays or hash tables with abbreviation linux/noarch
perl-Array-PrintCols-2.1-1.2.el6.rf Print vertically sorted columns linux/noarch
perl-Array-RefElem-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Use references as elements in hashes and arrays linux/i686
perl-Array-Reform-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Convert an array into N-sized array of arrays linux/noarch
perl-Array-Unique-0.08-1.el6.rf Tie-able array that allows only unique values linux/noarch
perl-AsciiDB-TagFile-1.06-1.2.el6.rf Tie class for a simple ASCII database linux/noarch
perl-Astro-FITS-Header-3.01-1.el6.rf Object Orientated interface to FITS HDUs linux/noarch
perl-Astro-MoonPhase-0.60-1.el6.rf Information about the phase of the Moon linux/noarch
perl-Astro-SpaceTrack-0.044-1.el6.rf Download satellite orbital elements from Space Track linux/noarch
perl-Async-Group-0.3-1.el6.rf Class which deals with simultaneous asynchronous calls linux/noarch
perl-Async-Interrupt-1.05-1.el6.rf Allow C/XS libraries to interrupt Perl asynchronously linux/i686
perl-Async-MergePoint-0.03-1.el6.rf resynchronise diverged control flow linux/noarch
perl-Attribute-Handlers-Prospective-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Richer semantics for attribute handlers linux/noarch
perl-Attribute-Overload-Match-0.01-1.el6.rf Argument-dependent handlers for overloaded operators linux/noarch
perl-Attribute-Persistent-1.1-1.2.el6.rf Really lazy persistence linux/noarch
perl-Attribute-Protected-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Implements proctected methods with attributes linux/noarch
perl-Audio-1.029-1.2.el6.rf Represents audio data linux/i686
perl-Audio-CoolEdit-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Read and write Syntrillium CoolEdit Pro .ses files linux/noarch
perl-Audio-DSP-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Interface to *NIX digital audio device linux/i686
perl-Audio-ESD-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Extension for talking to the Enlightened Sound Daemon linux/i686
perl-Audio-Mixer-0.7-1.2.el6.rf Extension for Sound Mixer control linux/i686
perl-Audio-OSS-0.0501-1.2.el6.rf Interface to OSS (open sound system) audio devices linux/noarch
perl-Audio-Play-MPG123-0.63-1.2.el6.rf Frontend to mpg123 linux/noarch
perl-Audio-Tools-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Common Tools for Audio::Wav, Audio::Mix and Audio::CoolEdit linux/noarch
perl-Audio-Wav-0.06-1.el6.rf Module for reading Microsoft WAV files linux/noarch
perl-AuthCAS-1.4-1.el6.rf Client library for CAS 2.0 authentication server linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Challenge-Basic-0.1-1.2.el6.rf Basic challenge/response authentication scheme linux/noarch
perl-Authen-DigestMD5-0.04-2.el6.rf SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication (RFC2831) perl module linux/noarch
perl-Authen-GoogleAccount-0.02-1.el6.rf Simple Authentication with Google Account linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Krb5-Simple-0.42-1.el6.rf Basic user authentication using Kerberos 5 linux/i686
perl-Authen-PAM-0.16-1.2.el6.rf Interface to the PAM library linux/i686
perl-Authen-Radius-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides simple Radius client facilities linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Smb-0.91-1.2.el6.rf Authenticate against an SMB server linux/i686
perl-B-Graph-0.51-1.2.el6.rf Perl compiler backend to produce graphs of OP trees linux/noarch
perl-B-Hooks-EndOfScope-0.08-2.el6.rf Execute code after a scope finished compilation linux/noarch
perl-B-Hooks-OP-Check-0.18-1.el6.rf Wrap OP check callbacks linux/i686
perl-B-Hooks-OP-Check-StashChange-0.06-1.el6.rf Invoke callbacks when the stash code is being compiled in changes linux/i686
perl-B-Utils-0.11-1.el6.rf Helper functions for op tree manipulation linux/i686
perl-BDB-1.87-1.el6.rf Asynchronous Berkeley DB access linux/i686
perl-BIND-Conf_Parser-0.95-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a parser class for BIND configuration files linux/noarch
perl-BerkeleyDB-0.43-1.el6.rf Perl extension for Berkeley DB version 2, 3 or 4 linux/i686
perl-Best-0.12-1.el6.rf Fallbackable module loader linux/noarch
perl-Bio-ASN1-EntrezGene-1.091-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene linux/noarch
perl-Bio-Trace-ABIF-1.04-1.el6.rf Parse ABIF files linux/noarch
perl-Bit-ShiftReg-2.0-1.2.el6.rf Bit Shift Registers with Rotate / Shift Operations linux/i686
perl-Bit-Vector-Minimal-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Object-oriented wrapper around vec() linux/noarch
perl-Bloom-Filter-1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a sample Perl Bloom filter linux/noarch
perl-Business-CreditCard-0.31-1.el6.rf Perl module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names linux/noarch
perl-Business-Hours-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module to calculate business hours in a time period linux/noarch
perl-Business-ISSN-0.91-1.el6.rf Work with International Standard Serial Numbers linux/noarch
perl-Business-PayPal-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl extension for automating PayPal transactions linux/noarch
perl-Business-PayPal-EWP-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl extension for PayPal's Encrypted Website Payments linux/i686
perl-Business-PayPal-IPN-1.94-1.el6.rf Perl extension that implements PayPal IPN v1.5 linux/noarch
perl-Business-UTV-0.05-1.el6.rf Retrieves UTV internet account information linux/noarch
perl-C-Scan-0.74-1.2.el6.rf Scan C language files for easily recognized constructs linux/noarch
perl-CDB_File-0.96-1.el6.rf Extension for access to cdb databases linux/i686
perl-CDDB-1.21-1.el6.rf High-level interface to cddb protocol servers (freedb and CDDB) linux/noarch
perl-CDDB_get-2.27-1.2.el6.rf Reads the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Ajax-0.707-1.el6.rf Mechanism for AJAX or DHTML based web applications linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-4.31-1.el6.rf Framework for building reusable web-applications linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Config-Simple-1.01-1.el6.rf Add Config::Simple support to CGI::Application linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Output-XSV-1.00-1.el6.rf Produce csv output from a CGI::Application runmode linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-QueryHash-1.01-1.el6.rf Get back query params as hash(ref) linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Auth-Auto-1.21-1.el6.rf Automatic authentication maintenance and persistence for cgi scripts linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Cookie-Splitter-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to split big cookies into smaller ones linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Debug-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Module for CGI programs debugging linux/noarch
perl-CGI-FastTemplate-1.09-1.2.el6.rf Extension for managing templates and performing variable interpolation linux/noarch
perl-CGI-GuruMeditation-1.10-1.el6.rf Guru Meditation for CGIs linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Kwiki-0.18-1.el6.rf A Quickie Wiki that's not too Tricky linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Lite-2.02-1.2.el6.rf Process and decode WWW forms and cookies linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Log-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Centralized logging of debug, error, status and success messages linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Minimal-1.29-1.el6.rf A lightweight CGI form processing package linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Out-2006.0215-1.el6.rf Buffer output when building CGI programs linux/noarch
perl-CGI-PathInfo-1.03-1.el6.rf Lightweight CGI processing package for using PATH_INFO like GET method form parameters linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Persistent-1.11-1.el6.rf Transparent state persistence for CGI applications linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Prototype-0.9053-1.el6.rf Perl module to create a CGI application by subclassing linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Response-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Respond to CGI requests linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Screen-0.122-1.el6.rf Extension for easy creation of multi screen CGI scripts linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Scriptpaths-1.03-1.el6.rf Find web relevant paths even without ENV set linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Session-Hidden-0.02-1.el6.rf Persistent session using hidden fields linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Simple-1.112-1.el6.rf Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Untaint-1.26-1.2.el6.rf Process CGI input parameters linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Untaint-date-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module to validate a date linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Untaint-email-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to validate an email address. linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Upload-1.11-1.el6.rf CGI class for handling browser file uploads linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Validate-2.000-1.2.el6.rf Advanced CGI form parser and type validation linux/noarch
perl-CGI-WML-0.09-1.2.el6.rf Subclass of for WML output and WML methods linux/noarch
perl-CGI-WeT-0.71-1.2.el6.rf Suite of modules to themeify a website linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Widget-0.15-1.2.el6.rf Create common page elements linux/noarch
perl-CGI-XML-0.1-1.2.el6.rf Extension for converting variables to/from XML linux/noarch
perl-CGI-XMLForm-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Extension of which reads/generates formated XML linux/noarch
perl-CLASS-1.00-1.el6.rf Alias for __PACKAGE__ linux/noarch
perl-CORBA-IOP-IOR-0.1-1.2.el6.rf Decode, munge, and re-encode CORBA IORs linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.el6.rf Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename linux/noarch
perl-CSS-DOM-0.10-1.el6.rf Document Object Model for Cascading Style Sheets linux/noarch
perl-CSS-Minifier-XS-0.08-1.el6.rf XS-based CSS minifier linux/i686
perl-CSS-Squish-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module to compact many CSS files into one big file linux/noarch
perl-Cache-Cache-1.06-1.el6.rf Cache-Cache module for perl linux/noarch
perl-Cache-FastMmap-1.34-1.el6.rf Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache linux/i686
perl-Cache-Mmap-0.11-1.el6.rf Shared data cache using memory mapped files linux/i686
perl-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry-0.27-1.el6.rf Cache with simple timed expiry linux/noarch
perl-Cairo-1.061-2.el6.rf Perl interface to the cairo library linux/i686
perl-Cairo-1.061-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the cairo library linux/i686
perl-Calendar-Simple-1.20-1.el6.rf Perl extension to create simple calendars linux/noarch
perl-Callback-1.07-1.el6.rf Object interface for function callbacks linux/noarch
perl-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-0.92-1.el6.rf A Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API linux/noarch
perl-Capture-Tiny-0.08-1.el6.rf Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs linux/noarch
perl-Capture-Tiny-0.07-1.el6.rf Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Assert-0.20-1.el6.rf Executable commments linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Assert-More-1.12-1.el6.rf Convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Clan-Share-0.013-1.el6.rf Share your Carp::Clan settings with your whole Clan linux/noarch
perl-Chart-2.4.1-1.el6.rf Produce many types of charts linux/noarch
perl-Chart-Plot-0.11-1.2.el6.rf Plot two dimensional data in an image linux/noarch
perl-Chart-Strip-1.07-1.el6.rf Draw strip chart type graphs linux/noarch
perl-Chatbot-Eliza-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Clone of the classic Eliza program linux/noarch
perl-Check-ISA-0.04-1.el6.rf DWIM, correct checking of an object's class linux/noarch
perl-Chemistry-Mol-0.37-1.el6.rf Molecule object toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Chemistry-Ring-0.20-1.el6.rf Perl module named Chemistry-Ring linux/noarch
perl-ClamAV-Client-0.11-1.el6.rf A client class for the ClamAV C<clamd> virus scanner daemon linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Chained-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to make chained accessors linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Complex-1.100820-1.el6.rf Arrays, hashes, booleans, integers, sets and more linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Constructor-1.111590-1.el6.rf Constructor generator linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Fast-Contained-1.01-1.el6.rf Fast accessors with data containment linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Grouped-0.10006-1.el6.rf Lets you build groups of accessors linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Installer-1.100880-1.el6.rf Install an accessor subroutine linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Installer-1.100820-1.el6.rf Install an accessor subroutine linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Lvalue-0.11-1.el6.rf Creates Lvalue accessors linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Named-0.009-1.el6.rf Better profiling output for Class::Accessor linux/noarch
perl-Class-AutoAccess-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module named Class-AutoAccess linux/noarch
perl-Class-Autouse-1.29-1.el6.rf Run-time class loading on first method call linux/noarch
perl-Class-Base-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module for deriving other modules linux/noarch
perl-Class-BlackHole-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Base class to treat unhandled method calls as no-ops linux/noarch
perl-Class-C3-0.22-1.el6.rf Pragma for the C3 method resolution order algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Class-C3-Componentised-1.0006-1.el6.rf Perl module named Class-C3-Componentised linux/noarch
perl-Class-C3-XS-0.13-1.el6.rf XS speedups for Class::C3 linux/i686
perl-Class-Classgen-classgen-3.03-1.el6.rf Simplifies creation, manipulation and usage of complex objects linux/noarch
perl-Class-Container-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Glues object frameworks together transparently linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-3.0.17-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a simple database abstraction linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch-0.07-1.2.el6.rf The Perl DB Abstract Search linux/i686
perl-Class-DBI-AsForm-2.42-1.el6.rf Perl module to produce HTML form elements for database columns linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-DATA-Schema-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module named Class-DBI-DATA-Schema linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-FromCGI-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module to update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Loader-0.34-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Loader-Relationship-1.2-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an easier relationship specification in CDBI::Loader linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Pager-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a pager utility for Class::DBI linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Pg-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module that extends Class::DBI for Postgres linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-AccessionSearch-0.02-1.el6.rf Plugin for adding search attributes linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-RetrieveAll-1.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a more complex retrieve_all() for Class::DBI linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-Type-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to determine type information for columns linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-SQLite-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module that extends Class::DBI for sqlite linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-mysql-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module that extends Class::DBI for MySQL linux/noarch
perl-Class-Data-Accessor-0.04004-1.el6.rf Inheritable, overridable class and instance data accessor creation linux/noarch
perl-Class-Data-ConfigHash-0.00002-1.el6.rf Add Catalyst-style config to your class linux/noarch
perl-Class-Date-1.1.9-1.el6.rf Class for easy date and time manipulation linux/i686
perl-Class-Default-1.51-1.el6.rf Static calls apply to a default instantiation linux/noarch
perl-Class-DispatchToAll-0.11-1.el6.rf Dispatch a method call to all inherited methods linux/noarch
perl-Class-Eroot-2.1-2.el6.rf Eternal root to handle persistent objects linux/noarch
perl-Class-ErrorHandler-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Base class for classes that need to do error handling linux/noarch
perl-Class-Factory-1.06-1.el6.rf Base class for dynamic factory classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Factory-Util-1.7-1.el6.rf Utility methods for factory classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Fields-0.203-1.el6.rf Inspect the fields of a class linux/noarch
perl-Class-Gomor-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements another class and object builder linux/noarch
perl-Class-Hook-0.03-1.el6.rf Add hooks on methods from other classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-ISA-0.36-1.el6.rf Perl module to report the search path for a class's ISA tree linux/noarch
perl-Class-Inner-0.200001-1.el6.rf Perlish implementation of Java like inner classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-InsideOut-1.10-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a safe, simple inside-out object construction kit linux/noarch
perl-Class-Load-0.06-1.el6.rf a working (require "Class::Name") and more linux/noarch
perl-Class-Loader-2.03-1.2.el6.rf Load modules and create objects on demand linux/noarch
perl-Class-MakeMethods-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Generate common types of methods linux/noarch
perl-Class-Method-Modifiers-1.09-1.el6.rf Provides Moose-like method modifiers linux/noarch
perl-Class-Multimethods-1.70-1.2.el6.rf Support multimethods and subroutine overloading in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Class-Observable-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Base class for observable classes/objects linux/noarch
perl-Class-ParamParser-1.041-1.el6.rf Provides complex parameter list parsing linux/noarch
perl-Class-Prototyped-1.11-1.el6.rf Fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Class-ReturnValue-0.55-1.el6.rf Return-value object linux/noarch
perl-Class-Spiffy-0.15-1.el6.rf Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-0.0.9-1.el6.rf Implementation of a "Std" class linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-Fast-0.0.8-1.el6.rf Faster but less secure than Class::Std linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-Slots-0.31-1.el6.rf Provide signals and slots for standard classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-Utils-0.0.3-1.el6.rf Utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects linux/noarch
perl-Class-Template-0.0.19960603-1.el6.rf Struct/member template builder linux/noarch
perl-Class-Throwable-0.11-1.el6.rf Minimal lightweight exception class linux/noarch
perl-Class-Unload-0.05-1.el6.rf Class::Unload - Unload a class linux/i686
perl-Class-Virtual-0.06-1.el6.rf Base class for virtual base classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Visitor-0.02-1.el6.rf Iterator superclass for Class::Visitor linux/noarch
perl-Class-WhiteHole-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors linux/noarch
perl-Class-XML-Parser-0.901-1.el6.rf Parse an XML message into a user-defined class structure linux/noarch
perl-Class-XPath-1.4-1.2.el6.rf Adds xpath matching to object trees linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-Argv-1.47-1.el6.rf ClearCase-specific subclass of Argv linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-Attache-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl extension for interfacing to attcmd on Win32 linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-CRDB-0.15-1.el6.rf Impact analysis in a clearmake build environment linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-ClearPrompt-1.31-1.el6.rf Handle clearprompt in a portable, convenient way linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-Region-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module named ClearCase-Region linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-SyncTree-0.47-1.el6.rf Synchronize a tree of files with a tree of elements linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-Tools-0.01-1.el6.rf OO interface to Rational's cleartool/multitool command interpreters linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-Wrapper-1.15-1.el6.rf General-purpose wrapper for cleartool linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-Wrapper-DSB-1.12-1.el6.rf David Boyce's contributed cleartool wrapper functions linux/noarch
perl-ClearCase-Wrapper-MGi-0.18-1.el6.rf Marc Girod's contributed cleartool wrapper functions linux/noarch
perl-Clone-Fast-0.93-1.el6.rf Perl module named Clone-Fast linux/i686
perl-Commands-Guarded-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides better scripts through guarded commands linux/noarch
perl-Compress-Bzip2-2.09-1.2.el6.rf Interface to the bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-LZF-3.43-1.el6.rf Extremely light-weight Lev-Zimpel-Free compression linux/i686
perl-Compress-LZO-1.08-1.2.el6.rf Bindings for LZO linux/i686
perl-Compress-LZV1-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Extremely leight-weight Lev-Zimpel-Vogt compression linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.052-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.049-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.037-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.035-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.034-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.033-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.031-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma-2.037-1.el6.rf Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library linux/i686
perl-Compress-SelfExtracting-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Create compressed scripts linux/noarch
perl-Config-Any-0.23-1.el6.rf Load configuration from different file formats, transparently linux/noarch
perl-Config-Any-0.21-1.el6.rf Load configuration from different file formats, transparently linux/noarch
perl-Config-Any-0.20-1.el6.rf Load configuration from different file formats, transparently linux/noarch
perl-Config-Augeas-0.701-1.el6.rf Edit configuration files through Augeas C library linux/i686
perl-Config-Auto-0.20-2.el6.rf Magical config file parser linux/noarch
perl-Config-Crontab-1.30-1.el6.rf Read and write Vixie compatible crontab files linux/noarch
perl-Config-Fast-1.07-1.el6.rf Extremely fast configuration file parser linux/noarch
perl-Config-Format-Ini-0.07-1.el6.rf Reads INI configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Config-INI-Simple-0.02-1.el6.rf Simple reading and writing from an INI file linux/noarch
perl-Config-IniFiles-2.56-1.el6.rf Module for reading .ini-style configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Config-IniHash-3.00.00-1.el6.rf Perl module for reading and writing INI files linux/noarch
perl-Config-Properties-1.70-1.el6.rf Read and write property files linux/noarch
perl-Config-Record-1.1.2-1.el6.rf Configuration file access linux/noarch
perl-Config-Scoped-0.13-1.el6.rf feature-rich configuration file parser linux/noarch
perl-Config-Std-0.900-1.el6.rf Generic config module linux/noarch
perl-Config-Std-0.0.4-1.el6.rf Generic config module linux/noarch
perl-Config-Wild-1.3-1.el6.rf Parse an application configuration file with wildcard keywords linux/noarch
perl-ConfigReader-0.5-1.el6.rf Read directives from a configuration file linux/noarch
perl-Context-Preserve-0.01-1.el6.rf Run code after a subroutine call, preserving the context linux/noarch
perl-Contextual-Return-0.2.1-1.el6.rf Perl module to create context-senstive return values linux/noarch
perl-Continuity-1.4-1.el6.rf Abstract away statelessness of HTTP, for stateful Web applications linux/noarch
perl-Convert-ASCII-Armour-1.4-1.2.el6.rf Convert binary octets into ASCII armored messages linux/noarch
perl-Convert-BER-1.32-1.el6.rf ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules perl module linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Bencode-1.03-1.el6.rf Functions for converting to/from bencoded strings linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Binary-C-0.74-1.el6.rf Binary Data Conversion using C Types linux/i686
perl-Convert-Context-0.501-1.2.el6.rf Attributed Text data type linux/noarch
perl-Convert-EBCDIC-0.06-1.2.el6.rf String conversion between EBCDIC and ASCII linux/noarch
perl-Convert-GeekCode-0.51-1.2.el6.rf Convert and generate geek code sequences linux/noarch
perl-Convert-IBM390-0.27-1.el6.rf Functions for manipulating mainframe data linux/i686
perl-Convert-Morse-0.06-1.el6.rf Convert between ASCII and MORSE code linux/noarch
perl-Convert-PEM-0.07-1.2.el6.rf Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files linux/noarch
perl-Convert-SciEng-0.91-1.2.el6.rf Convert numbers with scientific postfixes linux/noarch
perl-Convert-TNEF-0.18-1.el6.rf Convert-TNEF module for perl linux/noarch
perl-Convert-TNEF-0.17-3.2.el6.rf Convert-TNEF module for perl linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Temperature-0.03-1.el6.rf Convert Temperatures linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Translit-1.03-1.2.el6.rf String conversion among numerous character sets linux/noarch
perl-Convert-UU-0.5201-1.el6.rf Module for uuencode and uudecode linux/noarch
perl-Convert-UUlib-1.34-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the uulib library linux/i686
perl-Convert-UUlib-1.33-2.el6.rf Perl interface to the uulib library linux/i686
perl-Coro-6.06-1.el6.rf Coroutine process abstraction linux/i686
perl-CouchDB-View-0.003-1.el6.rf handle and create CouchDB views in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Blowfish-2.10-1.2.el6.rf Perl Blowfish encryption module linux/i686
perl-Crypt-Blowfish_PP-1.12-1.2.el6.rf Blowfish encryption algorithm implemented purely in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CAST5-0.05-1.el6.rf CAST5 block cipher linux/i686
perl-Crypt-CAST5_PP-1.04-1.el6.rf CAST5 block cipher, implemented in pure Perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CBC-2.30-1.el6.rf Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CBCeasy-0.24-1.2.el6.rf Easy things made really easy with Crypt::CBC linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CFB-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Encrypt Data in Cipher Feedback Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Caesar-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Decrypt rot-N strings linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Camellia_PP-0.02-1.el6.rf Pure Perl Camellia 128-bit block cipher module linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CapnMidNite-1.00-2.2.el6.rf Perl interface to MD5, RC4, encrypt/decrypt linux/i686
perl-Crypt-CipherSaber-1.00-1.2.el6.rf CipherSaber encryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Cracklib-1.4-1.el6.rf Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib linux/i686
perl-Crypt-Ctr-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Encrypt Data in Counter Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DES-2.05-3.2.el6.rf Crypt-DES module for perl linux/i686
perl-Crypt-DES_EDE3-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DES_PP-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Extension for DES encryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DH-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Diffie-Hellman key exchange system linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DSA-1.16-1.el6.rf Crypt-DSA module for perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-ECB-1.45-1.el6.rf Encrypt Data using ECB Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Enigma-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Implementation of the WWII Enigma Machine linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-GOST-1.00-1.2.el6.rf GOST Encryption Algorithm linux/i686
perl-Crypt-GOST_PP-1.10-1.2.el6.rf Pure Perl implementation of the GOST encryption algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-GPG-1.63-1.el6.rf Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-GeneratePassword-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Generate secure random pronounceable passwords linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-HCE_MD5-0.70-1.2.el6.rf One way hash chaining encryption using MD5 linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-HCE_SHA-0.70-1.2.el6.rf One way hash chaining encryption using SHA linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-IDEA-1.08-1.el6.rf IDEA block cipher linux/i686
