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Packages beginning with letter P

parprouted-0.70-3.el6 Proxy ARP IP bridging daemon linux/i686
pavucontrol-0.9.10-1.el6 Volume control for PulseAudio linux/i686
pdfmerge-1.0-2_2.el6 A command line utility program for merging pdf files. linux/i686
perl-AnyEvent-1.02-2.el6 Framework for multiple event loops linux/noarch
perl-AppConfig-1.56-8.el6 Reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments. linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Zip-1.30-2.el6 Perl library for accessing Zip archives linux/noarch
perl-CDDB_get-2.27-1.3.el6 Reads the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive linux/noarch
perl-Cairo-1.041-2.el6 Perl interface to the cairo library linux/i686
perl-Chart-2.3-7.el6 A series of charting modules. linux/noarch
perl-Class-Factory-Util-1.7-7.el6 Provide utility methods for factory classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Inspector-1.17-3_1.el6 Get information about a class and its structure linux/noarch
perl-Class-MethodMaker-2.15-7.el6 A module for creating generic methods. linux/i686
perl-Config-IniFiles-2.39-5.el6 A module for reading .ini-style configuration files. linux/noarch
perl-Convert-BinHex-1.119-4.el6 extract data from Macintosh BinHex files. linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DES-2.03-7.el6 DES encryption module. linux/i686
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum-0.03-3.el6 OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic. linux/i686
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA-0.22-3.el6 RSA encoding and decoding, using the openSSL libraries. linux/i686
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random-0.03-2.el6 Routines for accessing the OpenSSL pseudo-random number generator. linux/i686
perl-Curses-1.06-5.el6 Terminal screen handling and optimization for perl. linux/i686
perl-Data-Dump-1.08-2.el6 Pretty printing of data structures linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-0.5300-1.el6 Date and time objects linux/i686
perl-DateTime-Format-Builder-0.8000-2_1.el6 Create DateTime parser classes and objects linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-ISO8601-0.07-2_1.el6 Parses ISO8601 formats linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime-1.2000-2.el6 Parse and format strp and strf time patterns linux/noarch
perl-Digest-Nilsimsa-0.06-7.el6 Compute Nilsimsa signatures. linux/i686
perl-Digest-SHA-5.44-1.el6 Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512 linux/i686
perl-Email-Abstract-2.132-3.el6 Unified interface to mail representations linux/noarch
perl-Email-Address-1.888-1.el6 RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation linux/noarch
perl-Email-Date-1.102-2.el6 Find and format date headers linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-1.906-3.el6 Easy MIME message parsing linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.014-1.el6 Parse a MIME Content-Type Header linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Creator-1.453-2.el5_89 Email::MIME constructor for starting anew linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.313-3.el6 Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Modifier-1.442-3.el5_89 Modify Email::MIME Objects Easily linux/noarch
perl-Email-MessageID-1.351-1.el6 Generate world unique message-ids linux/noarch
perl-Email-Reply-1.201-3.el6 Reply to an email message linux/noarch
perl-Email-Simple-2.005-4.el6 Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers linux/noarch
perl-Email-Simple-1.999-1.el6 Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers linux/noarch
perl-Email-Simple-Creator-1.420-3.el6 Email::Simple constructor for starting anew linux/noarch
perl-Email-Valid-0.15-2.el6 Email-Valid perl module linux/noarch
perl-Encode-2.02-4.el6 Character encodings for perl. linux/i686
perl-Encode-Detect-1.00-1.1.el6 An Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data linux/i686
perl-Error-0.17008-1.1.el6 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way linux/noarch
perl-Event-1.09-6.el6 Event loop processing linux/i686
perl-Event-RPC-0.90-3.el6 Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Lite-0.01-4.el6 Lightweight exporting of variables linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.18-1.el6 Compile and link C code for Perl modules linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Depends-0.205-5.el6.1 Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.07-5.el6.2 Simplistic interface to pkg-config linux/noarch
perl-FCGI-0.67-2.el6 Fast CGI module. linux/i686
perl-File-Remove-0.37-1.el6 Convenience module for removing files and directories linux/noarch
perl-FreezeThaw-0.43-5.el6 Convert Perl structures to strings and back linux/noarch
perl-GD-2.32-14.el6 Perl interface to the GD Graphics Library. linux/i686
perl-GD-Graph3d-0.63-3.el6 Create 3D Graphs with GD and GD::Graph. linux/noarch
perl-GDGraph-1.4305-8.el6 Graph Plotting Module. linux/noarch
perl-GDTextUtil-0.86-6.el6 Text utilities for use with GD. linux/noarch
