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Packages beginning with letter O

ocaml-3.12.0-21.el6 The Objective Caml compiler and programming environment linux/i686
ogmtools-1.5-6.el6 Tools for Ogg media streams linux/i686
openal-soft-1.12.854-1.el6 Open Audio Library linux/i686
openal-soft-devel-1.12.854-1.el6 Development files for openal-soft linux/i686
opencore-amr-0.1.3-1.el6 Adaptive Multi-Rate Floating-point (AMR) Speech Codec linux/i686
opencore-amr-devel-0.1.3-1.el6 Development files for building against the opencore-amr package linux/i686
orc-0.4.10-1.el6 The Oil Run-time Compiler linux/i686
orc-compiler-0.4.10-1.el6 Orc compiler linux/i686
orc-devel-0.4.10-1.el6 Development files and static libraries for Orc linux/i686
orc-doc-0.4.10-1.el6 Documentation for Orc linux/noarch

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