perl-Crypt-License-2.04-1.el6.rf Crypt License module linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Lite-0.82.11-1.el6.rf Easy to use symmetric data encryption and decryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Memfrob-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Memfrob implementation in pure Perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Mimetic-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Crypt a file and mask it behind another file linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-NULL-1.02-1.2.el6.rf NULL Encryption Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-OOEnigma-0.3-1.2.el6.rf Flexible, object-oriented interface to a WWII Enigma machine linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-OTP-2.00-1.2.el6.rf Perl implementation of the One Time Pad (hence, OTP) encryption method linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-OpenPGP-1.04-1.el6.rf Pure-Perl OpenPGP implementation linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA-0.13-1.2.el6.rf DSA encryption linux/i686
perl-Crypt-PassGen-0.05-1.el6.rf Generate a random password that looks like a real word linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Passwd-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Interface to the UFC-Crypt library linux/i686
perl-Crypt-Primes-0.50-1.2.el6.rf Crypt-Primes module for perl linux/i686
perl-Crypt-RC4-2.02-1.2.el6.rf RC4 encryption algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-RC5-2.00-1.2.el6.rf RC5 encryption algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-RC6-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Crypt::CBC compliant RC6 block cipher encryption module linux/i686
perl-Crypt-RIPEMD160-0.04-1.2.el6.rf RIPEMD-160 HASH and MAC function linux/i686
perl-Crypt-RSA-1.99-1.el6.rf RSA public-key cryptosystem linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-RandPasswd-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Random password generator based on FIPS-181 linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Random-1.25-1.2.el6.rf Cryptographically Secure, True Random Number Generator linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Rijndael-1.09-1.el6.rf Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module linux/i686
perl-Crypt-Rijndael_PP-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Perl implementation of Rijndael linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Rot13-0.6-1.2.el6.rf Simple, reversible encryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-SKey-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl S/Key calculator linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-SMIME-0.09-1.el6.rf S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption and decryption linux/i686
perl-Crypt-SaltedHash-0.05-1.el6.rf Assists in working with salted hashes linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Serpent-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Crypt::CBC compliant Serpent block cipher encryption module linux/i686
perl-Crypt-Simple-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Encrypt stuff simply linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-SmbHash-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Crypt-SmbHash module for perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Solitaire-2.0-1.2.el6.rf Solitaire encryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-TEA-1.25-1.2.el6.rf Tiny Encryption Algorithm linux/i686
perl-Crypt-Tea-2.12-1.el6.rf The Tiny Encryption Algorithm in Perl and JavaScript linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-TripleDES-0.24-1.2.el6.rf Triple DES encyption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Twofish-2.13-1.el6.rf Twofish Encryption Algorithm linux/i686
perl-Crypt-Twofish2-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Twofish encryption module linux/i686
perl-Crypt-UnixCrypt-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Perl-only implementation of the crypt(3) function linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Vigenere-0.08-1.el6.rf Implementation of the Vigenere cipher linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-X509-0.40-1.el6.rf Object oriented X.509 certificate parser linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-X509-CRL-0.1-1.el6.rf Parses an X.509 certificate revocation list linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-xDBM_File-1.02-1.el6.rf Encrypt almost any kind of dbm file linux/noarch
perl-Curses-1.28-1.el6.rf Perl module for terminal screen handling and optimization linux/i686
perl-Curses-UI-0.9607-1.el6.rf Curses based OO user interface framework linux/noarch
perl-Cwd-2.21-1.2.el6.rf Get the pathname of the current working directory linux/i686
perl-CzFast-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Czech charsets manipulation linux/i686
perl-DBD-AnyData-0.09-1.el6.rf Interface to data in many formats and from many sources linux/noarch
perl-DBD-Chart-0.82-1.el6.rf DBI driver abstraction for Rendering Charts and Graphs linux/noarch
perl-DBD-File-0.34-1.2.el6.rf Base class for writing DBI drivers for plain files linux/noarch
perl-DBD-LDAP-0.20-1.el6.rf SQL/Perl DBI interface to Ldap databases linux/noarch
perl-DBD-Mock-1.39-1.el6.rf Mock database driver for testing linux/noarch
perl-DBD-Multi-0.14-1.el6.rf Failover and Load Balancing of DBI Handles linux/noarch
perl-DBD-ODBC-1.23-1.el6.rf Perl DBD module for interfacing with ODBC databases linux/i686
perl-DBD-PgLite-0.11-1.el6.rf PostgreSQL emulation mode for SQLite linux/noarch
perl-DBD-PgPP-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module provides a pure Perl PostgreSQL driver for DBI linux/noarch
perl-DBD-SQLite2-0.33-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a self contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver (sqlite 2.x) linux/i686
perl-DBD-Sybase-1.10-1.el6.rf Perl module named DBD-Sybase linux/i686
perl-DBD-Sybase-1.09-1.el6.rf Perl module named DBD-Sybase linux/i686
perl-DBD-XBase-0.241-1.2.el6.rf DBI driver for XBase compatible database files linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Abstract-1.006-1.2.el6.rf DBI SQL abstraction linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-AnyDBD-2.01-1.2.el6.rf DBD independant class linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-BLOB-Handle-0.2-1.2.el6.rf Read Database Large Object Binaries from file handles linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Browse-2.09-1.el6.rf Perl module to browse tables linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-ContextualFetch-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to add contextual fetches to DBI linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Copy-0.03_1-1.2.el6.rf For copying database content from one db to another linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Cursor-0.14-1.2.el6.rf Easy DBI-access to a single table linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-DBSchema-0.38-1.el6.rf Interface to database schemas linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-DataSource-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Database-independant create and drop functions linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Easy-0.18-1.el6.rf Easy to Use DBI interface linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-FetchLoop-0.6-1.2.el6.rf Fetch with change detection and aggregates linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-HTMLView-0.2-1.el6.rf Create web userinterfaces to DBI databases linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-POS-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to define a dictionary of SQL statements in a POD dialect (POS) linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-SQLite-Simple-0.34-1.el6.rf easy access to SQLite databases using objects linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.56-1.el6.rf Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Table-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Class used to represent DBI database tables linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-TableHash-1.05-1.2.el6.rf Tie a hash to a mysql table + SQL utils linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-TextIndex-0.28-1.el6.rf Perl extension for full-text searching in SQL databases linux/i686
perl-DBIx-XHTML_Table-1.36-1.el6.rf SQL query result set to XML-based HTML table linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-XML_RDB-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Extension for creating XML from existing DBI datasources linux/noarch
perl-DBM-Deep-1.0015-1.el6.rf Pure perl multi-level hash/array DBM that supports transactions linux/noarch
perl-DB_File-1.827-1.el6.rf Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x linux/i686
perl-DB_File-1.826-1.el6.rf Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x linux/i686
perl-DB_File-1.822-1.el6.rf Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x linux/i686
perl-DB_File-1.821-1.el6.rf Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x linux/i686
perl-DB_File-1.820-1.el6.rf Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x linux/i686
perl-DIME-Tools-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module for parsing and generate DIME messages linux/noarch
perl-DKrause-2.2.24-1.el6.rf Perl modules part of dktools linux/i686
perl-DNS-BL-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Manage DNS black lists linux/noarch
perl-Daemon-Generic-0.61-1.el6.rf Framework to provide start/stop/reload for a daemon linux/noarch
perl-Dancer-1.3095-2.el6.rf A minimal-effort oriented web application framework linux/noarch
perl-Dancer-1.3095-1.el6.rf A minimal-effort oriented web application framework linux/noarch
perl-Dancer-1.3091-1.el6.rf A minimal-effort oriented web application framework linux/noarch
perl-Dancer-1.3072-1.el6.rf A minimal-effort oriented web application framework linux/noarch
perl-Dancer-1.3060-1.el6.rf A minimal-effort oriented web application framework linux/noarch
perl-Danga-Socket-1.61-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an event loop and event-driven async socket base class linux/noarch
perl-Data-Alias-1.07-1.el6.rf Comprehensive set of aliasing operations linux/i686
perl-Data-Buffer-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Read/write buffer class linux/noarch
perl-Data-Compare-1.2102-1.el6.rf Compare perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-DRef-1999.0206-1.2.el6.rf Delimited-key access to complex data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Denter-0.15-1.2.el6.rf Alternative to Data::Dumper and Storable. linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dump-1.15-1.el6.rf Pretty print data linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dump-Streamer-2.09-1.el6.rf Accurately serialize a data structure as Perl code linux/i686
perl-Data-DumpXML-1.06-1.2.el6.rf Dump data structures as XML linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dumper-2.125-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements stringified perl data structures linux/i686
perl-Data-Dumper-Concise-1.100-1.el6.rf Less indentation and newlines plus sub deparsing linux/noarch
perl-Data-Flow-1.02-1.el6.rf Simple-minded recipe-controlled build of data linux/noarch
perl-Data-FormValidator-4.65-1.el6.rf Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based on input profile linux/noarch
perl-Data-GUID-0.046-1.el6.rf globally unique identifiers linux/noarch
perl-Data-HexDump-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Simple Hexadecial Dumper linux/noarch
perl-Data-Hexify-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl extension for hexdumping arbitrary data linux/noarch
perl-Data-Hierarchy-0.34-1.el6.rf Perl module to handle data in a hierarchical structure linux/noarch
perl-Data-Inherited-1.100860-1.el6.rf Hierarchy-wide accumulation of list and hash results linux/noarch
perl-Data-JavaScript-1.13-1.el6.rf Dump perl data structures into JavaScript code linux/noarch
perl-Data-JavaScript-Anon-1.03-1.el6.rf Dump big dumb Perl structs to anonymous JavaScript structs linux/noarch
perl-Data-Lazy-0.6-1.el6.rf "lazy" (defered/on-demand) variables linux/noarch
perl-Data-Locations-5.5-1.el6.rf Magic insertion points in your data linux/i686
perl-Data-Miscellany-0.04-1.el6.rf Collection of miscellaneous subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Data-ObjectDriver-0.06-2.el6.rf Simple, transparent data interface, with caching linux/noarch
perl-Data-Page-2.02-1.el6.rf Help when paging through sets of results linux/noarch
perl-Data-Pagination-0.37-1.el6.rf Paginal navigation on some data linux/noarch
perl-Data-Password-1.07-1.el6.rf Perl module for assesing password quality. linux/noarch
perl-Data-Phrasebook-0.29-1.el6.rf Base class for Phrasebook Models linux/noarch
perl-Data-Phrasebook-Loader-DBI-0.11-1.el6.rf Absract your phrases with a DBI driver linux/noarch
perl-Data-Phrasebook-Loader-Ini-0.10-1.el6.rf Absract your phrases with ini files linux/noarch
perl-Data-Phrasebook-Loader-XML-0.12-1.el6.rf Absract your phrases with XML linux/noarch
perl-Data-Phrasebook-Loader-YAML-0.09-1.el6.rf Absract your phrases with YAML linux/noarch
perl-Data-PropertyList-1998.1217-1.2.el6.rf Convert arbitrary objects to/from strings linux/noarch
perl-Data-Random-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to generate random data linux/noarch
perl-Data-Random-String-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl extension for creating random strings linux/noarch
perl-Data-Rmap-0.62-1.el6.rf Recursive map, apply a block to a data structure linux/noarch
perl-Data-SearchReplace-1.02-1.el6.rf Extendion for searching and replacing entries in complex structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Serializer-0.49-1.el6.rf Modules that serialize data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-ShowTable-3.3-1.2.el6.rf Format data in columns linux/noarch
perl-Data-Stag-0.11-1.el6.rf Structured Tags datastructures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Structure-Util-0.15-1.el6.rf Change nature of data within a structure linux/i686
perl-Data-Table-1.54-1.el6.rf Table data types linux/noarch
perl-Data-Taxi-0.95-1.el6.rf Taint-aware, XML-ish data serialization linux/noarch
perl-Data-TreeDumper-0.37-1.el6.rf Improved replacement for Data::Dumper linux/noarch
perl-Data-UUID-1.203-1.el6.rf Generates Globally/Universally Unique Identifiers linux/i686
perl-Data-Validate-0.08-1.el6.rf Common data validation methods linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-Domain-0.09-1.el6.rf Domain validation methods linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-Email-0.04-1.el6.rf Common email validation methods linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-IP-0.10-1.el6.rf IP validation methods linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-URI-0.05-1.el6.rf Common URL validation methods linux/noarch
perl-Data-VarPrint-1.01-1.el6.rf Display complex variables on STDOUT linux/noarch
perl-Data-Xtab-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Pivot (cross-tabulate) a table of data linux/noarch
perl-Date-Discordian-1.36-1.2.el6.rf Calculate the Discordian date of a particular day linux/noarch
perl-Date-Easter-1.14-1.2.el6.rf Calculates Easter for any given year linux/noarch
perl-Date-Holidays-0.15-1.el6.rf Object Oriented classes for holidays linux/noarch
perl-Date-Holidays-DE-1.0.1-1.el6.rf Creates a list of german holidays in a given year linux/noarch
perl-Date-Holidays-DK-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Determines whether a given date is a Danish public holiday or not linux/noarch
perl-Date-Holidays-USFederal-0.01-1.el6.rf Determine US Federal Public Holidays linux/noarch
perl-Date-ICal-1.72-1.2.el6.rf ICalendar date objects linux/noarch
perl-Date-Leapyear-1.72-1.el6.rf Is a particular year a leap year linux/noarch
perl-Date-Pcalc-6.1-1.el6.rf Gregorian calendar date calculations linux/i686
perl-Date-Simple-3.03-1.el6.rf Simple date object linux/i686
perl-Date-Tie-0.20-1.el6.rf Perlish interface to dates linux/noarch
perl-Date-Tolkien-Shire-1.13-1.el6.rf Tolkien dates linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Calendar-Christian-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Dates in the Christian calendar linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Calendar-Discordian-0.9.6-1.el6.rf Perl extension for the Discordian Calendar linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Calendar-Julian-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Dates in the Julian calendar linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-Cron-0.07-1.2.el6.rf DateTime extension for generating recurrence sets from crontab files linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-Easter-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Returns Easter events for DateTime objects linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-NameDay-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Perl DateTime extension to work with namedays from various countries linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-Random-0.03-1.2.el6.rf DateTime extension for creating random datetimes linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-Recurrence-0.16-1.2.el6.rf DateTime::Set extension for computing basic recurrences linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-Sunrise-0.0501-1.2.el6.rf DateTime extension for computing the sunrise/sunset on a given day linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-WarwickUniversity-0.05-1.el6.rf Warwick University academic calendar linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Builder-0.7901-1.el6.rf Create DateTime parser classes and objects linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Duration-1.03a-1.el6.rf Format and parse DateTime::Durations linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-HTTP-0.38-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements date conversion routines. linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-IBeat-0.161-1.el6.rf Perl module to format times in .beat notation linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-ICal-0.09-1.el6.rf Parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-ISO8601-0.07-1.el6.rf Parses ISO8601 formats linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-MySQL-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse and format MySQL dates and times linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Precise-1.05-2.el6.rf Perform common time and date operations with additional GPS operations linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Util-Astro-0.12000-1.el6.rf Astronomical Calendar Calculations linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Util-Calc-0.13002-1.el6.rf DateTime calculation utilities linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Util-DayOfWeek-Locale-0.04-1.el6.rf DateTime Localized Day of Week linux/noarch
perl-Debug-1.00-1.el6.rf Eases the use of debug print with level, indentation and color linux/noarch
perl-Declare-Constraints-Simple-0.03-2.el6.rf Declarative Validation of Data Structures linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Caller-2.03-1.el6.rf meatier versions of C<caller> linux/i686
perl-Devel-Carp-0.04-1.2.el6.rf The same as Carp, but more protected against deep recursion linux/noarch
perl-Devel-CheckLib-0.6-1.el6.rf Check that a library is available linux/noarch
perl-Devel-CheckOS-1.61-1.el6.rf Check what OS we are running on linux/noarch
perl-Devel-CoreStack-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Try to generate a stack dump from a core file linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Coverage-0.2-1.2.el6.rf Perform coverage analysis linux/noarch
perl-Devel-DebugInit-0.3-1.2.el6.rf Create debugger initialization files from C header file macros linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Declare-0.006000-1.el6.rf Adding keywords to perl, in perl linux/i686
perl-Devel-FindRef-1.422-1.el6.rf Perl module named Devel-FindRef linux/i686
perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction-0.02-1.el6.rf Expose PL_dirty, the flag which marks global destruction linux/i686
perl-Devel-Hide-0.0008-1.el6.rf Forces the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing) linux/noarch
perl-Devel-LineTrace-0.1.6-1.el6.rf Apply traces to individual lines linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Memo-0.004-1.2.el6.rf Memoized functions linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Modlist-0.801-1.el6.rf Collect a list of modules loaded at compile-time linux/noarch
perl-Devel-PreProcessor-2003.1128-1.2.el6.rf Module inlining and other Perl source manipulations linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Profiler-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Refcount-0.07-1.el6.rf obtain the REFCNT value of a referent linux/i686
perl-Devel-SawAmpersand-0.31-1.el6.rf Perl extension querying sawampersand variable linux/i686
perl-Devel-SimpleTrace-0.07-1.el6.rf See where you code warns and dies using stack traces linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Size-0.71-1.el6.rf Perl extension for finding the memory usage of Perl variables linux/i686
perl-Devel-SmallProf-2.02-1.el6.rf Per-line Perl profiler linux/noarch
perl-Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML-0.11-1.el6.rf Displays stack trace in HTML linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Trace-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Trace perl programs linux/noarch
perl-Devel-TrackObjects-0.3-1.el6.rf Track usage of objects linux/noarch
perl-Device-ParallelPort-1.00-1.el6.rf Parallel Port Driver for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Device-SerialPort-1.04-1.el6.rf Linux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions linux/i686
perl-Digest-Crc32-0.01-1.el6.rf Cyclic Redundency Check digests implementation linux/noarch
perl-Digest-Elf-1.4-1.2.el6.rf Extension for generating ElfHash values linux/i686
perl-Digest-MD2-2.03-1.2.el6.rf Interface to the MD2 algorithm linux/i686
perl-Digest-MD4-1.5-1.2.el6.rf Perl interface to the MD4 Algorithm linux/i686
perl-Digest-MD5-2.39-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the MD5 algorithm linux/i686
perl-Digest-MD5-File-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl extension for getting MD5 sums for files and urls linux/noarch
perl-Digest-MD5-M4p-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl interface to a variant of the MD5 algorithm linux/i686
perl-Digest-Nilsimsa-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Nilsimsa algorithm linux/i686
perl-Digest-Perl-MD5-1.8-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Ron Rivests MD5 Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Digest-SHA-PurePerl-5.48-1.el6.rf Perl implementation of SHA-1/224/256/384/512 linux/noarch
perl-Digest-SHA2-1.1.1-1.el6.rf Variable-length one-way hash function linux/i686
perl-Digest-Tiger-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Implements the tiger hash linux/i686
perl-Dir-Purge-1.02-1.el6.rf Purge directories to a given number of files linux/noarch
perl-Dir-Split-0.80-1.el6.rf Split files of a directory to subdirectories linux/noarch
perl-Directory-Scratch-0.14-1.el6.rf Easy-to-use self-cleaning scratch space linux/noarch
perl-EV-4.03-1.el6.rf Perl interface to libev linux/i686
perl-EV-3.9-1.el6.rf Perl module named EV linux/i686
perl-Egg-Plugin-SessionKit-3.05-1.el6.rf Session plugin for Egg linux/noarch
perl-Egg-Release-3.14-1.el6.rf Version of Egg WEB Application Framework linux/noarch
perl-Email-Abstract-3.001-1.el6.rf Unified interface to mail representations linux/noarch
perl-Email-Address-1.889-1.el6.rf RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation linux/noarch
perl-Email-Filter-1.032-1.el6.rf Library for creating easy email filters linux/noarch
perl-Email-Find-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl module to find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text linux/noarch
perl-Email-Folder-0.855-1.el6.rf Perl module to read all the messages from a folder as Email::Simple objects linux/noarch
perl-Email-FolderType-0.813-1.el6.rf Determine the type of a mail folder linux/noarch
perl-Email-LocalDelivery-0.217-1.el6.rf Perl module to deliver a piece of email linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-1.903-2.el6.rf Easy MIME message parsing linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper-1.316-1.el6.rf Strip the attachments from a mail linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.015-1.el6.rf Parse a MIME Content-Type Header linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Creator-1.456-1.el6.rf Constructor for Email::MIME linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.313-1.el6.rf Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding linux/noarch
perl-Email-MessageID-1.401-1.el6.rf Generate world unique message-ids linux/noarch
perl-Email-Reply-1.202-1.el6.rf Reply to mails linux/noarch
perl-Email-Send-2.198-1.el6.rf Send email linux/noarch
perl-Email-Simple-2.100-2.el6.rf Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers linux/noarch
perl-Email-Store-0.256-1.el6.rf Perl module named Email-Store linux/noarch
perl-Email-Valid-0.184-1.el6.rf Check validity of Internet email addresses linux/noarch
perl-Email-Valid-Loose-0.05-1.el6.rf Email::Valid which allows dot before at mark linux/noarch
perl-Encode-IMAPUTF7-1.04-1.el6.rf modification of UTF-7 encoding for IMAP linux/noarch
perl-Encode-RAD50-0.005-1.el6.rf Convert to and from the Rad50 character set linux/noarch
perl-Encode-compat-0.07-1.2.el6.rf emulation layer linux/noarch
perl-Env-Bash-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for accessing all bash environment variables linux/noarch
perl-Env-PS1-0.06-1.el6.rf Prompt string formatter linux/noarch
perl-Errno-1.10-1.el6.rf System errno constants linux/noarch
perl-Error-Dumb-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Simple error management for simple classes linux/noarch
perl-Event-1.13-1.el6.rf Generic Perl Event Loop linux/i686
perl-Event-Lib-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl module named Event-Lib linux/i686
perl-Event-RPC-1.01-1.el6.rf Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework linux/noarch
perl-Exception-Class-DBI-1.00-1.el6.rf DBI Exception objects linux/noarch
perl-Exception-Class-TryCatch-1.12-1.el6.rf Syntactic try/catch sugar for use with Exception::Class linux/noarch
perl-Expect-1.21-1.el6.rf Expect for perl linux/noarch
perl-Expect-Simple-0.04-1.el6.rf Wrapper around the Expect module linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Cluster-0.31-1.el6.rf Perl module for easy multiple module imports linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Easy-0.16-1.2.el6.rf Takes the drudgery out of Exporting symbols linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Lite-0.02-1.el6.rf Lightweight exporting of variables linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Tidy-0.07-1.el6.rf Another way of exporting symbols linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-CChecker-0.02-1.el6.rf configure-time utilities for using C headers, libraries, or OS features linux/i686
perl-ExtUtils-Command-1.16-1.el6.rf Utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Depends-0.302-1.el6.rf ExtUtils-Depends module for perl linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-DynaGlue-1.00a-1.2.el6.rf Methods for generating Perl extension files linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-F77-1.16-1.el6.rf Simple interface to F77 libs linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-FakeConfig-0.12-1.el6.rf Allows overriding some config values linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-FindFunctions-0.02-1.el6.rf Find functions in external libraries linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-PerlPP-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Perl Preprocessor linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.12-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a simplistic interface to pkg-config linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-TBone-1.124-1.2.el6.rf Skeleton for writing "t/*.t" test files linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-XSBuilder-0.28-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an automatic Perl XS glue code generator linux/noarch
perl-FCGI-0.68-1.el6.rf Fast CGI module linux/i686
perl-FCGI-ProcManager-0.19-1.el6.rf Functions for managing FastCGI applications linux/noarch
perl-Feed-Find-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Class to perform autodiscovery of syndication feeds linux/noarch
perl-File-Archive-0.53-1.2.el6.rf Figure out what is in an archive file linux/noarch
perl-File-BOM-0.14-1.el6.rf Perl module to implement utilities for handling Byte Order Marks linux/noarch
perl-File-Backup-0.07-1.2.el6.rf Easy file backup and rotation automation linux/noarch
perl-File-BaseDir-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to use the freedesktop basedir spec linux/noarch
perl-File-BasicFlock-98.1202-1.2.el6.rf File locking with flock linux/noarch
perl-File-Cache-0.16-1.2.el6.rf Share data between processes via filesystem linux/noarch
perl-File-Cat-1.2-1.2.el6.rf Perl implementation of cat linux/noarch
perl-File-Copy-Reliable-0.32-1.el6.rf Copy and move files with extra checking linux/noarch