perl-Geography-Countries-1.4-1.el6 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries linux/noarch
perl-Glib-1.144-1.el6.2 Perl interface to GLib linux/i686
perl-Gtk2-1.144-1.el6 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library linux/i686
perl-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory-0.65-2.el6 Framework for Gtk2 perl applications linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Format-2.04-5.el6 HTML formatter modules linux/noarch
perl-HTML-LinkExtractor-0.11-3.el6 Extract *links* from an HTML document. linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TableExtract-1.08-6.el6 Perl extension for extracting the text contained in tables within an HTML document. linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple-2.2-3.el6 Easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface. linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Tree-3.18-6.el6 Build and scan parse-trees of HTML. linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Cache-Transparent-1.0-4.el6 Cache the result of http get-requests persistently linux/noarch
perl-IO-AIO-2.51-2.el6 Asynchronous Input/Output linux/i686
perl-IO-Zlib-1.04-2.el6 IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib linux/noarch
perl-IO-stringy-2.110-8.el6 I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays. linux/noarch
perl-IP-Country-2.27-1.el6 Lookup country from IP address or hostname linux/noarch
perl-Image-Size-3.01-1.el6 Determine the size of images in several common formats in Perl linux/noarch
perl-JSON-XS-2.33-1.99.el6 JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast linux/i686
perl-Lingua-EN-Numbers-Ordinate-0.01-3.el6 Go from cardinal number (3) to ordinal ("3rd"). linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Preferred-0.2.4-4.el6 Perl extension to choose a language linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Hebrew-1.04-2.el6 Bidirectional Hebrew support linux/i686
perl-Log-TraceMessages-1.4-2.el6 Log::TraceMessages Perl Module linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Base64-revival-3.09-2.el6 Encoding and decoding of base64 and quoted-printable strings linux/i686
perl-MIME-Lite-3.01-5.el6 Lightweight MIME generator. linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Types-1.20-1.el6 MIME types module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-MIME-tools-5.417-7.1.el6 Modules for parsing and creating MIME entities. linux/noarch
perl-MLDBM-2.01-5.el6 Store multi-level hash structure in single level tied hash linux/noarch
perl-MP3-Info-1.24-5.el6 Manipulate / fetch info from MP3 audio files linux/noarch
perl-Mail-DKIM-0.37-2.el6 Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures linux/i686
perl-Mail-DomainKeys-0.21-2.el6 DomainKeys implementation for perl. linux/noarch
perl-Mail-IMAPClient-2.2.9-3.el6 An IMAP Client API linux/noarch
perl-Mail-SPF-2.004-1.el6 An object-oriented implementation of Sender Policy Framework linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Transport-Dbx-0.07-2.el6 Parse Outlook Express mailboxes linux/i686
perl-MailTools-1.73-10.el6 A set of perl modules related to mail applications. linux/noarch
perl-Math-Round-0.06-4.el6 Perl extension for rounding numbers linux/noarch
perl-MythTV-0.26.1-296.el6 perl bindings for mythtv linux/i686
perl-MythTV-0.25.3-294.el6 perl bindings for mythtv linux/i686
perl-MythTV-0.24.3-285.el6 perl bindings for mythtv linux/i686
perl-MythTV-0.24.3-283.el6 perl bindings for mythtv linux/i686
perl-MythTV-0.24.3-282.el6 perl bindings for mythtv linux/i686
perl-Net-CIDR-Lite-0.18-4.el6 Perl extension for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses. linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable-0.002.2-1.el6 Programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS linux/noarch
perl-Net-IP-1.25-3.el6 Perl module for manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-Ident-1.20-1.el6 Lookup the username on the remote end of a TCP/IP connection linux/noarch
perl-Net-SNMP-4.1.2-9.el6 Object oriented interface to SNMP. linux/noarch
perl-Net-UPnP-1.4.1-1.el6 Extension for UPnP linux/noarch
perl-Object-Realize-Later-0.18-1.el6 Delayed creation of objects linux/noarch
perl-Parse-RecDescent-1.94-6.el6 Parse-RecDescent Perl module linux/noarch
perl-PatchReader-0.9.5-5.el6 Utilities to read and manipulate patches and CVS. linux/noarch
perl-PathTools-3.25-1.el6 Portably perform operations on file names linux/i686
perl-Pod-Coverage-0.18-2.el6 Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Escapes-1.04-5.el6 Perl module for resolving POD escape sequences linux/noarch
perl-Pod-POM-0.17-6.el6 POD Object Model. linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Simple-3.05-1.el6 Framework for parsing POD documentation linux/noarch
perl-RPM-Specfile-1.17-1_13.el6 Perl extension for creating RPM Specfiles. linux/noarch
perl-Return-Value-1.302-1.99.el6 Polymorphic Return Values linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-Lite-0.712-6.el6 A perl interface to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Hostname-Long-1.4-2.el6 Try every conceivable way to get full hostname. linux/noarch
