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RPM of Group Amusements/Games

armagetronad-moviepack-1.0-3.nodist.rf Sounds and graphics to give armagetronad the real 'Tron' look linux/noarch
arrows-0.6-1.2.el6.rf Neat little maze game linux/i686
fortune-1.0-37.2.el6.rf program which will display a fortune linux/i686
fortune-all-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Installs all fortune packages linux/i686
fortune-bofh-excuses-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with BOFH excuses linux/i686
fortune-calvin-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with Calvin and Hobbes quotes linux/i686
fortune-cbg-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Comic Book Guy linux/i686
fortune-discworld-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Discworld linux/i686
fortune-dune-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Dune linux/i686
fortune-fgump-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from the movie Forrest Gump linux/i686
fortune-futurama-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with Futurama quotes linux/i686
fortune-hitchhiker-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy linux/i686
fortune-kernelcookies-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from kernelcookies linux/i686
fortune-kernelnewbies-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with kernelnewbies quotes linux/i686
fortune-macintosh-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes about macintoshes linux/i686
fortune-oneliners-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes with random oneliners linux/i686
fortune-osho-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from the spiritual guru Osho linux/i686
fortune-powerpuff-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from the Power Puff Girls series linux/i686
fortune-prog-style-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with the 69 tips from the "Elements of Programming Style" linux/i686
fortune-simpsons-chalkboard-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Bart Simpson's chalkboard-writings linux/i686
fortune-simpsons-homer-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Homer Simpson linux/i686
fortune-simpsons-ralph-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Comic Book Guy linux/i686
fortune-starwars-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with Starwars quotes linux/i686
fortune-tao-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with Tao Te Ching quotes linux/i686
fortune-taow-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" linux/i686
fortune-xfiles-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with quotes from The X-Files linux/i686
fortune-zippy2-1.0-37.2.el6.rf Fortune files with Zippy the Pinhead quotes linux/i686
ggz-sdl-games-0.0.14-1.el6.rf SDL games for GGZ gamingzone linux/i686
gnocatan- Addictive game based on "The Settlers of Catan" linux/i686
gnocatan-server- Gnocatan gaming server linux/i686
gtetrinet-0.7.11-1.el6.rf GNOME version of a tetris game playable on the net linux/i686
lincity-1.13.1-1.2.el6.rf City simulation game linux/i686
luola-levels-1.3.2-1.0.rf Levels for Luola linux/noarch
luola-levels-1.3.2-1.2.nodist.rf Levels for Luola linux/noarch
moagg-data-0.16-2.0.rf The data of the game Mother of all Gravity Games linux/noarch
moagg-data-0.16-2.2.nodist.rf The data of the game Mother of all Gravity Games linux/noarch
pathological-1.1.3-4.2.el6.rf an enriched clone of the game "Logical" by Rainbow Arts linux/i686
pioneers-0.11.3-1.el6.rf Playable implementation of the Settlers of Catan linux/i686
pioneers-server-0.11.3-1.el6.rf Pioneers Data linux/i686
pioneers-server-gui-0.11.3-1.el6.rf Pioneers GTK Server linux/i686
roll-1.1.4-1.el6.rf Rolls dices linux/i686
sopwith-1.7.1-1.2.el6.rf Classic sopwith game linux/i686
stardust-0.1.10-1.el6.rf 3D Space Flight Simulator linux/i686
sulk-0.29-3.2.el6.rf Sulk, the hackable Space Hulk linux/i686
xfrisk-1.2-0.2.el6.rf Multi-user network version of the classic "Risk" linux/i686
xrick-0.0.021212-2.el6.rf Clone of the Rick Dangerous classic game linux/i686

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