perl-File-CounterFile-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Persistent counter class linux/noarch
perl-File-Data-1.12-1.2.el6.rf Interface to file data linux/noarch
perl-File-DesktopEntry-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an object to handle .desktop files linux/noarch
perl-File-ExtAttr-1.09-1.el6.rf Perl module for accessing extended attributes of files linux/i686
perl-File-Find-Closures-1.09-1.el6.rf Functions you can use with File::Find linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-Filesys-Virtual-1.22-1.el6.rf File::Find::Rule adapted to Filesys::Virtual linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-PPI-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to add support for PPI queries to File::Find::Rule linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-VCS-1.06-1.el6.rf Exclude files/directories for Version Control Systems linux/noarch
perl-File-Flat-1.04-1.el6.rf Implements a flat filesystem linux/noarch
perl-File-Flock-2008.01-1.el6.rf File locking with flock linux/noarch
perl-File-Iterator-0.14-1.el6.rf Iterate across files in a directory tree linux/noarch
perl-File-List-0.3.1-1.2.el6.rf Crawls directory trees and compiles lists of files linux/noarch
perl-File-LocalizeNewlines-1.12-1.el6.rf Localize the newlines for one or more files linux/noarch
perl-File-Lockf-0.20-1.2.el6.rf Interface to the lockf system call linux/i686
perl-File-MMagic-1.27-1.el6.rf Perl module to guess file type linux/noarch
perl-File-MMagic-XS-0.09003-1.el6.rf Perl module to guess File Type With XS (a la mod_mime_magic) linux/i686
perl-File-MimeInfo-0.15-1.el6.rf Determine file type linux/noarch
perl-File-MkTemp-1.0.6-1.2.el6.rf Create unique strings for use as file/directory names linux/noarch
perl-File-Modified-0.07-1.2.el6.rf Determine if a file was modified linux/noarch
perl-File-Mork-0.3-1.el6.rf Perl module to read Mozilla URL history files linux/noarch
perl-File-NCopy-0.36-1.el6.rf Copy files linux/noarch
perl-File-NFSLock-1.20-1.el6.rf Perl module to do NFS (or not) locking linux/noarch
perl-File-Next-1.06-1.el6.rf File-finding iterator linux/noarch
perl-File-Next-OO-0.04-1.el6.rf File-finding iterator Wrapper for File::Next::files linux/noarch
perl-File-Path-Expand-1.02-1.el6.rf Expand filenames linux/noarch
perl-File-PathConvert-0.9-1.2.el6.rf Multiplatform routines to convert paths and URLs linux/noarch
perl-File-Policy-1.005-1.el6.rf Site policy for file I/O functions linux/noarch
perl-File-Random-0.17-1.2.el6.rf Module for random selecting of a file linux/noarch
perl-File-ReadBackwards-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Read a file backwards by lines linux/noarch
perl-File-Recurse-0.11-1.2.el6.rf Module for Recursing directories linux/noarch
perl-File-Rsync-0.43-1.el6.rf perl module interface to rsync(1) linux/i686
perl-File-RsyncP-0.68-1.el6.rf Implementation of an Rsync client linux/i686
perl-File-SafeDo-0.11-1.el6.rf Safer do file for perl linux/noarch
perl-File-Scan-ClamAV-1.91-1.el6.rf Connect to a local Clam Anti-Virus clamd service and send commands linux/noarch
perl-File-ShareDir-1.01-1.el6.rf Locate per-dist and per-module shared files linux/noarch
perl-File-Sort-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Sort a file or merge sort multiple files linux/noarch
perl-File-Spec-3.30-1.el6.rf Tools for working with paths and file specs across platforms linux/i686
perl-File-Sync-0.09-1.2.el6.rf Access to fsync() and sync() function calls linux/i686
perl-File-System-1.16-2.el6.rf Provides a general framework for access to a hierarchical data structure linux/i686
perl-File-Tail-0.99.3-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for reading from continuosly updated files linux/noarch
perl-File-Temp-0.22-1.el6.rf Return name and handle of a temporary file safely linux/noarch
perl-File-Type-0.22-1.el6.rf Perl module to determine file type using magic linux/noarch
perl-File-chdir-0.1002-1.el6.rf More sensible way to change directories linux/noarch
perl-File-chmod-0.32-1.el6.rf Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes linux/noarch
perl-FileHandle-Fmode-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module to determine whether a filehandle is opened for reading, writing, or both linux/i686
perl-Filesys-Df-0.92-1.el6.rf Perl module for filesystem disk space information linux/i686
perl-Filesys-DiskFree-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Perform the Unix command df in a portable fashion linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-DiskSpace-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Perl df linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-DiskUsage-0.04-1.el6.rf Estimate file space usage (similar to `du`) linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-Notify-Simple-0.07-1.el6.rf Simple and dumb file system watcher linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-SmbClientParser-2.7-1.2.el6.rf Samba client linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-Statvfs-0.82-1.el6.rf Perl module for statvfs() and fstatvfs() linux/i686
perl-Filter-1.34-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Perl source filters linux/i686
perl-Filter-Simple-0.84-1.el6.rf Simplified source filtering linux/noarch
perl-Finance-QIF-3.00-1.el6.rf Parse and create Quicken Interchange Format files linux/noarch
perl-Finance-Quote-1.17-1.el6.rf Perl module to get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges linux/noarch
perl-Finance-TW-EmergingQuote-0.26-1.el6.rf Check stock quotes from Taiwan Emerging Stock linux/noarch
perl-Finance-TW-TSEQuote-0.27-1.el6.rf Check stock quotes from Taiwan Security Exchange linux/noarch
perl-Finance-YahooQuote-0.22-1.el6.rf Perl module to get stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance linux/noarch
perl-Find-Lib-1.01-1.el6.rf Helper to smartly find libs to use in the filesystem tree linux/noarch
perl-Font-GlyphNames-1.00000-1.el6.rf Convert between glyph names and characters linux/noarch
perl-Fuse-0.09-1.el6.rf Write filesystems in Perl using FUSE linux/i686
perl-GD-Convert-2.16-1.el6.rf Additional output formats for GD linux/noarch
perl-GD-Dashboard-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Create JPEG graphics of meters and dials linux/noarch
perl-GD-Graph-1.44-1.el6.rf Graph plotting module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-GD-Graph3d-0.63-2.2.el6.rf Create 3D Graphs linux/noarch
perl-GD-SIRDS-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Create a GD image of a Single Image Random Dot Stereogram linux/noarch
perl-GD-SVG-0.33-1.el6.rf Seamlessly enable SVG output from scripts written using GD linux/noarch
perl-GD-Text-Util-0.86-1.2.el6.rf Text utilities for use with GD linux/noarch
perl-GIFgraph-1.20-1.el6.rf Graph Plotting Module (deprecated) linux/noarch
perl-GPS-PRN-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements PRN - Object ID conversions linux/noarch
perl-GStreamer-0.15-1.el6.rf Perl module with bindings to the GStreamer library linux/i686
perl-GTop-0.16-1.el6.rf Perl module to interface with libgtop linux/i686
perl-Games-Chess-0.003-1.2.el6.rf Represent chess positions and games linux/noarch
perl-Games-Chess-Referee-0.003-1.el6.rf Work with chess positions and games, according to the rules of chess linux/noarch
perl-Games-Crossword-Puzzle-0.001-1.el6.rf Module for crossword puzzles linux/noarch
perl-Games-Dissociate-0.19-1.el6.rf Dissociated Press algorithm and filter linux/noarch
perl-Games-EverQuest-LogLineParser-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module for parsing lines from the EverQuest log file linux/noarch
perl-Games-Maze-1.03-1.el6.rf Create Mazes as Objects linux/noarch
perl-Games-Maze-SVG-0.75-1.el6.rf Converts mazes to SVG linux/noarch
perl-Games-WoW-Armory-0.0.7-1.el6.rf Access to the WoW Armory linux/noarch
perl-Games-WordFind-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Generate word-find type puzzles from a list of words linux/noarch
perl-Gateway-0.42-1.2.el6.rf Tools for gatewaying messages between news and mail linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Approx-0.8-1.2.el6.rf Represents an approximate global position by a signle number linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Coder-Google-0.06-1.el6.rf Google Maps Geocoding API linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Constants-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl module with standard Geo:: constants linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Coordinates-DecimalDegrees-0.08-1.el6.rf Convert between degrees/minutes/seconds and decimal degrees linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Coordinates-VandH-1.11-1.2.el6.rf Convert and Manipulate telco V and H coordinates. linux/noarch
perl-Geo-CountryFlags-1.01-1.el6.rf Fetch images of country flags linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Distance-0.16-1.el6.rf Calculate distances linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Dymaxion-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Plot latitude/longitude on a Fuller Dymaxion(tm) map linux/i686
perl-Geo-Ellipsoids-0.16-1.el6.rf Perl module with standard Geo:: ellipsoid a, b, f and 1/f values linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Forward-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module to calculate geographic location from lat, lon, distance, and heading linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Functions-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl module for standard Geo:: functions linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Google-0.05-1.el6.rf Perform geographical queries using Google Maps linux/noarch
perl-Geo-IP-1.38-1.el6.rf Database which maps IP blocks on countries linux/i686
perl-Geo-IP-PurePerl-1.24-1.el6.rf Look up country by IP Address linux/noarch
perl-Geo-IPfree-0.8-1.el6.rf Look up the country of an ipaddress. linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Inverse-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pair linux/noarch
perl-Geo-METAR-1.15-1.el6.rf Accesses Aviation Weather Information linux/noarch
perl-Geo-PostalCode-0.07-1.el6.rf Calculates the distance between two postal codes linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Postcode-0.15-1.2.el6.rf Check and split UK postcodes linux/noarch
perl-Geo-TigerLine-0.02-1.2.el6.rf TIGER/Line geographic data linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Weather-1.41-1.2.el6.rf Weather retrieval module linux/noarch
perl-Geo-WeatherNOAA-4.38-1.el6.rf Get official weather information from NOAA linux/noarch
perl-Geography-Countries-2009041301-1.el6.rf Classes for 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries linux/noarch
perl-Geography-States-2009040901-1.el6.rf Map states and provinces to their codes and vica versa linux/noarch
perl-Geometry-AffineTransform-1.2-1.el6.rf Affine Transformation to map 2D coordinates to other 2D coordinates linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-ArgvFile-1.11-1.el6.rf Interpolates script options from files linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Auto-1.9.1-1.el6.rf Framework for command-line applications linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Compact-0.04-1.el6.rf getopt processing in a compact statement with both long and short options, and usage functionality linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Declare-1.12-1.el6.rf Declaratively Expressed Command-Line Arguments via Regular Expressions linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Easy-0.1-1.el6.rf Parses command line options in a simple but capable way linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-EvaP-2.3.5-1.2.el6.rf Evaluate Perl command line parameters linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-ExPar-1.01-1.el6.rf Extended Parameters command line parser linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Inherited-1.100860-1.el6.rf Handling inherited command-line options linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Long-Descriptive-0.090-1.el6.rf Getopt::Long with usage text linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Long-Descriptive-0.089-1.el6.rf Getopt::Long with usage text linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Long-Descriptive-0.086-1.el6.rf Getopt::Long with usage text linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Mixed-1.10-1.el6.rf Getopt processing with both long and short options linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Regex-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Handle command line options flexibly using regular expressions linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Std-Strict-1.01-1.el6.rf Getopt-Std-Strict module for perl linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Tabular-0.3-1.2.el6.rf Table-driven argument parsing linux/noarch
perl-Glib-1.222-1.el6.rf Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and object libraries linux/i686
perl-Gnome2-GConf-1.044-1.el6.rf Perl wrapper for the GConf configuration engine linux/i686
perl-GnuPG-0.17-1.el6.rf Interface to the GNU Privacy Guard linux/noarch
perl-GnuPG-0.11-1.el6.rf Interface to the GNU Privacy Guard linux/noarch
perl-GnuPG-Interface-0.43-1.el6.rf Perl interface to GnuPG linux/noarch
perl-Goo-Canvas-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the GooCanvas linux/i686
perl-Google-Checkout-1.1.1-1.el6.rf Interface to Google Checkout linux/noarch
perl-Graph-0.91-1.el6.rf Graph operations linux/noarch
perl-Graph-Easy-0.64-1.el6.rf Convert or render graphs (as ASCII, HTML, SVG or via Graphviz) linux/noarch
perl-Graph-Easy-As_svg-0.23-1.el6.rf Output a Graph::Easy as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) linux/noarch
perl-Graph-Kruskal-2.0-1.2.el6.rf Kruskal's Algorithm for Minimal Spanning Trees in Graphs linux/noarch
perl-Graph-ReadWrite-2.00-1.2.el6.rf Graph file format readers and writers linux/noarch
perl-Graph-SocialMap-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Easy tool to create a social map linux/noarch
perl-Graph-Writer-GraphViz-0.10-1.2.el6.rf GraphViz Writer for Graph object linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-2.04-1.el6.rf Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-DBI-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Graph database tables and relations linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-ISA-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Graphing @ISA hierarchies at run-time linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-Makefile-1.16-1.el6.rf Visualize Makefile dependencies linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-Zone-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Interface to graphing hosts in BIND zone files linux/noarch
perl-Graphics-ColorNames-2.11-1.el6.rf Defines RGB values for common color names linux/noarch
perl-Graphics-ColorNames-WWW-1.13-1.el6.rf WWW color names and equivalent RGB values linux/noarch
perl-Graphics-ColorPicker-0.11-1.el6.rf Creates a html form for selecting HEX color numbers linux/noarch
perl-Graphics-ColorUtils-0.17-1.el6.rf Easy-to-use color space conversions linux/noarch
perl-Gtk-HandyCList-0.031-1.2.el6.rf Gtk-HandyCList module for perl linux/i686
perl-Gtk2-1.221-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library linux/i686
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Carp-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module implements GTK+ friendly die() and warn() functions linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory-0.65-2.el6.rf Framework for Gtk2 perl applications linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer-0.18-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation (POD) linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List-0.50-1.el6.rf Perl module with bindings to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Utils-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements extra Gtk2 Utilities for working with Gnome2/Gtk2 linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-ImageView-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl bindings for the GtkImageView widget linux/i686
perl-Guard-1.021-1.el6.rf Perl module named Guard linux/i686
perl-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple-1.25-1.el6.rf Perl module for Generating HTML Calendars linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Clean-0.8-1.2.el6.rf Cleans HTML linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Encoding-0.61-1.el6.rf Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Encoding-0.60-1.el6.rf Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents linux/noarch
perl-HTML-FillInForm-2.00-1.el6.rf Populates HTML Forms with CGI data linux/noarch
perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks-0.11-1.el6.rf HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes linux/noarch
perl-HTML-FromText-2.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to convert plain text to HTML linux/noarch
perl-HTML-HTML5-Parser-0.102-1.el6.rf parse HTML reliably linux/noarch
perl-HTML-HTML5-Sanity-0.101-1.el6.rf make HTML5 DOM trees less insane linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Latex-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Creates a Latex file from an HTML file linux/noarch
perl-HTML-LinkExtractor-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module to extract *links* from an HTML document linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Lint-2.06-1.el6.rf Perl module to check for HTML errors in a string or file linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Mason-1.45-2.el6.rf High-performance, dynamic web site authoring system linux/noarch
perl-HTML-PageIndex-0.3-1.2.el6.rf Create HTML page index objects linux/noarch
perl-HTML-PrettyPrinter-0.03-1.el6.rf Generate nice HTML files from HTML syntax trees linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Prototype-1.48-1.el6.rf Generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library linux/noarch
perl-HTML-QuickCheck-1.0b1-1.2.el6.rf Fast simple validation of HMTL text linux/noarch
perl-HTML-RefMunger-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Mangle HREF links within HTML files linux/noarch
perl-HTML-ResolveLink-0.05-1.el6.rf Resolve relative links in (X)HTML into an absolute URI linux/noarch
perl-HTML-RewriteAttributes-0.03-1.el6.rf concise attribute rewriting linux/noarch
perl-HTML-SBC-0.15-1.el6.rf Simple blog code for valid XHTML and HTML linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Scrubber-0.08-1.2.el6.rf Scrub or sanitize html linux/noarch
perl-HTML-SimpleParse-0.12-1.2.el6.rf HTML parser linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Stream-1.60-1.el6.rf HTML output stream class, and some markup utilities linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Strip-1.06-1.el6.rf Perl module to strip HTML-like markup from text. linux/i686
perl-HTML-Subtext-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Perform text substitutions on an HTML template linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Summary-0.017-1.2.el6.rf Generating a summary from a web page linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Table-2.08a-1.el6.rf Produces HTML tables linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TableContentParser-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module to do interesting things with the contents of tables linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TableExtract-2.10-1.el6.rf Extracts the text contained in tables within an HTML document linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TableLayout-1.001008-1.2.el6.rf Layout Manager for cgi-based web applications linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Tabulate-0.35-1.el6.rf HTML table rendering class linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TagFilter-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Fine-grained html-filter, xss-blocker and mailto-obfuscator linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Template-2.9-1.el6.rf HTML Templates for CGI scripts linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Template-Expr-0.07-1.el6.rf HTML::Template extension adding expression support linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Template-Pro-0.9502-1.el6.rf Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts linux/i686
perl-HTML-Tiny-1.05-1.el6.rf Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple-3.15-1.el6.rf Easy to use C<HTML::TokeParser> interface linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath-0.11-1.el6.rf Add XPath support for HTML::TreeBuilder linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Widgets-SelectLayers-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl extension for selectable HTML layers linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Body-1.07-2.el6.rf HTTP Body parser linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-BrowserDetect-1.22-1.el6.rf Determine the Web browser, version, and platform linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-BrowserDetect-1.06-1.el6.rf Determine the Web browser, version, and platform linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Cache-Transparent-1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module to cache the result of http get-requests persistently linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-DAV-0.42-1.el6.rf WebDAV client library for Perl linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-DAV-0.40-1.el6.rf WebDAV client library for Perl linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Daemon-SSL-1.04-1.el6.rf Simple HTTP server class with SSL support linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Link-Parser-0.100-1.el6.rf parse HTTP Link headers linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Lite-2.3-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a lightweight HTTP implementation linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Lite-2.2-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a lightweight HTTP implementation linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Parser-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module named HTTP-Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Parser-XS-0.14-1.el6.rf A fast, primitive HTTP request parser linux/i686
perl-HTTP-Proxy-0.24-1.el6.rf Pure Perl HTTP proxy linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Recorder-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to record interaction with websites linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Request-AsCGI-1.2-1.el6.rf Setup a CGI enviroment from a HTTP::Request linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Request-Form-0.952-1.2.el6.rf Construct HTTP::Request objects for form processing linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Request-Params-1.01-1.el6.rf HTTP-Request-Params module for perl linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Response-Encoding-0.06-1.el6.rf Adds encoding() to HTTP::Response linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.43-1.el6.rf Simple standalone HTTP daemon linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.41-1.el6.rf Simple standalone HTTP daemon linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI-0.14-1.el6.rf PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Recorder-0.03-1.el6.rf Mixin to record HTTP::Server::Simple's sockets linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Static-0.07-1.el6.rf Serve static files with HTTP::Server::Simple linux/noarch
perl-Hash-Case-1.006-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a base class for hashes with key-casing requirements linux/noarch
perl-Hash-Merge-0.12-1.el6.rf Perl module to merge arbitrarily deep hashes into a single hash linux/noarch
perl-Hash-MultiValue-0.08-1.el6.rf Store multiple values per hash key linux/noarch
perl-Hash-Rename-1.100860-1.el6.rf Rename hash keys linux/noarch
perl-Hash-Type-1.08-1.el6.rf pseudo-hashes as arrays tied to a "type" (list of fields) linux/noarch
perl-Hash-WithDefaults-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a class for hashes with key-casing requirements supporting defaults linux/noarch
perl-Haul-2.24-1.2.el6.rf Haul packages off CPAN linux/noarch
perl-Heap-0.80-1.el6.rf Perl extensions for keeping data partially sorted linux/noarch
perl-Heap-Simple-0.13-1.el6.rf Heap structures linux/noarch
perl-Heap-Simple-XS-0.10-1.el6.rf XS implementation of Heap::Simple linux/i686
perl-HyperWave-CSP-0.03.1-1.2.el6.rf Communicate with a HyperWave server linux/noarch
perl-I18N-AcceptLanguage-1.04-1.el6.rf Matches language preference to available languages linux/noarch
perl-I18N-Charset-1.394-1.el6.rf IANA Character Set Registry names and Unicode::MapUTF8 linux/noarch
perl-IMAP-Admin-1.6.6-1.el6.rf Basic IMAP server administration linux/noarch
perl-IMAP-BodyStructure-1.01-1.el6.rf Interface to parse the output of an IMAP4 MIME-parser linux/noarch
perl-IMDB-Film-0.43-1.el6.rf Interface to IMDB linux/noarch
perl-IO-AIO-3.6-1.el6.rf Asynchronous Input/Output linux/i686
perl-IO-All-0.39-1.el6.rf Object oriented interface for the Perl IO modules linux/noarch
perl-IO-Capture-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module implements an abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output linux/noarch
perl-IO-CaptureOutput-1.1102-1.el6.rf Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses or XS linux/noarch
perl-IO-Cat-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Object-oriented Perl implementation of cat linux/noarch
perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2-2.015-1.el6.rf Write bzip2 files/buffers linux/noarch
perl-IO-Dirent-0.04-1.el6.rf Access to dirent structs returned by readdir linux/i686
perl-IO-File-Multi-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Print to multiple filehandles with one output call linux/noarch
perl-IO-Interactive-0.0.5-1.el6.rf Utilities for interactive I/O linux/noarch
perl-IO-Interface-1.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to access to network card configuration information linux/i686
perl-IO-Multiplex-1.13-1.el6.rf IO-Multiplex module for perl linux/noarch
perl-IO-Multiplex-1.10-1.el6.rf IO-Multiplex module for perl linux/noarch
perl-IO-Null-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Class for null filehandles linux/noarch
perl-IO-Pty-Easy-0.08-1.el6.rf Easy interface to IO::Pty linux/noarch
perl-IO-Stty-.02-1.2.el6.rf Setting terminal parameters linux/noarch
perl-IO-Tee-0.64-1.2.el6.rf Multiplex output to multiple output handles linux/noarch
perl-IP-Country-2.27-1.el6.rf Fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses linux/noarch
perl-IPC-Cache-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Implements a persistant object storage space across processes linux/noarch
perl-IPC-ChildSafe-3.16-1.2.el6.rf Control a child process without blocking linux/i686
perl-IPC-DirQueue-1.0-1.el6.rf Disk-based many-to-many task queue linux/noarch
perl-IPC-Locker-1.484-1.el6.rf Distributed lock handler linux/noarch
perl-IPC-PubSub-0.29-1.el6.rf Interprocess Publish/Subscribe channels linux/noarch
perl-IPC-Session-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Drive ssh or other interactive shell, local or remote linux/noarch
perl-IPC-ShareLite-0.17-1.el6.rf Simple shared memory interface module for perl linux/i686
perl-IPC-Shareable-0.60-2.el6.rf Share Perl variables between processes linux/noarch
perl-IPC-SharedCache-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory linux/noarch
perl-IPC-Signal-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Utility functions dealing with signals linux/noarch
perl-IPC-System-Simple-1.20-1.el6.rf Run commands simply, with detailed diagnostics linux/noarch
perl-IPTables-libiptc-0.51-2.el6.rf Perl extension for iptables libiptc linux/i686
perl-Ima-DBI-0.35-1.el6.rf Database connection caching and organization linux/noarch
perl-Image-Button-0.53-1.2.el6.rf Base class for building PNG buttons using GD linux/noarch
perl-Image-ExifTool-8.15-1.el6.rf Read and write meta information linux/noarch
perl-Image-Grab-1.4.2-1.2.el6.rf Easily grab images from the 'net linux/noarch
perl-Image-IPTCInfo-1.95-1.el6.rf Extract IPTC image meta-data linux/noarch
perl-Image-Imlib2-2.03-1.el6.rf Interface to the Imlib2 image library linux/i686
perl-Image-Math-Constrain-1.02-1.el6.rf Scaling math used in image size constraining (such linux/noarch
perl-Imager-0.72-1.el6.rf Perl extension for Generating 24 bit Images linux/i686
perl-IniConf-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl module named IniConf linux/noarch
perl-Inline-0.45-1.el6.rf Perl module to write Perl subroutines in other programming languages linux/noarch
perl-Inline-ASM-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Write Perl subroutines in assembler linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Awk-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Add awk code to your Perl programs linux/noarch
perl-Inline-BC-0.08-1.el6.rf Inline ILSM for bc the arbitrary precision math Language linux/i686
perl-Inline-Basic-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Write Perl subroutines in Basic linux/noarch