perl-Template-GD-2.66-2.el6 GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Template-Toolkit-2.19-11.el6 A powerful and extensible template processing system linux/i686
perl-Term-ProgressBar-2.05-5.el6 Provides a progress meter on a standard terminal. linux/noarch
perl-TermReadKey-2.30-3.el6 Change terminal modes, and perform non-blocking reads. linux/i686
perl-Test-MinimumVersion-0.101080-4.el6 Check whether your code requires a newer perl linux/noarch
perl-Test-Number-Delta-1.03-1.el6 Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-1.26-1.el6 Perl module for checking for POD errors in files linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-Coverage-1.08-3_1.el6 Check for pod coverage in your distribution linux/noarch
perl-Text-Autoformat-1.13-4.el6 Automatic and manual text wrapping and reformating. linux/noarch
perl-Text-CharWidth-0.04-5.el6 Get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal linux/i686
perl-Text-Kakasi-2.04-3.el6 Perl frontend to kakasi. linux/i686
perl-Text-Reform-1.11-6.el6 Manual text wrapping and reformatting. linux/noarch
perl-Text-WrapI18N-0.06-4.el6 Line wrapping with support for several locale setups linux/noarch
perl-Tk-804.028-11.el6 Perl Graphical User Interface ToolKit linux/i686
perl-Tk-TableMatrix-1.23-7.el6 Perl module for creating and manipulating tables linux/i686
perl-Unicode-String-2.07-7.el6 String of Unicode characters (UCS2/UTF16). linux/i686
perl-Unicode-UTF8simple-1.06-4.el6 Conversions to/from UTF8 from/to charactersets linux/noarch
perl-Video-Frequencies-0.03-4.el6 Perl interface to the Video4linux tuner frequencies. linux/noarch
perl-Video-ivtv-0.13-8.el6 Perl modules for ivtv support. linux/i686
perl-WWW-Mechanize-1.16-4.el6 Handy web browsing in a Perl object. linux/noarch
perl-X11-Protocol-0.54-4.el6 Perl module for the X Window System Protocol, version 11. linux/noarch
perl-XML-LibXML-Common-0.13-5_3.el6 Routines and Constants common for XML::LibXML and XML::GDOME. linux/i686
perl-XML-RSS-1.05-4.el6 Creates and updates RSS files. linux/noarch
perl-XML-SAX-Base-1.08-10_4.el6 Base class SAX Drivers and Filters linux/noarch
perl-XML-Simple-2.14-8.el6 Easy API to maintain XML (esp config files). linux/noarch
perl-XML-TreeBuilder-3.08-3.el6 Parser that builds a tree of XML::Element objects. linux/noarch
perl-XML-Writer-0.600-10.el6 Perl extension for writing XML documents. linux/noarch
perl-XML-Writer-0.4.6-9.el6 Perl extension for writing XML documents. linux/noarch
perl-XML-XPath-1.13-6.el6 A set of modules for parsing and evaluating XPath statements. linux/noarch
perl-XMLTV-0.5.61-85.el6 Perl modules for managing your TV viewing linux/noarch
perl-gettext-1.05-3.el6 message handling functions linux/i686
perl-ldap-0.31-4.el6 LDAP services API for Perl programs. linux/noarch
perl-libwww-perl-5.803-2_6.el6 A Perl interface to the World-Wide Web. linux/noarch
php-MythTV-0.26.1-296.el6 php bindings for mythtv linux/i686
php-MythTV-0.25.3-294.el6 php bindings for mythtv linux/i686
php-pear-Services-Yadis-1.0.2-2.el6 PHP Yadis linux/noarch
plotmtv-1.4.1-6.el6 A multipurpose X11 plotting program linux/i686 The Perl package pmq linux/noarch
po4a-0.35-11.el6 A tool maintaining translations anywhere linux/noarch
po4a-0.32-8.el6 A tool maintaining translations anywhere linux/noarch
portaudio-19-6_4_20071207.el6 portable cross-platform Audio API linux/i686
povray-3.7.0.RC7-1.el6 Pov-Ray Persistence of Vision Raytracer linux/i686
pth-2.0.7-6.el6 The GNU Portable Threads linux/i686
pth-devel-2.0.7-6.el6 Development files for building against the pth package linux/i686
puppet-3.2.4-1.el6 A network tool for managing many disparate systems linux/noarch
puppet-3.2.4-3.el6 A network tool for managing many disparate systems linux/noarch
puppet-3.1.1-1.el6 A network tool for managing many disparate systems linux/noarch
puppet-server-3.2.4-1.el6 Server for the puppet system management tool linux/noarch
puppet-server-3.2.4-3.el6 Server for the puppet system management tool linux/noarch
puppet-server-3.1.1-1.el6 Server for the puppet system management tool linux/noarch
python-MythTV-0.26.1-296.el6 python bindings for mythtv linux/i686
python-MythTV-0.25.3-294.el6 python bindings for mythtv linux/i686
python-MythTV-0.24.3-285.el6 python bindings for mythtv linux/i686
python-MythTV-0.24.3-283.el6 python bindings for mythtv linux/i686
python-MythTV-0.24.3-282.el6 python bindings for mythtv linux/i686
python-inotify-0.9.1-1.1.el6 Monitor filesystem events with Python under Linux linux/noarch
python-inotify-examples-0.9.1-1.1.el6 Examples for Python inotify module linux/noarch
python-lash-0.5.4-9.el6 Python wrapper for LASH linux/i686
python-lirc-0.0.5-12.el6 Linux Infrared Remote Control python module linux/i686
python-mtTkinter-0.4-1.el6 A thread-safe version of Tkinter linux/noarch
python-oauth-1.0.1-1.el6 Library for OAuth version 1.0a linux/noarch
python-urwid- A console UI library linux/i686
pyzor-0.4.0-11_10.el6 A collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam linux/noarch

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