perl-Inline-CPP-0.25-1.2.el6.rf Write Perl subroutines and classes in C++ linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Files-0.63-1.el6.rf Multiple virtual files at the end of your code linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Filters-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Common source code filters for Inline Modules linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Guile-0.001-1.2.el6.rf Inline module for the GNU Guile Scheme interpreter linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Python-0.28-1.el6.rf Write Perl subs and classes in Python linux/i686
perl-Inline-Struct-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Manipulate C structs directly from Perl linux/noarch
perl-Inline-TT-0.07-1.el6.rf Use TT BLOCK as your Perl sub linux/noarch
perl-Iterator-0.03-1.el6.rf A general-purpose iterator class linux/i686
perl-JSON-Any-1.22-1.el6.rf Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes linux/i686
perl-JSON-DWIW-0.39-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a JSON converter that Does What I Want linux/i686
perl-JSON-PC-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a fast JSON Parser and Converter linux/i686
perl-JSON-XS-2.30-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements JSON serialising/deserialising linux/i686
perl-JSON-XS-2.3-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements JSON serialising/deserialising linux/i686
perl-JSON-XS-2.27-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements JSON serialising/deserialising linux/i686
perl-JSON-XS-VersionOneAndTwo-0.31-1.el6.rf Support versions 1 and 2 of JSON::XS linux/noarch
perl-Jabber-Component-Proxy-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a simple proxy for Jabber Components linux/noarch
perl-Jabber-Connection-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides simple connectivity functions for Jabber linux/noarch
perl-Jabber-Lite-0.8-1.el6.rf Perl standalone library for communicating with Jabber servers linux/noarch
perl-Jabber-PubSub-JEAI-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module for Erlang's J-EAI server linux/noarch
perl-Jabber-RPC-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Jabber-RPC linux/noarch
perl-Jabber-RPC-HTTPgate-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an HTTP gateway for Jabber-RPC linux/noarch
perl-Jabber-SimpleSend-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to send a Jabber message linux/noarch
perl-Jar-Signer-0.1-1.el6.rf Perl module to ease the process of creating a signed Jar file linux/noarch
perl-Java-Swing-0.14-1.el6.rf Perl module providing direct access to the Java Swing API linux/noarch
perl-JavaScript-RPC-0.3-1.el6.rf Remote procedure calls from JavaScript linux/noarch
perl-Javascript-Select-Chain-1.3-1.el6.rf Perl module to generate arbitrary depth DHTML select pulldowns linux/noarch
perl-Jcode-2.07-1.el6.rf Japanese Charset Handler linux/noarch
perl-Just-Another-Perl-Hacker-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to make Just Another Perl Hacker work linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for general Kolab settings linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-Conf-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for Kolab template generation linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-Cyrus-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for interfacing with the Kolab Cyrus admin module linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-DirServ-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Handles Address book synchronisation between Kolab servers linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-LDAP-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for generic LDAP code linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-LDAP-Backend-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for kolab for abstract directory service usage linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-LDAP-Backend-ad-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for kolab for an Active Directory backend linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-LDAP-Backend-dirservd-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for kolab for the Directory Services updater linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-LDAP-Backend-slurpd-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for kolab for a slurpd backend linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-Mailer-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for sending out email linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-Templates-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for Kolab template generation linux/noarch
perl-Kolab-Util-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for kolab for general utility functions linux/noarch
perl-Krb5-1.9-1.el6.rf Perl module that authenticates using Kerberos 5 linux/i686
perl-Kwiki-Diff-0.03-1.el6.rf Kwiki plugin to display differences between the current wiki page and older revisions linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-Diff-Mutual-0.01-1.el6.rf The selection of revision of both parties of Diff is enabled linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-ModPerl-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module to enable Kwiki to work under mod_perl linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-NewPage-0.12-1.el6.rf Kwiki New Page plugin linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-Raw-0.02-1.el6.rf Kwiki plugin to provide an action to retrieve the raw wikitext of a page linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-RecentChanges-0.14-1.el6.rf Kwiki Recent Changes plugin linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-Revisions-0.15-1.el6.rf Kwiki Revisions plugin linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-Search-0.12-1.el6.rf Kwiki Search plugin linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-TableOfContents-Print-0.02-1.el6.rf Print kwiki sections linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-UserName-0.14-1.el6.rf Kwiki User Name plugin linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-UserPreferences-0.13-1.el6.rf Kwiki User Preferences plugin linux/noarch
perl-Kwiki-Users-Remote-0.04-1.el6.rf Kwiki plugin to automatically set Kwiki user name from HTTP authentication linux/noarch
perl-LEOCHARRE-CLI2-1.16-1.el6.rf LEOCHARRE-CLI2 module for perl linux/noarch
perl-LEOCHARRE-DEBUG-1.14-1.el6.rf Leo Charre's default debug subroutines linux/noarch
perl-LEOCHARRE-Debug-1.03-1.el6.rf LEOCHARRE-Debug module for perl linux/noarch
perl-LEOCHARRE-Dir-1.08-1.el6.rf LEOCHARRE-Dir module for perl linux/noarch
perl-LEOCHARRE-Strings-1.02-1.el6.rf LEOCHARRE-Strings module for perl linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse-0.05-1.2.el6.rf library for enabling X-WSSE authentication in LWP linux/noarch
perl-LWP-UserAgent-Determined-1.04-1.el6.rf Virtual browser that retries errors linux/noarch
perl-LWPx-ParanoidAgent-1.07-1.el6.rf subclass of LWP::UserAgent that protects you from harm linux/i686
perl-Language-Basic-1.44-1.2.el6.rf Interpret BASIC linux/noarch
perl-Language-DATR-DATR2XML-0.901-1.2.el6.rf Manipulate DATR .dtr, XML, HTML, XML linux/noarch
perl-Language-FP-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Think like Jonh Backus wants you to linux/noarch
perl-Language-Functional-0.04-1.el6.rf Makes Perl slightly more functional like Haskell linux/noarch
perl-Language-Indonesia-0.02-1.el6.rf Write Perl program in Bahasa Indonesia linux/noarch
perl-Language-Mumps-1.08-1.el6.rf MUMPS Implementation in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Language-XS-0.02-1.el6.rf Write XS code on the fly and load it dynamically linux/noarch
perl-Lchown-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to use the lchown(2) system call linux/i686
perl-Lemonldap-NG-Common-0.94-1.el6.rf Common files for Lemonldap::NG infrastructure linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Alphabet-Phonetic-0.103-1.el6.rf Map ABC's to phonetic alphabets linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-DE-Wortschatz-1.27-1.el6.rf webservice client linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Gender-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Guesses author's gender by analyzing text linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Infinitive-1.09-1.2.el6.rf Determine the infinitive form of a conjugated word linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-1.891-1.el6.rf Convert singular to plural linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number-1.1-1.el6.rf Perl module to force number of words to singular or plural linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-NameCase-1.15-1.el6.rf Perl module to fix the case of people's names linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-NameParse-1.24-1.el6.rf Manipulate peoples names, titles and initials linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Numbers-Ordinate-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to go from cardinal number (3) to ordinal ("3rd") linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Numericalize-1.52-1.el6.rf Replaces English descriptions of numbers with numerals linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Sentence-0.25-1.2.el6.rf Module for splitting text into sentences linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Syllable-0.251-1.2.el6.rf Routine for estimating syllable count in words linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Han-Cantonese-0.06-1.el6.rf Retrieve the Cantonese(GuangDongHua) of Chinese character(HanZi) linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Han-PinYin-0.14-1.el6.rf Retrieve the Mandarin(PinYin) of Chinese character(HanZi) linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Han-Stroke-0.06-1.el6.rf Retrieve the stroke count of Chinese character linux/i686
perl-Lingua-Han-Utils-0.10-1.el6.rf The utility tools of Chinese character(HanZi) linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-IW-Logical-0.5-1.2.el6.rf Module for working with logical and visual hebrew linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Identify-0.23-1.el6.rf Identify languages linux/i686
perl-Lingua-Ispell-0.07-1.2.el6.rf Encapsulates access to the Ispell program linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-JA-Sort-JIS-0.05-1.el6.rf Compares and sorts strings encoded in UTF-8 linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-NO-Num2Word-0.011-1.2.el6.rf Convert numbers to norwegian textual representation linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-PT-Stemmer-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Galician Stemmer linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Preferred-0.2.4-1.el6.rf Perl module named Lingua-Preferred linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Romana-Perligata-0.50-1.el6.rf Perl in Latin linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Shakespeare-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl in a Shakespeare play linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Stem-0.83-1.el6.rf Stemming of words linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Stem-It-0.02-1.el6.rf Porter's stemming algorithm for Italian linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-0.952-1.el6.rf Perl interface to Snowball stemmers linux/i686
perl-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-Da-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Porters stemming algorithm for Denmark linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-StopWords-0.09-1.el6.rf Stop words for several languages linux/noarch
perl-Linux-LVM-0.14-1.el6.rf Perl module for accessing Logical Volume Manager(LVM) data structures linux/noarch
perl-Linux-stat-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse /proc/stat linux/noarch
perl-List-AllUtils-0.02-1.el6.rf Combines List::Util and List::MoreUtils in one bite-sized package linux/noarch
perl-List-Compare-0.37-1.el6.rf Compare elements of two or more lists linux/noarch
perl-List-Cycle-1.00-1.el6.rf Objects for cycling through a list of values linux/noarch
perl-List-Intersperse-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Intersperse, unsort or disperse a list linux/noarch
perl-List-Member-0.043-1.el6.rf Member function of Prolog linux/noarch
perl-List-Permutor-0.022-1.2.el6.rf Process all of the possible permutations of a list of items linux/noarch
perl-List-Priority-0.02-1.2.el6.rf List that manipulates objects by their priority linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Currency-Format-1.28-1.el6.rf Functions for formatting monetary values linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Hebrew-1.04-1.el6.rf Perl module for bidirectional Hebrew support linux/i686
perl-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy-0.10-1.el6.rf Maketext from already interpolated strings linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon-0.77-1.el6.rf Use other catalog formats in Maketext linux/noarch
perl-Locale-SubCountry-1.41-1.el6.rf Convert state, province, county ... names to/from ISO 3166-2 code linux/noarch
perl-Locale-gettext-1.05-1.el6.rf Internationalization for Perl linux/i686
perl-LockFile-Simple-0.207-1.el6.rf Simple file locking linux/noarch
perl-Log-Agent-0.307-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a logging agent linux/noarch
perl-Log-Common-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Log messages in the httpd access and error log styles linux/noarch
perl-Log-Detect-1.424-1.el6.rf Detect errors in log files linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-2.26-1.el6.rf Dispatches messages to one or more outputs linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-Atom-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Extend Log::Dispatch to allow logging to an Atom feed linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-Config-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Log4j linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate-1.19-1.el6.rf Automatically archive and rotate logfiles linux/noarch
perl-Log-Funlog-0.87-1.el6.rf Log module with some fun linux/noarch
perl-Log-Handler-0.64-1.el6.rf Log messages to several outputs linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-1.26-1.el6.rf Perl port of log4j linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-RRDs-1.26-1.el6.rf Rrdtool support linux/noarch
perl-Log-Logger-1.01-1.2.el6.rf OO interface to user defined logfile linux/noarch
perl-Log-Procmail-0.11-1.2.el6.rf Process procmail logfiles linux/noarch
perl-Log-Report-0.25-1.el6.rf Report a problem, pluggable handlers and language support linux/noarch
perl-Log-Topics-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Control flow of logging messages linux/noarch
perl-Log-Trace-1.070-1.el6.rf provides a unified approach to tracing linux/noarch
perl-Log-TraceMessages-1.4-1.el6.rf Perl module named Log-TraceMessages linux/noarch
perl-Log-Trivial-0.31-1.el6.rf Very simple tool for writing very simple log files linux/noarch
perl-Logfile-0.302-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for generating reports from logfiles linux/noarch
perl-Logger-Syslog-1.1-1.el6.rf Wrapper for syslog linux/noarch
perl-MARC-Charset-1.1-1.el6.rf Perl module to convert MARC-8 encoded strings to UTF-8 linux/noarch
perl-MARC-Record-2.0.0-1.el6.rf Perl module for handling MARC fields linux/noarch
perl-MD5-2.03-1.2.el6.rf Interface to the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-MDV-Packdrakeng-1.13-1.el6.rf Simple Archive Extractor/Builder linux/noarch
perl-MIDI-Perl-0.81-1.2.el6.rf Read, compose, modify, and write MIDI files linux/noarch
perl-MIDI-Pitch-0.7-1.2.el6.rf Convert MIDI pitches, notes and frequencies linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Base32-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module named MIME-Base32 linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Base64-3.13-1.el6.rf Perl module for encoding and decoding of base64 strings linux/i686
perl-MIME-Base64-3.11-1.el6.rf Perl module for encoding and decoding of base64 strings linux/i686
perl-MIME-Base64-3.10-1.el6.rf Perl module for encoding and decoding of base64 strings linux/i686
perl-MIME-Base64-3.09-1.el6.rf Perl module for encoding and decoding of base64 strings linux/i686
perl-MIME-Base64-Perl-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module for encoding and decoding of base64 strings linux/noarch
perl-MIME-EncWords-1.011.1-1.el6.rf Deal with RFC-1522 encoded words linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Lite-TT-0.02-1.el6.rf TT enabled MIME::Lite wrapper linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Lite-TT-HTML-0.04-1.el6.rf Create html mail with MIME::Lite and TT linux/noarch
perl-MKDoc-XML-0.75-1.2.el6.rf MKDoc XML Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-MLDBM-2.01-2.2.el6.rf MLDBM module for perl linux/noarch
perl-MLDBM-Sync-0.30-1.2.el6.rf Safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases linux/noarch
perl-MOP-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Meta-object protocol for Perl modules linux/noarch
perl-MP3-Info-1.24-1.el6.rf Edit MP3 tags linux/noarch
perl-MP3-M3U-Parser-2.24-1.el6.rf MP3 playlist parser linux/noarch
perl-MP4-Info-1.12-1.el6.rf Fetch info from MPEG-4 files linux/noarch
perl-MRO-Compat-0.11-2.el6.rf mro::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5 linux/noarch
perl-Mac-PropertyList-1.33-1.el6.rf Perl module to work with Mac plists at a low level linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Alias-1.12-1.2.el6.rf Direct manipulation of email alias files linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Box-2.093-1.el6.rf E-mail handling linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Box-Parser-C-3.006-1.el6.rf Perl module for parsing folders for MailBox with C routines linux/i686
perl-Mail-Bulkmail-3.12-1.2.el6.rf Platform independent mailing list module linux/noarch
perl-Mail-ClamAV-0.29-1.el6.rf Perl module with bindings for the clamav virus scanner linux/i686
perl-Mail-DomainKeys-1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements DomainKeys linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Field-Received-0.24-1.el6.rf Mostly RFC822-compliant parser of Received headers linux/noarch
perl-Mail-GPG-1.0.6-1.el6.rf Handling of GnuPG encrypted / signed mails linux/noarch
perl-Mail-GnuPG-0.15-1.el6.rf Process email with GPG linux/noarch
perl-Mail-IMAPClient-3.23-1.el6.rf IMAP4 client library linux/noarch
perl-Mail-ListDetector-1.02-1.el6.rf Mailing list message detector linux/noarch
perl-Mail-MboxParser-0.55-1.2.el6.rf Read-only access to UNIX-mailboxes linux/noarch
perl-Mail-POP3Client-2.18-1.el6.rf Talk to a POP3 (RFC1939) server linux/noarch
perl-Mail-RFC822-Address-0.3-1.el6.rf Perl module for validating email addresses according to RFC822 linux/noarch
perl-Mail-SPF-Query-1.999.1-2.el6.rf Query a Sender Policy Framework linux/noarch
perl-Mail-SRS-0.31-1.el6.rf Interface to Sender Rewriting Scheme linux/noarch
perl-Mail-SendVarious-0.3-1.el6.rf Send mail via STMP and sendmail linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Sender-0.8.16-1.el6.rf Module for sending mails with attachments linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Sendmail-0.79-1.2.el6.rf Simple platform independent mailer linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Transport-Dbx-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse Outlook Express mailboxes linux/i686
perl-Make-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Module for processing makefiles linux/noarch
perl-Math-Amoeba-0.05-1.el6.rf Multidimensional Function Minimisation linux/noarch
perl-Math-Approx-0.220-1.2.el6.rf Interpolation with plain polynomials linux/noarch
perl-Math-Base36-0.07-1.el6.rf Encoding and decoding of base36 strings linux/noarch
perl-Math-Base85-0.2-1.2.el6.rf Base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 1924 linux/noarch
perl-Math-BaseArith-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Mixed-base number representation linux/noarch
perl-Math-BaseCalc-1.013-1.el6.rf Convert numbers between various bases linux/noarch
perl-Math-Bezier-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Solution of Bezier Curves linux/noarch
perl-Math-Bezier-Convert-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Convert cubic and quadratic bezier each other linux/noarch
perl-Math-BigInt-1.89-1.el6.rf Arbitrary size integer/float math package linux/noarch
perl-Math-BigInt-GMP-1.24-1.el6.rf Use the GMP library for Math::BigInt routines linux/i686
perl-Math-BigInt-Pari-1.13-1.el6.rf Use Math::Pari for Math::BigInt routines linux/noarch
perl-Math-BigInteger-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Deprecated Arbitrary length integer extension linux/i686
perl-Math-BigRat-0.24-1.el6.rf Arbitrary big rational numbers linux/noarch
perl-Math-BooleanEval-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Boolean expression parser linux/noarch
perl-Math-Brent-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Single Dimensional Function Minimisation linux/noarch
perl-Math-Business-BlackScholes-1.01-1.el6.rf Black-Scholes option price model functions linux/noarch
perl-Math-Business-EMA-1.08-1.2.el6.rf Calculate EMAs linux/noarch
perl-Math-Business-MACD-1.10-1.2.el6.rf Calculate MACDs linux/noarch
perl-Math-Business-SMA-0.99-1.2.el6.rf Calculate simple moving averages linux/noarch
perl-Math-CDF-0.1-1.2.el6.rf Generate probabilities and quantiles from probability functions linux/i686
perl-Math-Calc-Euro-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Convert between EUR and the old currencies linux/noarch
perl-Math-Calc-Units-1.07-1.el6.rf Human-readable unit-aware calculator linux/noarch
perl-Math-Combinatorics-0.09-1.el6.rf unknown linux/noarch
perl-Math-Counting-0.0801-1.el6.rf Combinatorial counting operations linux/noarch
perl-Math-Currency-0.46-1.el6.rf Exact Currency Math with Formatting and Rounding linux/noarch
perl-Math-Derivative-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation linux/noarch
perl-Math-ErrorPropagation-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Computes the error of a function of statistical data linux/noarch
perl-Math-Evol-1.10-1.el6.rf Evolution search optimisation linux/noarch
perl-Math-Expr-0.4-1.el6.rf Parses mathematical expressions linux/noarch
perl-Math-Fibonacci-1.5-1.2.el6.rf Fibonacci numbers linux/noarch
perl-Math-Fibonacci-Phi-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl extension for calculating Phi and phi for Fibonacci numbers. linux/noarch
perl-Math-Financial-0.76-1.2.el6.rf Calculates figures relating to loans and annuities linux/noarch
perl-Math-Fleximal-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Integers with flexible representations linux/noarch
perl-Math-Fortran-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl implimentations of Fortrans sign and log10 linux/noarch
perl-Math-Geometry-GPC-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Perl wrapper for Alan Murta's gpc library linux/i686
perl-Math-Geometry-Planar-1.17-1.el6.rf Collection of planar geometry functions linux/noarch
perl-Math-Geometry-Planar-GPC-1.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a wrapper for Alan Murta's gpc library linux/i686
perl-Math-Geometry-Planar-Offset-1.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to calculate offset polygons linux/noarch
perl-Math-Gsl-0.08-2.el6.rf Interface to The GNU Scientific Library linux/i686
perl-Math-Integral-Romberg-0.04-1.el6.rf Scalar numerical integration linux/noarch
perl-Math-Interpolate-1.05-1.2.el6.rf Interpolate values linux/noarch
perl-Math-LinearCombination-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Sum of variables with a numerical coefficient linux/noarch
perl-Math-MagicSquare-2.04-1.2.el6.rf Magic Square Checker and Designer linux/noarch
perl-Math-Matrix-0.5-1.el6.rf Multiply and invert Matrices linux/noarch
perl-Math-MatrixReal-2.05-1.el6.rf Manipulate NxN matrices of real numbers linux/noarch
perl-Math-PRSG-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Interface to pseudo random sequence generator function linux/i686
perl-Math-Pari-2.01080603-1.el6.rf Perl interface to PARI linux/i686
perl-Math-Prime-XS-0.20-1.el6.rf Calculate/detect prime numbers with deterministic tests linux/i686
perl-Math-Random-0.71-1.el6.rf Random number generators linux/i686
perl-Math-Random-Cauchy-0.02-1.el6.rf Random numbers following a Cauchy PDF linux/noarch
perl-Math-Random-MT-Auto-6.14-1.el6.rf Auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs linux/i686
perl-Math-Round-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl extension for rounding numbers linux/i686
perl-Math-RungeKutta-1.05-1.el6.rf Algorithms for numerical integration linux/noarch
perl-Math-SimpleVariable-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Simple representation of mathematical variables linux/noarch
perl-Math-Spline-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Cubic Spline Interpolation of data linux/noarch
perl-Math-Units-1.3-1.el6.rf Unit conversion linux/noarch
perl-Math-Vec-1.01-1.el6.rf Object-Oriented Vector Math Methods in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Math-VecStat-0.08-1.2.el6.rf Some basic numeric stats on vectors linux/noarch
perl-Math-VectorReal-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Module to handle 3D Vector Mathematics linux/i686
perl-Memcached-libmemcached-0.3102-1.el6.rf Thin fast full interface to the libmemcached client API linux/i686
perl-MersenneTwister-1.0.1-1.el6.rf Perl extension for a Mersenne Twister PRGN implementation with context linux/i686
perl-Metadata-0.24-1.2.el6.rf Metadata linux/noarch
perl-Modem-Vgetty-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Interface to vgetty linux/noarch
perl-Module-Build-Convert-0.49-1.el6.rf Makefile.PL to Build.PL converter linux/noarch
perl-Module-Compile-0.20-1.el6.rf Perl Module Compilation linux/noarch
perl-Module-Depends-0.14-1.el6.rf Identify the dependencies of a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Module-Extract-0.01-1.el6.rf Base class for creating modules linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-CustomInstallationPath-0.1040-1.el6.rf Module::Install extension that allows the user to interactively specify custom installation directories linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-GetProgramLocations-0.3003-1.el6.rf Module::Install extension for specifying the location of other programs linux/noarch
perl-Module-Locate-1.7-1.el6.rf Perl module to locate modules in the same fashion as require and use linux/noarch
perl-Module-Manifest-0.07-1.el6.rf Parse and examine a Perl distribution MANIFEST file linux/noarch
perl-Module-Math-Depends-0.02-1.el6.rf Convenience object for manipulating module dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Module-Pluggable-Fast-0.18-1.2.el6.rf Fast plugins with instantiation linux/noarch
perl-Module-Pluggable-Ordered-1.5-1.el6.rf Call module plugins in a specified order linux/noarch
perl-Module-Refresh-0.13-1.el6.rf Refresh %INC files when updated on disk linux/noarch
perl-Module-Reload-1.07-1.2.el6.rf Reload %INC files when updated on disk linux/noarch
perl-Module-Signature-0.66-1.el6.rf Check and create SIGNATURE files for CPAN distributions linux/noarch
perl-Module-Util-1.07-1.el6.rf Module name tools and transformations linux/noarch
perl-Module-Versions-Report-1.06-1.el6.rf Report versions of all modules in memory linux/noarch
perl-Mon-0.11-2.2.el6.rf Mon module for perl linux/noarch
perl-MongoDB-0.45-1.el6.rf Perl driver for MongoDB, a document-oriented database linux/i686
perl-MongoDBx-Class-0.91-1.el6.rf flexible object relational mapper (ORM) for MongoDB databases linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-POE-0.205-1.el6.rf The Illicit Love Child of Moose and POE linux/noarch
perl-Mouse-0.40-2.el6.rf Moose minus the antlers linux/noarch
perl-Msgcat-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Support for XPG4 message catalog functions linux/i686
perl-MusicBrainz-Client-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the MusicBrainz Client API linux/i686
perl-MusicBrainz-Queries-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements MusicBrainz RDF Query Constants linux/i686
perl-MySQL-Config-1.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse and utilize MySQL's /etc/my.cnf and ~/.my.cnf files linux/noarch
perl-NTLM-1.05-1.el6.rf Extension for NTLM related computations linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-Object-0.21.12-1.el6.rf Nagios::Object - Nagios object configuration parsing linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-Plugin-0.35-2.el6.rf Family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-Plugin-0.35-1.el6.rf Family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-Plugin-0.33-1.el6.rf Family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios linux/noarch
perl-Net-AIM-1.22-1.el6.rf Perl module for AOL Instant Messenger TOC protocol linux/noarch
perl-Net-ARP-1.0.6-1.el6.rf Create and send ARP packets linux/i686
perl-Net-Address-IPv4-Local-0.12-1.el6.rf A class for discovering the local system's IP address linux/noarch
perl-Net-Amazon-Config-0.001-1.el6.rf Manage Amazon Web Services credentials linux/noarch
perl-Net-Amazon-Route53-0.111300-1.el6.rf Interface to Amazon's Route 53 linux/noarch
perl-Net-Amazon-Route53-0.110310-1.el6.rf Interface to Amazon's Route 53 linux/noarch
perl-Net-Appliance-Phrasebook-1.8-1.el6.rf Network appliance command-line phrasebook linux/noarch
perl-Net-Appliance-Session-1.36-1.el6.rf Run command-line sessions to network appliances linux/noarch
perl-Net-Blogger-1.02-1.el6.rf OOP-ish interface for accessing a weblog via the Blogger XML-RPC API linux/noarch
perl-Net-Bonjour-0.96-1.el6.rf mDNS or Bonjour support for service discovery linux/noarch
perl-Net-CIDR-0.13-1.el6.rf Manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation linux/noarch
perl-Net-CIDR-Lite-0.20-1.2.el6.rf Merge IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-CUPS-0.61-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a Common Unix Printing System Interface linux/i686
perl-Net-DAAP-Client-0.42-1.2.el6.rf Client for Apple iTunes DAAP service linux/noarch
perl-Net-DAAP-DMAP-1.26-1.2.el6.rf Perl module for reading and writing DAAP structures linux/noarch
perl-Net-DAAP-Server-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Provide a DAAP Server linux/noarch
perl-Net-DAV-Server-1.29-1.el6.rf Provides a DAV Server linux/noarch
perl-Net-DBus-0.33.6-1.el6.rf Perl module with bindings for the DBus message system linux/i686
perl-Net-DMAP-Server-0.05-1.el6.rf Base class for D[A-Z]AP servers linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-Codes-0.09-1.el6.rf Collection of C library DNS codes linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable-0.003-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-SEC-0.15-1.el6.rf Support for DNS Resource Record linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-ToolKit-0.42-1.el6.rf Routines to pick apart, examine and put together DNS packets linux/i686
perl-Net-DNS-ZoneFile-Fast-1.12-1.el6.rf Parse BIND zone files linux/noarch
perl-Net-DPAP-Client-0.26-1.el6.rf Connect to iPhoto shares (DPAP) linux/noarch
perl-Net-DPAP-Server-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Provide a DPAP Server linux/noarch
perl-Net-Daemon-0.43-1.el6.rf Perl extension for portable daemons linux/noarch
perl-Net-Delicious-1.13-1.el6.rf OOP for the API linux/noarch
perl-Net-Dict-2.07-1.el6.rf Perl module named Net-Dict linux/noarch
perl-Net-Domain-TLD-1.68-1.el6.rf Retrieve currently available tld names and descriptions linux/noarch
perl-Net-FTP-AutoReconnect-0.3-1.el6.rf FTP client class with automatic reconnect on failure linux/noarch
perl-Net-FTP-RetrHandle-0.2-1.el6.rf Tied or IO::Handle-compatible interface to a file retrieved by FTP linux/noarch
perl-Net-Finger-1.06-1.2.el6.rf Finger client linux/noarch
perl-Net-Frame-1.06-1.el6.rf the base framework for frame crafting linux/noarch
perl-Net-GPSD-0.37-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides an object client interface to the gpsd server daemon linux/noarch
perl-Net-Google-1.0.1-1.el6.rf Interface to the Google SOAP API linux/noarch
perl-Net-Google-AuthSub-0.5-1.el6.rf interact with sites that implement Google style AuthSub linux/noarch
perl-Net-Google-Calendar-0.97-1.el6.rf Programmatic access to Google's Calendar API linux/noarch
perl-Net-Google-GData-0.01-1.el6.rf Handle basic communication with Google services linux/noarch
perl-Net-Growl-0.99-1.el6.rf Growl Notifications over the network linux/noarch
perl-Net-Hotline-0.83-1.2.el6.rf Hotline internet client linux/noarch
perl-Net-ICQ-0.16-1.2.el6.rf Pure Perl interface to an ICQ server linux/noarch
perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-1.1910-1.el6.rf Perl extension for simple IMAP account handling linux/noarch
perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL-1.3-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements SSL support for Net::IMAP::Simple linux/noarch
perl-Net-IP-CMatch-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges with C linux/i686
perl-Net-IPv4Addr-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-IPv6Addr-0.2-1.el6.rf Check validity of IPv6 addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-Ident-1.23-1.el6.rf Lookup the username on the remote end of a TCP/IP connection linux/noarch
perl-Net-Ifconfig-Wrapper-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides a unified way to configure network interfaces linux/noarch
perl-Net-Interface-1.011-1.el6.rf Access network interfaces linux/i686
perl-Net-Libdnet-0.92-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an interface to libdnet linux/i686
perl-Net-Lite-XMMP-0.02-1.2.el6.rf XMMP client linux/noarch
perl-Net-MAC-1.5-1.el6.rf Perl extension for representing and manipulating MAC addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-MAC-Vendor-1.18-1.el6.rf Lookup the vendor for a MAC address linux/noarch
perl-Net-NBName-0.26-1.el6.rf NetBIOS Name Service Requests linux/noarch
perl-Net-NIS-0.43-1.el6.rf Interface to Sun's Network Information Service linux/i686
perl-Net-Nessus-XMLRPC-0.30-1.el6.rf Communicate with Nessus scanner(v4.2+) via XMLRPC linux/noarch
perl-Net-Netmask-1.9015-1.el6.rf Parse, manipulate and lookup IP network blocks linux/noarch
perl-Net-OAuth-0.20-1.el6.rf An implementation of the OAuth protocol linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenID-Consumer-1.03-2.el6.rf library for consumers of OpenID identities linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenID-Server-1.02-1.el6.rf library for building your own OpenID server linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenSSH-0.52-1.el6.rf Perl module named Net-OpenSSH linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenSSH-0.36-1.el6.rf Perl module named Net-OpenSSH linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenSSH-Parallel-0.11-1.el6.rf Run SSH jobs in parallel. linux/noarch
perl-Net-PH-2.21-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a CCSO Nameserver Client class linux/noarch
perl-Net-Packet-Target-1.01-1.el6.rf an object for all network related stuff linux/noarch
perl-Net-Patricia-1.15-1.el6.rf Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups linux/i686
perl-Net-Pcap-0.16-1.el6.rf Interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library linux/i686
perl-Net-PcapUtils-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Utility routines for Net::Pcap module linux/noarch
perl-Net-Ping-2.36-1.el6.rf Perl module to check a remote host for reachability linux/noarch
perl-Net-Ping-External-0.13-1.el6.rf Cross-platform interface to ICMP "ping" utilities linux/noarch
perl-Net-RBLClient-0.5-1.el6.rf Queries multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists in parallel linux/noarch
perl-Net-Radius-1.56-1.el6.rf Object-oriented Perl interface to RADIUS linux/noarch
perl-Net-RawIP-0.25-1.el6.rf Manipulate raw ip packets with interface to libpcap linux/i686
perl-Net-Rendezvous-Publish-0.04-2.el6.rf Publish Rendezvous services linux/noarch
perl-Net-Rexec-0.12-1.2.el6.rf REXEC client linux/noarch
perl-Net-Rsh-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a client for Rsh protocol linux/noarch
perl-Net-SCP-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a secure copy protocol linux/noarch
perl-Net-SCP-Expect-0.16-1.el6.rf Perl module to wrap scp to allow passwords via Expect linux/noarch
perl-Net-SDP-0.07-1.el6.rf Session Description Protocol (rfc2327) linux/noarch
perl-Net-SFTP-0.10-1.el6.rf Secure File Transfer Protocol client linux/noarch
perl-Net-SFTP-Foreign-1.55-1.el6.rf SSH File Transfer Protocol client linux/noarch
perl-Net-SIP-0.56-1.el6.rf Framework for SIP and Voice Over IP linux/noarch
perl-Net-SMPP-1.12-1.el6.rf Pure Perl implementation of SMPP 3.4 over TCP linux/noarch
perl-Net-SMTP-Multipart-1.5.4-1.el6.rf SMTP Multipart messages linux/noarch
perl-Net-SMTP-TLS-0.12-1.el6.rf SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH linux/noarch
perl-Net-SMTP_auth-0.08-1.el6.rf SMTP_AUTH wrapper for Net::SMTP linux/noarch
perl-Net-SNMP-5.2.0-1.2.el6.rf Net-SNMP Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Net-SNMP-HostInfo-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Access the IP statistics of a MIB-II host linux/noarch
perl-Net-SNPP-1.17-1.2.el6.rf Perl Simple Network Pager Protocol Client linux/noarch
perl-Net-SSH-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl extension for secure shell linux/noarch
perl-Net-SSH-Perl-1.34-1.el6.rf Perl client interface to SSH linux/noarch
perl-Net-SSH2-0.31-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements support for the SSH 2 protocol via libSSH2 linux/i686
perl-Net-SenderBase-1.01-1.el6.rf Query the senderbase service linux/noarch
perl-Net-Server-0.99-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an extensible, general Perl server engine linux/noarch
perl-Net-Server-Mail-0.17-1.el6.rf Perl module named Net-Server-Mail linux/noarch
perl-Net-Stomp-0.34-1.el6.rf A Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol Client linux/noarch
perl-Net-TFTP-0.17-1.el6.rf TFTP Client class linux/noarch
perl-Net-TcpDumpLog-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module to read tcpdump/libpcap network packet logs linux/noarch
perl-Net-Telnet-Cisco-1.10-1.2.el6.rf Automate Cisco router management linux/noarch
perl-Net-UPnP-1.41-1.el6.rf Extension for UPnP linux/noarch
perl-Net-Wake-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Send packets to power on computers linux/noarch
perl-Net-Whois-1.9-1.2.el6.rf Get and parse whois domain data from InterNIC linux/noarch
perl-Net-Whois-IP-1.04-1.el6.rf Lookup the whois information for ipaddresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-Whois-Raw-2.14-1.el6.rf Get Whois information for domains linux/noarch
perl-Net-WhoisNG-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl extension for whois lookup and parsing linux/noarch
perl-Net-WhoisNG-Person-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for Net::WhoisNG::Person linux/noarch
perl-Net-XWhois-0.90-1.2.el6.rf Whois Client Interface linux/noarch
perl-Net-ext-1.011-1.2.el6.rf Generic sockets interface handling linux/i686
perl-Net-iTMS-0.15-1.el6.rf Interface to the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) linux/noarch
perl-NetPacket-1.1.1-1.el6.rf Assemble and dissassemble network packets linux/noarch
perl-NetPacket-0.42.0-1.el6.rf Assemble and dissassemble network packets linux/noarch
perl-NetPacket-0.41.1-1.el6.rf Assemble and dissassemble network packets linux/noarch
perl-NetServer-Generic-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Interface for developing internet servers linux/noarch
perl-NetServer-SMTP-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Minimal SMTP server linux/noarch
perl-News-Article-1.27-1.2.el6.rf Object for handling Usenet articles in mail or news form linux/noarch
perl-News-Newsrc-1.09-1.el6.rf Manage newsrc files linux/noarch
perl-News-Scan-0.53-1.2.el6.rf Gather and report Usenet newsgroup statistics linux/noarch
perl-Nmap-Parser-1.19-2.el6.rf Perl module to parse nmap scan data linux/noarch
perl-No-Die-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Don't let modules die linux/noarch
perl-Normalize-0.31-1.el6.rf normalize scores between 0 and 1 linux/noarch
perl-Number-Fraction-1.12-1.el6.rf Perl extension to model fractions linux/noarch
perl-Number-RecordLocator-0.005-1.el6.rf Encodes integers into a short and easy to read and pronounce "locator string" linux/noarch
perl-Number-Spell-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Extension for spelling out numbers linux/noarch
perl-OLE-Storage_Lite-0.19-1.el6.rf Read and write OLE storage files linux/noarch
perl-OODoc-1.05-1.el6.rf Creates code related documentation linux/noarch
perl-OODoc-Template-0.14-1.el6.rf Simple template system linux/noarch
perl-OOPS-0.2004-1.el6.rf Object Oriented Persistent Store linux/noarch
perl-OOTools-2.21-1.el6.rf Collection of pragmas to create constructors and lvalues linux/noarch
perl-OWNet-1.8-1.el6.rf Light weight access to owserver linux/noarch
perl-Object-Array-0.060-1.el6.rf array references with accessors linux/noarch
perl-Object-Declare-0.22-1.el6.rf Declarative object constructor linux/noarch
perl-Object-InsideOut-3.58-1.el6.rf Comprehensive inside-out object support module linux/noarch
perl-Object-Persistence-0.92-1.el6.rf Object Persistence with Data::Dumper linux/noarch
perl-Object-Realize-Later-0.18-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements delayed creation of objects linux/noarch
perl-Object-Signature-1.05-1.el6.rf Generate cryptographic signatures for objects linux/noarch
perl-Object-Tiny-1.06-1.el6.rf Class building as simple as it gets linux/noarch
perl-OpenFrame-3.05-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a framework for network enabled applications linux/noarch
perl-OpenGL-Simple-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Interface to OpenGL linux/i686
perl-Opsview-StatusAPI-0.01-1.el6.rf Module to help you query the Opsview Status API linux/noarch
perl-P5NCI-0.31-1.el6.rf Perl extension for loading shared libraries and their functions linux/i686
perl-PDF-API2-0.73-1.el6.rf Perl module to faciliate creating and modifying PDF files linux/noarch
perl-PDF-FDF-Simple-0.21-1.el6.rf Read and write (Acrobat) FDF files linux/noarch
perl-PDL-2.4.10-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the Perl Data Language linux/i686
perl-PDL-2.4.4-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the Perl Data Language linux/i686
perl-PHP-Perlinfo-0.08-3.el6.rf Clone of PHP's phpinfo function for Perl linux/noarch
perl-PHP-Serialization-0.33-1.el6.rf Convert PHP's serialize() output into Perl memory structure, and back. linux/noarch
perl-PLP-3.23-1.el6.rf Perl in HTML pages linux/noarch
perl-POE-1.299-1.el6.rf Portable multitasking and networking framework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-POE-1.284-1.el6.rf Portable multitasking and networking framework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-CPAN-YACSmoke-1.36-1.el6.rf Bringing the power of POE to CPAN smoke testing linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Child-1.39-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a child management component linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-Ident-1.16-1.el6.rf Component that provides non-blocking ident lookups to your sessions linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-LDAP-0.04-1.el6.rf subclass of Net::LDAP which uses POE to speak via sockets in async mode. linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-Pastebot-1.12-1.el6.rf Interact with Bot::Pastebot web services from POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-SMTP-0.22-1.el6.rf Asynchronous mail sending with POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-DBIAgent-0.26-1.el6.rf Perl module for running asynchronous DBI calls linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-IRC-Service-0.994-1.el6.rf Event driven IRC Services module for POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-JobQueue-0.570-1.el6.rf Handle large numbers of tasks with finite numbers of workers. linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Logger-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module implements a POE logging class linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Pluggable-1.24-1.el6.rf Base class for creating plugin enabled POE Components linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SNMP-1.10.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a POE interface to Net::SNMP linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SSLify-0.15-1.el6.rf Use SSL in POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Chargen-1.14-1.el6.rf POE component that implements an RFC 864 Chargen server linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-DNS-0.20-1.el6.rf Non-blocking, concurrent DNS server component linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Daytime-1.14-1.el6.rf POE component implementing a RFC 865 Daytime server linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Discard-1.14-1.el6.rf POE component that implements a RFC 863 Discard server linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Echo-1.64-1.el6.rf POE component that implements an RFC 862 Echo server linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-HTTP-0.09-1.el6.rf Foundation of a POE HTTP Daemon linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Ident-1.16-1.el6.rf POE component that provides non-blocking ident services to your sessions linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Qotd-1.14-1.el6.rf POE component that implements an RFC 865 QotD server linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-SOAP-1.14-1.el6.rf Publish POE event handlers via SOAP over HTTP linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Syslog-1.18-1.el6.rf Syslog services for POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Time-1.14-1.el6.rf POE component that implements an RFC 868 Time server linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-XMLRPC-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to publish POE event handlers via XMLRPC over HTTP linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SimpleDBI-1.27-1.el6.rf Asynchronous non-blocking DBI calls in POE made simple linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SimpleLog-1.05-1.el6.rf Manage a simple logging system for POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-WWW-Shorten-1.18-1.el6.rf Non-blocking POE wrapper around WWW::Shorten linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-Bzip2-1.58-1.el6.rf POE filter wrapped around Compress::Bzip2 linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-CSV-1.16-1.el6.rf POE-based parser for CSV based files linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-FSSocket-0.07-1.el6.rf POE filter that parses FreeSWITCH events into hashes linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-IRCD-2.42-1.el6.rf POE filter for the IRC protocol linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-LZF-1.70-1.el6.rf POE filter wrapped around Compress::LZF linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-LZO-1.70-1.el6.rf POE filter wrapped around Compress::LZO linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-Log-IPTables-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Filter for processing IPtables logs linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-Transparent-SMTP-0.2-1.el6.rf Make SMTP transparency a breeze :) linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-Zlib-2.02-1.el6.rf POE filter wrapped around Compress::Zlib linux/noarch
perl-POE-Session-Cascading-1.04-1.el6.rf Stack-like POE sessions linux/noarch
perl-POE-Test-Loops-1.031-1.el6.rf Perl module named POE-Test-Loops linux/noarch
perl-POE-Wheel-Null-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a POE Wheel that does put()s data nowhere, and sends nothing linux/noarch
perl-PTools-0.02-1.el6.rf Tools for Perl Tool Developers linux/i686
perl-Package-DeprecationManager-0.10-1.el6.rf Manage deprecation warnings for your distribution linux/noarch
perl-Package-Stash-0.33-1.el6.rf Routines for manipulating stashes linux/noarch
perl-Pango-1.221-1.el6.rf Layout and render international text linux/i686
perl-Paper-Specs-0.10-1.el6.rf Specifications of paper stock, labels and other print media linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-ForkManager-0.7.5-2.2.el6.rf Simple parallel processing fork manager linux/noarch
perl-Params-Coerce-0.14-1.el6.rf Allows your classes to do coercion of parameters linux/noarch
perl-Parse-CPAN-Packages-2.31-1.el6.rf Parse 02packages.details.txt.gz linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Dia-SQL-0.14-1.el6.rf Convert Dia class diagrams into SQL linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Eyapp-1.156-1.el6.rf Extensions for Parse::Yapp linux/noarch
perl-Parse-FixedLength-5.37-1.2.el6.rf Parse an ascii string containing fixed length fields into component parts linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Syslog-1.10-1.el6.rf Parse Unix syslog files linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Syslog-Mail-0.17-1.el6.rf Parse mailer logs from syslog linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Win32Registry-0.60-1.el6.rf Parse Windows Registry Files linux/noarch
perl-PatchReader-0.9.5-2.2.el6.rf Utilities to read and manipulate patches and CVS linux/noarch
perl-Path-Abstract-0.096-1.el6.rf Fast and featureful UNIX-style path parsing and manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Path-Class-0.18-1.el6.rf Cross-platform path specification manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Path-Class-File-Stat-0.02-1.el6.rf Cache and compare stat() calls on a Path::Class::File object linux/noarch
perl-PathTools-3.30-1.el6.rf Tools for working with paths and file specs across platforms linux/i686
perl-Paw-0.54-1.el6.rf Perl module named Paw linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Version-1.009-1.el6.rf Parse and manipulate Perl version strings linux/noarch
perl-Perl6-Bible-0.37-1.el6.rf Perl 6 Design Documentations linux/noarch
perl-Perl6-Export-0.07-2.el6.rf Implements the Perl 6 is export trait linux/noarch
perl-Perl6-Junction-1.40000-1.el6.rf Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5 linux/noarch
perl-Perl6-Slurp-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Implements the Perl 6 'slurp' built-in linux/noarch
perl-PerlIO-eol-0.14-1.el6.rf PerlIO layer for normalizing line endings linux/i686
perl-PerlIO-gzip-0.18-1.el6.rf PerlIO layer to gzip and gunzip linux/i686
perl-PerlIO-via-dynamic-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements dynamic PerlIO layers linux/noarch
perl-PerlIO-via-symlink-0.05-1.el6.rf PerlIO layer for symlinks linux/noarch
perl-Pipeline-3.12-1.el6.rf Perl module named Pipeline linux/noarch
perl-PlRPC-0.2020-1.el6.rf Perl extension for writing PlRPC servers and clients linux/noarch
perl-Plack-Middleware-Test-StashWarnings-0.06-1.el6.rf Test a Plack application's warnings linux/noarch
perl-Plucene-1.25-1.el6.rf Perl port of the Lucene search engine linux/noarch
perl-Pod-DocBook-1.2-1.2.el6.rf Convert Pod data to DocBook SGML linux/noarch
perl-Pod-MultiLang-0.14-1.el6.rf Multiple languages in Pod linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Perldoc-ToToc-1.09-1.el6.rf Turn one or more Pod files into a table of contents linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Readme-0.11-1.el6.rf Convert POD to README file linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Readme-0.09-1.el6.rf Convert POD to README file linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Strip-1.02-1.el6.rf Remove POD from Perl code linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Tests-1.19-1.el6.rf Perl module named Pod-Tests linux/noarch
perl-Pod-ToDemo-1.01-1.el6.rf Writes a demo program from a tutorial POD linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Usage-CGI-1.010-1.2.el6.rf Generates usage message for CGI scripts linux/noarch
perl-Pod-XML-0.99-1.el6.rf Converts POD to XML linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Xhtml-1.59-1.el6.rf Generate well-formed XHTML documents from POD format documentation linux/noarch
perl-Podcast-Publisher-0.51-1.el6.rf Manages RSS files and podcasts linux/noarch
perl-PostScript-0.06-1.2.el6.rf PostScript extension linux/noarch
perl-PostScript-EPSF-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Include external EPSF files linux/noarch
perl-PostScript-Font-1.10-1.2.el6.rf PostScript font functions linux/noarch
perl-PostScript-Simple-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl module to produce PostScript files linux/noarch
perl-Privileges-Drop-1.01-1.el6.rf make it simple to drop process privileges linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Background-1.10-1.el6.rf Generic interface to background process management linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Daemon-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Run a perl program as a daemon process linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Forkfunc-96.042201-1.2.el6.rf Wrapper for fork linux/noarch
perl-Proc-PID_File-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to check whether a self process is already running linux/noarch
perl-Proc-PidUtil-0.08-1.el6.rf PID file management utilities linux/noarch
perl-Proc-ProcessTable-0.45-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the UNIX process table linux/i686
perl-Proc-Queue-1.23-1.el6.rf Limit the number of forked processes that run concurrently linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Simple-1.26-1.el6.rf Launch and control background processes linux/i686
perl-Proc-SyncExec-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Spawn processes but report exec() errors linux/noarch
perl-Proc-UID-0.05-1.el6.rf Manipulate a variety of UID and GID settings linux/i686
perl-Proc-WaitStat-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Interpret and act on wait() status values linux/noarch
perl-ProjectBuilder-0.9.10-1.el6.rf Perl module providing multi-OSes (Linux/Solaris/...) Continuous Packaging linux/noarch
perl-Pugs-Compiler-Rule-0.37-1.el6.rf Compiler for Perl 6 regexes linux/noarch
perl-Python-Bytecode-2.7-1.2.el6.rf Disassemble and investigate Python bytecode linux/noarch
perl-QWizard-3.15-1.el6.rf Perl module to display questions and act on the answers linux/noarch
perl-Qmail-Control-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module for interfacing with Qmail's control files linux/noarch
perl-Qmail-Envelope-0.53-1.el6.rf Perl module to modify qmail envelope strings linux/noarch
perl-Qmail-Mysql-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module for mysql database used by qmail-mysql linux/noarch
perl-Qpsmtpd-Plugin-Quarantine-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to filter outbound email to prevent blacklisting linux/noarch
perl-Qtk-QuickTk-0.90-1.el6.rf Perl module named Qtk-QuickTk linux/noarch
perl-Qualys-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to connect to the Qualys scanner API linux/noarch
perl-Quantum-ClebschGordan-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to calculate/list Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients linux/noarch
perl-Quantum-Entanglement-0.32-1.2.el6.rf QM entanglement of variables in perl linux/noarch
perl-Quantum-Superpositions-2.02-1.2.el6.rf QM-like superpositions in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Quantum-Usrn-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module to calculate square root of not linux/noarch
perl-Querylet-0.324-1.el6.rf Perl module to do simplified queries for the non-programmer linux/noarch
perl-Querylet-CGI-0.142-1.el6.rf Perl module to turn a querylet into a web application linux/noarch
perl-Querylet-Output-Excel-OLE-0.142-1.el6.rf Perl module to output query results to Excel via OLE linux/noarch
perl-Querylet-Output-Excel-XLS-0.132-1.el6.rf perl module to output querylet results to an Excel file linux/noarch
perl-Querylet-Output-Text-0.112-1.el6.rf Perl module to output querylet results to text tables linux/noarch
perl-Queue-Base-1.1-1.el6.rf Perl module named Queue-Base linux/noarch
perl-Queue-Dir-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to manage queue directories where each object is a file linux/noarch
perl-Quilt-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module named Quilt linux/noarch
perl-Quine-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module for creating quines linux/noarch
perl-Quota-OO-0.0.1-1.el6.rf Perl module for Object Oriented Quota Management and reporting linux/noarch
perl-RADIUS-1.0-1.2.el6.rf RADIUS dictionary parser and interface to RADIUS packets linux/noarch
perl-RADIUS-UserFile-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Extension for manipulating a RADIUS users file linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Query-Client-0.103-1.el6.rf get data from W3C SPARQL Protocol 1.0 servers linux/noarch
perl-RDF-RDFa-Parser-1.093-1.el6.rf flexible RDFa parser linux/noarch
perl-RDFStore-0.51-1.el6.rf Perl module to store and query RDF graphs linux/i686
perl-RPC-XML-0.71-1.el6.rf Data, client and server classes for XML-RPC linux/noarch
perl-RPM-Payload-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl module for in-memory access to an RPM cpio archive linux/noarch
perl-RPM-Perlonly-1.0.1-1.2.el6.rf Perl only implementaion of a RPM header reader linux/noarch
perl-RPM-Specfile-1.51-1.el6.rf Perl module for creating rpm packages of other perl modules linux/noarch
perl-RRD-Simple-1.44-1.el6.rf Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files linux/noarch
perl-RT-Extension-MobileUI-0.97-1.el6.rf A phone friendly web interface for RT linux/noarch
perl-RTSP-Lite-0.1-1.el6.rf Lightweight RTSP implementation linux/noarch
perl-RadiusPerl-0.15-1.el6.rf Provide simple Radius client facilities linux/noarch
perl-Razor-Agent-2.85-1.el6.rf perl-Razor Perl module linux/i686
perl-Razor-Agent-2.84-1.el6.rf perl-Razor Perl module linux/i686
perl-Rcs-1.05-1.2.el6.rf Perl Object Class for Revision Control System (RCS) linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Assemble-0.34-1.el6.rf Create Regular expressions linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Common-2010010201-2.el6.rf Provide commonly requested regular expressions linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Common-net-CIDR-0.02-1.el6.rf Provide patterns for CDIR blocks linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-English-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Create regular expressions more verbosely linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Ignore-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Let us ignore unwanted parts, while parsing text linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Optimizer-0.15-1.el6.rf Perl module to build regular expressions out of a list of words linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Parser-0.20-3.el6.rf Perl module named Regexp-Parser linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Shellish-0.93-1.2.el6.rf Shell-like regular expressions linux/noarch
perl-Religion-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Generate tracebacks and create and install die() and warn() handlers linux/noarch
perl-Resources-1.04-1.2.el6.rf Handling application defaults linux/noarch
perl-Return-Value-1.666.001-1.el6.rf Polymorphic return values linux/noarch
perl-SNMP-Multi-2.1-1.el6.rf Perform SNMP operations on multiple hosts simultaneously linux/noarch
perl-SNMP-NPAdmin-1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module named SNMP-NPAdmin linux/noarch
perl-SNMP-Simple-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Shortcuts for SNMP linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-Clean-0.02-2.2.el6.rf Simply deploy SOAP clients and servers linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-DateTime-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Support for converting dates to xsd:dateTime format linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-WSDL-2.00.10-1.el6.rf SOAP with WSDL support linux/noarch
perl-SPOPS-0.87-1.2.el6.rf Simple Perl Object Persistence with Security linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Abstract-Limit-0.141-1.el6.rf Portable LIMIT emulation linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Interpolate-0.41-1.el6.rf Interpolate Perl variables into SQL statements linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Library-0.0.3-1.el6.rf Perl module for managing simple SQL libraries stored in INI-like files linux/noarch
perl-SQL-ReservedWords-0.7-1.el6.rf Reserved SQL words by ANSI/ISO linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Statement-1.33-1.el6.rf SQL parsing and processing engine linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Translator-0.11007-1.el6.rf SQL DDL transformations and more linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Translator-0.11006-1.el6.rf SQL DDL transformations and more linux/noarch
perl-SUPER-1.17-1.el6.rf Control superclass method dispatch linux/noarch
perl-SVG-2.50-1.el6.rf Perl extension for generating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents linux/noarch
perl-SVG-2.49-1.el6.rf Perl extension for generating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents linux/noarch
perl-SVG-GD-0.20-1.el6.rf Perl SVG-GD module linux/noarch
perl-SVG-Metadata-0.28-1.2.el6.rf Perl module to capture metadata info about an SVG file linux/i686
perl-SVG-Parser-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an XML Parser for SVG documents linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Access-0.08-1.el6.rf Manipulate SVN access files linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Access-0.07-1.el6.rf Manipulate SVN access files linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Churn-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Generate a graph for repository churn linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Log-0.03-1.el6.rf Extract change logs from a Subversion server linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Log-Index-0.51-1.el6.rf Index and search over Subversion commit logs linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Mirror-0.75-2.el6.rf Subversion repository mirroring tool linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Notify-2.80-1.el6.rf Subversion activity notification linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Push-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Push Repository to Remote Subversion Repository linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Simple-0.27-1.2.el6.rf Simple interface for delta editors linux/noarch
perl-Safe-Hole-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl module to make a hole to the original main compartment in the Safe compartment linux/i686
perl-Sane-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project linux/i686
perl-Sane-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project linux/i686
perl-Scalar-Defer-0.22-1.el6.rf Lazy evaluation in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Scalar-List-Utils-1.22-1.el6.rf Common Scalar and List utility subroutines linux/i686
perl-Schedule-At-1.09-1.el6.rf OS independent interface to the Unix 'at' command linux/noarch
perl-Scope-Guard-0.03-1.el6.rf Lexically scoped resource management linux/noarch
perl-Scraper-3.05-1.2.el6.rf Framework for scraping results from search engines linux/noarch
perl-Search-Binary-0.95-1.2.el6.rf Generic binary search linux/noarch
perl-Sendmail-Milter-0.18-1.el6.rf Perl module to interface with sendmail's Mail Filter API linux/i686
perl-Set-Bag-1.009-1.2.el6.rf Bag (multiset) class linux/noarch
perl-Set-ConsistentHash-0.91-1.el6.rf Library for doing consistent hashing linux/noarch
perl-Set-Crontab-1.02-1.el6.rf Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists linux/noarch
perl-Set-CrossProduct-1.93-1.el6.rf Work with the cross product of two or more sets linux/noarch
perl-Set-Infinite-0.63-1.el6.rf Sets of intervals linux/noarch
perl-Set-IntSpan-1.13-1.el6.rf Manages sets of integers linux/noarch
perl-Set-NestedGroups-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Grouped data linux/noarch
perl-Set-Object-1.27-1.el6.rf Set of objects and strings linux/i686
perl-Set-Scalar-1.25-1.el6.rf Basic set operations linux/noarch
perl-Set-String-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Strings as objects with lots of handy methods linux/noarch
perl-Shell-Perl-0.0018-1.el6.rf A read-eval-print loop in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Silly-StringMaths-0.13-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for doing maths with strings linux/noarch
perl-Sledge-Plugin-JSONRPC-0.01-1.el6.rf JSONRPC plugin for Sledge linux/noarch
perl-Smart-Comments-1.0.4-1.el6.rf Perl module implements comments that do more than just sit there linux/noarch
perl-Smart-Comments-1.0.3-1.el6.rf Perl module implements comments that do more than just sit there linux/noarch
perl-Sniffer-HTTP-0.19-1.el6.rf Multi-connection sniffer driver linux/noarch
perl-Snowball-Norwegian-1.2-1.el6.rf Porters stemming algorithm for norwegian linux/noarch
perl-Snowball-Swedish-1.2-1.el6.rf Porters stemming algorithm for swedish linux/noarch
perl-Sort-ArbBiLex-4.01-1.2.el6.rf Arbitrary bi-level lexicographic sorting linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Array-0.26-1.2.el6.rf Extended sorting algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Sort-ArrayOfArrays-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension for sorting an array of arrays linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Fields-0.90-1.2.el6.rf Sort lines containing delimited fields linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Half-Maker-0.03-1.el6.rf Create half-sort subs easily linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Naturally-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Sort lexically, but sort numeral parts numerically linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Versions-1.5-1.2.el6.rf Module for sorting of revision-like numbers linux/noarch
perl-Spoon-0.24-2.el6.rf Spiffy Application Building Framework linux/noarch
perl-Spoon-0.24-1.el6.rf Spiffy Application Building Framework linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-0.58-1.el6.rf Get information from Excel file linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-SimpleExcel-1.9-1.el6.rf Show excel-files on the web linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-2.37-1.el6.rf Write to a cross platform Excel binary file linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-XLSX-0.13-1.el6.rf Read MS Excel 2007 format linux/noarch
perl-Squatting-0.81-1.el6.rf A Camping-inspired Web Microframework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Stat-lsMode-0.50-1.2.el6.rf Format file modes like the ls -l command does linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-ChiSquare-0.5-1.2.el6.rf Chi Squared test linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Contingency-0.08-1.el6.rf Calculate precision, recall, F1, accuracy, etc linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Descriptive-3.0.100-1.el6.rf Module of basic descriptive statistical functions linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Distributions-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Calculate critical values and upper probabilities of statistics linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Frequency-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Simple counting of elements linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-LTU-2.8-1.2.el6.rf Linear Threshold Units linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-MaxEntropy-0.9-1.2.el6.rf Maximum Entropy Modeling and Feature Induction linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-OLS-0.07-1.2.el6.rf Perform ordinary least squares and associated statistics linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-ROC-0.04-1.el6.rf Receiver-operator-characteristic (ROC) curves with nonparametric confidence bounds linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Regression-0.53-1.el6.rf weighted linear regression package (line+plane fitting) linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Shannon-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Shannon index. linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Simpson-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Simpson index linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Smoothing-SGT-2.1.2-1.el6.rf Simple Good-Turing (SGT) smoothing implementation linux/noarch
perl-String-Approx-3.26-1.el6.rf Perl extension for approximate matching (fuzzy matching) linux/i686
perl-String-BitCount-1.13-1.2.el6.rf Count number of "1" bits in strings linux/noarch
perl-String-Buffer-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Simple string buffer class linux/noarch
perl-String-BufferStack-1.15-1.el6.rf Nested buffers for templating systems linux/noarch
perl-String-CRC-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Cyclic redundency check generation linux/i686
perl-String-Canonical-1.2-1.el6.rf Perl module to creates canonical strings linux/noarch
perl-String-Checker-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Extensible string validation module linux/noarch
perl-String-Ediff-0.09-1.el6.rf Produce common sub-string indices for two strings linux/i686
perl-String-Escape-2010.002-1.el6.rf Registry of string functions, including backslash escapes linux/noarch
perl-String-Interpolate-0.3-1.2.el6.rf Wrapper for builtin the Perl interpolation engine linux/noarch
perl-String-KeyboardDistance-1.01-1.2.el6.rf String Comparison Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-String-KeyboardDistanceXS-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Rdpfp Approximate String Comparison linux/i686
perl-String-Koremutake-0.30-1.el6.rf Convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings linux/noarch
perl-String-Multibyte-1.05-1.2.el6.rf Manipulation of multibyte character strings linux/noarch
perl-String-Nysiis-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Nysiis Phonetic Encoding linux/noarch
perl-String-Parity-1.31-1.2.el6.rf Generate and test even, odd, mark and space parity on arbitrary strings linux/noarch
perl-String-Prettify-1.04-1.el6.rf String-Prettify module for perl linux/noarch
perl-String-Random-0.22-1.el6.rf Perl module to generate random strings based on a pattern linux/noarch
perl-String-RexxParse-1.08-1.2.el6.rf Perl implementation of REXX parse command linux/noarch
perl-String-Scanf-2.1-1.2.el6.rf Emulate sscanf() of the C library linux/noarch
perl-String-ShellQuote-1.04-1.el6.rf Quote a string for passing through a shell linux/noarch
perl-String-ShellQuote-1.03-2.2.el6.rf Quote a string for passing through a shell linux/noarch
perl-String-Similarity-1.04-1.el6.rf Calculate the similarity of two strings linux/i686
perl-String-Sprintf-0.01-1.el6.rf Custom overloading of sprintf linux/noarch
perl-String-Strip-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Fast, commonly used, string operations linux/i686
perl-String-Substrings-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Module to extract some/all substrings from a string linux/noarch
perl-String-Trigram-0.11-1.el6.rf Find similar strings by trigram (or 1, 2, 4, etc.-gram) method linux/i686
perl-Sub-Delete-1.00002-1.el6.rf Perl module enabling one to delete subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Documentation-1.100880-1.el6.rf Collect documentation for subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Sub-ForceEval-2.04-1.el6.rf Checks for subs which die by using eval linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Identify-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to retrieve names of code references linux/i686
perl-Sub-Name-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to (re)name a sub linux/i686
perl-Sub-Name-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to (re)name a sub linux/i686
perl-Sub-Usage-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Issue subroutine/method usage linux/noarch
perl-Switch-2.16-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a switch statement linux/noarch
perl-Sys-AlarmCall-1.2-1.el6.rf Perl module to handle the logic in timing out calls with alarm() linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Filesystem-1.30-1.el6.rf Interface to filesystem names and their properties linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Hostname-Long-1.4-1.2.el6.rf Get the full hostname linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Lastlog-1.6-1.el6.rf Perl module to provide an OO interface to lastlog files linux/i686
perl-Sys-Load-0.2-1.2.el6.rf Perl module for getting the current system load and uptime linux/i686
perl-Sys-Manage-0.59-1.el6.rf Systems management command volley linux/noarch
perl-Sys-MemInfo-0.91-1.el6.rf Get information about memory usage linux/i686
perl-Sys-Mmap-0.14-1.el6.rf Perl module to use mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable linux/i686
perl-Sys-Mmap-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module to use mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable linux/i686
perl-Sys-OutPut-2.1-1.2.el6.rf Perl module to help make output easier linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Pushd-0.001-1.2.el6.rf Change directory temporarily linux/noarch
perl-Sys-RunAlone-0.09-1.el6.rf Run only one invocation linux/noarch
perl-Sys-RunAlways-0.04-1.el6.rf Make sure always one invocation of a script is active linux/noarch
perl-Sys-SigAction-0.11-1.el6.rf Perl module for consistent signal handling linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Syscall-0.23-1.el6.rf Perl module to access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Syscall-0.22-1.el6.rf Perl module to access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Syslog-0.27-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls linux/i686
perl-SyslogScan-0.32-1.2.el6.rf Parse system logs linux/noarch
perl-TAPx-Parser-0.41-1.el6.rf TAPx Parser linux/noarch
perl-TFTP-1.0-0.b3.el6.rf Perl module that implements a TFTP Client class linux/noarch
perl-Taint-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module to taint variables linux/noarch
perl-Taint-Util-0.08-1.el6.rf Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or eval linux/i686
perl-Tangram-2.10-2.el6.rf Store pure objects in standard relational databases linux/noarch
perl-TapeChanger-MTX-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to use 'mtx' to manipulate a tape library linux/noarch
perl-Template-Alloy-1.016-1.el6.rf TT2/3, HT, HTE, Tmpl, and Velocity Engine linux/noarch
perl-Template-Alloy-1.013-1.el6.rf TT2/3, HT, HTE, Tmpl, and Velocity Engine linux/noarch
perl-Template-Declare-0.44-1.el6.rf Perlish declarative templates linux/noarch
perl-Template-GD-2.66-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Template-Magic-1.39-1.el6.rf Magic merger of runtime values with templates linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-Class-0.14-1.el6.rf Allow calling of class methods on arbitrary classes linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-NoFollow-1.02-1.el6.rf Template filter for adding nofollow linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-NoFollow-1.01-1.el6.rf Template filter for adding nofollow linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-Number-Format-1.02-1.el6.rf Plugin/filter interface to Number::Format linux/i686
perl-Template-Plugin-ResolveLink-0.01-1.el6.rf Template plugin for HTML::ResolveLink linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-Shorten-0.02-1.el6.rf Template plugin to shorten/lengthen URLs linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-YAML-1.23-1.el6.rf Plugin interface to YAML linux/noarch
perl-Template-Provider-Encoding-0.10-1.el6.rf Template plugin to specify encoding linux/noarch
perl-Template-Timer-1.00-1.el6.rf Rudimentary profiling for Template Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Term-Clui-1.64-1.el6.rf The Command-Line User Interface linux/noarch
perl-Term-Encoding-0.02-1.el6.rf Detect encoding of the current terminal linux/noarch
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu-1.19-1.el6.rf Extension for the GNU Readline/History library linux/i686
perl-Term-Screen-1.03-1.2.el6.rf Term::Cap based screen positioning module linux/i686
perl-Term-ShellUI-0.86-1.el6.rf A fully-featured shell-like command line environment linux/noarch
perl-Term-Size-0.207-1.el6.rf Perl extension for retrieving terminal size linux/i686
perl-Term-Size-Perl-0.029-1.el6.rf Perl extension for retrieving terminal size (Perl version) linux/noarch
perl-Term-Visual-0.08-1.el6.rf Curses split-terminal interface for applications linux/noarch
perl-Test-AutoBuild-1.2.2-1.el6.rf Framework for performing continuous, unattended, automated software builds linux/noarch
perl-Test-Builder-Tester-1.01-1.el6.rf Test testsuites that have been built with Test::Builder linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckManifest-1.22-1.el6.rf Checks manifest files linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckManifest-1.2-1.el6.rf Checks manifest files linux/noarch
perl-Test-Class-0.31-1.el6.rf Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style linux/noarch
perl-Test-Cmd-1.05-1.el6.rf Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts linux/noarch
perl-Test-Compile-0.13-1.el6.rf check whether Perl module files compile correctly linux/noarch
perl-Test-Data-1.22-1.el6.rf Test functions for particular variable types linux/noarch
perl-Test-Distribution-2.00-1.el6.rf perform tests on all modules of a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-Expect-0.31-1.el6.rf Automated driving and testing of terminal-based programs linux/noarch
perl-Test-Extreme-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Perlish unit testing framework linux/noarch
perl-Test-File-1.34-1.el6.rf Check file attributes linux/noarch
perl-Test-File-1.29-1.el6.rf Check file attributes linux/noarch
perl-Test-Helper-0.002-1.2.el6.rf Easy creation of test scripts linux/noarch
perl-Test-HexString-0.02-1.el6.rf test binary strings with hex dump diagnostics linux/noarch
perl-Test-ISBN-2.01-1.el6.rf Check International Standard Book Numbers linux/noarch
perl-Test-JSON-0.11-1.el6.rf Test JSON data linux/noarch
perl-Test-Log4perl-0.1001-1.el6.rf test log4perl linux/noarch
perl-Test-LongString-0.15-1.el6.rf Tests strings for equality, with more helpful failures linux/noarch
perl-Test-LongString-0.13-1.el6.rf Tests strings for equality, with more helpful failures linux/noarch
perl-Test-ManyParams-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Module to test many params as one test linux/noarch
perl-Test-Mock-LWP-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module named Test-Mock-LWP linux/noarch
perl-Test-MockModule-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to override subroutines in a module for unit testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Number-Delta-1.03-1.el6.rf Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance linux/noarch
perl-Test-POE-Client-TCP-1.08-1.el6.rf A POE Component providing TCP client services for test cases linux/noarch
perl-Test-POE-Server-TCP-1.14-1.el6.rf A POE Component providing TCP server services for test cases linux/noarch
perl-Test-POE-Server-TCP-1.08-1.el6.rf A POE Component providing TCP server services for test cases linux/noarch
perl-Test-Portability-Files-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module to check file names portability linux/noarch
perl-Test-Reporter-1.57-1.el6.rf Report test results of a package retrieved from CPAN linux/noarch
perl-Test-Reporter-1.54-1.el6.rf Report test results of a package retrieved from CPAN linux/noarch
perl-Test-Requires-0.06-1.el6.rf Checks to see if the module can be loaded linux/noarch
perl-Test-Script-Run-0.05-1.el6.rf test the script with run linux/noarch
perl-Test-Script-Run-0.03-1.el6.rf test the script with run linux/noarch
perl-Test-SharedFork-0.16-1.el6.rf Test forking linux/noarch
perl-Test-SimpleUnit-1.21-2.el6.rf Simplified unit testing framework linux/noarch
perl-Test-TCP-1.12-1.el6.rf test TCP programs linux/noarch
perl-Test-TableDriven-0.02-1.el6.rf write tests, not scripts that run them linux/noarch
perl-Test-Timestamp-1.2-1.2.el6.rf Create timestamp objects for testing or profiling linux/noarch
perl-Test-Unit-0.25-1.2.el6.rf Unit testing framework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Test-WWW-Declare-0.02-1.el6.rf declarative testing for your web app linux/noarch
perl-Test-WWW-Mechanize-1.24-1.el6.rf Perl module implements a testing-specific WWW::Mechanize subclass linux/noarch
perl-Test-WWW-Selenium-1.24-1.el6.rf Test applications using Selenium Remote Control linux/noarch
perl-Test-WWW-Selenium-1.21-1.el6.rf Test applications using Selenium Remote Control linux/noarch
perl-Test-use-ok-0.02-1.el6.rf Alternative to Test::More::use_ok linux/noarch
perl-Text-ASCIITable-0.18-1.el6.rf Perl module to create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters linux/noarch
perl-Text-Affixes-0.07-1.2.el6.rf Prefixes and suffixes analysis of text linux/noarch
perl-Text-Aligner-0.03-1.el6.rf Used to justify strings to various alignment styles linux/noarch
perl-Text-Aspell-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module to the GNU Aspell library linux/i686
perl-Text-BarGraph-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Generate ASCII bar graphs linux/noarch
perl-Text-BasicTemplate-2.006.1-1.2.el6.rf Simple lexical text/html/etc template parser linux/noarch
perl-Text-Bastardize-0.08-1.el6.rf Corruptor of innocent text linux/noarch
perl-Text-Bind-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Bind Perl structures to text files linux/noarch
perl-Text-CHM-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module for handling MS Compiled HtmlHelp files linux/i686
perl-Text-CSV-1.21-1.el6.rf comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl) linux/noarch
perl-Text-CSV-1.16-1.el6.rf comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl) linux/noarch
perl-Text-CSV-Track-0.8-1.el6.rf Module to work with .csv file that stores some value(s) per identificator linux/noarch
perl-Text-CSV_XS-0.80-1.el6.rf Comma-separated values manipulation routines linux/i686
perl-Text-CSV_XS-0.71-1.el6.rf Comma-separated values manipulation routines linux/i686
perl-Text-CharWidth-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal linux/i686
perl-Text-DHCPparse-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl extension for parsing dhcpd lease files linux/noarch
perl-Text-DHCPparse-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl extension for parsing dhcpd lease files linux/noarch
perl-Text-Delimited-2.00-1.el6.rf Module for parsing delimited text files linux/noarch
perl-Text-Diff-HTML-0.06-1.el6.rf XHMTL format for Text::Diff::Unified linux/noarch
perl-Text-Diff-Parser-0.1001-1.el6.rf Parse patches containing unified and standard diffs linux/noarch
perl-Text-EP3-1.10-1.el6.rf The Extensible Perl PreProcessor linux/noarch
perl-Text-EP3-Verilog-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Verilog extension for the EP3 preprocessor linux/noarch
perl-Text-EtText-2.2-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements editable-text format for HTML output linux/noarch
perl-Text-ExtractWords-0.08-1.2.el6.rf Extract words from strings linux/i686
perl-Text-FillIn-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Class implementing a fill-in template linux/noarch
perl-Text-Filter-1.9-1.el6.rf Base class for objects that can read and write text lines linux/noarch
perl-Text-FixedLength-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Parse and create fixed length field records linux/noarch
perl-Text-Format-0.53-1.el6.rf Various subroutines to format text linux/noarch
perl-Text-Format-0.52-1.2.el6.rf Various subroutines to format text linux/noarch
perl-Text-German-0.06-1.2.el6.rf German grundform reduction linux/noarch
perl-Text-Graphics-1.0001-1.2.el6.rf Text graphics rendering toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Text-Hatena-0.20-1.el6.rf Perl extension for formatting text with Hatena Style linux/noarch
perl-Text-KwikiFormatish-1.11-1.el6.rf convert Kwikitext into XML-compliant HTML linux/noarch
perl-Text-Language-Guess-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl trained module to guess a document's language linux/noarch
perl-Text-Levenshtein-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module implements the Levenshtein edit distance linux/noarch
perl-Text-LevenshteinXS-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module provides an XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance linux/i686
perl-Text-LineEditor-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Simple line editor linux/noarch
perl-Text-MacroScript-1.38-1.2.el6.rf Macro pre-processor with embedded perl capability linux/noarch
perl-Text-Macros-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Object-oriented text macro engine linux/noarch
perl-Text-Markdown-1.000031-1.el6.rf Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML linux/noarch
perl-Text-Markdown-1.000030-1.el6.rf Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML linux/noarch
perl-Text-MediawikiFormat-1.0-1.el6.rf Translate Wiki markup into other text formats linux/noarch
perl-Text-Merge-0.36-1.2.el6.rf General purpose text/data merging methods linux/noarch
perl-Text-MetaText-0.22-1.2.el6.rf meta-language for processing template text files linux/noarch
perl-Text-Metaphone-20081017-1.el6.rf Modern soundex, phonetic encoding of words linux/i686
perl-Text-MicroTemplate-0.18-1.el6.rf Micro template engine in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Text-MultiMarkdown-1.000032-1.el6.rf Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML linux/noarch
perl-Text-NSP-1.21-1.el6.rf Extract collocations and Ngrams from text linux/noarch
perl-Text-NSP-1.15-1.el6.rf Extract collocations and Ngrams from text linux/noarch
perl-Text-Ngram-0.13-1.el6.rf Ngram analysis of text linux/noarch
perl-Text-Ngram-0.11-1.el6.rf Ngram analysis of text linux/i686
perl-Text-Number-0.80-1.2.el6.rf Overloaded class for printing numbers linux/noarch
perl-Text-Password-Pronounceable-0.30-1.el6.rf Generate pronounceable passwords linux/noarch
perl-Text-Password-Pronounceable-0.28-1.el6.rf Generate pronounceable passwords linux/noarch
perl-Text-Query-Advanced-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Match text against Boolean expression linux/noarch
perl-Text-Query-Simple-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Match text against simple query expression and return relevance value linux/noarch
perl-Text-Quoted-2.06-1.el6.rf Extract the structure of a quoted mail message linux/noarch
perl-Text-RecordParser-v1.5.0-1.el6.rf Parse record-oriented data in a text file linux/noarch
perl-Text-RecordParser-1.4.0-1.el6.rf Parse record-oriented data in a text file linux/noarch
perl-Text-Roman-3.01-1.el6.rf Converts roman algarism in integer numbers and the contrary, recognize algarisms linux/noarch
perl-Text-Same-0.07-1.el6.rf Look for similarities between files or arrays linux/noarch
perl-Text-Shellwords-1.08-1.2.el6.rf Wrapper around linux/noarch
perl-Text-SimpleTable-2.03-1.el6.rf Simple Eyecandy ASCII Tables linux/noarch
perl-Text-SimpleTemplate-0.36-1.2.el6.rf Yet another module for template processing linux/noarch
perl-Text-Table-1.114-1.el6.rf Organize Data in Tables linux/noarch
perl-Text-TabularDisplay-1.22-1.el6.rf Perl module to display text in formatted table output linux/noarch
perl-Text-Tags-0.04-1.el6.rf Parses "folksonomy" space-separated tags (stub module) linux/noarch
perl-Text-Template-1.45-1.el6.rf Text templates functions linux/noarch
perl-Text-Template-Simple-0.83-1.el6.rf Simple text template engine linux/noarch
perl-Text-Template-Simple-0.81-1.el6.rf Simple text template engine linux/noarch
perl-Text-Templet-3.0-1.el6.rf Lightweight Text Template Processor linux/noarch
perl-Text-Templet-2.9-1.el6.rf Lightweight Text Template Processor linux/noarch
perl-Text-Thesaurus-ISO-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Class to handle ISO thesaurii linux/noarch
perl-Text-Trac-0.15-1.el6.rf Perl extension for formatting text with Trac Wiki Style linux/noarch
perl-Text-Tree-1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module to format a simple tree of strings into a textual tree graph linux/noarch
perl-Text-TreeFile-0.39-1.el6.rf Reads a tree of text strings into a data structure linux/noarch
perl-Text-Unaccent-1.08-1.2.el6.rf Remove accents from a string linux/i686
perl-Text-Vpp-1.17-1.2.el6.rf Versatile text pre-processor linux/noarch
perl-Text-WikiFormat-0.79-1.el6.rf Covert text in a simple Wiki markut language to other tag languages linux/noarch
perl-Text-WrapI18N-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements line wrapping linux/noarch
perl-Text-Wrapper-1.02-1.el6.rf Simple word wrapping routine linux/noarch
perl-Text-vCard-2.07-1.el6.rf Edit and create a single vCard (RFC 2426) linux/noarch
perl-Text-vFile-asData-0.07-1.el6.rf Parse vFile formatted files into data structures linux/noarch
perl-Text-vFile-asData-0.05-2.el6.rf Parse vFile formatted files into data structures linux/noarch
perl-TextStructured-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Manipulate fixed-format pages linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Conveyor-0.17-1.el6.rf Transport of any data-structure between threads linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Conveyor-Monitored-0.12-1.el6.rf Monitor a belt for specific content linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Pool-0.32-1.el6.rf Group of threads for performing similar jobs linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Pool-Simple-0.25-1.el6.rf Simple thread-pool implementation linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Serialize-0.11-1.el6.rf serialize data-structures between threads linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Serialize-0.10-1.el6.rf serialize data-structures between threads linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Tie-0.12-1.el6.rf Tie variables into a thread of their own linux/noarch
perl-Tidy-20071205-1.el6.rf Perl module that parses and beautifies perl source linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Array-Sorted-1.41-1.el6.rf Sorted array linux/noarch
perl-Tie-CPHash-1.04-1.el6.rf Case preserving but case insensitive hash table linux/noarch
perl-Tie-CSV_File-0.21-1.2.el6.rf Ties a csv-file to an array of arrays linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cache-0.17-1.2.el6.rf LRU Cache in Memory linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cache-LRU-20110205-1.el6.rf Least-Recently Used cache linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cache-LRU-20081023.2116-1.el6.rf Least-Recently Used cache linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cache-LRU-Expires-0.54-1.el6.rf Perl implementation of a least-recently used cache with expiration linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cfg-0.32-1.2.el6.rf Ties simple configuration (.ini) files to hashes linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Config-0.04-1.2.el6.rf Class definitions for tied hashes config file reading linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Coupler-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Tie based implementation of coupled scalars linux/noarch
perl-Tie-DBI-1.05-1.el6.rf Tie hashes to DBI relational databases linux/noarch
perl-Tie-DB_Lock-0.07-1.2.el6.rf Ties hashes to databases using shared and exclusive locks linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Dir-1.02-1.2.el6.rf Class definition for reading directories via a tied hash linux/noarch
perl-Tie-DxHash-1.05-1.el6.rf Keeps insertion order; allows duplicate keys linux/noarch
perl-Tie-EncryptedHash-1.24-1.el6.rf Hashes (and objects based on hashes) with encrypting fields linux/noarch
perl-Tie-FTP-0.02-1.el6.rf Open files on FTP servers as filehandles linux/noarch
perl-Tie-File-AnyData-0.03-1.el6.rf Access the data of a file via Perl array linux/noarch
perl-Tie-File-AnyData-Bio-Fasta-0.01-1.el6.rf Accessing fasta records in a file via Perl array linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Hash-Indexed-0.05-1.el6.rf Ordered hashes for Perl linux/i686
perl-Tie-LLHash-1.003-1.2.el6.rf Ordered hashes linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Mounted-0.18-1.el6.rf Tie a mounted node to an array linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Persistent-1.00-1.2.el6.rf Persistent data structures via tie made easy linux/noarch
perl-Tie-RefHash-1.38-1.el6.rf Use references as hash keys linux/noarch
perl-Tie-RegexpHash-0.15-1.el6.rf Perl module to permit use of regular expressions as hash keys linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Restore-0.11-1.2.el6.rf Restores ties to an existing object linux/noarch
perl-Tie-STDERR-0.26-1.2.el6.rf Send output of your STDERR to a process or mail linux/noarch
perl-Tie-SaveLater-0.04-1.el6.rf Base class for tie modules that "save later" linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Syslog-1.07-1.2.el6.rf Tie a filehandle to Syslog linux/noarch
perl-Tie-TextDir-0.06-1.2.el6.rf Interface to directory of files linux/noarch
perl-Tie-ToObject-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module named Tie-ToObject linux/noarch
perl-Tie-TransactHash-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Edit hash in transactions not changing order during trans linux/noarch
perl-Tie-TwoLevelHash-1.2-1.2.el6.rf Tied interface to multi-dimensional (Two-Level) hash files linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Util-0.03-1.el6.rf Utility functions for fiddling with tied variables linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Util-0.02-1.el6.rf Utility functions for fiddling with tied variables linux/noarch
perl-Time-Beat-1.21-1.2.el6.rf Module to convert between standard time and Swatch ".beat" time linux/noarch
perl-Time-Duration-1.06-1.el6.rf Perl module to provide rounded or exact English expression of durations linux/noarch
perl-Time-Duration-Parse-0.06-1.el6.rf Parse string that represents time duration linux/noarch
perl-Time-HiRes-Value-0.07-1.el6.rf Class representing a time value or interval in exact microseconds linux/noarch
perl-Time-Local-1.2000-1.el6.rf Perl module named Time-Local linux/noarch
perl-Time-Local-1.1901-1.el6.rf Perl module named Time-Local linux/noarch
perl-Time-Period-1.21-1.el6.rf Perl module to deal with time periods. linux/noarch
perl-Time-Period-1.20-2.el6.rf Perl module to deal with time periods. linux/noarch
perl-Time-Piece-MySQL-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl module adds MySQL-specific methods to Time::Piece linux/noarch
perl-Time-Progress-1.7-1.el6.rf Elapsed and estimated finish time reporting linux/noarch
perl-Time-Progress-1.5-1.el6.rf Elapsed and estimated finish time reporting linux/noarch
perl-Time-TAI64-2.11-1.el6.rf Perl extension for converting TAI64 strings into standard unix timestamps linux/noarch
perl-Time-Warp-0.5-1.el6.rf Perl module to have control over the flow of time linux/i686
perl-Tk-804.028-2.el6.rf Object Oriented Tk extension for Perl linux/i686
perl-Tk-FileDialog-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Highly configurable File Dialog widget for Perl/Tk linux/noarch
perl-Tk-FontDialog-0.15-1.el6.rf Font dialog widget for perl/Tk linux/noarch
perl-Tk-HTML-3.003-1.2.el6.rf Tk-HTML Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Tk-MListbox-1.11-1.2.el6.rf Multicolumn Listbox linux/noarch
perl-Tk-TableMatrix-1.23-1.el6.rf Perl module named Tk-TableMatrix linux/i686
perl-Tk-WaitBox-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Object Oriented Wait Dialog for Perl/Tk, of the Please Wait variety linux/noarch
perl-Tree-MultiNode-v1.0.13-1.el6.rf Multi node unordered tree objects linux/noarch
perl-Tree-Nary-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Perl implementation of N-ary search trees linux/noarch
perl-Tree-RedBlack-0.5-1.el6.rf Perl implementation of Red/Black tree, a type of balanced tree linux/noarch
perl-Tree-Simple-1.18-1.el6.rf Simple tree object linux/noarch
perl-Tree-Simple-VisitorFactory-0.10-1.el6.rf Visitor for Tree::Simple objects linux/noarch
perl-Tree-Trie-1.7-1.el6.rf Trie data structure linux/noarch
perl-Tree-Trie-1.5-1.el6.rf Trie data structure linux/noarch
perl-Tree-XPathEngine-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a re-usable XPath engine linux/noarch
perl-Try-Tiny-0.09-1.el6.rf minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@ linux/noarch
perl-Try-Tiny-0.04-1.el6.rf minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@ linux/noarch
perl-UDDI-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a UDDI client interface linux/noarch
perl-UDPM-0.88-1.el6.rf Perl module for User Dialogs linux/noarch
perl-UI-Dialog-1.08-1.el6.rf Perl module named UI-Dialog linux/noarch
perl-UID-0.24-1.el6.rf Define unique identifier objects that can be used like a kind of keyword linux/noarch
perl-UML-Class-Simple-0.18-1.el6.rf Render simple UML class diagrams, by loading the code linux/noarch
perl-UML-Sequence-0.08-1.el6.rf Render UML sequence diagrams linux/noarch
perl-UML-State-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module which draws simple state diagrams linux/noarch
perl-UMMF-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a UML Meta-Model Framework linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-Acme-0.01-1.el6.rf Whatever "it" is, it's a METHOD. Hoser linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-canAUTOLOAD-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that respects AUTOLOAD subs linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-cant-0.0.1-1.el6.rf Perl module to see if an object or package can't do something linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-derived_classes-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to return derived classes of a class linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-dump-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to add dump methods to all classes and objects linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-exports-0.05-1.el6.rf Lightweight, universal exporting of variables linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-moniker-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module named UNIVERSAL-moniker linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-ref-0.12-1.el6.rf Perl module to turn ref() into a multimethod linux/i686
perl-UNIVERSAL-require-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module to require() modules from a variable linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-to_json-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a to_json() method for all objects linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-to_yaml-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a to_yaml() method for all objects linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-which-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl module to tell fully qualified name of the method linux/noarch
perl-UNIX-Cal-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl wrapper for the original cal UNIX command line tool linux/i686
perl-UPS-Nut-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to talk to a UPS via Network UPS Tools (NUT) upsd linux/noarch
perl-URI-Bookmarks-0.92-1.el6.rf Perl module class encapsulating an entry in a typical bookmark file linux/noarch
perl-URI-Escape-JavaScript-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl implementation of JavaScript's escape() and unescape() functions linux/noarch
perl-URI-Escape-XS-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module that is a drop-in replacement for URI::Escape linux/i686
perl-URI-Escape-XS-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl module that is a drop-in replacement for URI::Escape linux/i686
perl-URI-Fetch-0.09-1.el6.rf Smart URI fetching/caching linux/noarch
perl-URI-Fetch-0.08-1.el6.rf Smart URI fetching/caching linux/noarch
perl-URI-Fetch-SimpleCache-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements URI::Fetch extension with local cache linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-20100505-1.el6.rf Perl module to find URIs in arbitrary text linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-20100211-1.el6.rf Perl module to find URIs in arbitrary text linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-Delimited-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to find URIs which may be wrapped in enclosing delimiters linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-Iterator-0.6-1.el6.rf Perl module to provide an iterator interface to URI::Find linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-Rule-0.8-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a simpler interface to URI::Find linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-Schemeless-Stricter-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to find schemeless URIs in arbitrary text linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-Simple-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl module to implement a simple interface to URI::Find linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-Simple-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to implement a simple interface to URI::Find linux/noarch
perl-URI-FromHash-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the fantastic new URI::FromHash linux/noarch
perl-URI-ImpliedBase-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl module to magically force all URIs to be absolute linux/noarch
perl-URI-OpenURL-0.4.6-1.el6.rf Perl module to parse and construct OpenURL's (NISO Z39.88-2004) linux/noarch
perl-URI-ParseSearchString-3.441-2.el6.rf Parse Apache referer logs and extract search engine query strings linux/noarch
perl-URI-ParseSearchString-3.441-1.el6.rf Parse Apache referer logs and extract search engine query strings linux/noarch
perl-URI-ParseSearchString-3.41-1.el6.rf Parse Apache referer logs and extract search engine query strings linux/noarch
perl-URI-ParseSearchString-More-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module to extract search strings from more referrers linux/noarch
perl-URI-Query-0.08-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides URI query string manipulation linux/noarch
perl-URI-Query-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl module that provides URI query string manipulation linux/noarch
perl-URI-Sequin-1.2-1.el6.rf Perl module to extract information from the URLs of Search-Engines linux/noarch
perl-URI-Template-0.15-1.el6.rf Object for handling URI templates linux/noarch
perl-URI-Title-1.82-1.el6.rf Perl module to get the titles of things on the web in a sensible way linux/noarch
perl-URI-Title-iTMS-0.5-1.el6.rf Perl module to get titles from itms:// urls linux/noarch
perl-URI-ToDisk-1.12-1.el6.rf An object for mapping a URI to an on-disk storage directory linux/noarch
perl-URI-chrome-0.01-1.el6.rf Mozilla chrome uri linux/noarch
perl-URI-imap-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to support IMAP URI linux/noarch
perl-URI-imaps-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to support IMAPS URI linux/noarch
perl-URI-jar-0.02-1.el6.rf Java ARchive URI linux/noarch
perl-URI-sftp-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to add support for SFTP uris to URI package linux/noarch
perl-URL-Grab-1.4-1.el6.rf Perl module that drastically simplifies the fetching of files linux/noarch
perl-UTF8BOM-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl module for handling Byte Order Mark for UTF-8 files linux/noarch
perl-UWO-Directory-Student-0.02-1.el6.rf Perform lookups using the University of Western Ontario's student directory linux/noarch
perl-UWO-Student-0.03-1.el6.rf Provides Perl object representation of a University of Western Ontario student linux/noarch
perl-Unamerican-Truth-1.08-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements srini's lost story linux/noarch
perl-UniLog-0.14-1.el6.rf Perl module for unified logging on Unix and Win32 linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Char-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an OO interface to charnames and others linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-CheckUTF8-1.03-1.el6.rf Check if a scalar is valid UTF-8 linux/i686
perl-Unicode-CheckUTF8-1.01-1.2.el6.rf Check if a scalar is valid UTF-8 linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Collate-0.72-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Unicode Collation Algorithm linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Collate-0.52-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Unicode Collation Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Decompose-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Unicode decomposition and normalization linux/i686
perl-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-1.30-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements East Asian Width properties linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Escape-0.0.2-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements escape and unescape Unicode characters other than ASCII linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-IMAPUtf7-2.00-1.el6.rf Perl module to deal with IMAP UTF7 linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Indic-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module to transliterate Indic language linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Japanese-0.47-1.el6.rf Convert encoding of Japanese text linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Lite-0.12-1.2.el6.rf Easy conversion between encodings linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Map-0.112-1.el6.rf Unicode-Map (Maps charsets from and to UTF16 unicode) module for perl linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Normalize-1.10-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Unicode Normalization Forms linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Normalize-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Unicode Normalization Forms linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Overload-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl source filter to implement Unicode operations linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-RecursiveDowngrade-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to turn off the UTF-8 flags inside of complex variable linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Regex-Set-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Subtraction and Intersection of Character Sets in Unicode Regular Expressions linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Semantics-1.02-1.el6.rf Perl module to work around *the* Perl 5 Unicode bug linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Transform-0.40-1.el6.rf Perl module for conversion among Unicode Transformation Formats linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Transform-0.34-1.el6.rf Perl module for conversion among Unicode Transformation Formats linux/i686
perl-Unicode-Transliterate-0.3-1.el6.rf Perl module named Unicode-Transliterate linux/i686
perl-Unicode-UTF8simple-1.06-1.el6.rf Perl module for conversions to/from UTF8 from/to charactersets linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Unihan-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the Unihan Data Base linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-Wrap-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Unicode Line Breaking linux/noarch
perl-Uniq-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module for managing list of values linux/noarch
perl-Unix-Conf-0.2-1.el6.rf Front end for class methods in various utility modules under the Unix::Conf namespace linux/noarch
perl-Unix-Conf-Bind8-0.3-2.el6.rf Front end for a suite of classes for manipulating a Bind8 conf and associated zone record files linux/noarch
perl-Unix-ConfigFile-0.06-1.el6.rf Perl interface to various Unix configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Unix-Getrusage-0.03-1.el6.rf Perl interface to the Unix getrusage system call linux/i686
perl-Unix-Login-1.08-1.el6.rf Perl module for customizable Unix login prompt and validation linux/noarch
perl-Unix-Mknod-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module for mknod, major, minor, and makedev linux/i686
perl-Unix-MyPathToInc-0.1-1.el6.rf Perl module to add the location of the current program to @INC linux/noarch
perl-Unix-PID-0.23-1.el6.rf Perl module for getting PID info linux/noarch
perl-Unix-PasswdFileOps-0.2-1.el6.rf Perl module for operations on Unix Passwd file linux/noarch
perl-Unix-Process-1.3101-1.el6.rf Perl module to get pid info from (/bin/ps) linux/noarch
perl-Unix-Processors-2.042-1.el6.rf Per-processor information linux/i686
perl-Unix-Statgrab-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module for collecting information about the machine linux/i686
perl-Unix-Syslog-1.1-1.el6.rf Syslog module for perl linux/i686
perl-Untaint-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module for laundering tainted data linux/noarch
perl-Usage-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl module that allows autochecking on arguments linux/noarch
perl-User-1.9-1.el6.rf Perl module for locating user information regardless of OS linux/noarch
perl-User-1.8-1.el6.rf Perl module for locating user information regardless of OS linux/noarch
perl-User-Identity-0.93-1.el6.rf Maintains info about a physical person linux/noarch
perl-User-Simple-1.43-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a simple user sessions management linux/noarch
perl-Util-Properties-0.18-1.el6.rf like class linux/noarch
perl-Util-SelfDestruct-1.21-1.el6.rf Perl module to conditionally prevent execution of a script linux/noarch
perl-VCS-0.16-1.el6.rf Library for generic Version Control System access in Perl linux/noarch
perl-VCS-0.14-1.2.el6.rf Library for generic Version Control System access in Perl linux/noarch
perl-VCS-Lite-0.09-1.el6.rf Minimal version control system linux/noarch
perl-VRML-1.10-1.el6.rf Specification independent VRML methods linux/noarch
perl-Variable-Magic-0.46-1.el6.rf Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl linux/i686
perl-Variable-Magic-0.44-1.el6.rf Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl linux/i686
perl-Version-Requirements-0.101020-1.el6.rf a set of version requirements for a CPAN dist linux/noarch
perl-Video-Frequencies-0.03-1.el6.rf Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl linux/noarch
perl-Vim-Tag-1.110690-1.el6.rf Generate Perl tags for Vim linux/noarch
perl-W3C-LogValidator-1.4-1.el6.rf The W3C Log Validator linux/noarch
perl-WSDL-Generator-0.04-1.el6.rf Generate wsdl file automagically linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Automate-0.21-1.2.el6.rf Automate interactions with websites linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Babelfish-0.16-1.el6.rf Perl extension for translation via babelfish linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Facebook-API-0.4.18-1.el6.rf Facebook API implementation linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Gazetteer-HeavensAbove-0.18-1.el6.rf Find location of world towns and cities linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Google-Calculator-0.07-1.el6.rf Perl interface for Google Calculator linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Google-SiteMap-1.10-1.el6.rf Perl module to create sitemaps linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Google-Video-0.4-1.el6.rf Fetch Google video information linux/noarch
perl-WWW-IndexParser-0.91-1.el6.rf Fetch and parse the directory index from a web server linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mailman-1.04-1.el6.rf Interact with Mailman's web interface from Perl linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-1.72-1.el6.rf Handy web browsing in a Perl object linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-1.66-1.el6.rf Handy web browsing in a Perl object linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-1.62-1.el6.rf Handy web browsing in a Perl object linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-CGI-0.3-1.el6.rf Use WWW::Mechanize with CGI applications linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-Cached-1.40-1.el6.rf Cache response to be polite linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-Cached-1.35-1.el6.rf Cache response to be polite linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-Plugin-Snapshot-0.20-1.el6.rf Snapshot the Mech object's state linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Myspace-0.92-1.el6.rf Access from perl linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Poll-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Perl extension to build web polls linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Robot-0.026-1.el6.rf Configurable web traversal engine linux/noarch
perl-WWW-SMS-0.09-1.el6.rf Perl module to send SMS using service provided by free websites linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Scraper-ISBN-0.25-1.el6.rf Perl module named WWW-Scraper-ISBN linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Scraper-ISBN-Driver-0.18-1.el6.rf Perl module named WWW-Scraper-ISBN-Driver linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Scraper-ISBN-Pearson_Driver-0.17-1.el6.rf Search driver for Pearson Education's online catalog linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Scraper-ISBN-Record-0.17-1.el6.rf Perl module named WWW-Scraper-ISBN-Record linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Search-2.507-1.el6.rf Virtual base class for WWW searches linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Search-Ebay-3.011-1.el6.rf Backend for searching linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Shorten-2.04-2.el6.rf Interface to URL shortening sites linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Shorten-0rz-0.07-2.el6.rf Shorten URL using linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Shorten-KUSO-0.3-1.3.el6.rf Shorten urls with KUSO linux/noarch
perl-WWW-TV-0.14-1.el6.rf Parse for information about TV shows linux/noarch
perl-WWW-TwentyQuestions-0.01-1.el6.rf Interface to the classic 20 Questions game as provided by linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Wikipedia-1.98-1.el6.rf Automated interface to the Wikipedia linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Wikipedia-1.96-1.el6.rf Automated interface to the Wikipedia linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Yahoo-Movies-0.05-1.el6.rf Get Yahoo Movies information linux/noarch
perl-Want-0.18-1.el6.rf Implement the 'want' command linux/i686
perl-Watchdog-0.10-1.el6.rf Perl module named Watchdog linux/noarch
perl-WeakRef-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an API to the Perl weak references linux/i686
perl-WebService-ISBNDB-0.34-1.el6.rf Data and communication classes for talking to linux/noarch
perl-WebService-MusicBrainz-0.22-1.el6.rf Web service API to MusicBrainz database linux/noarch
perl-WebService-NotifyMyAndroid-0.0.2-1.el6.rf Perl interface to Notify My Android web API linux/noarch
perl-WebService-PhotoZou-0.01-1.el6.rf Easy-to-use Interface for PhotoZou Web Services linux/noarch
perl-WebService-Prowl-0.07-1.el6.rf a interface to Prowl Public API linux/i686
perl-WebService-Prowl-0.06-1.el6.rf a interface to Prowl Public API linux/i686
perl-WebService-RTMAgent-0.5-1.el6.rf UserAgent for the RememberTheMilk API linux/noarch
perl-WebService-Simple-0.18-1.el6.rf Simple interface to web service APIs linux/noarch
perl-WebService-Smartling-0.0.4-1.el6.rf Smartling API access linux/noarch
perl-WebService-SyncSBS-D2H-0.03-1.2.el6.rf and hatena bookmark sync linux/noarch
perl-WebService-Validator-Feed-W3C-0.6-1.el6.rf Find errors in feeds linux/noarch
perl-WebService-Validator-HTML-W3C-0.26-1.el6.rf Access the W3Cs online HTML validator linux/noarch
perl-WebService-YouTube-1.0.3-1.el6.rf Interface to YouTube linux/i686
perl-Wiki-Toolkit-Formatter-Mediawiki-0.04-1.el6.rf Mediawiki-style formatter for Wiki::Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-WordPress-XMLRPC-1.23-1.el6.rf WordPress-XMLRPC perl module linux/noarch
perl-X11-GUITest-0.22-1.el6.rf Perl module providing GUI testing/interaction facilities linux/i686
perl-X11-GUITest-0.21-1.el6.rf Perl module providing GUI testing/interaction facilities linux/i686
perl-X11-Keyboard-1.4-1.2.el6.rf Keyboard support functions for X11 linux/noarch
perl-X11-Protocol-0.56-1.el6.rf Perl module for the X Window System Protocol linux/noarch
perl-X11-SendEvent-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Module for sending events to X windows linux/noarch
perl-XML-Atom-0.37-1.el6.rf Atom API and Feed Support linux/noarch
perl-XML-Atom-OWL-0.101-1.el6.rf parse an Atom file into RDF linux/noarch
perl-XML-Atom-SimpleFeed-0.86-1.el6.rf No-fuss generation of Atom syndication feeds linux/noarch
perl-XML-Atom-Syndication-0.942-1.el6.rf Portable client for consuming RFC 4287 Atom Syndication Feeds linux/noarch
perl-XML-Bare-0.45-1.el6.rf A minimal XML parser using C internally. linux/i686
perl-XML-CSV-0.15-1.el6.rf XML-CSV - Perl extension converting CSV files to XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-CanonicalizeXML-0.03-1.2.el6.rf Wrapper to canonicalization functions linux/i686
perl-XML-Checker-0.13-1.el6.rf Perl module for validating XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-CommonNS-0.06-1.el6.rf A list of commonly used namespaces linux/noarch
perl-XML-Compile-1.07-1.el6.rf Compilation based XML processing linux/noarch
perl-XML-DOM-BagOfTricks-0.05-1.2.el6.rf Functions for dealing with DOM trees linux/i686
perl-XML-DOMHandler-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Implements a call-back interface to DOM linux/noarch
perl-XML-Directory-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module that returns a content of directory as XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-Edifact-0.47-1.el6.rf Perl module named XML-Edifact linux/noarch
perl-XML-Encoding-2.08-1.el6.rf Perl module for parsing XML encoding maps linux/noarch
perl-XML-Encoding-2.07-1.el6.rf Perl module for parsing XML encoding maps linux/noarch
perl-XML-Entities-1.0000-1.el6.rf Mapping of XML entities to Unicode linux/noarch
perl-XML-Entities-0.0307-1.el6.rf Mapping of XML entities to Unicode linux/noarch
perl-XML-Feed-0.43-1.el6.rf XML Syndication Feed Support linux/noarch
perl-XML-Filter-DetectWS-0.01-1.el6.rf PerlSAX filter that detects ignorable whitespace linux/noarch
perl-XML-Filter-Reindent-0.03-1.el6.rf Reformats whitespace for pretty printing XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-Filter-SAXT-0.01-1.el6.rf Replicates SAX events to several SAX event handlers linux/noarch
perl-XML-Filter-XInclude-1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module named XML-Filter-XInclude linux/noarch
perl-XML-Generator-1.03-1.el6.rf Perl extension for generating XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-Generator-RFC822-RDF-1.1-1.2.el6.rf Generate RDF/XML SAX2 events for RFC822 messages linux/noarch
perl-XML-Generator-vCard-RDF-1.4-1.2.el6.rf Generate RDF/XML SAX2 events for vCard 3.0 linux/noarch
perl-XML-Genx-0.22-1.el6.rf Small correct XML writer linux/i686
perl-XML-Handler-Composer-0.01-1.el6.rf Another XML printer/writer/generator linux/noarch
perl-XML-Handler-PrintEvents-0.01-1.el6.rf Prints PerlSAX events (for debugging) linux/noarch
perl-XML-Handler-YAWriter-0.23-1.2.el6.rf Yet another Perl SAX XML Writer linux/noarch
perl-XML-LibXML-Debugging-0.04-1.el6.rf get debugging information from XML::LibXML nodes linux/noarch
perl-XML-LibXML-Enhanced-0.01-1.el6.rf Perl module named XML-LibXML-Enhanced linux/noarch
perl-XML-Mini-1.38-1.el6.rf MiniXML XML generator and parser interface linux/noarch
perl-XML-MyXML-0.0986-1.el6.rf Simple-to-use XML module, for parsing and creating XML documents linux/noarch
perl-XML-Namespace-0.02-1.el6.rf unknown linux/noarch
perl-XML-NamespaceFactory-1.00-1.el6.rf Simple factory objects for SAX namespaced names linux/noarch
perl-XML-OPML-LibXML-0.04-1.el6.rf Parse OPML documents with LibXML linux/noarch
perl-XML-Parser-EasyTree-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Easier tree style for XML::Parser linux/noarch
perl-XML-Parser-Lite-Tree-0.14-1.el6.rf Lightweight XML tree builder linux/noarch
perl-XML-Parser-Lite-Tree-XPath-0.24-1.el6.rf XPath access to XML::Parser::Lite::Tree structures linux/noarch
perl-XML-QL-0.07-1.2.el6.rf XML query language linux/noarch
perl-XML-RAI-TrackBack-0.1-1.2.el6.rf TrackBack element mappings for XML::RAI linux/noarch
perl-XML-RPC-0.9-1.el6.rf Pure Perl implementation for an XML-RPC client and server linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-LibXML-0.3100-1.el6.rf XML::RSS with XML::LibXML linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-LibXML-0.3004-1.el6.rf XML::RSS with XML::LibXML linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-Parser-4.0-1.2.el6.rf Parser for RSS formats linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-SimpleGen-11.11-1.2.el6.rf Write RSS files linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-Timing-1.07-1.2.el6.rf Support for RSS skipHours, skipDays and sy:update linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-TimingBot-2.03-1.2.el6.rf Efficiently fetching RSS feeds linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-TimingBotDBI-2.01-1.2.el6.rf XML::RSS::TimingBot-subclass that saves state with DBI linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSSLite-0.15-1.el6.rf Lightweight, "relaxed" RSS (and XML-ish) parser linux/noarch
perl-XML-Registry-0.02-1.2.el6.rf Perl module for loading and saving an XML registry linux/noarch
perl-XML-SAX-Base-1.04-1.el6.rf XML-SAX-Base Perl module linux/noarch
perl-XML-SAX-Expat-0.40-1.el6.rf Perl module is a SAX2 Driver for Expat (XML::Parser) linux/noarch
perl-XML-STX-0.43-1.2.el6.rf Implementation of an STX processor linux/noarch
perl-XML-Simple-DTDReader-0.04-1.el6.rf Simple XML file reading based on their DTDs linux/noarch
perl-XML-SimpleObject-0.53-1.2.el6.rf Simple object representation of a parsed XML::Parser tree linux/noarch
perl-XML-Smart-1.6.9-1.el6.rf Smart, easy and powerful way to access/create XML files/data linux/noarch
perl-XML-Table2XML-1.4-1.el6.rf Generic conversion of tabular data to XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-Tiny-2.06-1.el6.rf Simple lightweight parser for a subset of XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-Tiny-2.04-1.el6.rf Simple lightweight parser for a subset of XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-TreePP-0.41-1.el6.rf Pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing xml files linux/noarch
perl-XML-TreePP-0.39-1.el6.rf Pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing xml files linux/noarch
perl-XML-UM-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Convert UTF-8 to any encoding supported by XML::Encoding linux/noarch
perl-XML-Validator-Schema-1.10-1.el6.rf Validate XML against a subset of W3C XML Schema linux/noarch
perl-XML-XQL-0.68-2.el6.rf Query XML tree structures with XQL linux/noarch
perl-XML-XSLT-0.48-1.2.el6.rf Module for processing XSLT linux/noarch
perl-XML-XSLT-Wrapper-0.32-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a consistent interface to XSLT processors linux/noarch
perl-XMLNews-HTMLTemplate-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Module for converting NITF to HTML linux/noarch
perl-XMLNews-Meta-0.01-1.2.el6.rf Module for reading and writing XMLNews metadata files linux/noarch
perl-YAML-AppConfig-0.16-1.el6.rf Perl module to manage configuration files with YAML and variable reference linux/noarch
perl-YAML-ConfigFile-0.10-2.2.el6.rf Read configuration files in YAML format linux/noarch
perl-YAML-LibYAML-0.34-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements YAML using XS and libyaml linux/i686
perl-YAML-LibYAML-0.32-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements YAML using XS and libyaml linux/i686
perl-YAML-LoadFileCached-0.21-1.2.el6.rf Caching capabilities for YAML::LoadFile linux/noarch
perl-YAML-MLDBM-0.10-1.2.el6.rf Use tied hash databases with Python and Ruby linux/noarch
perl-YAML-Perl-0.02-1.el6.rf Pure Perl YAML Implementation linux/noarch
perl-YAML-Tests-0.06-1.el6.rf Common Test Suite for Perl YAML Implementations linux/noarch
perl-YAML-Yaml2Html-0.5-1.el6.rf Perl module to build an HTML page from a YAML-based document linux/noarch
perl-YAML-YuyuPress-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a tool for making presentations out of YAML files linux/noarch
perl-YAPC-1.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Yet Another Perl Conference linux/noarch
perl-YAPE-HTML-1.11-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Yet Another Parser/Extractor for HTML linux/noarch
perl-YAPE-Regex-4.00-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Yet Another Parser/Extractor for Regular Expressions linux/noarch
perl-YAPE-Regex-3.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Yet Another Parser/Extractor for Regular Expressions linux/noarch
perl-YAPE-Regex-Explain-4.01-1.el6.rf Perl module that consists of explanation of a regular expression linux/noarch
perl-YAPE-Regex-Explain-3.011-1.el6.rf Perl module that consists of explanation of a regular expression linux/noarch
perl-YVDHOVE-String-1.05-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements useful String functions linux/noarch
perl-Yada-Yada-Yada-1.00-1.el6.rf Perl module to defer coding to later linux/noarch
perl-Yahoo-BBAuth-0.50-1.el6.rf Perl module to interface with the Yahoo! Browser-Based Authentication linux/noarch
perl-Yahoo-Music-Ratings-2.00-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a method for retrieving a Yahoo! Music members song ratings linux/noarch
perl-Yahoo-Search-1.10.13-1.el6.rf Perl module named Yahoo-Search linux/noarch
perl-YiJing-0.10-1.el6.rf The Book of Hacking linux/noarch
perl-YiJing-0.02-1.el6.rf The Book of Hacking linux/noarch
perl-Youri-BTS-0.1.1-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Youri Bugzilla interface linux/noarch
perl-Youri-Config-0.1.1-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the Youri configuration handler linux/noarch
perl-Youri-Media-0.2.1-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the abstract media class linux/noarch
perl-Youri-Package-0.1.1-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements the abstract package class linux/noarch
perl-Youri-Package-RPM-Generator-0.1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module to implement a template-based rpm generator linux/noarch
perl-Youri-Package-RPM-Updater-0.4.7-1.el6.rf Perl module to update RPM packages automatically linux/noarch
perl-Youri-Repository-0.1.0-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an abstract repository linux/noarch
perl-Youri-Utils-0.2.1-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements Youri shared functions linux/noarch
perl-ZM-SSI-0.0.5-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements an SSI parser for CGI linux/noarch
perl-ZM-Session-0.2.1-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a sessions manager for CGI linux/noarch
perl-ZM-Template-0.7.2-1.el6.rf Perl module to merges runtime data with static HTML or plain text linux/noarch
perl-Zen-Koans-0.05-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a library containing over 100 Zen Koans linux/noarch
perl-Zen-Koans-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module that implements a library containing over 100 Zen Koans linux/noarch
perl-Zoidberg-0.96-1.el6.rf Perl module implementing a modular perl shell linux/noarch
perl-abbreviation-0.02-1.el6.rf Perl pragma to abbreviate class names linux/noarch
perl-accessors-1.01-1.el6.rf Create accessor methods in caller's package linux/noarch
perl-aliased-0.30-1.el6.rf Use shorter versions of class names linux/noarch
perl-any-0.0.1-1.el6.rf Use any modules in the list that are available linux/noarch
perl-base-2.14-1.el6.rf Perl module to establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time linux/noarch
perl-bignum-0.23-1.el6.rf Transparent BigNumber support for Perl linux/noarch
perl-boolean-0.28-1.el6.rf Boolean support for Perl linux/noarch
perl-boolean-0.20-1.el6.rf Boolean support for Perl linux/noarch
perl-capitalization-0.03-1.el6.rf no capitalization on method names linux/noarch
perl-common-sense-3.0-1.el6.rf Perl module named common-sense linux/i686
perl-constant-lexical-2-1.el6.rf Perl pragma to declare lexical compile-time constants linux/noarch
perl-enum-1.016-1.2.el6.rf C style enumerated types and bitmask flags linux/noarch
perl-epylog-1.0.3-1.2.el6.rf Perl module for writing external Epylog modules linux/noarch
perl-first-0.0.1-2.el6.rf Perl module named first linux/noarch
perl-forks-0.33-2.el6.rf forks - emulate threads with fork linux/i686
perl-gettext-1.05-1.el6.rf Perl module implementing message handling functions linux/i686
perl-load-0.19-1.el6.rf Control when subroutines will be loaded linux/noarch
perl-mixin-0.07-1.el6.rf Mix-in inheritance, an alternative to multiple inheritance linux/noarch
perl-modules-0.04-1.el6.rf Perl module to load several modules with single use-command linux/noarch
perl-namespace-autoclean-0.09-1.el6.rf Keep imports out of your namespace linux/noarch
perl-namespace-clean-0.23-1.el6.rf Keep imports and functions out of your namespace linux/noarch
perl-perl5lib-1.02-1.el6.rf Honour PERL5LIB even in taint mode linux/noarch
perl-rpm-build-perl-0.6.8-1.el6.rf Calculate dependencies for Perl sources linux/noarch
perl-the-0.15-1.el6.rf This is teh, best module evar! linux/noarch
pfacter-1.13_3-1.el6.rf Collect and display facts about the system linux/noarch
pfm2afm-1.0-1.2.el6.rf Utility for converting windows pfm font metric files into afm metrics linux/i686
pfqueue-0.5.6-1.el6.rf Queue manager for the Postfix and Exim mail transport agents linux/i686
pftp-1.1.6-1.2.el6.rf Port-File-Transfer-Program linux/i686
pgpool-2.0.1-1.el6.rf Single master,query based,synchronous replication server linux/i686
pgst-1.3-1.2.el6.rf Intuitive GUI for PostgreSQL management linux/noarch
php-acid-0.9.6b22-1.2.el6.rf Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases linux/noarch
php-adodb-4.81-1.el6.rf Portable Database Library for PHP linux/noarch
php-jpgraph-1.19-1.2.el6.rf OO Graph Library for PHP linux/noarch
php-jpgraph-docs-1.19-1.2.el6.rf Documentation for package php-jpgraph linux/noarch
php-mcrypt-5.3.3-1.el6.rf Standard PHP module provides mcrypt library support linux/i686
php-pear-db-1.7.13-2.el6.rf PEAR: Database Abstraction Layer linux/noarch
php-pecl-fileinfo-1.0.4-2.el6.rf PECL package to get file information through libmagic linux/i686
php-pecl-http-1.6.5-2.el6.rf PECL package to add HTTP request functionality linux/i686
php-pecl-mailparse-2.1.5-2.el6.rf PECL package for parsing and working with email messages linux/i686
php-pecl-session_mysql-1.9-2.el6.rf PECL package to save sessions to a MySQL database linux/i686
php-recode-5.3.3-1.el6.rf Standard PHP module provides GNU recode support linux/i686
php-tidy-5.3.3-1.el6.rf Standard PHP module provides tidy library support linux/i686
php-xcache-1.3.2-1.el6.rf PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cacher linux/i686
phpMyAdmin-3.5.7-1.el6.rf Handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web linux/noarch
phpMyAdmin-3.5.2-1.el6.rf Handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web linux/noarch
phpMyAdmin-3.5.1-1.el6.rf Handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web linux/noarch
phpMyAdmin- Handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web linux/noarch
phpmyadmin- Web application to manage MySQL linux/noarch
phpmyadmin- Web application to manage MySQL linux/noarch
phpmyadmin- Web application to manage MySQL linux/noarch
phpmyadmin- Web application to manage MySQL linux/noarch
phpmyadmin-2.11.11-1.el6.rf Web application to manage MySQL linux/noarch
physfs-1.0.0-0.el6.rf Library to provide abstract access to various archives linux/i686
physfs-devel-1.0.0-0.el6.rf Headers for developing programs that will use physfs linux/i686
pianobar-2012.04.24-1.el6.rf console client linux/i686
pianobar-2012.01.10-1.el6.rf console client linux/i686
pianobar-2011.09.22-1.el6.rf console client linux/i686
pianobar-2011.07.09-1.el6.rf console client linux/i686
pianobar-2011.04.27-1.el6.rf console client linux/i686
pianobar-2011.01.24-1.el6.rf console client linux/i686
pidgin-facebook-1.50-2.el6.rf Facebook chat plugin for Pidgin Instant Messenger linux/i686
pidgin-guifications-2.16-1.el6.rf Guifications Plugin for Pidgin linux/i686
pidgin-libnotify-0.14-1.el6.rf Libnotify Pidgin plugin linux/i686
pidgin-otr-3.2.0-1.el6.rf Off-The-Record Messaging plugin for GAIM linux/i686
pidgin-plugin_pack-2.7.0-1.el6.rf Plugin Pack for Pidgin linux/i686
pidgin-plugin_pack-2.5.1-1.el6.rf Plugin Pack for Pidgin linux/i686
pidgin-prpltwtr-0.5.2-1.el6.rf libpurple plugin (Pidgin Instant Messenger) for Twitter linux/i686
pidgin-sipe-1.13.1-1.el6.rf Pidgin protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator linux/i686
pidgin-sipe-1.11.2-1.el6.rf Pidgin protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator linux/i686
pigment-0.3.13-1.el6.rf Media Center Toolkit linux/i686
pigment-devel-0.3.13-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for pigment. linux/i686
pigz-2.1.6-1.el6.rf Parallel implementation of gzip linux/i686
pioneers-0.11.3-1.el6.rf Playable implementation of the Settlers of Catan linux/i686
pioneers-server-0.11.3-1.el6.rf Pioneers Data linux/i686
pioneers-server-gui-0.11.3-1.el6.rf Pioneers GTK Server linux/i686
pisg-0.68-1.2.el6.rf Perl script which generates statistics from IRC logfiles linux/i686
pkcs11-helper-1.08-1.el6.rf A library for using PKCS#11 providers linux/i686
pkcs11-helper-devel-1.08-1.el6.rf Development files for pkcs11-helper linux/i686
pktstat-1.8.4-1.el6.rf Displays a live list of active connections and what files are being transferred linux/i686
plantuml-7622-1.el6.rf Java UML Tool linux/noarch
plink-1.07-1.el6.rf Whole genome data analysis toolset linux/i686
plone-2.0.4-0.1.el6.rf Content management system built over Zope's framework linux/noarch
ploticus-2.41-1.el6.rf Command line utility for creating charts and plots linux/i686
pmem-1.1.2-1.el6.rf Process Memory Information linux/i686
png2ico-0.0.20021218-1.2.el6.rf PNG to icon converter linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.73-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.66-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.53-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.41-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.37-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.35-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.22-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.20-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
pngcrush-1.7.2-1.el6.rf Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/i686
po4a-0.33.2-1.el6.rf Tool to maintain translations anywhere linux/noarch
poco-1.3.5-1.el6.rf Next generation C++ class libraries for network-centric applications linux/i686
poco-devel-1.3.5-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for poco. linux/i686
podofo-0.9.1-1.el6.rf Tools and libraries to work with the PDF file format linux/i686
podofo-devel-0.9.1-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for podofo. linux/i686
podofo-libs-0.9.1-1.el6.rf Runtime library for podofo linux/i686
portaudio-19-1.20071207.el6.rf Free, cross platform, open-source, audio I/O library linux/i686
postgis-1.3.6-1.el6.rf Geographic Information Systems Extensions to PostgreSQL linux/i686
postgis-utils-1.3.6-1.el6.rf PostGIS utilities linux/i686
postgresql-relay-1.3-2.2.el6.rf Multiplex all your databases to one point of origin linux/i686
postgrey-1.34-1.el6.rf Postfix Greylisting Policy Server linux/noarch
postgrey-1.33-1.el6.rf Postfix Greylisting Policy Server linux/noarch
potrace-1.8-1.el6.rf Transforms bitmaps into vector graphics linux/i686
powerman-2.3.5-4.el6.rf PowerMan - Power to the Cluster linux/i686
powerman-devel-2.3.5-4.el6.rf Development files for Powerman linux/i686
pport-0.6.9-1.el6.rf Utility for accessing the output pins of a parallel port linux/i686
premiereepg2vdr-0.0.5-1.el6.rf Read EPG information for Premiere TV channels linux/i686
procbench-0.7.3a-1.el6.rf CPU benchmark and information tool linux/i686
procget-0.1.0-2.2.el6.rf Save proc filesystem content for forensic analysis linux/i686
procstat-0.0.20070919-1.el6.rf Display Linux /proc stat (/proc/pid/stat) in human-readable format linux/i686
proftpd-1.3.4a-1.el6.rf Flexible, stable and highly-configurable FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-1.3.3c-1.el6.rf Flexible, stable and highly-configurable FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-1.3.2-1.el6.rf Flexible, stable and highly-configurable FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-devel-1.3.4a-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for proftpd. linux/i686
proftpd-devel-1.3.3c-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for proftpd. linux/i686
proftpd-devel-1.3.2-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for proftpd. linux/i686
proftpd-ldap-1.3.4a-1.el6.rf Module to add LDAP support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-ldap-1.3.3c-1.el6.rf Module to add LDAP support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-ldap-1.3.2-1.el6.rf Module to add LDAP support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-mysql-1.3.4a-1.el6.rf Module to add MySQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-mysql-1.3.3c-1.el6.rf Module to add MySQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-mysql-1.3.2-1.el6.rf Module to add MySQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-postgresql-1.3.4a-1.el6.rf Module to add PostgreSQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-postgresql-1.3.3c-1.el6.rf Module to add PostgreSQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
proftpd-postgresql-1.3.2-1.el6.rf Module to add PostgreSQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/i686
progress-1.10-1.el6.rf File I/O Progress Monitor Utility linux/i686
progsreiserfs- Programs and libs needed for manipulating reiserfs partitions linux/i686
progsreiserfs-conflict- The files conflicting with the package reiserfs-utils linux/i686
progsreiserfs-devel- Progsreiserfs development files linux/i686
proj-4.7.0-1.el6.rf Cartographic projection software (PROJ.4) linux/i686
proj-devel-4.7.0-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for proj. linux/i686
proj-nad-4.7.0-1.el6.rf US and Canadian datum shift grids for PROJ.4 linux/i686
project-builder-0.9.10-1.el6.rf Project Builder helps providing multi-OSes Continuous Packaging linux/noarch
proxy-profiles-applet-0.4-0.2.el6.rf Proxy profiles applet linux/i686
proxytunnel-1.9.0-1.el6.rf Punching holes in HTTP(S) proxy's linux/i686
psinfo-0.12-1.el6.rf Shows process information and statistics linux/i686
pssh-2.3-1.el6.rf Parallel version of OpenSSH and related tools linux/noarch
pssh-2.0-1.el6.rf Parallel version of OpenSSH and related tools linux/noarch
ptpcam-1.1.10-1.el6.rf Command line utility to access digital cameras via PTP linux/i686
ptunnel-0.70-1.el6.rf Reliably tunnel TCP connections over ICMP packets linux/i686
puppet-2.7.20-1.el6.rf Network tool for managing many disparate systems linux/noarch
puppet-2.7.9-1.el6.rf Network tool for managing many disparate systems linux/noarch
puppet-2.7.5-1.el6.rf Network tool for managing many disparate systems linux/noarch
puppet-server-2.7.20-1.el6.rf Server for the puppet system management tool linux/noarch
puppet-server-2.7.9-1.el6.rf Server for the puppet system management tool linux/noarch
puppet-server-2.7.5-1.el6.rf Server for the puppet system management tool linux/noarch
pure-ftpd-1.0.36-1.el6.rf Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server linux/i686
pure-ftpd-1.0.21-1.el6.rf Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server linux/i686
pure-ftpd-selinux-1.0.36-1.el6.rf SELinux support for Pure-FTPD linux/i686
pure-ftpd-selinux-1.0.21-1.el6.rf SELinux support for Pure-FTPD linux/i686
purple-plugin_pack-2.7.0-1.el6.rf Plugin Pack for libpurple and derived IM clients linux/i686
purple-plugin_pack-2.5.1-1.el6.rf Plugin Pack for libpurple and derived IM clients linux/i686
purple-sipe-1.11.2-1.el6.rf Libpurple protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator linux/i686
purple-sipe-1.13.1-1.el6.rf Libpurple protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator linux/i686
putty-0.63-1.el6.rf Graphical SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client linux/i686
putty-0.62-1.el6.rf Graphical SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client linux/i686
putty-0.61-1.el6.rf Graphical SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client linux/i686
pv-1.4.4-1.el6.rf Monitor the progress of data through a pipe linux/i686
pv-1.3.1-1.el6.rf Monitor the progress of data through a pipe linux/i686
pv-1.2.0-1.el6.rf Monitor the progress of data through a pipe linux/i686
pv-1.1.4-1.el6.rf Monitor the progress of data through a pipe linux/i686
pydsh-0.5.4-2.2.el6.rf Simple remote administration tool, pydsh and pydcp linux/noarch
pyrpm-0.70-1.el6.rf RPM implementation in python linux/noarch
python-amqplib-1.0.2-1.el6.rf Client library for AMQP linux/noarch
python-anyjson-0.3.1-2.el6.rf Wraps the best available JSON implementation available linux/noarch
python-beautifulsoup-3.2.0-1.el6.rf Python library for screen-scraping HTML linux/noarch
python-boto-1.9b-1.el6.rf Python interface to Amazon Web Services linux/noarch
python-chardet-2.0.1-1.el6.rf Python Universal Encoding Detector linux/noarch
python-cherrypy-3.1.2-1.el6.rf Pythonic, object-oriented web development framework linux/noarch
python-cjson-1.0.5-2.el6.rf Fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python linux/i686
python-cjson-1.0.5-1.el6.rf Fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python linux/i686
python-coherence-0.5.8-1.el6.rf Python framework to participate in digital living networks linux/noarch
python-cssutils- CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python linux/noarch
python-cssutils-doc- Documentation for the CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python linux/noarch
python-cxx-6.1.1-1.el6.rf Write Python extensions in C++ linux/i686
python-django-1.3.1-1.el6.rf The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines linux/noarch
python-django-1.2.3-2.el6.rf The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines linux/noarch
python-django-bbmarkup-0.0.1-0.eb8c63016125.1.el6.rf Django application for converting BBCode text to HTML linux/noarch
python-django-form-utils-0.2.0-1.el6.rf Form utilities for Django linux/noarch
python-django-integration-apache-1.3.1-1.el6.rf The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines (Apache integration) linux/noarch
python-django-kombu-0.9.4-1.el6.rf Kombu transport using the Django database as a message store linux/noarch
python-django-sorl-thumbnail-11.09-1.el6.rf Thumbnails for Django linux/noarch
python-django-sorl-thumbnail-11.05.2-1.el6.rf Thumbnails for Django linux/noarch
python-dns-1.5.0-3.el6.rf DNS toolkit for Python linux/noarch
python-dns-1.5.0-2.el6.rf DNS toolkit for Python linux/noarch
python-dulwich-0.8.0-1.el6.rf Pure-Python implementation of Git file formats and protocols linux/i686
python-dulwich-0.7.1-1.el6.rf Pure-Python implementation of Git file formats and protocols linux/i686
python-dulwich-0.7.0-1.el6.rf Pure-Python implementation of Git file formats and protocols linux/i686
python-dulwich-0.6.2-1.el6.rf Pure-Python implementation of Git file formats and protocols linux/i686
python-hpilo-1.4-1.el6.rf Accessing HP iLO interfaces from python linux/noarch
python-importlib-1.0.2-1.el6.rf Backport of importlib.import_module() from Python 2.7 linux/noarch
python-jinja2-2.2.1-1.el6.rf General purpose template engine linux/i686
python-kombu-1.4.1-1.el6.rf AMQP Messaging Framework for Python linux/noarch
python-krbv-1.0.13-2.el6.rf Python extension module for Kerberos 5 linux/i686
python-logilab-common-0.57.1-1.el6.rf Common libraries for Logilab projects linux/noarch
python-mechanize-0.2.5-1.el6.rf Python port of WWW::Mechanize linux/noarch
python-mpd-0.2.1-1.el6.rf Python MPD client library linux/i686
python-networkx-1.5-1.el6.rf Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks linux/noarch
python-pigment-0.3.9-1.el6.rf Python bindings to the Pigment Media Center Toolkit linux/i686
python-pygraphviz-1.1-2.el6.rf Python interface to Graphviz linux/i686
python-pygraphviz-1.1-1.el6.rf Python interface to Graphviz linux/i686
python-pyldns-1.6.16-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for ldns. linux/i686
python-pyldns-1.6.13-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for ldns. linux/i686
python-pyldns-1.6.12-1.el6.rf Header files, libraries and development documentation for ldns. linux/i686
python-pyparsing-1.5.6-2.el6.rf An object-oriented approach to text processing linux/noarch
python-pyparsing-doc-1.5.6-2.el6.rf Documentation for pyparsing linux/noarch
python-pysnmp-4.1.14a-1.el6.rf SNMP engine written in Python linux/noarch
python-recaptcha-client-1.0.6-1.el6.rf Python module for reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA Mailhide linux/noarch
python-sphere-0.1.7-1.el6.rf Python API for interaction with the vSphere Web Services SDK linux/noarch
python-sphere-0.1.6-1.el6.rf Python API for interaction with the vSphere Web Services SDK linux/noarch
python-subvertpy-0.7.4-1.el6.rf Alternative Python interface to Subversion linux/i686
python-tidy-0.2-1.el6.rf Python wrapper for tidy, from the HTML tidy project linux/noarch
python-twill-0.9-1.el6.rf Simple scripting language for Web browsing linux/noarch
python-ujson-1.23-1.el6.rf Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder written in pure C linux/i686
python-unipath-0.2.1-1.el6.rf Object oriented pathname and filesystem access linux/noarch
python-unittest2-0.5.1-1.el6.rf Backport of new unittest features for Python 2.7 to Python 2.4+ linux/noarch
python-utmp-0.7-2.el6.rf Python module for working with utmp linux/i686
python-vmguestlib-0.1.1-1.el6.rf Python API for interacting with VMware's VMGuestLib SDK linux/noarch
python-webpy-0.37-1.el6.rf Simple, powerful Python web framework linux/noarch
python-webpy-0.36-1.el6.rf Simple, powerful Python web framework linux/noarch
python-webpy-0.35-1.el6.rf Simple, powerful Python web framework linux/noarch
python-xmpp-0.4.1-1.el6.rf XMPP-IM-compliant library for jabber instant messenging linux/noarch
python-yaml-3.09-3.el6.rf Python package implementing YAML parser and emitter linux/i686
python-yaml-3.09-2.el6.rf Python package implementing YAML parser and emitter linux/i686
pyvnc2swf-0.9.3-1.el6.rf A VNC session recorder to Flash movie linux/noarch

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